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Freyja Fan, Canadian

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  1. silvercover
    2014-05-19 17:24
    heh, pretty nice.
  2. Ledgem
    2014-05-17 18:53
    I recently discovered that all three Madoka movies were released, and downloaded them. It was hard making time for two-hour runs, and I admit that I had to split the first movie into multiple viewing segments, but I finished the trilogy today.

    I'm floored. It was so beautiful.
  3. silvercover
    2014-05-16 18:52
    nah, in not really that curious of homura's romance, at least from madoka's view. perhaps if homura was the MC and id try to get madoka, id be curious as to how we could get there...

    but anyway, beside the point, what I meant more was that could you continue on at the rebellion story?
    not as an "ending", but as a route for other romances to develop.

    going by your idea, madoka doesnt really trip up on homura's affection level so it leads to rebellion... then you got the choices like trying to go for homura or the other girls....

    hmm. then again, it sounds like we're just back at the beginning with just a different setting and slightly altered characters. never mind then.

    eh I guess what I wanted was to control sayaka at a post rebellion story...
  4. Ledgem
    2014-05-16 13:59
    I thought it was interesting. It's clear that there are some secrets that some of the characters are clued into that we're not, though. For example, Yuzuki's and Hiteo's LRIGs once remarked that Tama represented something about Ruko, and seemed somewhat apprehensive about it as they remarked that even Tama didn't realize what a LRIG signified about its holder.

    Iona being happy about finding Ruko, to me, just meant that she was somehow thrilled to have found the person that will become the Eternal Girl. My guess is that Iona may have been one of the first Selectors, and she's probably one of the strongest. She's clearly impressed by Ruko and Tama's battle capabilities, and perhaps the pair has something that Iona and Uris lack. Tama and Ruko are fairly well-aligned, whereas Iona and Uris seemed to me like a diagonal cross with Akira and Piruluk (Iona and Piruluk had very similar demeanors, whereas Akira and Uris seemed very similar). Who knows? Perhaps there's some burden associated with becoming the Eternal Girl, and Iona is happy that her wish (supposedly the same as Ruko's) will be fulfilled without her having to shoulder the burden.

    I tend to get hung up on small inconsistencies, though, and this episode had a big one. Akira's appearance at the end was not consistent with what has been said about losing. One supposedly loses all of their memories about WIXOSS and being a Selector (which is what we saw with Hitoe), yet Akira was still talking about selectors and remembered Yuzuki and Ruko. Maybe there will be some convenient excuse for it in the next episode. Given Akira's glowing red "scar," I expect that we'll find out why "infected" is one of the words in the series title.

    Regarding your post in the thread, it's an interesting idea. I haven't been thinking about the series in that manner, and I don't really know that battling is supposed to be symbolic for romance... but it might fit pretty well.
  5. silvercover
    2014-05-16 10:48
    hey triple R, im wondering about something...

    are you gonna incorporate some elements/ideas/material from the 3rd movie to your "pure pretty pink lovers" fanfic/VN?
  6. Ledgem
    2014-05-15 19:51
    Seen episode 7 of WIXOSS yet?
  7. Faerie
    2014-05-15 13:25
    Well... I actually find it interesting that so far, she's been all about her hatefulness, spite and bullying. I haven't seen a character like that since Naru Taru, (and certain older, serious shojo manga) and while the girl there was utterly unlikeable to the end, her characterisation was some well enough to make her believable, rather than just a stereotypical bully. In a way, even though there was nothing really redeeming about her, apart from being human, it made for a possibly more interesting personality than if they would have excused her behaviour by making her sympathetic. I wouldn't mind, if the reason they give us for Akira being that way is because she's simply a selfish, hateful, bitter or insecure person, as long as it's fleshed out well. I do like awful but redeemable characters too though, so I'm good either way.
    (I mean like in the sense that they are really interesting, not that I like how they are bad people xD)
  8. Ledgem
    2014-05-14 18:45
    Interestingly, The Pilot's Love Song was already on my "to watch" list, according to MyAnimeList. I don't remember how I came across it, but the fact that you're recommending it means that I'll up its priority.

    I'm glad you're following so many of the series that I am! I've been wanting to talk about some of them.

