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  1. Demi.
    2012-03-17 23:20
    It was either a Ririchiyou avatar or sig, but I wanted Fate to have the larger piece of the pie. :3
    I guess most people do look at avatars to recognize posters, though.

    And yeah, Ririchiyou is love.
  2. Ledgem
    2012-03-17 21:35
    I'm glad you like them I find that if I engage in discussions that pick a series apart and over-analyze it then my enjoyment of the show is ruined a bit, so I haven't been engaging in too many series discussions. However, I did note a number of side comments from people that made it seem as if Guilty Crown had attracted a lot of criticism, and it was confusing to me. Even before I started watching it, the artwork and overall premise seemed like the type of series that people would really like. I find that the analytical, pick-a-series-apart-and-discuss-what-could-have-been types of discussions have become quite popular these days, and I wonder if that has something to do with it.

    I'll admit to rolling my eyes a few times with regard to the science fiction in this series. "Void Genome" and the concept of voids? The crystallization "cancer" caused by the Apocalypse Virus? The fact that Shu's father, as a single man, beat out a large organization of scientists in his discoveries? None of that was very realistic. I'd even hesitate to call the voids science fiction, because it really strikes me as fantasy (especially Tsugumi's void - that's as "magical girl" as you can get). But I don't watch these shows for being realistic. The only realistic aspects that I look for are the characters. If they respond to things in a realistic manner, I'm content.

    What bothered me the most about Steins;Gate was the main character. He certainly seemed to think highly of himself, but that was seemingly about all that it was. That sort of attitude would annoy me regardless, but the fact that he was supposedly representing as a member from my field burned me up. A lot of scientists are dead set on disproving each other (it's what happens when you're trained to be skeptical, and then are put into a competitive environment), and I think the main character triggered that in me. From then on, I was already viewing everything with the same critical eye that I use when trying to find the flaws in a research article.

    It could also just be that I wasn't at a point in my life where I could just watch the show and enjoy it for what it was. I hadn't viewed anime in quite some time, and was pretty firmly grounded to reality. If I were to go back and try to watch it again at this point in time, I might enjoy it.
  3. Kogetsu Shirogane
    2012-03-17 14:53
    Kogetsu Shirogane
    Hey, don't worry about it. The birthday greeting is fine with me, so thanks.

    And I guess I really should feel honored by the thing about heroes and villains.

    I just hope my latest reply to your VN-style fanfic thing was to your liking.
  4. Last Sinner
    2012-03-17 00:54
    Last Sinner
    I watched Kino's Journey from start to finish last night. This show puts anything from the last 18 months to shame. Haven't had this much satisfaction from a show in quite a while.
  5. Flower
    2012-03-16 20:09
    Just wanted to say hello to you ... been a while.
  6. Kirito
    2012-03-16 15:05
    I know, I'm currently writing up my review right now. I read it all last night but my internet stopped working for the whole day. It's back up now and I'm going to write my review, I hope you'll enjoy it.
  7. Arabesque
    2012-03-16 11:40
    I'm incapable of giving you a rep for your latest guilty crown post on episode 21 thread, but I'll just say that I thought you managed to hit on the head the positive aspects of the show.

    This part in particular:
    For sheer style and pizazz alone, Guilty Crown is almost unparalleled amongst TV anime shows. And this isn't simply a function of high production values alone, although that is certainly a part of it.

    Guilty Crown's overall aesthetics is also a big part of it. The character designs, the military uniforms, the plug-suits, the mecha designs, the Void designs, and now Mana's latest appearance (more on that later) are all wondrously cool, colorful, crisp. They're also often sleek and sexy without seeming obnoxiously in-your-face. There's also a vague realism to it all that just makes it come across that much better, imo.

    Then there's Guilty Crown's BGM, which is often good, and was truly top-notch in this episode.
    For myself, I agree with you 100%. Out of all the major creative collaborators on this project, Supercell, Hiroyuki Sawano and Production IG animation team had without a doubt given it their all into this anime to make it look like a cutting edge show. I have no problem saying that I consider this anime to be among the most well made TV anime of the past year on the animation and design aesthetic, and certainly has a befittingly good sound track (while not necessarily my favorite out of Sawano's line up, his first foray into this genre went pretty well, and Supercell music was also fantastic imo).

    This show has a keen sense of dramatic timing, and of the art of holding the viewer in suspense. There's a thrilling intensity to many scenes that paves the way for the picture perfect synthesis of action and drama, fitting given how voids are now being synthesized to form ever more bold and impressive-looking weapons ... It has simply superb directing, as important shots are framed excellently and typically with ideal composition. Examples of this abound in this episode, such as the well-timed close face-up shots on Inori, Ayase, Tsugumi, Daryl, Shu, and Yuu during key scenes.
    I think that Director Araki is actual one of the reasons why this show failed on reaching it's goals, but it would incredibly unfair to not agree with you on this front either. Sure, there are shots like this that still make me but there is no doubt that the man has a very distinctive style to his directing and a good understanding of how maximize not only the dramatic impact of an action scene, but also of crucial character and event revelations. Mind you, his style can go over the top very easily and makes me laugh half the time unintentionally, much like it did with Death Note and High School of the Dead, it had done so. But credit given where it's due, the man had shown his touch since episode one and that touch had given the anime it's own flavor.

    excellent penultimate fight scene between Shu and Yuu (complete with some of the best OST music I've heard in anime).
    For the record, Ryoutarou Makihara worked as the Animation director on this episode, so I figure the larger credit goes to him for the excellent action. I felt that it was among the best fights I had watched from this show, and that's saying a lot since this show had been gorgeous to watch.

    One such thing in this episode is Mana's character design. She's basically designed like a dark/pink magical girl, perhaps the one and only anime genre this anime had yet to borrow off from. With Mana now looking like a gorgeous dark/pink magical girl, this anime has put the finishing touches on its awesome anime aesthetics. GC is consistently a treat for the eyes.
    I especially like the pose she gives during the preview. However, I couldn't help but think ''surly, this would lead to many cosplayers to commit suicide over how unpractical that costume is going to be just to keep on, and dismay from security at cons who will have to ask more people to dress more appropriately''

    I will give you a rep as soon as I can.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-03-15 03:21
    Going to be taking a hiatus from the board for a couple weeks due to my impending term paper... I tried limiting my participation for a few days but in the end it didn't work, I'm just find I end up getting way too involved in some threads with the end result I get far too little sleep/real work done.

    I may have to do the same shortly after for exams but I'll try and check in between the two crunch periods.
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-03-14 19:19
    Last Sinner
    I tried the new series from January-February over the last week.

    I only like two. Thermae Romae and Amagami SS Plus. Pirates wasn't unwatchable but was uninteresting. Everything else was very unwatchable for me. Was really ticked off DxD was only properly drawn when Rias was naked - feel very cheated that Miyama-Zero's artwork has been wasted.
  10. Reckoner
    2012-03-13 20:54
    Thank you very much , responded to you over there but pretty much just agreed with what you pointed out .

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