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  1. Last Sinner
    2015-02-08 22:16
    Last Sinner
    Probably someone looking for a cheap cash-in. Yosuga no Sora had nudity without H scenes, so it's probably going in on that angle since, you know, naked bodies = $. It was a reasonable title overall but the Sora arc really does leave a very bitter aftertaste due to how sinister it is and dragged the rest down. Not because of the obvious factor, but moreso because Sora's version of love is utterly selfish and cruel.
  2. Last Sinner
    2015-02-08 03:19
    Last Sinner
    Oh my word...Yosuga no Sora has been licensed in the comes trouble. ^^;
  3. Hooves
    2015-02-08 01:40
    Oh sorry sorry, my memory is having a little jump apparently
  4. Darthtabby
    2015-02-07 19:22
    I should probably add Alto Saotome from Macross F to that list of my favorite tsunderes. It's not fair to exclude him just because he's a guy.
  5. Last Sinner
    2015-02-07 09:25
    Last Sinner
    It's not my IRL buddies that are like that. It's everyone that I don't know on a regular/normal basis. If I approach anime fans out of the blue, that is the regular response I get - 'has to be recent, has to be modern art style, screw anything that isn't.' And yeah, to a lot of these people, 2011 is old. Go figure...That said, a lot of my regular friends do give me weird looks when I say I can't even finish one episode of Attack on Titan. They're the reverse - they are open minded about eras, looks and styles. But if you don't like shounen/action....which I guess would be considered the more typical Western reaction. *shrug* I have a few that are open-minded as and are my usual discussion friends. There aren't many I can talk anime with, primarily because tastes vary so much. Ironically, while most of the females I know like point and click games, they are WAY more into horror/intense material than I am.

    Lately I've been watching recent Markiplier videos on Youtube. His playthroughs of Five Nights At Freddie's and the Stickmin games are just gold. First came across him when I saw his playthrough vids for The Stanley Parable. His reactions to anything are just hilarious.

    Persona 5 trailer is showing some promise. This whole phantom thief justice angle is a definite shift from the mega pure justice fest P4 was.

    This phone app that is coming out in Japan - seriously...

    One thing I'm surprised people haven't been speaking about much yet is the imminent airing of God Eater in July. Considering it's going to be done by ufotable, I'd have figured it would have been a discussion point by now.
  6. Last Sinner
    2015-02-07 06:59
    Last Sinner
    Hi R3, just wanted to say nothing personal about how things ended up with those 2014 awards. It's just getting tiring to see one title dominate each year then that same franchise do it twice in recent times.

    Did you ever get around to trying Huniepop?
  7. Hooves
    2015-02-06 22:54
    Hey Triple_R! Just wanted to stop by to ask if you can answer a curiosity question of mine.
  8. RWBladewing
    2015-02-06 12:32
    Oh trust me, I know, and it isn't limited to just high school and teenage girls. My 60-year old father is a classic textbook tsundere for my brother-in-law, so utterly predictable that I could accurately guess entire conversations before they happen.

    I actually like tsundere characters if they're done well. Rin from F/SN is one of my favorite characters of all time, and to me her behavior is perfectly justified because Shirou is so naive and such an all around goofball that such reactions to him seem completely natural, admiration tempered with utter frustration. I agree with Maki being done well also.

    Unfortunately though, for every time it's done well, it's done poorly a dozen more. Admittedly I watch a LOT of bad anime but the sheer volume of characters who are tsundere for seemingly no reason other than "our series requires this character archetype to meet our quota so the usual audience will watch it" is becoming distressing. I have very low standards but the "quiet male lead encounters abusive tsundere magical girl" show has become an instant drop for me, and there are several of these every season now.
  9. RWBladewing
    2015-02-06 11:09
    Audrey Belrose from Huniepop. She's great if you like drug addicts and self-proclaimed "megabitches" with no real redeeming qualities other than sheer brutal honesty and knowing where to find a good time. I was originally drawn to her because the idea of actually pursuing such a girl in a dating sim was hilarious to me but I ended up liking her for real, because an actual bitch who is totally honest that she has no interest in you and is just using you is such a refreshing change from the irritating tsundere archetype that has pervaded everything.
  10. RWBladewing
    2015-02-06 10:43
    Oh look at that, my votes that were coincidentally the exact same as yours ended up getting Shiroe tied for best male character and winning Ebb and Flow best song despite me not remembering what it sounds like.

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