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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-11 12:05
    Dann of Thursday
    DA2 is shaping up well in my opinion and I like what I see in the gameplay videos and small walkthroughs. I like that they’ve made a point on keeping the tactical set-up in despite the faster paced combat. I rather like the wheel system as well and the voiced characters, though I can understand the views of some who aren’t as happy about those factors. I’m planning on getting it, yes. That should tie me over for games along with a couple others until all the really big titles start coming out as we near the end of the year. A few summer ones are shaping up well.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-11 12:04
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, we don’t quite know that though his demeanor I think makes that the most likely possibility.

    Best case to me would be a playable demo, new trailers, and a release date. Indeed and in general it seemed to me that a lot of people were much more curious about this game then. That was very strange when I read about it. What is it even supposed to mean? That sounds like the title of a Resident Evil game or something.

    Which sounds like a pretty nice direction to take so as to keep the series evolving, so hopefully Nomura delivers on it. Well, he is the main character so that seems like it should be a given. You don’t want to have a main character who you don’t give a damn about. Yeah, when done right it is fine, but I sometimes think that they are too prevalent and I certainly wish more of them had better stories and didn’t rely so heavily on multiplayer. True, that always did feel rather strange. I did like the story and its villains, especially how in some ways they were in the right with stopping that whole cycle of control.

    It actually seems like we’ve seen changes in character from the way he seems to be early on with being overconfident in his own skills, to being concentrated on revenge, with the final perhaps being what we saw in the early trailer with him taking down whole platoons like they are nothing. I also wonder if there is anything to the fact that none of his friends are around in those trailers, though it may simply be that they wanted to concentrate on the main character. Are they supposed to be childhood friends or something because I remember reading that they don’t really want to fight one another, but are being forced to due to circumstances? I’ve also seen some interesting comments which mention that the Goddess seems similar in some ways to one of the mysterious final bosses from a past game, 9 I think.

    Adding a bit of unpredictability does help from getting things stale and it sounded like the system actually did have a logic and strategy to it, which certainly helped I think. It sort of seemed like they were trying to seed a future return to 7’s universe with some of this, what with a few of these new characters being in that game with Vincent. Did they now? I’d heard mixed to good things about the first one and haven’t really seen much for the other. It is nice to have that variance with gameplay and such, though the mechanic of losing Noctis seems like something they are carrying over from those games. Yeah, what would be even better is if Noctis keeps getting more powerful as you till you can actually pull off some of the stuff seen in the trailers since from the looks of the gameplay shown you can only really wield one at a time and not have that crazy sword barrier around you. All I know is that it would be really crushing if the game didn’t turn out as well as we are hoping, though I suppose that’s always a risk.

    And funnily enough, I found a listing of the other characters’ VAs. Gladiolus is played by Hiroki Yasumoto and Prompto is played by Tetsuya Kakihara. I knew I’d heard someone I knew in there but I couldn’t place it till now, but it’s good to see Kakihara getting more work as well. Of course, we probably won’t actually hear any of these people when the game comes here and I do hope they get a good dub cast.

    Just have to wait and see I suppose. From what little I know of the event, it sounds like something that would make a further demonstration of the horrors of war and such. Are any of the main characters involved in the battle? Well, ME2 for PS3, aside from the comic choices, essentially acts through the default story which is largely a Renagade version with all those people dead. Still, some have pointed out that they could have had these people appear based on how you approached the comic or something. They do overall, though Tali’s doesn’t look that different. Shadow Broker was the first, right? I’d heard that we’d be seeing something soon and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store as well despite not having finished the game yet. Haven’t gotten to that part really. Miranda’s interesting, but I rather like Tali as well. Probably do both through multiple playthroughs. Yeah, we’re due for an upgrade as well on ours, though no telling when we’ll get to it. Yeah, they are always a fun experience at the very least. No problem.

    If Geass has any role in Akito, I’d expect C.C. to show up, though it’d be kind of odd for them to have her handing it out again. He’s already got some good roles under his belt so I think he’ll probably have a good career. Being the main in a Gundam series is always a big break I’d say and even more so if it’s a popular one, which Unicorn seems to be. It’s based on a manga?
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-08 17:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Damn, getting a bit long on my end. Sorry about that.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-08 17:41
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, maybe we’ll get something at E3 though I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything better than a season and year. At least we’re pretty much assured to actually get the game, though I agree that I’d rather not have to wait a whole year or anything like that for it.

    Well, that’s certainly a different approach than the stories of past games, at least as far as I know. Wonder if that means the game is a tragedy as a whole, which would be a first for the series I believe. I think I read that the blonde is the playful kind who seems to get along with everyone. I’m liking that as well and think it provides nice alternatives for players. I’m sort of wondering if perhaps they put that in to possibly attract the FPS crowd though. Yeah, it always felt sort of weird just standing there for a bit waiting for the characters to attack again. Not any weirder than Turn Based I suppose.

    I’m really loving the CG scenes though like that scene near the end of the trailer with the White Robe and Noctis’ father. The detail on the facial expressions and the little movements with the eyes and such are fantastic. I’m like what I’ve read and seen of Noctis and his friends and am rather glad at Nomura’s assurance that Noctis won’t be all mopey.

