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Triple_R Triple_R is online now

Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. Dr. Casey
    2012-03-06 22:15
    Dr. Casey
    Just finished catching up with the story; things came up so I wasn't able to do that on Friday as promised, but I've got notes on everything I want to comment on and will post again tomorrow.

    Do you have the scene you mentioned in the last PM written yet?
  2. totoum
    2012-03-05 23:27
    Kind of off topic in the P.A works thread so I'll adress this here

    Sorry. Okada and P.A. Works goes together in my mind almost like Shinbo and SHAFT, lol.
    Well the Okada/P.A works relationship is pretty much one way only,she's written 3 out of 5 of their shows but in the meantime she's worked with plenty of other studios (A-1,deen,jc staff,hal film maker,AIC,satelight,david production,zexc..) you can't really associate her with one .
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2012-03-05 02:47
    Guilty Crown might not always make that much sense, but I have to admit that the kid in me simply loved this episode.
    I didn't like any of the last three episodes prior, but I also liked this one. Though it probably says something about me that I'm not sure which I liked more: Segai's theatrics or Ayase's escalator leap.

    Got a quick question for you: as you take on writing projects sometimes, have you ever had situations where you were writing a story or characters and you kept thinking of a particular anime or anime characters while doing so? I know I've done this, though I sometimes find I have trouble figuring out exactly who my characters remind me of.
  4. Tempester
    2012-03-04 10:58
    Heh, thanks for sharing your thoughts. EVOL I do plan on seeing, but only after the original Aquarion. Knowing that BRS has heavy melodrama makes me want to watch it more, I freaking eat up that stuff. Another piqued my interest when I found out that it was a Japanese Final Destination.

    Let's all hope for a good Spring 2012.
  5. Tempester
    2012-03-03 23:15
    How's this anime season going for you? Judging by pictures and other people's impressions, it's the least interesting anime season I've seen a quite a while, especially when compared to Winter 2011. I picked up Rinne no Lagrange, which is a decent but unremarkable show, but I put it on hold because my internet has really been awful lately. I do plan on seeing Another and BRS when they're done.

    The seasons after this one honestly look much more interesting. From The New World in particular looks like it could be a blast.

    Watching older anime has solidified itself as my primary method of seeing anime now, but I still want to watch a couple currently running shows once I get access to better internet services.
  6. Akuma Kousaka
    2012-03-03 01:11
    Akuma Kousaka
    Did this clown from Guilty Crown win you over on his own or did you also see him as that comedian from Gotham City?
  7. Dr. Casey
    2012-03-02 20:50
    Dr. Casey
    Hm, I accidentally deleted your newest PM. >_> I was saving the first page of my private messages to a text file so that I could free up some room, but forgot to deselect your message before hitting Delete. Whoops. But wow, sounds like I have some really interesting stuff to read once I catch up in a few hours. Definitely send it over to me. And thanks, I love this avatar too. ^^ I was trying to find a Momoka avatar, thought it would be cool to do the Oginome sisters back to back and Momoka's the most badass loli of all time (Wish she got more screentime), but I couldn't find a good Momoka avatar so I just went for Ringo again.
  8. Coldlight
    2012-03-01 22:33
    I was only having a nostalgia moment there, so I didn't actually think I'd get people to try playing it, but it's good to see you had some fun.

    Spoiler for on Grief Syndrome:

    I hope people don't blame me for distracting you...
  9. Last Sinner
    2012-03-01 15:39
    Last Sinner
    Just a warning to never do it again. *shrug* Better than doing it in a thread, I guess. I'm just outright bored by this and whatever else the new gen says is good/worthy of selling these days. After the third and final day of the o'week stall is done, I'm marathoning the rest of Space Battleship Yamato this weekend. Still haven't heard any convincing argument to watch 2012 material. Nise seems to be benefiting from the fact there really is no legit competition this season. Which will also benefit Fate/Zero but I still don't know how to feel about that show.
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-03-01 00:11
    Last Sinner
    I watched the link DemiSoda linked me from Youtube....

    THAT IS THE MOST STUPID! PATHETIC! BORING! WANKERISH! LOAD OF SCHIZENHAUSEN I HAVE EVER SEEN! And I am not stimulated at all...Panting, gulping, cut after cut to visual whatever, insinuated incest...

    So basically Shinbo and NishiOisin have catered to otaku wet dreams...


    Response in sig and I don't care if I get banned for it.

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