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  1. Random Wanderer
    2016-07-31 19:24
    Random Wanderer
    That's good to know. Wouldn't want to have to drop that series too.
  2. Dist
    2016-07-31 06:36
    Nah that's not it at all .. The current show just seems cringy and I don't remember the old one being so much like that. Either my tastes have drastically changed or there's something wrong with Sunshine. It's still an okay series, and I'll watch it, but I'll have to deal with the CRINGE every episode lol.

    As for tsundere type of girls .. I'm so sick and tired of them. It feels like every anime MUST have them and it's just getting really old. You could say I almost despise tsundere-type of girls. I like how Shana looks like but I def don't like her being tsundere either.
  3. Random Wanderer
    2016-07-31 02:46
    Random Wanderer
    I liked it quite a bit, I'd say. The different personalities of the girls are appealing, although I can't say I'm quite a fan of how two-faced Nico is. Eli (Eri?) joining the group finally made things feel complete.

    I'm probably going to have to skim through the episodes again when I get back to them, because between all the new season stuff and a couple other things I've been marathoning, my mind has become filled with other series now, and I no longer quite have the clear picture I want to have for when I continue it.
  4. MartianMage
    2016-07-31 02:40
    Haha yeah I haven't posted anything about anime and stick to gaming posts but yeah I have been keeping up with both Macross Delta and Love Live Sunshine.

    I guess for Macross Delta I'm about in the middle I guess. I don't hate it but it hasn't been a hit for me too. I guess I lean more on the I like it side. The songs have been great though so far!

    I like Sunshine very much so far. It's my current favorite along with Re: Zero. I know that there hasn't been much progress for Aquors so far but I like the characters! You especially is my favorite so far. Though I have to admit that I kinda wish we'd start getting more songs soon!
  5. Pen3
    2016-07-31 01:20
    Well the hardcore Sunshine fans like the goofiness though. It has been mentioned many times that they don't want any sign of urgency like "trying to save the school". They are just there to have "tanoshi" and win the Love Live competition half assed.
  6. Pen3
    2016-07-31 01:10
    You know i wouldn't even be surprised if Sunshine doesn't have a proper rival and just sweep through with minimal resistance.
  7. Pen3
    2016-07-31 01:06
    Oh i am watching delta and my favorite character is Kaname, who wasn't even on top 5 character poll when the series started.

    One show that i found surprising decent is Aikatsu Star, it might not be your cup of tea since it is aim for kids. But you should at least check out the ending song called "episdoe solo" its very good. Download one of the episode and watch the ending lol.
  8. Tempester
    2016-07-30 23:27
    I liked the episode itself but I'm still very skeptical about how the rest of the show will go. It's possible that episode 5 is just a fluke and most of the rest of Sunshine will just be retreading the original's first season to a fault like how episode 3 did, either than or overdoing the direct references like with episode 4.
  9. Random Wanderer
    2016-07-30 23:18
    Random Wanderer
    I've watched up through episode 8. Since then I've gotten busy watching bajillion other things and haven't gotten back to it again yet.
  10. Pen3
    2016-07-30 21:15
    I would love to hear what your opinions are. I still enjoy Sunshine and in anticipation for it every week, but the complaints still exist.

    One thing i notice in almost every episode of Sunshine is that the 1st and 2nd segments are nearly polar opposites. Usually a fast pace one and the other being more mellow or normal if you put it that way. I noticed this because i find myself liking just half of the episodes and the other half would be just decent.

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