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Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. Requiem-x
    2016-10-09 22:36
    Hey there. How have you been? Me, I was in a trip for the last couple of days, and catching up now.

    Izetta felt a bit too standard this week, even if magic using blood will always be cool. That said, I like both mains enough to keep going.

    Raising project, in the other hand, lived up to expectations, and is setting up quite the interesting story right now. I do wonder, though, what will happen if, or rather, when someone with a pair or group "leaves".
  2. NinjaRealist
    2016-10-09 22:23
    I definitely will. I skimmed the thread a few days ago and it sounds interesting.
  3. NinjaRealist
    2016-10-09 11:42
    I do agree that the point can be flipped around. I guess the thing is too that anime and manga don't need to have a completely tragic ending to be satisfying to me. It's not that I want to see characters fail, it's that I hate shows where the success of characters is chalked up to determination and "believing in one's self". As a matter of principle I don't believe in free will. At most I believe in something like agency. So when fiction propagates the narrative that "you can do anything you set your mind to" it offends me.

    A good example would be Hunter x Hunter. I think the reason I love the show so much isn't that it's so brutal but because that brutality is part and parcel of a world representation I find to be very plausible: that it's better to be lucky than good and that environmental determinism trumps everything. On the other hand you have a series like My Hero Academia. It's not a bad show and I do find it to be entertaining but the simplistic "grit and determination can accomplish anything" message is very grating. This doesn't just annoy me because I can't relate to it personally but, also, as a student of history, I find this view to be deeply wrong when applied on a geohistorical scale.

    It's not that I want these characters to die. It legitimately makes me sad. I still tear up a little bit every time I rewatch the Chrono Cusade ending. But within that sadness there is truth and profound reflection. Everyone wants to be remembered, but most of us fail due to forces we can't control. Fiction like this pays deep tribute to the vast majority of people that struggle in vain for recognition only to fail against forces far beyond their own control. These tragic characters represent the faceless soul of humanity: who just wanted to be known.
  4. NinjaRealist
    2016-10-09 11:14
    I have tried to view the Mai HiMe ending in a more positive light. An anon on 4chan was recently complaining that he wanted a grimdark show where he got to enjoy the schadenfreude of watching the characters die but not experience the sadness of their staying dead. I jokingly said that he should watch Mai HiMe.

    But in seriousness, that is basically what happens and it sucks all the drama and meaning out of the events. How powerful would it have been if there had been no reset ending and Mai had to live with the consequences of what happened? What if in the end she'd actually been forced to kill Mikoto: only then being reminded of the humanity that she had been blinded to as a result of Takumi's death?

    I'm only so hard on the ending because I love the series so much and just think of what could have been.
  5. NinjaRealist
    2016-10-09 11:08
    I mean, as much as I think the TV series ending pales in comparison to the movie, because my main gripe with the TV ending in the first place was that it didn't address Homura's plotline, I still think the TV ending is good. It was a bit too happy for the overall tone of the show but it also tied together most of the threads from the series and ended on a thematic note that felt consistent. I think the majority of shows would do well to have such a competent ending.
  6. NinjaRealist
    2016-10-09 10:58
    I saw Madoka Rebellion in theaters and I loved it. The ending was everything I hoped it could be. For me it's about as close to a perfect ending as I've seen in an anime. I seem to recall us arguing pretty vociferously about that one but I might be wrong.

    Despite repeated efforts, I haven't been able to see the Wixoss movie yet so I can't comment on it, but I did find the TV ending to be sort of disappointing. I respect that it wasn't an easy or overly happy ending but it just left too much unresolved IMO. I've heard the movie doesn't particularly help with that.

    As for Mai-Hime, it's become practically the gold standard in endings that almost ruin a series and I don't really disagree with that sentiment. I still love the series and will surely rewatch it for a third time some day but the ending really takes away from it and makes it hard for me to recommend the show to anyone. It's just an awful ending in almost every way.

    Now your turn
  7. Kotohono
    2016-10-07 22:30
    Thank you Triple R, very nice creative present I really like it ^^.
  8. Windy
    2016-10-07 20:21
    Oh yeah, I saw that on booru the other day and yeah I liked it a lot :3.

    Lets top 4 OG is pretty difficult.

    Bokura wa Ima no Naka de is definitely my #1 original though.


    I'd have to put Yuuki no Reason at #2

    Mogyutto is #3 for me

    Then its really hard to choose between Datte Datte au Mujou and Yume no Tobira for #4...I kind of like both equally as much.
  9. Dextro
    2016-10-07 17:30
    I've been itching for some industry talk. I'm the one who should give thanks for the invite
  10. Requiem-x
    2016-10-07 17:16
    Flip flappers turned out to be a very nice surprise, great artwork, and more than enough yuri potential to keep me satisfied. Definetly sticking with that one.

    Izetta seems promising, and I liked Fine well enough. Now to see how the titular witch does.

    Gundam was a guaranteed keep from the get go.

    Brave witches... well, I guess you wouldn't want to be spoiled, right?

    Matoi wasn't that impressive, but I'm interested enough, even if not for the most appropiate reasons, that is, the raunchy humour and that weird setup at the ED, which by the way, is really good.

    Will give vivid strike a shot, but I'm not sure if it can hold up, though that might just be my dislike of the original talking.

    Of course, raising project is in as wel.. Quite a lot of potential for that one, though I'm a bit concerned at the number of characters.

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