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  1. Archon_Wing
    2011-04-12 18:17
    Alright, time to make random demands.

    May I suggest you watch the anime Akagi? It's an anime about the table game Mahjong, however much like most shows of the genre it doesn't require knowledge of the game because the focus is on the characters. Kinda like yugioh, but way more GAR.

    Also, there is much ham with the drama.

    The cast is also mostly male, which should be a breath of fresh air considering we have so many animes with female dominated casts.
  2. totoum
    2011-04-12 13:40
    Hey there, I just read this in one of your comments

    out of respect for Nichijou's sizable fanbase
    And I just wanted to say that I think the only reason Nichijou has a sizable fanbase is because KyoAni is doing it.
    I'm a Nichijou manga reader,I started it before the anime was announced and the fanbase was pretty darn small,the scandalation team always struggled to find staff willing to work on it,then suddenly KyoAni says they're adapting it and people become interested.
  3. Vanish
    2011-04-11 15:40
    Since my main dedication is towards The World God Only Knows... I would like to tell you that TWGOK II is out now, subbed by CR subs, or HorribleSubs, to be precise. Don't know how you took the first season but I'll recommend it anyway.
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-04-11 00:53
    Is there any particular show you'd like me to check out, and comment on, that I haven't watched yet? I mean, aside from A Channel (which I haven't seen yet, but will give you my take on once I do)?
    There aren’t any shows I can think of in particular, really. Especially since a lot of the stuff I’m interested in hasn’t been subbed yet, the only stuff I've seen you haven't is A Channel and Hen Zemi, neither of which I thought was all that impressive.

    A few updated impressions:
    X-men 1 and 2: I wasn’t originally planning to watch this because I wasn’t impressed with Ironman, but one of my friends wanted to see it when I invited him over today – someone on 4chan said that Storm was moe, and he wanted to see if it was true. Well, personally I think the 4chan poster was just trying to troll the anti-moe crowd, but more importantly, I was surprised how much better it was than Ironman. I think I just found my much needed action fix for the season – although I did think Cyclop’s attack had weird effects in the last fight and that the lack of Patrick Stewart was disappointing.
    Hen Zemi 1: Thus far, not as good as the OVAs… the characters and discussing of strange fetishes are the same, but the deadpan humour and squick that made the OVAs funny in a “crosses that line twice” way are missing.
    Dog Days 2: I’m not sure quite what made this episode so much better than the last – the fact the fights aren’t just mook on mook anymore, perhaps? Still not a must see for me, but something I’ll probably keep up with given the time.
    Nichijou 2: Upon some reflection, I love the bits focusing on Mio and friends, while I don’t really care for the professor and robot girl. Unsurprisingly, it’s the former characters that remind me the most of favourites like Azumanga and Hyakko.
    Hana-Saku Iroha 2: This is going to sound a little weird given that I’ve previously said the first episode needs to be watched twice to really be appreciated – but I think what really sets this apart from other slice of lifes is the pacing. Usually, when you encounter a slice of life with all the well done little moments we’re seeing here, it’s a fairly slow paced, relaxed show. Hana-Saku Iroha, on the other hand, has a very brisk pace. Hence I’m inclined to agree that this show is showing that PA Works has mastered this genre.

    Also, as a side note, Hana-Saku Iroha airs at 10PM – early enough that it makes me wonder if the show is actually intended to be a bit more mainstream than most anime. The manga version (this is one of those cases of “manga and anime coming out at the same time) is also serialized in the same magazine that serializes the manga adaptation of Bungaku Shoujo.

    One last question: have you ever run into a show that you thought was a complete waste of a good character? This happened to me with Charlotte Dunois and Infinite Stratos – she’s easily the best girl I’ve seen out of a harem anime since Bakemonogatari. As for Infinite Stratos… well, personally, I feel the show was kind of struggling before she appeared, became good for a while during her arc, then went into a massive decline again once they decided to revert to “harem mode” rather than concentrating on her.
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-04-10 23:55
    I think I'm having trouble containing my fanboyism for Hanasaku Iroha atm. I'm trying to post sarcastic posts in the thread in an attempt to contain it

    Don't think I've been this excited over a slice of life series since Honey and Clover days. Not to mention I still have Usagi Drop next season as well. This is in conjunction with other fantastic anime alongside it such as Madoka

    2011 is starting to be the best year in anime since 2007.
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-04-09 03:28
    If the credits in the video itself are to be believed, the video was produced by White Fox a relative newcomer – subcontracting aside, they’re responsible for Tears to Tiara, Katanagatari, and Steins;Gate.

