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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-20 10:03
    Dann of Thursday
    Thanks. Haven’t had a chance to look yet, but I’ll get to it eventually.

    Alright, wasn’t sure if that was the case for it or not. I suppose I’m just wondering now when they become direct adversaries, though I suppose it would likely come once there’s a falling out of some kind perhaps by the end of this season. It’s a pretty good way to establish the dynamic between the two as well with each being able to see through and compete with the other.

    True, though I’m not sure that’s the case with Fareed so no clue how that works. Seems to be something more akin to a rivalry from the looks of things and she’s already been humiliated. True, though it’s hard to sympathize with a guy who really wants to murder a bunch of children even if he has some right to want vengeance. He ended up doing so, though not directly against Gaelio. I wonder if I should think of his suit as something akin to the Tallgeese. Hmm, that would make sense for what it could represent, which makes me wonder if we’ll start seeing them catch up then. Though I suppose it’s not like Tekkadan could really survive if they had a full force going after them. I imagine it’ll go horribly wrong at some point, though they get points for trying. That’s part of it, though the show just seems to do better when it focuses on the characters and doesn’t indulge too much in contrivances like that whole thing the brother. I could see it lasting till somewhere near the end of the season, but that could go in lots of directions.

    Perhaps, though there need to be some losses or else these new people just look like chumps. They may have won a lot of matches offscreen, but that’s not really as effective as seeing them defeat a named character we care about to some degree. I think Ryo could win this, but someone is going to lose in some fashion.

    I figure he’ll stop him somehow since not doing so would be an incredibly unsatisfying way to end things.

    Yeah, I’m not really sure what’s up with that honestly. True, but that earthquake right before she found Aruru makes me think that it was caused by him waking up and then he stumbled upon them. I found it weird we never got a flashback where Dii stumbled upon it, though no clue if that was in the game either. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of those cases where they straight up ignore that ending and just act like he’s still asleep since with sequels it feels like they tend to ignore what feels like the Golden Ending. It’s weird though because from what I’ve read the game is a lot slower than the first and has a lot of slice of life stuff which later gives way to more serious matters. I also don’t get why they outright altered or omitted how certain characters act either. Well, this season seems like it started a month after the game came out so I’d imagine we’ll see something similar with the third game with it probably being in the fall again. I just hope they do a better job of it. I’ve seen most echoing my feelings on how they handled this season. That wouldn’t be an issue as, similar to Fate/Stay Night, they released a PS2 version of the first game that didn’t have the explicit scenes in it. They wouldn’t necessarily need to bother with the first game either as they released another Aquaplus game, Tear to Tiara II, without any of the previous games being released here. But yeah, probably a longshot.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-17 22:40
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies on delays with this. Trying to get as much done in advance as I can so it may be a bit longer before I can get the rest. Hopefully within the next few days.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-15 23:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Sure I can. Even in Awakening there wasnít just one option that was best for each child, there were several and it just depended on what you wanted to do. The only character I can think of who really has to deal with tons of options is the Avatar and that oneís set for the most part unless I decide to try a different one. The two regular versions just deal with those on their own side. Revelations opens things up quite a bit more, but Iíll deal with that when I come to it. If they just got rid of the silly children option this wouldnít be an issue at all really. And itís not like the writing of the relationships is especially good either and the romance half the time seems to come out of nowhere with some exceptions. Another thing to consider is that the leveling system is quite different compared to Awakening where class level reset to one anytime you changed, which isnít the case here. So thatís another factor to consider with all this. And a point I saw was that the best parent for a child isn't necessarily the best use of that parent. The topics I used to figure things out weren't complete until the game was well established either so I guess I'll just look at some general advice and wing it. Finished Awakening too, so thatís all done with. I do somewhat wonder just how much time Fates will end up taking given each path is its own full game.

    Edit: Slight update regarding Fates plans. I decided to only pair with Azura during the Revelation playthrough and already sort of know how I'll build the Avatar to benefit that. Figured I'd take advantage of each side to see other pairings, though now I'm not sure who to go with on the others. I have it narrowed down a bit for the others, but not sure what to go with given all the options.

    Not sure how many more weíll see on either platform at this point.

    About the same, though I did talk to someone who said itís really not as hard as it might seem once you get into it. Of course thereís always the issue that whatever you have will likely be obsolete shortly thereafter unless you go top of the line or something, but I guess thatís generally if youíre the type to go for max settings on everything.

