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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-24 23:28
    Dann of Thursday

    I haven't really looked into it honestly. It's only out on the Xbox One and PC currently anyway due to some temporary exclusive thing.

    I've got some hidden on mine as well, though progress done thus far on the Marcus file seems to be there. In the Inquisitor section, the one marked Hidden is the Specialization one which only has the Templar class open whereas everything else remains hidden.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-24 23:22
    Dann of Thursday
    No problem, best of luck on the hunt. Still looking myself for something else. Anything at this point really that can pay more. Family's also planning on doing a garage sale so I'm debating what to get rid of. Considering selling or donating a lot of my paperbacks and slowly getting ebook copies of them just to save space.

    It'll probably depend on how the games looks to be shaping up when they start showing it off I imagine. There's a major plot choice in the first half that determines where things go for the rest of the game as well as what characters are recruited and some ship schematics you can obtain. Ah, okay I can definitely understand that. Hopefully, that ends up being as good as we hope. Yes, they're a pretty good length all things considered and the first episode at least seemed to be paced pretty well, though with a few odd bits. The comedy bits caught me off guard honestly. The CG seems better too, though still odd at some points. It's mainly just so much going on and so many different things to do that I can't seem to focus on just the one and in some cases, like with games, experience a bit of a burn-out. Yes, they've already gone into a lot of detail on that front with all the scheming. Bit of a shame if that's the case.

    Hopefully if it does well enough they might consider adapting the rest with this as the prequel or something. They've got a wealth of material to pull from that could keep them going for quite a while and they could still mix in other non-U.C. series.

    It was definitely nice to see him struggling given how different this was compared to Yukihara and what he's used too, though he seems to grasp how he needs to improve as usual. No doubt he'll eventually manage it and I'm glad they don't seem to be stretching this out too much with the pacing going well so far. Certainly looks alright thus far.

    Perhaps not on the DMC side of things with the new trailer that came out for DMC4SE. I wasn't expecting playable Trish and Lady, but it's a pleasant surprise. Vergil looks great of course and the blurb on him seems to indicate that his story takes place in the past before DMC3. Still a shame that they didn't construct any new levels for the characters, but perhaps that would have been a bit much no matter how welcome it would have been. Curious what other improvements have been made as well. Also nice to see it coming to the PC relatively quickly so everyone can get get it, though the fact that the US release is apparently digital only unlike in Japan is a fair bit irritating. Also of note is that it releases on what I believe is the last day of E3, which some have taken to be a possible sign of us getting an announcement of DMC5. Not sure how much I buy that, but there were similar circumstances with DMC3SE's release and DMC4's announcement.

    Yeah, there seems to have been a lot of changes between seasons in several respects unfortunately. Might be a while since, but I'll get to it someday hopefully. Haven't started Type-0 yet, but I'm pretty sure I've pretty much done everything in the XV demo aside from getting to level 99. The battle system is definitely interesting, though not without some needs for improvement. The fact we're missing several systems like whatever you gain in abilities from leveling up, magic, and the command system for the party could change things quite a bit. The camera and lock-on are probably among my biggest concerns at the moment. There are a number of visual hiccups as well, but given this is a demo I'm not that concerned about it right now. Kind of mixed on the English voice cast and the localization is causing some worries in some respects like the changes it makes to Ignis compared to the Japanese version. I hope to perhaps at least start it this week, though I may hold off a bit longer. Hadn't heard about it and it definitely seems like something of a loose sequel since I don't see any listing of the human cast from Prime.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-24 18:01
    Dann of Thursday
    You don't get anything going Cullen's route, but the rewards for Josephine are largely useless as well so it doesn't really matter. Both seem to benefit though Josephine seems more focused on helping us specifically whereas Cullen's has him doing what he was doing before, but on a larger scale.

    Oh, and the Keep has the Inquisition section unlocked if you're interested. Haven't taken a look yet myself.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-23 23:13
    Dann of Thursday
    I'll try to have a reply up tomorrow, but in the meantime what do you want me to do in Inquisition with Fairbanks and the mission Noble Deeds, Noble Heart?
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-15 21:35
    Dann of Thursday
    True, but there's always that fear that they'll somehow taint the brand if it's terrible even if you'd still have the original games. Apparently it's rather rare these days. It was pretty good though with some flaws, though I suppose that's the case a lot of the time. Yes, making it work would definitely be a challenge. Could have been cut down a bit in length for a tighter movie? I sometimes feel that's the case with a lot of movies these days for some reason. You hardly see anything that's not close to or above 2 hours. I'll have to see if I can find some time this week to get a few episodes in if I can. I've realized lately that I haven't truly finished a series in a while. I'm sure they'll have more of those given how they've focused things. Is the intention known for sure that it'll focus entirely on Char and Sayla with Amuro and company perhaps only coming in on a minor scale purely from Sayla's perspective and Char's when he's fighting them?