    I watched some videos. It looked a bit slow, but that whole slot machine thing looked and sounded like an interesting mechanic. When I read about it, the whole thing seemed like it’d be irritating, but I thought it worked well in the videos I saw. It seemed a bit confusing from what I can remember reading about it and there were quite a few guys with wings. The graphics did look quite nice and it seemed that SE was one of the few companies that really were able to get the best performance out of the PSP. Indeed, it does seem to be shaping up as well and I noticed in the video that there was some quick changing between members of the party, which seems like it might be a feature of combat. Or it could have been a simple demonstration that you can do that. I do hope Noctis is very versatile and grows his abilities, though that’s to be expected of an RPG.

    Is there any real reason to cut it out though? It seems to be a pretty big moment and I’d think that they’d want to animate that sort of thing. Uh, I believe it fixes the save glitch that can erase all your saves, better load times, and a few small things. There’s some other glitches like audio problems, freezing in walls, bad textures for some of the DLC especially, and something with NG+ where it doesn’t transfer all the bonuses. I’ve really only experienced the audio problems myself, but it seems to vary with people. True, I really should see about getting a bigger and better computer at some point. Sort of the same with anime and manga. Stuff I’m interested in for sure, but just not enough time. Yeah, I’m rather looking forward to it as well. I’ve heard the story is nothing fantastic, but that isn’t exactly a surprise I suppose. The gameplay though looks fun and I’ve heard good things about the system for this one. Well, good luck with that.

    Yeah, I haven’t heard much of either for a while. Not anything big anyway aside from Unicorn for Kouki. It looks nice and all with the environment, though it seems it’s been slow to start. New episode of Break Blade apparently came out not too long ago, though no chance to watch just yet.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-07 20:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Always the chance they'd try to release it over here in conjunction with the Japanese release or soon after. I get the feeling this title will be a big one.

    I'm sure there will be some mainstays. I just hope it doesn't get too incoherent or anything. I agree, it's nice that they have all these positions and backstory for us to go off of.

    Yes, that little comment is a curious one though there is always a chance it isn't what we think it means. The way I've understood it, all the games have the same underlying mythology to it with the terms, though with different phrasings based on the timeline. Perhaps different meanings as well. Hopefully there is a enough variety to it as well as enough challenge. Most of all I hope it's fun. Was 12's considered real-time? Seemed like a weird hybrid between turn based and real-time, though it's been a while.

    How was Crisis Core's gameplay? I don't really know much about it other than it providing more info on FF7 and confusing it at the same time. I do hope they flesh out the other party members enough though. I really like how each may have their own unique style.

    Nothing really on Gundam that I've heard, though hopefully we do get Port Dakar since that one image looked like it'd make a cool battle to see animated. Waiting on a patch for a bunch of issues with ME2 right now. Fallen behind on pretty much all manga at the moment. Most anime too aside from 2 shows. Bandai-Namco amazingly have decided to port a Tales game over here so there may be hope for them yet. Mainly school stuff and other complications otherwise. Sort of stressed since I'm starting to apply for internships for the summer.

    Nice to see they're getting work. Yukana's also voicing a character in Star Driver as well so it's good to know she's in more shows. Gosick's on my list as well, though I'm not sure about Fractale just yet.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-06 09:41
    Dann of Thursday
    I'd definitely like a release date most of all, though getting more of the cast is always good. Probably not till sometime in 2012 though.

    Well, the real world with fantasy attachments, which really is an interesting combination that you don't see done too much. Not like this at least. I agree on Ignis' position being an interesting one. Bits I found interesting is how the blond member of the group is apparently new while the other two are childhood friends, which sounds like it could be a plot point.

    The white robed figures make me curious as well. Perhaps a father-son team taking on Noctis and his father? The whole united mythology thing with XIII is also something I'm interested in, such as how it may differ or be similar. Battle system is sounding very nice as well and I'm looking forward to any new footage that may come out.

    No problem. And yeah, that would probably be a good idea.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-06 00:45
    He sounds solid fairly solid overall in any event. Now we just need to know whose going to be playing Stella. Though honestly I'd just really like a release date already...

    That and its supposed to be a 'realistic' depiction of the modern world this time, so it carries all the right weight and sarcasm in it. Anything you found interesting in particular from the interview Dann? I was particularly intrigued by how Ignis is supposed to function as Noctis' strategist/advisor, it fits well with his disposition (that and Miyano gets to play a smart character again )

    Also, sorry I haven't responded lately Dann, I've been caught up this week now that schools started, and I'm writing my first blog entry for We Remember Love. I think we should try to keep these conversations down to short phrases and or a paragraph from now on. That way we can talk more often to make up the difference. Also should probably stick to one topic at a time probably.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-06 00:19
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, this could be a big thing for him so let's hope for both his and the game's success.

    I like that line as well. I'm guessing it's something Noctis says or believes as that would rather fit his character to a degree I think.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2011-02-05 21:11
    Ah, thanks very much Dann. Hmm, he looks seasoned though the fact that this seems to be one of his few roles as the main character leaves room for development. Also, interesting news article, the interview helped fill in quite a few gaps and leaves me excited now, I especially liked the little blurb in that poster at the end, its so true, with the right amount of sting to it
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2011-02-02 03:16
    Dann of Thursday

    His credits have him listed as the voice for Noctis in Versus. Could always be a mistake, but maybe not. I don't believe I've actually heard any of these shows he's been in though.

    Also, here's a summary of a recent interview with Nomura on the game if you haven't seen it yet:

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