    I wonder about that one since theyíve expressed an opinion of not really being for that whole scene due to believing the tech wasnít there yet. Iíve heard itís one of the really interesting ones so I donít see the issue. Yes, I looked some up for reference so thatís another in the wings to get to at some point. I think itís a cult hit, but donít know how much that factors into sales and such. I could have sworn I heard rumblings about it possibly being up for getting ported to the Xbox One with that BC feature, though the multiple discs thing was a challenge for it. Most likely, though Splatoon being such a big hit should hopefully encourage them to come up with some more new things.

    Black Materia maybe? I suppose that is something for it. Iíve heard the localization for FFVIII wasnít that great either so for all I know the actual story is better. Iím sort of surprised they didnít do it earlier since they did with IV and I thought that went well. Thatís good, I must have missed that announcement. Itís not like weíll know anytime soon if theyíll bother doing anything with it or not. Agreed.

    Still cautious, but it certainly seemed an improvement over Duscae. The weapon select for one is definitely nice to have there. I guess, though Iíve always been kind of leery of games inserting all these different gameplay elements when they donít need to be there. If it all plays well then fine, but hopefully it isnít aggravating. I also have to hope that the main gameplay is fun and able to sustain that through the entire game. Yeah, I canít say that Iíd care too much no matter where they put it. Though I wouldnít mind getting it earlier, provided itís fully completed. Itís possible and made me think of those scenes we saw of young Noctis in that forest with his dad, which some have said is the same area in the one picture we have. Ah, he was now that you mention it. Have we gotten a name on her yet? I canít recall if they did yet.

    The only real element of randomness with Fates is that when you level up, you are subject to RNG with what stats go up, which can screw you over quite easily. Oh there are, I just really liked those guides given how they were very portable and quite useful. Yeah, I get that feeling oftentimes as well every so often.

    Apparently theyíre doing a public beta starting tomorrow I think after how well the last one did, so perhaps more videos will show up. Itís definitely something that could make for a good change of pace. It seems there is a story, but you have to dig deep to get a lot of the lore and details for it all.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-10 20:28
    Dann of Thursday
    I wonder if weíll see a temporary split up as everyone goes different directions to take care of things. Itíd be a good time to introduce us to her dad as well. Maybe he can make a new arm for Yang. Well, looks like we donít need to worry about it now, though that also felt a tad anticlimactic. Iím now thinking Cinderís backer is the mysterious lady we heard giving that narration at the start of the show and the original WoR segments. Velvetís weapon was cool though I have to wonder about its limitations since that seems almost too strong. Nice to see Weiss manage a partial summoning as well and the manga also featured some very interesting info regarding that Knight that has implications. Thatís a good point, which makes me further wonder about what the point of that scene was. They could have just shown us that picture if they wanted to do the reveal rather than this scene we got.

    Yes, and while they may, he was noted by Monty as being the only character whose name does not follow this rule as everyone else can have their name be linked to color in some fashion, even the more obscure ones like Glynda (Monty only said it was, ďFor reasonsÖĒ). Ozpinís name also seems to be derived from the initials of the Wizard of Oz from the original books. Weíll probably know next week what he can do, though hopefully he doesnít get killed. I suppose so. And yikes, Adamís got a real abusive, obsessed ex thing going on with how he treats Blake. Makes me look forward to eventually seeing him crushed, though that ability of his is quite deadly.

    Or she disappeared in the scuffle and they arenít sure where she is at the moment. True, unless some other force shows up, though that seems like it would be a bit of an abrupt turn like if they suddenly introduced aliens or something. Probably, but weíre still a ways off from answers from the looks of things. Yeah, that could definitely be bad, though if itís just her then I think that Eren and the others stand a fair chance. I did find it funny how when asked, Bertholdt straight up said thereís nothing wrong with them really, itís just that they have to die. Which sounds crazy, but at least they addressed that point. I suppose itís just sort of reflected in his resolve. Yes, thatís an issue for certain, though they can probably figure out heís a shifter and try to be cautious. Thatís a decent possibility and a dangerous one since Iím not sure I trust that sort of power with many within the walls.

    Theyíd probably have to come up with some new race to fight to continue things on, though I guess power plays between them all would work too. Yeah, Iíve only seen some cutscenes and it seems pretty weird, though I know Nier is meant to take place after one of the endings of Drakengard with that being more of a minor detail. I got most of it at least and it seems to get recognition as the best of Yoko Taroís work thus far. Yeah, thatís a nice thing with pretty much everything on the 3DS.

