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  1. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-04-10 23:09
    Gochuumen wa Usagi Desu Ka? is a wonderful show. At least if you're into the moe-moe slice of life comedu schtick it's aiming for.
  2. Faerie
    2014-04-10 07:39
    Interesting! I've generally gone with a slightly different theory as to why things like SAO are popular, although if and in how far that applies to Mahouka remains to be seen- although I really hope not, because it is something I strongly dislike. Mahouka seems to be a show that may turn out to surprise though, so I'm genuinely curious how things turn out.

    Spoiler for Text:

    Sorry if my thoughts seem to be a bit disorganised, I'm in the middle of preparing for finals, so my brain tends to be somewhat all over the place these days
  3. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-04-10 03:13
    Last Sinner beat me to it about why Brynhildr is compared to Elfen Lied... I'll just add this is one reason I'm expecting it to have more substance than it's let on so far.

    Wixoss was actually the first new show I watched, and I'm afraid I wasn't quite as positive on the first episode as you. The dread and foreboding was too unsubtle for my taste. This wasn't like Madoka where Kyuubey wasn't up front with the girls and seduced them with the old justice, frills and sweets pitch - I kept wondering what was wrong with the protagonist that she's gung ho about a game so obviously creepy. I think it's going to take the show staking something on her victory to really get me involved.

    I did finally get around to samplying Akuma no Riddle and enjoyed it immensely. I'm not normally nearly as big a yuri fan as you, but Tokako and Haru are exactly the kind of "hard and soft" yuri ship that's my favourite (remember, I used to ship Kanbaru and Nadeko!) and it looks like it's going to essentially be them facing off with a bunch of batshit nuts girls in an over the top fashion. Glorious.

    I also saw Hitsugi no Chaika today, and like Black Bullet I have to say it's a solid if hardly mind blowing entry into this season's action show pool. One downside: Chaika'smanner of speaking is a double edged sword, it's cute but also makes her come across as rather dumb.
  4. Last Sinner
    2014-04-09 08:50
    Last Sinner
    The main point of frustration for me this week was Irregular at High School Magic. That first episode was slow, bland and cut out a key scene from the start of the manga. The sister has a magic battle and utterly owns face. It's crucial in establishing a sense of equality between the two siblings and that the sister isn't just a mere brother-lover. But within a few minutes, I could tell those adapting this title are keen on cutting her down and making the brother look superior from the get go. Not to mention removing the shounen/action aspect, which was essential in keeping things interesting in the manga amidst the info dumps. I expected a few adaptations to go wrong, but this was one I thought they wouldn't botch. Guess I was wrong, but better wrong about this than other titles I'm sticking with.

    Your instincts were right. This adaptation is going right for the fetishes and the tropes. A real shame.
  5. Last Sinner
    2014-04-09 08:36
    Last Sinner
    R3, for the record, the reason people compared Brynhildr to Elfen Lied is because they have the same author in their original manga form.
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-04-09 03:46
    I know its pretty early on, but have you flagged any potential frontrunners so far?

    For me, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii shows the most promise so far. I also thought Black Bullet and Kanojo ga Flag o Orarertara had pretty good starting episodes but I'm less sure they're going to have staying power as they tend towards the guilty pleasure side of my tastes. At the other end of the spectrum, I wasn't a huge fan of the openers for Brynhildr in the Darkness or One Week Friends but I have a hunch they're going to get stronger as they go.
  7. Last Sinner
    2014-04-08 09:21
    Last Sinner
    Okay, my thoughts on April.

    Potentially going to be the best season in years.

    However, those three titles you listed first - I didn't click with them at all. Akuma no Riddle actually creeped me out big time.

    What I did like:

    One Week Friends
    Mushishi S2
    Rowdy Wrestler Sumo Matsutaro
    The World is Still Beautiful

    What disappointed me:

    Irregular at Magic High School
    Akuma no Riddle
    Mangaka-san to Assistant-san

    Kindaichi I'm also going to investigate. Knights of Sidonia is on Friday, that's the other one I needed to check out.

    The last time I truly liked a season was April 2010. If those 5 shows as well as Kindaichi stay good, this will be one heck of a season.
  8. Last Sinner
    2014-04-07 22:27
    Last Sinner
    Later tonight I will. I got new headphones last night but night class left me unable to watch anything. I've got tests on Thursday and Friday which I need to study for. It's about 1pm here now, so, I guess I will in about 7-8 hours then give you my thoughts.
  9. ACertainStark
    2014-04-07 22:23
    No problem~ and Honoka avatar \o/
  10. Last Sinner
    2014-04-07 10:48
    Last Sinner
    Well....they actually did it...


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