    True, I guess it wouldn't make sense to announce things that early since we're only on the first episode. Unless by some miracle they've managed to increase the speed at which they make these. I thought I saw something about a list of Gundam related material that fans wanted to see adapted into anime recently or something. It'd be nice if they announced some series like that. Maybe have one in the more traditional kind of series and another one that's more focused like 8th MS Team if that makes any sense. That could satisfy everyone then by giving them a bit of everything of the universe.

    Well, it seems that'll be the focus of this which is nice. It was really great to see him running things and hearing all those ways he's changed. I liked his reactions to Soma's aspirations as well.

    Oh, me too, but I'll take them doing something like this just fine if it's used well. I really hope so as while I'll probably enjoy seeing them work out the rules to the ability I really do want to get to that basement already. Well, I guess I can deal with that though I can probably find recent chapters on online readers if need be or just look at raws and scripts. That'd probably be a good idea if they plan to expand more since I believe the other major publisher would be Viz who have expanded a bit lately I believe. I recall reading something like that too and am rather glad for it if that is the case. I'm not too fond of when a series with mysteries writes everything by the seat of its pants. He seemed to have some idea how they worked already so his side of things could answer a lot of the internal stuff while still leaving things like the other Shifters and the Beast Titan to be mysteries. Yes, definitely getting a bit too far ahead of myself there. True. Hopefully they perhaps explain how that works if there's any rules to it. If he didn't then the only other explanation I can think of is that he panicked, but that doesn't really make sense based on what we know even if it is little.

    I actually had to doublecheck that I wasn't thinking of Metal Gear when I was thinking of the original. They did another tease at the end of the most recent trailer for DmC: DE and I saw some posts by a guy with Capcom that they'll start revealing more now that DmC is released, so that's something to look forward to. I really want to see what they've done with Vergil in terms of gameplay and what they may have improved from how he was in DMC3SE. I'm sure they could come up with some explanation for him being alive, which I say because I kind of want that to be the case and maybe see a Vergil vs. Nero fight. And the problem with Dante is that his entire part of the game is essentially a backwards version of Nero's and he doesn't even get to fight Credo (I get why in terms of story) who was probably one of the best bosses in the game. I suppose I'm hoping for something more since the time spent on this comes across as much more than what was done for DMC3SE, though that could be due to other reasons I guess. I've heard the next season is going to be rather different and apparently isn't going to follow up on the cliffhanger from the end of season two. Early impressions are positive, which is a good sign at least I suppose. It does look fantastic and I love the soundtrack for it as well. That's another one I'll have to get around to eventually, though it'll probably be a while with everything else.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-11 17:14
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry on the delay.

    Oh, okay. Hopefully that'll turn out well, though there's always that stigma of not being the original makers in cases like these. Yeah, I've seen a few that I felt got somewhat close to what I'm thinking of like Infinite Space on the DS, but even then it isn't quite as deep as I'd like. It's an odd idea I'm trying to work out still mostly. I saw some trailers of it, but nothing really beyond that. I could have sworn I saw Harlock on TV once though. It was definitely a cool idea, but you're right in it not really fitting. I'm really liking it, though I stopped about halfway due to getting distracted by other things. I mean to get back to it soon. It's definitely an area they dropped the ball in. Oh, I remember reading a bit about that story. There is that I suppose and I'd forgotten about that whole storyline. They should have just picked the one and stuck with it. There's plenty of characters who it'd be nice to see, but aren't required for this sort of thing with Sayla being one who wasn't on that list. I think those were just meant to be random fanservice or something. I didn't know about that one either until I saw a mention of it somewhere.

    Maybe they could focus on that then put the rest as a sort of sequel series or something? Longshot, but it'd certainly be a nice thing to see even if it would probably take a while.

    Me too. I'm thinking this could lead to perhaps him deciding or at least figuring out what sort of path he wants to forge for himself away from his father's.

    Well, we do need to stretch this out for drama, don't we? It's fine to pull that sort of thing every so often so long as it doesn't become a habit of the author. It definitely does present a good opportunity for a test and work out more of the development with Historia. I'm curious to see how much Eren's ability to harden is different from Annie's. I just really hope we finally make some progress getting to that damn basement. Didn't realize crunchyroll did manga as well actually so I'll have to keep that in mind. I take some solace in that the author hopefully has the answers all planned out rather than making it up as things go along. That'd make sense. You think Grisha's basement might have a detailed journal or something explaining how all these work perhaps? I'm not wondering if we might see some conflict arise if they can get their hands on more of the serum as some might want to use it to create an army of Shifters or something like that. That's the best explanation I can think of, though I did think about if the age of the shifter perhaps had some influence on the appearance. It's certainly a possibility though I would laugh if Eren really is just completely normal otherwise rather than being special like Mikasa. I'd definitely like to think Grisha had some form of a plan after eating Frieda and giving the ability to Eren. Hopefully we'll get back into that plotline soon since it would seem like a good opportunity if we don't see them try to close up the walls.