    Probably heading us more towards Infinity War since thatís the big thing weíre heading to as well as the next project by the Russo Brothers. They seem to be keeping a tight lid on his appearance so itís hard to say. Didnít it show up in Age of Ultron with Hulk wrecking it up? I could have sworn that was Wakanda and one of the reasons BP involved himself or it might have just been the use of Vibranium. Theyíve also got Ragnarok to deal with so that could cause some issues.

    Iíd imagine just like how weíll likely see Rey become stronger, weíll see the same sort of arc happen with Kylo or at least I hope thatís the case. Iíve not heard of any clause stating they couldnít use those characters. And they could make a distillation of the character that doesnít necessarily follow the books to the letter. They havenít but that doesnít stop them from just creating their own stories taking place far back in that time. Relating to Hannibal, it seems showrunner Bryan Fuller is heading up that new Star Trek series CBS is making. Heís stated to be returning for the next film so perhaps weíll see him get a larger role there.

    You mean currently? Funimation does last I checked, though theyíve done nothing with them and Iíve noticed that a number of their licenses have started to expire. They also havenít done anything with Code Geass despite holding those rights as well. Did you find a place that streams it? I canít recall ever finding it. Well, thereís no way they would have been able to show that whole series given where it goes. Hopefully so.

    I sort of wish there were more battles featuring pizza. Thereís one early on, but thatís the only one Iíve seen. Thatís good, though hopefully it warms up some. Thanks, Iíll take a look at it.

    Thank you Yeah, weíre planning everything out right now. Biggest concern is finding an apartment, but weíve been looking at lot and the company put me in touch with someone who can show us some when I get down there.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-09 18:19
    Dann of Thursday
    Was that its central feature that the others didn’t possess? I couldn’t recall if it was mentioned as being a unique feature. For the most part yes, though a number of interesting things happened such as the developments with Fareed. I do quite like that Mika saw through it so quickly.

    Yeah, that seems to be the case and I guess Char’s mask hid his eyes in the same way, though we didn’t actually see slots open on it. He did and also acknowledges his own mistakes that led to them losing, which means he’ll likely be even tougher next time. Still don’t quite know where they’re going with Ein’s whole story. Saw the specs on it and it definitely has an interesting history to it that makes it come across as something like a counterpart to the Gundams. The name of the suit and frame seems to indicate it’s one of eight models made. I do find it funny that the most powerful mechs in this series are all super ancient. It does seem like a bit of a waste, but oh well. I wonder really. A problem both Kudelia and Tekkadan have to deal with is that they’re very much dependent on others and thus prone to manipulation by the various factions at play. Getting out of that is going to be a challenge for certain. Perhaps, but that’s not an excuse or at least it shouldn’t be. Why can’t we get both is all I’m wondering. That and they were sort of just generic and lacked the individuality that the different factions had in season one. I am getting a better feel for them with all the background politics going on along with Fareed’s shadow movement in the background.

    It’s the right approach to take in all this and quite appropriate for his character. I suppose it also works as another distinction between him and Azami as the latter seems to have let an obsession with what happened in the past define who he is now. That’s a good point and then we have all these new characters as well.

    Hard to say since it could go all tragic. Seeing the killer stopped though is something to hope for and then perhaps the lead getting on with his life. I’d be curious if the plot would have him get another shot going that far back again, but I suppose that could cheapen the events we’re seeing here in this new timeline. I guess I’m not as affected since I haven’t watched any of the show yet myself.

    I’m not entirely sure that’s the case with the original game as from what I can tell there really isn’t that much in the way of multiple paths. It seems like you just do all those romances in the game and he’s got like a harem, which is kind of weird. I’m just a bit unclear on what apparently caused them to wake sooner than intended. And were they really reunited at the end there given that the darker half was still trying to get out? Ehh, kind of I guess. I’m actually becoming pretty annoyed with this adaptation as I’ve managed to read a number of the things they cut out and changed with some of them being downright baffling, especially with some of the episodes being filler unique to the anime and none of it feeling that important in lieu of what we could have gotten. I’m an episode away from being caught up now and we seem to be heading towards interesting events, though there are some hints that have me feeling I know where this is going to end. There’s a third game that seems to continue from this one coming out in September so perhaps we’ll have another anime to go along with it. But I really, really hope we get localizations of the latest one and this new one. Atlus apparently has been the one to localize Aquaplus games before, but I don’t know what the odds are of us actually getting it.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-02-07 10:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, technically there do tend to be particularly good fathers for specific children based on what classes they grant as well as particular stats, though this is speaking in terms of Awakening. Some children had picks that were especially optimal and you had to figure out who got who for the really good ones. Combinations that allowed any of the children to either earn the Galeforce skill or access to the class that granted it were especially useful, though from what I hear gaining that skill in Fates isn’t restricted by to women anymore. The bigger amount of options obviously complicates things in Fates along with the different versions. Revelation in particular since it allows you to have members from both sides intermingle. I need to figure out how it works more in Fates.