    If you thought Kotomi was tiny based on her official spec (5’3), Chihiro is even smaller at 4’11. That being said, it’s not just the Chihiro look alike that gives me EF vibes, but the “Can it be rewritten, this fate of hers?” If it weren’t for the fact that Rykushi07’s prior work already features lots of time travel, I would have said that he was borrowing heavily from EF – not necessarily a bad thing given that he seems to have a good sense of when to borrow elements from other VN makers.

    Been tracking your comments on various shows:
    -I thought of Sket Dance as “Haruhi Lite” too, with a bit of a “shounen” twist. That said, I’m pretty sure its going to end up being B list for me rather than A list despite the manga’s reputation – it lacks the “license for weird” sci-fi elements that Haruhi used to make everything believable, and it also doesn’t have the driving force that is Haruhi herself (I have a theory that the lead character(s) generally set the mood for a show).
    -Shigofumi… loved the show, but yeah, it’s a tough watch. It and episode 6 of EF season 2 are kind of the “dueling episode 6s of 2008” – they’re both insanely harsh, but with EF taking the surreal approach and Shigofumi coming across as disturbingly “real world”. (Of course, if you really want to make a screwball fight, throw in Kurenai episode 6 – it’s a musical episode, making for an apples to oranges comparison..)
    -Steins:Gate… having just rewatched the first episode with my girlfriend today, I have to say I enjoyed it a lot, although I still wonder why the hacker dude sticks around with the wannabe mad scientist when its clear his ideas are going nowhere fast. This isn’t as big an issue with Mayuri since she’s clearly pinning after him (I want her to win already). Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks she comes across as kind of stoned? She has a bit of a unique moe because of it.

    Oh, also watched A Channel. Which is kind of like a normal “4 girls doing cute things” 4 koma, except one of the four girls is a violent tsundere/emotionless loli with a massive stalker crush on one of the other girls. I can’t say it worked particularly well IMO.
  7. Kaijo
    2011-04-08 23:00
    Heh, thanks. Enjoying it, eh? I admit, I'm having fun. But I have to agree that I'm growing a bit weary waiting on those final two episodes. Especially since I have a sneaking feeling they won't do anything to explain or answer the issues that the first 10 episodes brought up. Which means all these debates are pretty much gonna be moot and unanswerable.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-04-08 04:26
    BTW, did you see Key's April Fool's joke for the year?

    At least, people think its a joke. The "Rewrite to be an 18+ game" one from a year or two back was. Also, it never ceases to amaze me how much the combination of the title and the eyepatch girl make this game remind me of EF.
  9. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-04-08 00:10
    Kuroi Hadou
    How have you been?
  10. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-04-07 10:41
    I haven't seen X-Men nor Dog Days but in regards to Steins;Gate and Tiger and Bunny Post, I'll post what I posted in another anime forum:


    Suffers from the same problem what pretty much nearly all modern supernatural/grim dark shows suffer - pacing. In Steins;Gate the problem isn't the atmosphere, characters, or the artstyle or voice acting. They are all acceptable. In fact, I like the main character "Okarin" - he seems like a hysterical, slightly bonkers, deadpan humour, enthusiastic lab scientist. Mayuri is quite cute without being excessively moe to the point it's annoying. The problem is the large amount of information that's packed into this episode with VERY LITTLE explanation. This is going to be one of those shows where you need to watch at least half the series to understand what the hell is going on. Dilemma is, do I bother watching it up to that point. Nonetheless, this is superior to Chaos;Head. The characters are much more mature and superior and the atmosphere is actually grim dark rather than Chaos;Head which had an identity crisis of trying to be grim dark and moe at the same time. Another benefit is that you don't have to had watched Chaos;Head. It makes minor references to it, but nothing majorly important.

    Tiger and Bunny

    This was a show I was not really interested purely because I generally don't like western superhero cartoons. However, fans of such entertainment will probably very much like this one. It gives me a bit of the "Watchmen" feel in that it involves corporate superheroes acting out in a corporate reality show by capturing villians of everyday society. Superheros get points based on their conduct, and then at the end of the season, the superhero winner is declared and the sponsored company for that superhero gets a large share of the prize. To promote the superhero the company is backing, there's lots of advertising via trading cards, TV commercials etc. The main character of the series is one of the superheros in the reality show, but is considered an underdog. Quite an original concept, which I give it credit for. I'll continue watching this and hope that my bias for disliking western superhero cartoons manages to be overcome.

    I'll give both series another 2 episodes (3 is usually my norm for most series) before deciding to continue or not.

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