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  1. Dann of Thursday
    Yesterday 18:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Looks like we're getting a dub of IBO as well as a release of the Build Fighters series. So that's good news.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 22:12
    Dann of Thursday
    Update on that. Premiere is 10/24 at 10 am. And a clip as well that seems to be a more finished version of the RTX fight footage:

    New World of Remnant up too, though only for sponsors currently. Turning in now so I'll probably look at it tomorrow.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 21:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Heh, there's a sale on the RT store for RWBY with a one day only poster that's pretty nice.

    Here's a link if you're interested:

    The email also hinted we'll be getting more info on the time of release and perhaps another sneak peek.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 20:53
    Dann of Thursday
    It’ll depend on how much it is and where I’m at money wise, but I’d consider getting it. It’s definitely really jarring, sort of like how in those updated Star Wars releases you get these new sequences that use tons of CG that just looks off compared to everything else.

    Saw they released a new one at NYCC, though haven’t looked at it yet. It’s been getting some play on the TVs at GameStop lately for advertisement as well.

    Most likely though there are still some risks with digital like something disappearing, but hopefully that can be overcome eventually. I haven’t really bought any film or TV this year when I think about it. Just didn’t see the point I guess. I can only guess they get enough purchases of these prices where it seems justified to continue it or I’d have thought they’d have changed their tune. They do that with a lot of manga actually from what I’ve heard. I think that’s the channel. Or if it’s digital just make it disappear for some random reason so we don’t have access anymore.

    There were some names I recognized, but the only one I can recall offhand was Ami Koshimizu (Kallen) as Yang, which seemed a good choice.

    There’s a lot of older stuff like that I’ve never gotten around to seeing. Part of it is due to those being sports movies which weren’t really my thing, but it shouldn’t be hard to watch them now. Blackbeard I think and the transition is a curious question to see answered. I’d imagine something to do with the girl and him probably blaming Peter or something. Have a good time!

    Ah, that’s good. We’re due for a closer look at the family at this point. Seeing the team in action would definitely be cool to see, though it could also allow Ruby to catch on if Cinder uses similar moves to the ones from that night.

    Best of luck getting to all that!

    Oh, and there’s a new anime coming with Taniguchi as the Chief Director along with some other interesting staff on it including the music guy from Code Geass. Not much on it yet, but could be interesting.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 20:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, that’d be nice to see. Though I still wish we could ease up on open world a bit simply due to how much of a time sink they all are and there just isn’t that kind of time available anymore.

    It was mostly a fun little ride of all the things that were loved about the story before having to get to that ending, yes. Probably do more with it too after using Hawke as a learning experience.

    They’ve only released a few bits too, but hopefully we get more soon.

    No, wasn’t aware of that. That’s pretty neat, though I don’t know much about the story of that universe beyond what I read a number of years ago. Worth checking out in any case. A lot to work with in those universes as well. I wonder if it might be related to that new movie coming out or not, though I know they’ve done novels in that universe for some time. With any luck that one will turn out better and give a good set up for the future films. I feel the same apprehension, but whatever it turns out to be there’s not much to be done about it. If it is terrible then we always have the novels, whether they’re considered canon or not.

    I think its trip up at the start of the generation and its difficulty developing on was a large part of that, but at least everything seems to be on track now. The whole dual identity aspect does seem to lend him much more of a base personality for us to work with so hopefully that’ll be the case. I almost wonder if we were spoiled with the numbers in the last game, though P3 had a fair number as well. I’m sure we’ll get a fairly sizable crew by the end. They do tend to have each member of the party aside from the MC cover all the possible attack types.

    I have occasionally used it for things like that with games I could never fully complete or to see ones I can’t ever play due to reasons. Like that Panzer Dragoon series.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 19:58
    Dann of Thursday
    There were a number of times where you’d just get s lightly better version or a port announced before the next mainline entry. Sort of how there are so many versions of SFII. KH is about the only other I can recall being quite as ridiculous about it. That is a plus on their part in making sure there is some basic understanding about all that’s going on. There is an appeal of learning it all even if you’re not aiming to be the best for certain. That’s a good policy to go by. I did get a response today for a full time gig down in Austin that I’m currently going through the process of. It’s not in my field but better than nothing. Also applied for a full time position Rooster Teeth had up that was essentially perfect, though no clue if I have any chance whatsoever of that going anywhere but I can hope for something at least. Not exactly, though I’m on a repayment plan currently that’s generous enough that I still have some funding left. Didn’t think of that but I can probably find a way to insert that in the cover letter. Best of luck to you. That’s a good idea and one I’ve been applying as of late more and more.

    From the spoilers it’s still more of a setup but we definitely know more of what they’re up against and it certainly is going to get intense. Also a good look at just how durable a shifter is with how Reiner responded to those wounds. At least, I can’t recall off hand that being demonstrated quite like that before. Also looks like some new additions to the 3D gear. No clue where Bert is though. I also wonder if the Ape somehow can shift normal people because from all the steam it sort of looked like that with how they appeared all of a sudden.

