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  1. JMvS
    2008-09-29 14:30
    I feared for a moment that she would be the one who made C.C. paper crane, as she is the character who is the source for all paper cranes in CG, and that she would be the one driving the cart...

    But why the heck would she drive C.C. in a random countryside dressed as a man...

    So long live Lelouch!

    On a side note, Sayoko was very cruelly treated when she was emprisoned: they amputated her maid headband!
  2. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-29 14:26
    Especially considering its called Code Geas R2 =p

    Oh, well if your open to suggestion then may I recomend Tales of the Abyss.
  3. JMvS
    2008-09-29 14:15
    Let's hope together!

    But what happened to Sayoko???....
  4. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-29 14:12
    I guess that's true too. Though I wonder what lelouch's name will be if he became an immotal at the end it'd probably either be L.L or R.R

    What you aren't gonna watch Gundam 00 Season 2????
  5. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-29 14:06
    The thing is though even though C.C is her fake name it might not be initials. I mean V.V was his actual initials, his last name was Brittannia.

    Hey Krimzon what shows are you gonna watch in the coming season????
  6. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-29 13:58
    Cela Crane sounds nice but It doesn't really seem like its true.
  7. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-09-29 13:56
    lol sure if you say so.

    oh, i'd like to know C.C's name. TELL ME!!!!! >.<
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2008-09-29 13:50
    Hey guys, anyone want to know C.C's real name, apparently according to some poster on youtube who claimed it from a magazine source. Not reliable I admit, but it fits remarkably well so I'll take a gamble on the matter
  9. Narona
    2008-09-29 13:03
    I think that we got enough hints to write a good and solid theory about him being alive :O
  10. Sprite_Coke
    2008-09-29 12:47
    CG is my first Sunrise Mecha series so please don't reference Gundam.

    So I'll be completely honest with you, I think he's dead.
    Only one "evidence" bothers me though.
    Why did Jeremiah simile when Lelouch died?
    He's the utmost loyal person to Lelouch. If he knew the plan, then he wouldn't let it happen in the first place. But that contradicts to Suzaku and C.C. shedding tears, so it's getting me frustrated.

    Other than that, all those "evidences" like 'Lelouch got his Code from Charles' or 'it doesn't activate until he gets hurt' or 'the crane is symbolic of Lelouch's life' or 'C.C. was talking him', or"R2 = R.R.', yea, non of that's plausible. And you said it yourself, I'm a logical guy, so I wouldn't say they don't make sense without a reason.

    Anyways, yea, Jeremiah similing is bothering me a lot.

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