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  1. totoum
    2012-12-09 20:09
    Oh I like long explanations

    Did you drop it before or after the episode 5 reveal?Because to me that's where things started getting real interesting,and I've been liking it more and more every week since then,more so than I ever expected.
    Though in all honesty the show I'd rather try and "sell" to you would be jojo's bizarre adventure,has that one ever been on your radar?
  2. Akito Kinomoto
    2012-12-09 19:17
    Akito Kinomoto
    Om nom nom nom yuri.
  3. NoemiChan
    2012-12-09 18:56
    You made me look like a hypocrite.... Your request..
  4. totoum
    2012-12-08 18:34
    Random question,did you drop zetsuen no tempest?I remember you praising the show early on but havn't noticed you in its thread lately.
  5. Vanish
    2012-12-07 21:54
    Spoiler for LB! talk:

    As for Sakurasou, is there a particular pairing you prefer? I'm definitely a Sorata x Nanami shipper... I try not to get my hopes up too high though.

    I understand why you have dropped SAO for now and it's nice to know you didn't drop it for good as I think in itself the arc past SAO still has its merits and somewhat reminds of the later Accel World arc, too.

    Regarding the animes I am following right now:
    Spoiler for long list:

    I would go as far as saying that none of them are bad, although some are without doubt very niche compared to others. My attitude towards anime is "I don't watch the anime, the anime let's me watch it and participate in its world" and if I can't keep up with it, I will simply pass on it for the time being and see if I can approach it with a different viewpoint later. As long as the anime is able to deliver what it actually seeks to deliver, and I'm able to comprehend it, it normally adds to my enjoyment of a show no matter the setting.

    edit: I seriously wrote "customer is king and I'm customer" I shouldn't write early in the morning
  6. Vanish
    2012-12-06 23:12
    Hey Triple R. How have you been? Your posts always express (and often expand) my thoughts about anime episodes, it's very refreshing to read them. Namely, your activity in the Little Busters! forum amuses me because that forum is not only dry but also filled with negativity. The ongoing Sakurasou debate really put me into deep thought, too, though the extent the discussion is growing to starts to feel a bit weary. I just want the next episode to come out now. Finally, have you been following the latest SAO episodes? I wonder what your stance on that series is because I can see why people would think it should have ended with episode 14.

    P.S.: I totally saw that Batman reference in the PP forums coming. lol
  7. Flower
    2012-12-06 19:10
    We have been doing a little re-shuffling at work to make things more efficient (and in some very reasonable areas too), so things have been busy.

    Have been mulling over my "top 10 of the tear 2012" for a few days now, tbh.... Already chimed into the "fave OP and ED of 2012", the "biggest disappointments" and "most pleasant surprises" threads. This has helped clarify my thoughts a little bit at least.
  8. Zavie
    2012-12-06 17:46
    Ha, thanks for adding me to your friendlist
  9. totoum
    2012-12-06 03:41

    I'm not part of the kyoani fandom really,and in all honesty am stalled halfway through hyouka ,need to get around to finishing it.

    Also the next episode of sakurasou can't come soon enough because this whole debate is just starting to irritate me,especially since people are assuming they know exactly what the character's backstory are when they don't.
  10. MisaoFan
    2012-12-05 13:19
    Hello Triple R !
    I'm currently watching Psycho-Pass and it was good even though some story points and the character development didn't develop much after eight episodes (of 22) or so I heard. I thought you also liked Robotics;Notes and when the two shows will finish, I hope noitaminA will air Space Dandy (Shinichiro Watanabe's new space travel comedy work) and the upcoming unnamed A-1 show. As far the latter go, I heard it's going to be a mecha-flavored school action romance and someone posted a (tentative) plot summary (link).
    Since I enjoyed Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass, I can't wait to see Gen's two new upcoming titles : the first one being the unnamed January show (I'm expecting it to be a steampunk mecha title) and the Exiled from Paradise sci-fi movie by Toei Animation.

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