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  1. anime fan99
    2015-01-26 12:06
    anime fan99
    I'll wait, I thought mentioned this before, but I'm not a writer I suggested the idea, and then I help in the planning I can not write dialogue

    You should try to read some of the stories I worked on

    Stories are Avengers: Code of Hero .Who Rules the Night.Titan of the Future.The Other Exiles.Avenging the Ultimat.High Flying with Monster Girls.DxD Trigger Only two have a link to anime rest are Based on Comics I understand if you did not have Interest in them
  2. anime fan99
    2015-01-26 07:25
    anime fan99
    is been week will you do the idea
  3. Liddo-kun
    2015-01-26 06:17
    Oh, and sorry I forgot to tell..

    My next anime convention writeup has some SAO. You like that anime, right? ^^

    Here's a preview..
  4. Darthtabby
    2015-01-25 21:41
    Ah, thanks. The fact that they're both tsunderes occured to me but not most of the rest.

    BTW, I think I'd mentioned this via PM previously, but in some of the early artwork for the series Nico had essentially the same hairstyle as Nozomi. Thought you might get a kick out of that if you weren't already aware of it.
  5. Darthtabby
    2015-01-25 01:16
    Since you're a LL fan, I wanted to ask you a question. Do you have any idea why Nico and Maki get pictured together so much in fan art? Maybe its because I've only seen each season once, but I don't remember them being characters with a particularly strong link.
  6. Sheba
    2015-01-24 08:22
    Today, the Japanese destroyer Shigure sunk 70 years ago.

    She is one of Yuudachi's sister ship and was one of the "Miracle ships" who survived the more brutal battles of the Pacific War until that fateful day of January.

    You have onyl seen her so far as cameo in the two first episodes with her two other sisters, Murasame and Shiratsuyu.

    Her other sisters are Samidare, Suzukaze and Harusame.

    This is the Shiratsuyu sisters sans Harusame

    The Shiratsuyu sisters, with Harusame, sans Samidare and Suzukaze.

    Much to her chagrin, Shigure have been frequently compared the the Guncannon and Blastoise because of the way she wears her cannons on the back.
  7. Seihai
    2015-01-24 03:42
    I dunno why but lately I've been craving for Saki again. I hope we get a new season.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2015-01-23 11:08
    Hi. Finished uploading cosplay pics from Christmas Toycon 2014.
    Here it is, just in case you want to see. ",)

    Sorry for being so late. And a belated Happy New Year everyone. ^^
  9. Seihai
    2015-01-23 09:37
    Oh, I know that feeling. I myself tend to avoid discussions when there is a huge audience whether it's pre-established or even formed during the broadcast, for example Aldnoah.Zero. There is always a negative mob that has to criticize whatever they see. That doesn't sit well with me as I'm more of a "go with the flow" enthusiast so I find it difficult to empathize despite being able to understand what they talk about. In Aldnoah's case I simply try to avoid obvious "the writing is bad because xxx" posts. lol

    As for Kancolle, I happen to be a player so I enjoy seeing anime viewers' takes on it and answering their questions. Sadly the discussion is admittedly not too anime-only friendly because it's hard not to bring up game related content for game players, and it doesn't help that pointing out historical facts alludes to pseudo spoilers.

    Ah, I figured. Real life is such a jerk sometimes. How does that saying go again? Money in the bank pimpin' ain't easy.

    I'm folllowing the 3 of them as well, hooray!

    Saekano - The first episode is very pleasant eyecandy, but it also has very witty dialogue that's quite engaging. The best thing of course is that their anime conversations are so relatable it makes me wish they were my real life friends. The main girls are likable but I still need to see more of Utaha (the one like Hitagi) and the sporty cousin before I can make a clear picture of them. For now I'm an Eri fan because the childhood friend factor makes me sympathize with her. lol The protagonist though, he needs someone to deliver divine punishment to him for various reasons, heh. Later episodes apparently get more serious concerning drama since it's written by the person who also did White Album 2 so I look forward to that!

    Deremas - I'm ashamed to say this but I never watched the original IM@S anime. That said, I do like idol anime very much which is why I have no problems enjoying the anime for what it is. I agree the producer is very amusing to watch. Whenever he explains why he chose a girl as an idol, it cracks me up. The series is doing a commendable job at developing our main girls and exposing them to the world of idols as well. Most intruiging to me are the subtle things that say much more when you look past the face value, i.e. when Producer puts his hand on his neck to show that he is very troubled, or how you can tell that becoming an idol is Uzuki's absolute happiness when you see her practice so much and bombards the Producer with anticipation.

    Yuri Kuma - Couldn't have said it better myself. I couldn't make sense out of the first episode at all, and I'm not a big yuri fan although I do ship girls together when the pairing looks legit to me (Fate+Nanoha, Saki+Nodoka etc.). If I were to drop an anime, it was this. However I'm glad I continued watching because things become much clearer in the following two episodes, especially episode 3. This is the episode that'll make you go "Ahh, it all makes sense now" and it's good at bringing us plot twists here and there as well. The one thing that still tugs on my heart is the alluded cannibalism though, I'm not used to seeing cute girls get literally eaten even if they are unimportant characters. Then again they haven't yet shown how exactly girls are being eaten by bears so... I stay tuned.

    I definitely have a recommendation for you, and that is Rolling Girls, an original anime by Gainax. It's very colourful, has crazy action/battle scenes (similar to Kill la Kill if you like this kind of exaggerated style) and the overall atmosphere is just very vivid which IMO results in an amazingly fun ride(pun intended). The premiere of this is probably the second most bizarre thing after Yuri Kuma but it already starts to set a certain direction within the second episode showing how the main cast (really likable btw., plus cute!) goes off on a journey for a purpose we will yet have to find out. I'm certain that this anime will provide great entertainment no matter what.

    Ah, you saw my Choice Award votes. Love Live is love, Love Live is life! Ok, that sounds awkward. The thing about LL is that I started hyping the franchise the moment I saw their animated PVs years before the first season even aired so I consider myself a veteran LL fan if that even makes sense. I also must say that the actual series topped my expectations by far, followed by a second season that's just as fabulous and we now even get a movie. That's just wow. lol Honoka is indeed my true favourite character because I'm a sucker for girls that have a simplistic and cheerful attitude. Umi comes close to her but that's where my bias comes in as I'm a huge fan of her VA.

    As for PMMM, I believe there is not much to say! It is simply an anime that holds a special place in our heart. Hell, I still remember the heated discussions and the exchange of arguments between you and Kaijo (I think that was his name).
  10. Seihai
    2015-01-22 23:41
    I am sure I said this before but it's always good to see you contribute to threads. I find myself agreeing with your opinions and views more often than not, specifically the more positive ones. That said, may I know which animes you are following atm? I've only seen you post in the Kancolle thread recently, I think.

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