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  1. Flower
    2012-07-07 14:16
    Good - am glad.

    As for Irisu only taking the blame, yes - I agree with you that Hongou is partly at fault (with her I see it as a weakness and an unwillingness to speak up that led to causing others problems), and Tomoe is definitely partly at fault. Tomoe is someone I don't really have a clear read on yet, to be honest - though the remark of how Irisu could possibly make Oreki dance on her palm irked me.... Many of the thoughts on Tomoe were on the wall post you mentioned earlier.
  2. Flower
    2012-07-06 15:04
    I feel that it's not quite so black and white as that as "really not looking out for anyone but herself".

    Yes - there were good motivations and the like intermixed. The question was one of what was her primary underlying movement (which does not omit the possibility to have other good intentions and motivations mixed in at the same time, just in secondary or lower places of priority).

    That being said - yes, I am of the opinion that her main priority in her hierarchy of values was self interest, as Oreki's sister pointed out.

    Someone can definitely do good for others and even be considerate of others while thus motivated - but still the underlying primary motivation is, I feel self interest. It's not a question of either/or as much of a question of degrees and a hierarchy of values. First place for her is self interest, I think.

    You know, though - you might look through the novel tl in full on bakabt, b/c I am basing my angle of things equally on what I read there. For example, during the confrontation of Oreki and Irisu the narrator mentions:

    Spoiler for Quote from book:

    In retrospect it really seems like my take on Irisu has upset something in you somewhere - believe me when I say it was not intended in any way, shape or form, and I hope it does not "get in the way" of our interaction from here on out.

    I guess I just accepted some time back that you see things differently, and that's fine. This is just a work of art/fiction/etc., after all, and to my mind in the long view of things it is not worth insisting on to the extent that any kind of wedge be driven between the two of us. So - I apologize again if I have caused you trouble or disturbance inside....
  3. MisaoFan
    2012-07-06 11:54
    If you liked Steins;Gate, I suggest you to look for two other titles that are part of Science Adventure VN lineup by Nitro+ and 5pb.. Chaos;Head is a excellent VN that was been adapted into a mediocre anime adapation. It involves the story of a hikikomori possessing the power of delusions. It contains harem plot, but the story itself looks original. I suggest you to play the original game because I heard the anime version rushed the story. Robotics;Notes is another VN that features a group of highschool students who protect the robotic club from danger. It's basically Steins;Gate with robots' theme, and the upcoming anime adaptation will come this fall, and I hope it wouldn't rush the story.
  4. Flower
    2012-07-04 22:14
    Yeah - kinda thought that might be taking that angle on things.

    Well, as I said in the last post for tonight - many thanks to you once again.
  5. Flower
    2012-07-04 14:13
    Nothing personal by the way, and apologies before hand if anything I said came across edgy or nasty or offensive ... if we have difference of opinions that is to be expected at times. Please don't take anything I say or discuss as an "attack" at you personally in any way shape or form, ne?
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-07-03 23:19
    So I tried Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse a couple nights back and instantly loved it - it felt like the bizarre offspring of Taisho Yakyuu Musume and a grittier version of Gunbuster.

    However, I've since taken on a very strong suspicion that the show is going to go all Ga-rei Zero on the characters introduced so far in episode two, which is a bit of a cringe-worthy prospect.
  7. Kirito
    2012-07-03 19:34
    Yeah, it's good to hear from you again. I'm doing great, I've had some falling outs and a bit of downers, but I'm hanging in there. I've been following Persona 4 Arena a lot lately myself because the game is one month away from release and the anticipation is killing me.

    Spoiler for Long Post Sorry!:

    Forgive me for the long post. I know you're a busy body and I just got home from work and I saw your VM, so sorry if what I've written is taking up your time. I'll be more short and concise next time. Great to hear from you!
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-07-03 11:39
    Last Sinner
    So a friend decided to sell his collection and I find a few things at prices I can't refuse. For $100, I acquire Eva: Platinum Edition box, Haruhi S1 box, Cowboy Bebop (full but not box), Interstellar 5555, Spirited Away, Perfect Blue and 2 Gorllaz DVDs. I think I got my money's worth.

    And 'Awwww!' at what you said on Ledgem's wall. ^^; Once AVCon stuff is sorted, I'll try to be more active. L.A. Noire is also taking up my spare time lately. My African friend gifted it to me just before he left. He seemed fairly certain I'd like it and he's right. Proper crime solving that's in a more interesting setting and story - i.e. the complete anti of that GTA junk. Although even L.A. Noire has a fair bit of sandboxing. Seems to be the case for most games these days, I guess.
  9. Ledgem
    2012-07-01 13:42
    Aw shucks, you missed me? That's awfully nice of you to say But thanks. It's always reassuring to return to the site and see that a bunch of the familiar accounts are still active and going
  10. Ledgem
    2012-07-01 13:33
    A PM brought me back to AnimeSuki for a few hours, so I figured I'd drop by a few people's profiles to give a greeting. Looks like you recently had a birthday - so happy birthday! I hope it was a good one

    I don't have any plans to resume forum activity, but drop me a message from time to time to let me know how you're doing. I hope things are going well for you!

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