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  1. Last Sinner
    2016-09-26 08:59
    Last Sinner
    You look very traumatised by the conclusion of two certain shows.

    Hope you recover soon.
  2. Tempester
    2016-09-25 17:01
    My post was a bit hyperbolic due to certain things putting me into a foul mood, but yeah, I was more than a little upset with the direction of episode 13 and since my impressions of a whole show tend to lean heavily on the last few episodes I can't help but feel resentful towards the entire 1st season of Sunshine after being left on this sour note. I do agree that the live performance was one of the better ones in the show, although I still prefer the fantastic one in episode 9 (helps that Mijuku Dreamer is an amazing song full stop).

    I can still make excuses and say that the episode was only the way it was because they were desperate to make an episode that felt conclusive and that S2 will demonstrate Aqours in their best form, but for now I'm leaning towards pessimistic. At least I have that 3rd Aqours PV to look forward to; I've never disliked a single Love Live PV out of the 8 I've watched and I've always been excited for the next one.

    It's way way too early to get excited over it (assuming it'll even happen), but yeah as I mentioned in the episode 12 thread I really like the idea of a Love Live 3rd Generation especially if my guess is right and Sunshine's overdose on references and similarities is simply intended to get the audience used to transitioning to new characters and settings. In the meantime though there are a lot of other fish in the sea; despite the disappointments on the idol front 2016 has been a pretty good year for anime.
  3. Pen3
    2016-09-25 16:42
    Oh no i still love Muse and Umi the most. The SS characters that i like are Chika, Riko, Hanamaru and You (only as a character, her voice is....weird like Kotori and Maki, but Kotori sounds cute and Maki still sounds great, while You is just weird). I can't stand Yohane as a character, but her voice sounds great and she has thunder thighs. I have bought tons of merchandise with a few copies of their Bluray boxsets. I have no intention of buying any Sunshine material besides a Chika or Riko Alter figurine in the future, but that is about it. Still no release date announcement on the Muse Solo Live vol. 3 it seems - -

    But looking back on it as a whole, SS really is a mess with no replay value, besides their performances. I do think the good episodes make up for it though. They are over hyped and will get a 3rd season for sure, hopefully they can tone down on the silliness and be more consistent in the next two seasons.

    What are your opinions on the SS characters?
  4. Pen3
    2016-09-25 16:07
    For the characters i cared for and that i think are important, then yes. But i would have to agree that the 3rd years are done pretty bad with how their attitude turns 360 immediately after their drama was over. I just have the impression that SS will have 3 seasons since the 3rd years are barely on screen, hell Kanon can't get more than 3 seconds most of the time. The situation with You, Riko, and Chika is far from over and they are essentially my main focus and i believe that is what SS wants us to focus on in season 1. Character wise i am just looking at the 2nd years for now and i think they did a great job.

    As for writing it is a toss up because they flip flop all over the place. You get some strong episodes such as 4, 8-11, while i would consider the others fairly poor. The original is more consistence for sure though with plenty of just as good episodes too. Another thing is that i agree with you about SS being very spontaneous in their music performance with zero to barely any lead-in with episode 6 insert being one of the "WTF". One thing i could say for certain is that SS does have THE POTENTIAL to be great if they can be consistent. Their weakest point is really their consistency and i want to emphasize on it. A lot of what i believe is really on their potential since they have some great episodes and experience from the original to work with.

    Anyways don't take that comment on the thread too seriously, i was just getting crewed out because i am not on the entire bandwagon 100%. If you swapped out most of their anime insert songs with their debut and sub-unit songs, then i would have no problem with any of the music in the anime. Not that they are bad, but they already have better stuff just sitting around. It seems if you don't like some of their music due to style and genre, it means you think they have no talent and are horrible. There are Muse songs that i can not stand like Puwa Puwa and After school Navigators, but nobody assumes that you hate the band. It seems the SS fans can't take any criticize and call you for being salty for Muse, not because you don't like Pop/Jrock fusion.
  5. Tempester
    2016-09-25 12:54
    With our contrasting impressions on the final episode of Love Live Sunshine's first season, it's weird to look back and see that I was the more optimistic person about this anime in the first 2 episodes.
  6. Last Sinner
    2016-09-25 07:39
    Last Sinner
    I've made the thread. Hopefully we get some decent discussion.

    I actually thought I'd been rather quiet lately. Oh well.
  7. Tempester
    2016-09-24 21:43
    Yay, you watched it! I hope I didn't set your expectations too high with my praise in the past, I just really adore that movie to a ridiculous degree, so much that it left me ecstatic in a surreal high that lasted a couple weeks during which I downloaded literally hundreds of GuP fanart while listening to GuP music and reading GuP threads.

    Spoiler for Girls und Panzer movie, minor spoilers:

    I hope to see the new movie characters returning in the final chapter. I really hope that it's a full TV series too! There are plenty of things that can be expanded on, and I think that Alice's character, while a bit flat in the film itself, has potential to develop into an interesting rival in the future.

    Yoshiko, Mari and Hanamaru are my holy triumvirate of favorite Sunshine girls, but it's possible that Yoshiko might have a slight edge over the others. I'm voting for Yoshiko because I like her so much, but also because she has a good chance of ranking high and because a PV centered around her is very likely to be amusing especially if they go with a dark and chuunibyou theme. I won't spoil you on the final episode of Sunshine S1 but I do look forward to seeing what you think of it.
  8. Tempester
    2016-09-24 18:24
    Hey RRR, are you going to vote for the center girl of the 3rd Love Live Sunshine PV? The voting period has just started, and Nork22 made a very helpful guide on how to vote.

    You can find the Japanese reading for the Aqours girl you want to vote for by googling their Wikia entry. Personally I'll be voting for Yoshiko (津島善子) every day.
  9. Requiem-x
    2016-09-24 18:02
    Doing fine, thank you. I'm on a family trip right now, and won't be back home till tomorrow, so naturally, I won't be watching anything until then. I'll let you know over here when I see the finales for Ange Vierge and Sunshine. Don't worry, I won't say anything specific until you let me know you've watched them as well.

    Thanks for letting me know. You've certainly been a great person to talk to. On that note, any expectations for next season?
  10. Tempester
    2016-09-23 19:49
    Check out this video review of Re:Zero. It's really funny and I find myself agreeing with a lot of the points made in it (especially the shipping angle ).

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