    I've never been much for shooters myself aside from a couple exceptions so it doesn't hold any interest to me either. It does look interesting, though I did like the original concept Patriots as well. Haha, I understand. I decided to play it after getting it for free with PS Plus a while back and it was okay on the combat front if still inferior to regular DMC and the story was really bad. Everything I've heard about the new one paints the mods and changes as bringing the combat much closer to what a DMC game should be. It still has the crappy story though. I'm really looking forward to DMC4SE and am secretly hoping they add quite a lot. It's a longshot but I'd love if they were able to give Dante a unique campaign of his own along with one for Vergil. Apparently Southworth said he worked on a project he can't talk about yet, which could definitely be it. I'm not sure if it'll be all that different from the Souls games on that front, though some recent impressions I saw do paint it as being different in some respects. Reviews hit next week which should at least let us hear some impressions to see how much the case that is. Yeah, though I think it does have some online aspects to it as well unless I read wrong.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-09 00:04
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, they added to things with the remaster? It's nice to see when you see something substantial added with remasters that really make it worth replaying, though they'd already done a great job with the graphics alone looking at video of it. Will do. Yeah, there have been a few that have flirted with the concept and I think that game FTL also has a bit of this, but it'd be really neat to see something that tackled it full on along with focusing on all the various people in the ship. I've never actually seen any of the Harlock anime myself. I'm actually surprised they haven't done another anime series (last one was back in '02), though there was that live action film. Especially since I was under the impression it had a sort of link to Yamato since Kodai's brother was going to become Harlock back before that all got changed. Such a strange waste of a character. I wonder if they simply forgot about her or didn't know what to do with her. I don't think she's even mentioned in it, not even by Char. I actually sort of like that relationship since I seem to recall a bit of a tease between the two of them, though if they had I would have hoped she didn't meet the same fate as his random love interest in that movie.

    Come to think of it, was there a sequel to The Origin made that covered Zeta and beyond? Because that could actually be pretty interesting if they sort of rewrote some of that.

    I think we'll definitely keep following Megumi and it'd make sense to look at the other finalists to see how they're progressing. That could definitely lead to some funny scenes. I really hope we get to see that honestly and they don't just cut to them together again.

    Didn't realize it had. I actually thought for a moment that they did the whole battle with Reiss offscreen, which would have been a tad irritating. Shame they lost all the other bottles, though I guess that solves the issue of it becoming a cheat for them going forward. And the uses with this one alone can go a long way if Eren can gain some control over it. Their discussion of everything actually got me to understand things better than in the last few chapters. Maybe it flew over my head or I was reading a bad translation, I'm not sure. One of the questions I guess is what the First King's motives behind this were exactly. I am also somewhat curious as to whether Reiss' appearance was due growing in that tight space or due to other factors. I also have to agree with Historia's theory regarding what Eren's father was trying to accomplish and that diverging might be a better shot. Besides, they could always use Historia if they find more of that serum. But yes, mysteries upon mysteries.

    Battlefield and Bloodborne are the only other things that come to mind. A DmC remaster with some nice additions comes out next week as well and there's a digital title called Axion Verge that's a homage to Metroid that looks promising. Of the first two, Bloodborne has my interest, though I've never played any of the Souls games. The art direction is very nice though and I love a lot of the enemy designs.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-08 13:35
    Dann of Thursday
    It's definitely a fun concept as well to control your own armada of ships. I've added it to my wishlist so I'll likely check it out some time when I've hopefully gotten through more of the other games I want to get to first. I'd like it too if there was a game that had you running the inside of the ship to in various ways from upgrading various aspects from weapons to kitchens and also dealing with battles. I think you could do an interesting game out of something devoted to that, perhaps in the vein of anime like Irresponsible Captain Tylor or Battleship Yamato. I let you know when I get through the whole thing. While I haven't seen much of the series featuring the cast of the original series, it struck me as very bizarre that she seems to just disappear from the stories, especially with Char's Counterattack.

    It's really the best choice in a lot of ways for him to have ended up under him for this next step. Certainly has taken this arc in some interesting directions.

    Indeed it has. And soon we'll have a new Final Fantasy and the XV demo. I sort of wish March wasn't packed with so many varying releases.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-08 08:42
    Dann of Thursday
    I've listened to it talked about on some recent podcasts and it sounds like it was ahead of its time in some respects. I've watched a bit of it, but haven't gone through the whole thing quite yet.

    He probably doesn't think that much and will just push him even harder.

    No, I think they might just be ramping things up since it's only a few more days till it comes out.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-03-06 21:32
    Dann of Thursday
    More or less. I'd heard about it, but have no familiarity with the series myself. Looks interesting though. Yes, wasn't exactly expecting there to be stages to this, but going by earlier events I suppose that makes sense. Nice to see Megumi and Erina becoming friendlier as well as the development for Hisako and Soma. Next stage should be quite fun as well. I also really want to see Erina's reaction to knowing it was Soma who got Hisako to return to her and with the manga to boot.

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