    Captain Earth is a show that I started watching because people were raving about its "production value." It's a Bones series, and even though it seems that people think Bones has gone downhill, I still associate them with Eureka Seven, which I really liked. That said, the synopsis alone wouldn't have drawn me in, and I feel a bit underwhelmed at the moment. I like the settings and the artwork, and I felt that the first episode was absolutely epic, but I'm a bit confused about what's going on. Maybe I missed some key details, but it seems to me that there are two arms of the same corporation that are fighting with each other, and there's a third corporation that is working toward destroying the planet (to put it in overly simplistic terms). I keep watching because I figure that the punchline hasn't been delivered yet, but this is probably the first anime series that I've seen where the enemy was so convoluted... it just seems like, what's the point?

    Mahouka might be my favorite series of the season. I love the artwork and the characters. People seem to have a problem with Miyuki's affections toward Tatsuya, but I figure that there's something to it, like they're not really brother and sister. That, or perhaps WIXOSS just desensitized me. I like that Tatsuya is cool and composed, and that he has amazing abilities despite being inept at the abilities everyone else displays. I feel that the current arc of going after Blanche is slightly boring, as I'd really like to see the series open up to a larger world-wide scale. Perhaps this is just a segment to get us there.

    Brynhildr takes something out of me each time I watch it. People say that the people (or some key person) behind Elfenlied are also behind Brynhildr, and I could believe it. There are a number of similarities. The situation that the characters are in feels fairly hopeless: they always seem overpowered; they're working against a clock (the requirement for daily pills); and their opponents have much more knowledge and resources than they do. In that manner, it generates a feeling opposite of what I get from Mahouka. I only have faith that most of the characters will survive because there are 13 episodes and we're not at 13 yet. I foresee tragic things happening to most, if not all, of the characters by the end. But who knows? Perhaps the introduction of this new mad scientist ally will turn things around.

    You didn't ask for it (and I won't discuss anything specific, since you're backlogged on it), but I also wanted to mention that Sidonia has been pretty amazing. I watched the trailer and figured that it might be a fairly droll series, but picked it up based on the synopsis. The CG animation is disappointing in some parts (the walk cycles in particular seem really choppy), but otherwise really contributes to the atmosphere of the series. I just hope that they can accomplish what they want in the limited number of episodes that they have.

    Even though I don't get notifications for visitor messages, I'll log in again tomorrow to read your thoughts on the series. If you want to discuss any specifics about the series I'd be happy to do so, too!
  9. Faerie
    2014-05-14 13:22
    I laughed. I'm still laughing as I type. It's official, we have very odd humour! (it's applicable in all kinds of ways too, because I'm really caffeinated with all the consequences at the moment)
    The skull just had to go, it was really obstructing me in my thought processes

    Checked out Wixoss btw, I quite like it so far. Feels a bit like Madoka light, but it's unique enough to not make that seem like a bad thing. I'm really liking the more realistic, believable spin on the incest theme, although I'm sad Akira is so plain unlikeable. She looked so appealing in the promo art. But then again, it is a nice spin that sets it apart from the above mentioned similar show. I bet people expected an older sister type out of her. And I'm curious if there's more to her...
  10. Ledgem
    2014-05-14 09:53
    I like WIXOSS quite a bit. It was the first of the currently-airing series that I picked up and I admit that I didn't have high expectations of it, but it might be my favorite of what I'm following. The darker aspects of the series seemingly came out of nowhere, and I'm still intrigued by what the secret behind WIXOSS is. The characters are enjoyable enough to watch. There's an interesting commentary to be made about people in general from it. It's not the case with Hitomi, but with Aki and Yuzuki it seems as if they are losing what little they actually have of their wish even as they struggle in WIXOSS to attain it. People lose things when they become obsessive.

    The other series I'm watching are Black Bullet, Knights of Sidonia, Mahouka, Captain Earth, One Week Friends, Escha and Logy, Brynhildr in the Darkness, and Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii. I could drop a few of those and not mind... are you following any of them?

    I like the fantasy genre quite a bit. I have a harder time stating whether or not I like romance. I like a good love story, but so many "romance" anime series are either harem-based romantic comedies or "dating route"-adapted series. I can still appreciate them, but when they're the primary focus of the series then I find myself getting bored. An example of that is Outbreak Company, if you've seen it. It had fantasy elements and brought up some interesting ethical and philosophical issues, but it also had "dating route"-style elements. I liked it all in the beginning, but it began to feel as if the series was focusing on the "dating route" aspects more than the fantasy storyline. I felt let down by the end of it.

    Speaking of weather, we didn't really have a spring here. Just last week it was still getting pretty cold, but yesterday the temperature went over 90˚F. We're already experiencing evening thunderstorms, which is more typical of summer. I guess we just dove from winter to summer.

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