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  1. Last Sinner
    2016-05-28 00:01
    Last Sinner
    As expected, Cleveland took care of business in Game 6. Toronto needed more contribution outside of Lowry and Derozen. After Biyombo copped that flagrant, he just didn't seem like his normal self. While on the flipside, Love actually showed up for a game in Toronto along with the perimeter shooters. Toronto won those two games by getting a truckload of long shots to fall - didn't happen this time. But hey, only team to take any games off Cleveland in the playoffs and top 4 for the year? That's progress. Toronto needs a power forward to command the paint, from what I see.

    I'm figuring it will be Oklahoma getting through from the West, but nothing is certain.

    One reason I'm really into Seinarukana is the balance/mix of the characters. Nozomu, the male lead, is powerful. But he is never the most powerful. There are some fights only he can win but there are certainly some he can't. There is no character that can beat everything. Strategy and teamwork are required. And it has the kind of moe perks that I'm into. Ones that are able to combine with some darker moments.
  2. Last Sinner
    2016-05-27 13:29
    Last Sinner
    What have you been up to yourself?
  3. Last Sinner
    2016-05-27 07:35
    Last Sinner
    Winter is effectively here, so physically I haven't been great.

    Weather is also screwing with my internet connection big time so I'm restricted in what I can do.

    Anime-wise, Kabaneri is effectively the only series I'm following with any real zest.

    Election-wise, things are getting bloody and it's still over a month out. The Liberals have been so brazen as to say that Australia doesn't need better internet and that we should be staying on copper while anyone that does get an upgrade should be grateful. Funnily enough, federal police raids on the telco responsible for it all showed the Liberals have had a double-cost blowout for the network and that Labor's original to the premises plan was cheaper and the proper plan, while Liberals going to the node will require even more upgrades in the future.

    Seinarukana is out and I've been playing through that. Now actually knowing what happened in each arc and why has made me revere the game even more. I still recommend it to you and other people I mentioned it to. Moreso now.

    Been tracking the NBA conference finals. Seems 'We The North' aka Toronto have somewhat hung in there with Cleveland. Game 6 in both series upcoming. I will be laughing if Golden State fall to Oklahoma City considering they had a 73 win season. But OKC have the home court in Game 6, so they really should seal the deal tomorrow. While Toronto are on their turf for that game and could level it, but I daresay Lebron and co. are really riled after throwing away Game 4. Regardless of how things turn out, Toronto have certainly made these playoffs far more enticing in the leadup to the Finals.
  4. Darthtabby
    2016-05-25 19:24
    I mainly remember Frontier's jet-fighter action scenes feeling more intense and dramatic to me. It's hard to say why - Maybe it's the BGM? Maybe it's how dangerous the action scenes felt? The choreography and general style of Delta's jet-fighter action scenes are fine, but they're lacking a certain "oomph!" to make them feel truly awesome or badass. Honestly, I think this may be the real reason for some Frontier fans disliking Delta - People's impression of Alto is lifted by him starring in truly gripping action scenes, whereas Hayate feels more like a flashy but slightly unserious dancer.
    I think there are several reasons Alto's fans like him. For one thing, he's a tsundere. :P All the crap he gets for looking like a girl is hilarious. Right from the get go he has a goal he's passionate about. He also has a sense of duty and responsibility despite his recklessness.

    He's also part of a very popular pairing, though I guess Hayate has that as well.

    The main thing is that I wanted more action scenes. One thing I like about Delta is that almost every episode has something flashy and combative going on. My least favorite Delta episode, so far? The one right after Windermere declared war. Because not a whole lot happened in it. But even that episode at least had that really fun Hayate/Freyja ride.
    Personally I really like a lot of the character interactions that occur during the "slow" sections of Frontier. Though personally I thought the first seven episodes of Frontier were pretty well paced (episodes eight through twelve not quite so much -episode eight is embarassing and episode ten is difficult to fully appreciate if you're not familiar with Macross Zero).

    Something interesting to note with pacing is that Frontier has the same writer as Mai-HiME, and its my understanding that said writer was scouted for Frontier because Kawamori liked Mai-HiME's pacing. Now you seem to actually like Mai-HiME (albeit not as much as I do ) but in that show the slow character driven stuff doesn't have to share the stage with anything quite as high octane as Frontier's valkyrie combat.
  5. Kazu-kun
    2016-05-25 18:53
    That's cool. Just keep in mind it is a little more dramatic and gritty than Delta. Not to say it doesn't have its fun moments, but it's a mixed bag. Also, that edgelord character you mentioned doesn't fully get over it until the half point. She's great in the second cour, my fovorite character actually, but at this point her previous attitude may have turned off some viewers.
  6. Darthtabby
    2016-05-23 22:08
    Actually, let's do this here to avoid clogging up the Delta thread on the RRRoundtable with Frontier discussion either.

    Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
    I only watched a few episodes of Frontier, and remember them somewhat vaguely. But from what I can remember, I'd probably give Frontier an edge in these two categories:

    1. Jet-fighter action

    2. Sheryl exemplifying the pop diva character type.
    I think the valkyrie combat choreography in Delta may actually be superior to that of Frontier TV for the most part, though for some reason it's struggling to produce anything I find on the level of Frontier's Episode 2 chase sequence or some of the incredible air combat sequences in the Macross Zero OVAs.

    Sheryl is an amazing character, though one that took me a while to properly appreciate. Her super star aura is just the tip of the ice berg. She's actually rather multi faceted.

    At the same time, I recall Frontier's less action-y sections boring me a bit. Delta has yet to bore me. Even its more questionable bits still tend to be entertaining or charming.

    On the whole, I find Delta more fun than I remember Frontier being. And Walkure is just amazingly fun and likeable.
    Which part was it that bored you?
  7. Tempester
    2016-05-23 21:01
    I had a similar change in anime taste, particularly in mid-2013 after watching Love Live which made me much, much more favorable towards anime with large casts and lot of cute girls than I had been before. Turns out I had watched Girls und Panzer just half a year before then, so my view towards the characters in particular had changed quite a bit by the time I finally rewatched it three years later.

    First time I saw GuP I just dismissed most of the characters as shallow and wasn't that excited by them. Well, in fact the secondary/tertiary characters in GuP *are* shallow, but when on a rewatch I realized that that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, I was able to enjoy their silly antics and unique flavors so much more. And it really does help that the main five girls (Miho in particular) were sufficiently developed throughout the show to make me root for them and appreciate their more quiet SoL scenes between the action. I especially like Miho as a character, I think she's a very likeable type of leader, being cute, amiable and slightly shy but at the same time very cool-headed and clever.

    Anyway, I really hope you do give GuP another try someday. If or when you do, please share your final impressions on the thread or by VM/PM.
  8. Tempester
    2016-05-23 20:22
    I'm curious, what's your opinion on Girls und Panzer? I noticed that you posted your impressions for the 1st episode in the thread for the show, but you didn't continue after that. Did you like the whole show in the end? Who is your favorite girl from it?

    I recently rewatched Girls und Panzer to prepare myself for the movie which is coming out very soon, and I enjoyed it even more than the first time. It's a really amazing and fun show, a blast to watch (in more ways than one!). Since you seem to be enjoying High School Fleet a lot this season, I'm wondering if you felt similarly about GaruPan since I'm quite sure that anime was one of the inspirations for Haifuri.
  9. Liddo-kun
    2016-05-22 06:31
    Konnichiwa everyone. Have been a bit quiet lately, but I'm not dead. >__<

    It's just because I was unable to attend Tagcom which happened about a month ago due to lack of funds, which is why I've been unable to update at the cos thread. For now, I'm just taking a bit of time off.. commenting randomly at anime threads here at Suki, taking care of my pets, as well as gathering funds - to make sure that I would be able to attend Toycon or Rampage (whichever comes first XD) at May. rawr :3

    /have a nice day. **
  10. 0utf0xZer0
    2016-05-21 19:18
    In any event, yeah - Lack of romance (for a VN adaptation), and male lead kept almost entirely in a support role are probably the two major issues here sales-wise.
    Ao Rhythm doesn't really stick to the classic VN formula in that regard, but I'm not sure how much it hurt the show. If you want a VN adaptation with REALLY abysmal sales, Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete's highest selling volume managed just 419 copies and to me Ushinawareta came about as close to being a classic style VN adaptation as you get these days.

    Beyond that, Daitoshokan no Hitsuji did 788 and Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya o Mezasu failed to chart, which suggests less than 1K to me. Grisaia (4220 units) is really the only VN adaptation targetting male audiences to make it big the last couple years without a pedigree (ie. Fate, Little Busters, Utawarerumono).

    (Hence why I'm glad to see Hyouka broke the 10K barrier in bluray rerelease. With how bad the VN adaptation sector looks, it's nice to see a bright spot elsewhere.)

    One thing I do think was damaging was the weak opener. Ao Rhythem's second volume had a better first week (1076 units) than the first (1003) which is pretty rare and suggests some buyers didn't get on board until the end of the series.

    The opener had a couple flaws - the simplified version of flying circus doesn't look nearly as spectacular as the full version we see later, and the visuals of the flying circus scenes are one of the show's great strengths. Heck, we don't even get to see proper flying suits. Nor did the characters seem that developed early on.

    As for what I think of the series as a whole, I love it because it corrects those mistakes. The actually flying circus game looks great and is a lot of fun to watch - I'm not sure all the tactics used make sense, but I also didn't really care. And the characters get better over time, particularly Misaki. Heck, Mashiro actually becomes kind of bearable after the episode focusing on her and Hinata.

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