    I felt like there wasn’t really too many times teamwork was really shown off that much with them honestly, though there are some notable instances. He goes up against Meijin at the end and is putting up a damn good fight before the particles disperse and they can’t continue. I’m in no real hurry on anything right now so waiting isn’t an issue. It was actually a weirder case where the manga author apparently wrote out the new scenario and even storyboarded parts of it, but they ended up not using most of it likely due to the fact the season didn’t have enough episodes to do it all. By the time I’m done the new series will probably be over too so there’s that waiting.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 18:37
    Dann of Thursday
    Not as of yet anyway, though with this reveal of an apparently surprising new curriculum the stakes will likely only raise higher. Unless it ends up being extremely reasonable, but the chances of that seen slim. The fact he doesn’t seem concerned at all about Erina and even seemed to expect it can’t be a good sign. I could definitely envision them confronting him in some capacity and I’d think Gin might do so due to his direct connection given his job. At the same time, I could see them going with some excuse like the new generation needing to handle it to overcome this challenge.

    Yes, her childhood certainly wasn’t all that pleasant to the point you can see how much better off she was even with how things were at the start. The interactions were certainly a lot of fun to see along with further demonstration on how she’s gotten better at dealing with people. I also liked seeing the PSD members wanting her to try their dishes for advice rather than her sort of breaking people with her judgements as seemed to be the case much of the time.

    That’s certainly a possibility of course, though we’ve yet to hear everyone’s reasons for going with his whole plan so perhaps that will shed some light once we know what he’s changed. He’d seem the prime candidate for that and we’ve already had him established as an opponent for some time now. I agree on that, but it perhaps highlight him as more of a foil to Soma’s (and perhaps Jo’s as well) kind of thinking.

    It may not be looking good for another season since apparently the sales of the DVD/BDs weren’t all that great which tends to be the deciding factor here. But maybe they’ll go ahead with it.

    Its success would be a point in its favor certainly. No, you’re right. She seems to be better for the older mentor or very experienced and while Winter is certainly older I’m not sure if she fits that even with how little we know of her. Haven’t had a chance to catch any of the movies myself either, though I’ve heard they’re okay. Gotcha.

    Yes, in that sense I think I’d probably agree.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-08 14:53
    Dann of Thursday
    I was about to actually. Had just realized I hadn't put the impressions in there. I'll take a look at your comments.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-07 22:20
    Dann of Thursday
    Hopefully something good happens either way. Ah, shows how much I keep track of things with that I guess. Yeah, that one has been going on for years now at this point. I think she might have seen it, but can’t recall offhand.

    As long as it makes money for them I’m sure they’ll go back to that well from time to time. Ah, gotcha. I did hear some grumblings about that ending and it was pretty crazy seeing the Unicorn pull all that off, but it didn’t bug me too much. Though I do wonder if they’ll stick to it or eventually succumb to just creating some final form that does most of the key functions, which seems to happen with most of the series lately. If they stick to it than that would be pretty cool to see.

    I thought it was a pretty solid first episode as well. I did think that it went through some of the basics of the all the different groups a little fast and I went over them again to make sure I understood the specifics, mainly in regards to the Inspectors and their role in this. All the lead characters seem likable or interesting enough and Mika isn't quite what I was expecting (in a good way). That piloting system is certainly interesting, if painful and having the potential in my eyes to perhaps overload the pilot, though that will depend on more info. Definitely looking forward to the next episode and getting to see more of the Barbatos in action.

    Not really feeling the opening honestly. Definitely some good hints on where we're going and what upgrades the whole group will be gaining.

    Yes, he is definitely good with some things.

    I'll try and get the rest or most of them up tomorrow if I can.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-07 22:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Or cases where they try to resurrect one with bad results like that Tony Hawk game, which apparently is terrible. Agreed, it has to be new or different or it’s just a waste at this point.

    Pretty creepy one too with the visuals and imagery. Midna was such a great companion. I think those two were the ones I played as well along with the original Smash Bros. Hopefully so. I always did hear the graphics those systems were capable of was one of the best aspects to them with Sonic showing that off particularly well. I tend to hear that from a number of people and always feel a little sad I never had that same experience, but what can you do? They do still publish a lot of stuff on 3DS, though no quite the same level as before.
    I’m also very curious to finally see footage of that game in the hands of players to see how it all goes. I’d heard it got greenlit for one, though I’m not sure it needed one.

    That certainly should be a lot of fun whenever we get around to it. I’d really like to see some gameplay, but just further clarification on what you do in the game would be great.

    They could potentially look to Type-0 for some inspiration since all the characters there had different playstyles and movesets, though hopefully a bit more deep in terms of mechanics. That could definitely be a lot of fun if they managed to get the mechanics down. Maybe something crazy like how Platinum does it, though that’s probably going a bit too far.

    Good policy and hopefully one comes sooner rather than later. Yeah, I saw the news on it. It’s certainly possible that’s the reason, though maybe they just had the ideas and worked on them concurrently. I had a new playthrough going for a good while, but sort of got stalled trying to create all the perfect children and then getting their parents with the right abilities. I need to get back to it someday.

    That’s true and since they’ve already revealed it, it would be a good one to show off.

    Well, maybe not. Some stuff might be changing soon and not necessarily for the better so I’ll probably be restricting even further than I had previously planned. Thank you for the advice.

    Oh, didn’t know about named characters so that’s interesting. That one is probably due for more info soon as well.

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