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  1. Coldlight
    2013-01-05 20:11
    It started airing yesterday (or was it the other day for CR). Anyway for fansubs you have FFF and Commie for your options. I went with FFF. I thought the first episode was excellent. Then again, I was already a fan of one of the five manga adaptations of the novel.

    I have a feeling this might become the star of the season.

    I haven't been looking around for new pictures recently, so I don't have any new pictures to offer to you. Regardless, I offer my belated New Year's greetings to you.

    BRB, gotta deal with a sudden case of New Year gift-induced blood loss
  2. felix
    2013-01-05 18:42
    (I'm only at episode 5 or so)
  3. felix
    2013-01-05 18:14
    Huh? You're reading my posts in some Jojo style tone aren't you.
  4. Coldlight
    2013-01-05 10:13
    Say, do you plan on watching this season's Maoyuu Maou Yuusha?

    If you do, I'd like to know what you think of it.
  5. Last Sinner
    2013-01-05 09:02
    Last Sinner
    In terms of creating a story, I don't dispute his talent. In terms of creating the types of characters and events required for a grim, dark tale such as Fate/Zero, I don't dispute that. I dispute his ability to create interesting characters - I find his quite dull, juvenile, predictable and repetitive. And his distaste for dialogue mixed with his obsession with narration makes for some rather difficult conversions from literature to anime. When he goes too far with narration, you end up with a marathon overload info dump like Episode 1, or you miss out on facts or detail in the final lot of episodes.

    Okada....heh...I don't know who scares me more - her or Urobuchi. I don't think I'll ever understand her. She creeps me out big time but for very different reasons than how Urobuchi does.

    But I'm fine. I'm over F/Z. I've recommenced watching Le Chevalier D'Eon (can't get in the mood for Sword Art Online) and it's doing a grim, dark tale in a more entertaining and better written way that F/Z from my perspective.

    It's been okay. Aside from the fireworks spam and consecutive days over 40 degrees (Friday was 45 degrees). Saturday was the first time I went outside for more than five minutes since Tuesday.
  6. Vexx
    2013-01-03 18:55
    As for your 'rep-less AS observations, so far I have two:

    1) I keep reaching for the rep button to reward what I think are useful, well-constructed, or informative posts and alas, alackaday.
    2) I'm more likely to just call the inverse what they are rather than quietly just press a red button and move on. I suspect the mods are going to have more work squashing misbehavior and more chances to err and "kill the wrong targets" over the next few months.
  7. Last Sinner
    2013-01-03 11:12
    Last Sinner
    Hope the New Year started well for you.

    Finally managed to get myself to watch Fate/Zero S2 tonight. And...I am now convinced Urobuchi is the most evil entity in the universe. Not everything about it was bad...but so much of it made me utterly sick....this is going to take a long while to get over...maybe I never will.
  8. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-01-03 04:44
    Girlfriend and I marathoned the Kokoro Connect Michi Random arc tonight.

    I didn’t have nearly as big a problem with the ending as you did – I did see Iori’s journey as a deconstruction, but in more of a “genki-moe girls are as capable of depression and grinding axes as the rest of us” vein. I didn’t see her overcoming those issues at the end as ruining the point at all. I did wonder a little bit why she rejected Taichi in the end but I think the ambiguity there may have been intentional. I also like that they actually concluded the love triangle, far too many light novel romances just go nowhere.

    Major difference in how we ended up where we did would appear to be that you found the contrast between Iori and the rest of the character notable and tried to find a meaning to it, I did not.

    Also, regarding Taichi and his sister: they’re one of the few pairs of this kind I like, because there’s just enough subtly for me to see them as loving each other merely as siblings. Kind of like how I could just barely write off some of Koyomi’s more perverted actions in Bakemonogatari as figments of an overactive imagination – the lack of this subtly is the one major complain I have with Nise and Neko in comparison. (Also, the reactions to Taichi's little outburst of glee were just funnier than your average bit of siscon humour.)
  9. Konakaga
    2013-01-01 21:05
    Happy New Years ^^, and just wondering if you have estimate for new fanfiction chapter for mami lives, since I recalled you saying "around x-mas" for next update sometime before.
  10. Haak
    2013-01-01 11:28
    Thanks, but I think that's mostly thanks to felix since that was his interpretation of the poll results and general discussion.

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