    That’s most of them that I can think of. Ultimately I think the DS probably had a larger bevy of quality titles compared to its successor.

    Neither do I, but I suppose there are probably guides to that sort of thing as well. It does seem better to go with a pre-built one even if it might not be as optimized. There are a lot of resources as well.

    Maybe, though I feel that scene is largely done now though aspects of it seem to be feeding into the upcoming VR market. Yeah, turns out my sisters had it so if there ever is time I could probably give it a go. Not sure there’s much reason for them pursue such an avenue though since the game wasn’t widely popular to my knowledge despite getting a good reception. Perhaps, though the Xeno games are generally considered among the better ones put out from Nintendo and are quite varying in what they cover.

    Well yeah, they’ll eventually get to all that I imagine since for the most part they’ve followed the timeline of the game without too much jumping around. That whole game could be used to great effect. They could probably even craft a better told story. I’d be fine if they didn’t really or if it was a more small scale handheld thing. Yes, 6 was pretty good, though now you have the long wait and it seems like they haven’t had any problems with it thus far. I always figured they had an arrangement with Funimation, though a lot of times it can be the Japanese companies who do all this. I don’t know that I’m squeamish about it so much as I don’t really care. It’s nice they’re doing this remake, but if this is the last word on VII then I’d say that’s perfectly fine so they can move on to new entries. Last I heard it was still in the early concept phases though there are people with the company like Ito (FF12) who haven’t had any projects in quite some time who could work on these. And I’m curious if they’ll go to outside more if this works out for them or if this was done largely due to the size of the project.

    Not exactly, no. The fact remains that there’s never been an example of a game with a large and troubled development history like Versus/XV’s that actually turned out to be good. And XV needs to be great, not just good after that huge wait. And it could be, but I’ll err on the side of caution. What I saw looked pretty nice overall, though the whole turret section was a bit odd to see. Definitely a good showing though and I’ll certainly look forward to that event in March. Of course, having an actual date could make the wait all the more tortuous. Looks like the tech demo they’re releasing will be something like a prologue where you play as young Noctis. Indeed, though I wonder if that mysterious hooded figure from way back is still in or not.

    It’s not quite the same though since Persona’s system had an element of randomness you couldn’t get around along with the ability to just recall demons from the compendium if you wanted to toy around with other combinations. I remember I had these small little guides for 3 and 4 that allowed one to schedule things pretty well, though sadly the company that made those isn’t around anymore. No, that’s around when I played it since we didn’t get a ps2 until late in its life which allowed me to go back and play some of the old ps1 games. And you’re right, that’s hardly unique to IX.

    No, but it seemed to give everyone a good taste from what I’ve heard. It remains to be seen, but it’d probably be in their best interest. Possibly, but after how the thing with Desmond ended I’m not sure they’ve given anyone any reason to care about it. Most I talk to wish they’d have just gotten rid of that window dressing after how they handled it. Yeah, by all accounts that is what we’re getting though it hasn’t been spoken of officially yet. You mean March and beyond? Dark Souls 3 is 4/12 if you’re into that, Bravely Second 4/15, Uncharted 4 4/26, Odin Sphere 6/7, Deus Ex 8/23, and that’s kind of it in what we know.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-01-31 00:39
    Dann of Thursday

    Gameplay from an event that happened today for FFXV. The March event will be on the 30th where we'll get the worldwide release date and likely some more info.

    Here's a summary I found of the info they revealed:
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-01-30 15:27
    Dann of Thursday
    She’s been absent for some time and it doesn’t seem that they’ve seen her since that time with their comments about honoring her wishes and the like. I wouldn’t mind seeing it all get deconstructed for them completely and it even seems like it’s happened a bit for them. Of course, if humans find where the Shifter village is then I wouldn’t imagine mercy or seeking peace would be in their minds at all. Cycle of revenge and all that. Oh, probably not unless it’s some sort of warped view of doing what’s best for them. True, if at least one of them lives then it could still work out. There’s still Annie in her coma as well. Wait for more information as always I guess. I suppose he may have wanted to make sure his son had the right resolve to be able to understand everything well.

