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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-13 03:01
    Well, I think Mashiro-iro Symphony just set a new record for biggest first to second episode improvement in a VN adaptation - primarily because in contrast to everything the first episode suggested about where the show was headed, they actually managed to handle a "first boys in formerly all girl's school" plot in a subtle yet effective matter. I hope it keeps it up.
  2. totoum
    2011-10-12 22:59
    I few random thoughts

    I might be a little biased on chihayafuru because I'm fresh off reading another josei manga about bullying,but there the bullying takes the form of the bully calling up gangmembers to rape the victim.Next to that,cheating at a card game doesn't seem that bad.
    Maybe if I hadn't read that before starting Chihayafuru I'd be harsher on Taichi.

    And I know before your edit there was something about tsunderes,so on that topic:watch Cross Game
  3. Coldlight
    2011-10-12 12:48
    Once again, the day has arrived. Sayaka is up on AST today. Let's wish her good luck for today's match.
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-12 02:33
    It's not like I stalk people's walls or anything, I just... happened to run across this comment!

    I dropped Infinite Stratos after one episode as I couldn't stand watching generic harem anime at the time. Maybe one of these days I'll pick it back up if you think it's worth it. I have heard from people with a taste in moe similar to myself (such as 0utf0xZer0) that Charlotte is genuinely a likable character, and that's possible, as I don't recall her bothering me in the first episode.
    I'd kind of hope she didn't bother you in the first episode because IIRC prior to episode 5 she shows up for a grand total of a few seconds in the flash forward bit.

    Anyway, I've been planning to talk about Charlotte (along with the lead girl in Otome Youkai Zakuro) for my "what moe characters do you like and why" project for a while, but never seem to get around to it, so I'll just mention some points here:
    -As Last Sinner mentioned, she's IS's resident "non-tsundere" - basically, the nice girl of the lot. But beyond that, she's also has a very positive attitude, which manifests in several respects:
    -she actually gets along well with some of her competition. Actually, its extremely difficult to think of a scene where she's bitter, jealous, or angry.
    -she's proactive despite being quiet and bashful - which means despite rarely displaying aggressive emotions, she never comes across as dull or passive
    -beyond that, she's romantically proactive and gets comfortable being around Ichika pretty fast - which is rare for a quiet girl in anime
    -playful and also has a competitive streak, but doesn't let it get in the way of being nice
    -good balance between cute and sexy, voiced by Kana Hanazawa

    Combined with her IS pilot credentials, and you get what I refer to as "anime's sweetest action girl" - and one of those rare characters that I really want to write my own version of.
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-10-11 11:17
    Last Sinner
    I haven't watched Infinite Stratos in full. I am going to endevaour to, because I need to figure out why it sold so much! Most generic harems these days utterly flop in sales. But Infinite Stratos really connected with the new gen of anime fans. What I have heard a lot is that IS does have several annoying/violent tsunderes while Charlotte is not one. That would explain why Charlotte survived to the final 16 of ISML while the other IS girls utterly bombed. Mind you, I have seen Tomose Shunsaku do a super-hot rendition of her. It'll be something I get to in the near future. More out of curiousity if anything. What I have seen though does back up the claim Charlotte is a good character.

    My mentor replied to me today. He suggested the movie Colorful as a third title to go with Angel Beats and Haibane Renmei. Grim and involves suicide but has the redemption theme that fits purgatory, so it works.
  6. Echoes
    2011-10-11 07:43
    Thanks for the rep regardless. Glad we could work things out.
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2011-10-11 02:54
    Like I said, I'll probably try and organize a screening with friends for it. It'll take a bit due to schedule issues (and likely will get split into two parts, we frequently do one cour in a day but that's 5.5 hours and not 8.5), but I tend to prefer to watch completed series that way.

    Hmmm... I guess I do defend C3, but personally I found both episodes good enough and nothing more. There just isn't the requisite level of emotional involvement in it for me yet. It needs a "click" moment where I just connect with the characters and their story. A good example of a click moment in an action anime for me would be Utao controlling Kukuri for the first time in Kamisama Dolls episode 2 - really brought a human dimension to the whole thing. Really, I think C3 needed to give us a few episodes to get to know the characters (possibly via a "tool of the week" (*snicker*) format) before introducing the hunter. As awesome as the finale of this episode was, that human connection isn't something that can be glossed over with bombast.

    This may be part of the reason I liked episode one more than many - while I never connected with Fear like I did with Utao in the aforementioned "click moment", her antics in episode one gave the sense of someone trying to compensate for loneliness, making her a bit sympathetic. The episode was hardly impressive (it holds up terribly if I compare it to, say, episode one of Otome Youkai Zakuro, which is also mainly a character introduction piece) but that was a notable redeeming quality for me.

    (I also have to admit that I find Fear being clueless a lot funnier than most harem antics, including many of those from this show, so that's another win. She's one of the better Shana clones I've seen - most of the time, I prefer to use the term "knockoff" to imply a notable inferiority to the original.)
  8. Flower
    2011-10-10 20:13
    I agree with you on a good number of your basic assessments of Cube x Cursed x Curious ... well said.

    Not the most profound show in the world (although something tells me if they stuck to the story and really explored its possibilities instead of serving up the "fanservice angles" it could be very interesting for me), but overall pretty decent.

    At least for now....
  9. Proto
    2011-10-09 18:58
    Thanks a lot.
  10. Flower
    2011-10-08 13:53
    Only other show I am definitely going to give a try is Mirai Nikki, primarily because Guardian Enzo really enjoyed the manga and hopes for a successful anime adaptation as well.

    Also gave Boku wa Tomodachi a try ... and atm it is in the same category as C3 for me ... tentatively watching the next few episodes, but not getting my hope up.

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