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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-17 01:41
    I suppose I at least have a shot at getting into Madoka 3 - you guys in Atlantic Canada never seem to have much luck with these things. I'm wondering if it's a case of different theatre ownership - looking at the list of theatres it'll be playing in Canada, most if not all of them are owned by Cineplex.

    I think the clearest way to illustrate how this is a petite girl dominanted season for me is to look at the shows where my favourite character is petite versus those where she isn't:

    Petite girl wins:
    Galilei Donna: Eight words: Hozuki's "please don't make me shoot" puppy eyes
    Golden Time: Chinami was on my "cute" list even before the show started airing
    Non Non Biyori: Komari-senpai
    Unbreakable Machine Doll: Yaya's character design unusually striking.
    Outbreak Company: Muriel - depending on whether you think she's a "petite" or "medium" option within the show itself.
    Kanata no Kyoukai: Ai is adorable, as a fan of timid girls I actually like Mirai a lot and she's on the small side

    While Golden Time's Linda is intriguing and KnK's Mitsuki really is a looker in glasses, most of these victories are pretty clear cut too.

    Contrast the cases where my favourite isn't the petite girl:
    Infinite Stratos 2: Charlotte obviously wins here, and I've never been nearly as much a fan of the loli-est of the bunch (Laura) as some are. Though Rin is petite and probably my second favourite. This one would probably be a more meaningful victory if the second season was leaving much of an impression though.
    Little Busters Refrain: This one has been leaving a much stronger impression than IS2 and Kurugaya has clearly eclipsed all others so far. That said, I could see Rin making a comeback here (my S1 favourites were Kurugaya, Kud, and Rin).
    Tokyo Ravens: Suzuka is actually a little bit annoying, so this one goes to Hokuto and especially Natsume.
    Strike the Blood: Err… I support lead hero X lead heroine route instead of the incest route? Bit of a weak victory.

    A few other shows like I'm watching like Kill la Kill, Samurai Flamenco and Coppellion don't have an impact either way.
  2. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-10-16 19:40
    Spoiler for Tokyo Ravens episode 2:

    Re: Kurugaya:
    I'll just say she has a lot of counterbalancing to do this season. There's usually a few petite girls I'm into each season but right now they seem to cropping up all over the place.

    Aniplex of America has announced that Madoka 3 will be playing the same four Vancouver area theaters as the first two... but hasn't said what the date will be. The US screenings for Madoka 3 are slated for December, so I'm really hoping they don't pick a day that conflicts with my exams. Unlike in the US, all Madoka 1 and 2 theatrical screenings in Canada occurred on the same day and I wouldn't be surprised to see the same here given that it's the same theatre chain involved.
  3. RRW
    2013-10-16 12:42
    Random pic of the day
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  4. Dextro
    2013-10-15 15:52
    Hey! Sorry for not replying sooner but work has been a bit hectic and I didn't manage to stop by the forum yesterday (I dread to open my User CP now ).

    I actually haven't read many VNs yet actually. I think I can count on one hand the ones I actually managed to finish. Maybe that didn't come out right in the thread :$

    Anyway I actually haven't read your fic yet but I've added it to my pocket queue and I'll try to get to it this weekend or so. I'm actually more curious to check it out as a VN though. How are you guys handling the art for it? (I'm also curious on the tech side of the equation as a programmer. Are you guys using Ren'py or something?)
  5. RRW
    2013-10-15 07:09
    Random pic of the day
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  6. RRW
    2013-10-14 10:28
    Random pic of the day
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  7. Akito Kinomoto
    2013-10-13 22:57
    Akito Kinomoto
    And so Little Busters! Refrain has begun. Can it pull off the same miracle Clannad did in winning over the unconvinced? But people are expecting it now and it might have its work cut out for it. What do you think?
  8. RRW
    2013-10-13 09:32
    Random pic of the day
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  9. Kimidori
    2013-10-13 08:06
    seem like you don't check PMMM thread often these days, anyway I have a question.

    Originally Posted by Kimidori View Post
    one thing I would like to ask: do you want to have normal VN save system, i.e save anywhere, anytime you like, or continue to use the save at the end of the chapters like it is now?
    need you to answer this question ASAP, cause I will need to rewrite a lots of code for this.
  10. Shinji103
    2013-10-12 13:22
    Well, I have nothing against IS or even harems at all. I just don't really like the way that most of the females in that particular harem are largely abusive and @$$es.

    But there are a lot of people who hate IS for being a harem show, and unfortunately bad reputations spread farther and thicker than good reputations. I've seen a lot of people deciding "IS = sux so harem = sux."

    And then there's the large fanbase that just think harem animes sucks period.

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