    Well, they’re still only human and it does open the door to possible improvements in their tech for future games now that this conflict for the moment is over. Yeah, there isn’t too much there with them and the protoss would be more interesting to see. I wouldn’t know as I haven’t played Drakengard before. The story was quite good I thought, though there are multiple endings (3-4 if I remember and the last one was pretty cool in how it worked) that provide deeper views into what’s going on in the world. The new one takes place a long time after though I think there might be one recurring character. It still seems to be available, but new copies seem a bit expensive looking at Amazon. Digital is always an option as well. Yeah, the other stuff is tempting of course, but I’m in no great hurry at the moment.

    Yes, seeing what happens with him is one of the things I want to see most. Looking forward to seeing Black Panther and Spider-Man as well. I was thinking as well that we sort of left off on a cliffhanger with all that. Yeah, and probably one that could potentially get messed up depending on how they play it. Hope we get a trailer for it soon, though probably not till the summer.

    I actually sort of like that about Kylo Ren since he is just a kid really trying to emulate Darth Vader, but not accomplishing it. The notion of someone on the dark side struggling to resist the light was an interesting thing to see as well. Did you hear the rumor going around that he may show up in Rebels? Not substantiated yet of course, but an interesting possibility. Though I worry fatigue might set in at some point, but if the quality stays then it could be alright. I wouldn’t mind some sort of KOTOR movie either. Will do. I was wondering about that as well and Poe’s unit could certainly qualify.

    It could do with a bit of cleaning up perhaps certainly. The MKX story was alright, though nothing groundbreaking. Fun at the very least though.

    Yeah, though I hear there was a blu-ray release in Japan that it seems isn’t going to get released here anytime soon sadly. You mean Chaotic Century? I can’t actually recall ever seeing box sets for those, which is a shame since both series were good. Right, Giant Robot Week. I remember the episode they showed of Evangelion was hilariously edited given the content. Not trying to do that. Just not getting too invested in case it all goes to hell. It happens sometimes such as them not renewing the license or just not making anymore. Hmm, strange.

    Perhaps, but it’ll likely be a long while before we find out. Yeah, it is fun going through some of the other chefs too and seeing what they all can do. Hopefully it’s doing better now for you. Go ahead if you want, though I don’t know how soon I’ll get to them.

    I managed to get that job in Austin so now it’s just a matter of planning to move down there which is a tad stressful.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-01-28 18:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, something like that. I’m sure they used what they could for it, but the repairs and such Teiwaz did on the Barbatos were apparently based on old records they pulled on the suit. I’d imagine they each had general appearances that could be changed or adapted given the situation. Going by the preview for the latest they’ll definitely be having some trouble here.

    I’m a bit confused as to what’s up with the opening eye slots on the mask. We’re certainly due to start seeing some aces for them and especially what they can do in Gundam frames. I’m trying to think of one though and nothing comes to mind that was like that. So yeah, I guess they do need to worry about replacing her. I sort of wonder why she seemed to have a place in the opening given how long it lasted unless they edit it due to her being gone. Sort of feels like we’re moving on after the latest and not sure they’ll go beyond what we got here. I’m not sure what to think of what the Teiwaz boss was doing at the end. He’s either just up for backstabbing them or playing some sort of game with Nobliss. Anyway, the way the show handles topics like this could use a tad more subtlety to it. I keep getting small vibes that remind me of the A-Laws in 00 and how stupid all that was.

    Indeed, though it seems Erina is thinking about it a lot as of the latest though I haven’t seen a translation quite yet to know for sure. I also notice we still haven’t gotten the story behind his leaving the school to go the way he did. Probably join up on what seems to be the developing side of Soma, though even with their skills the deck seems stacked. Indeed, unless he joined to protect it or something.

    Yeah, saw those. Bit of a twist but nothing too bad since they’re all alive. Granted the killer is still loose like you said, but there’s still a chance to move forward. But it’s one I’d probably look at later at some point after learning how it doesn’t seem likely it’ll get beyond the point, which would leave a bit of a cliffhanger.

    Finished and yeah. I think my ultimate takeaway is that I wish the games had come over in some form as I get the feeling there’s a lot more detail than is in the show and have even come across some info when I went looking that seems to confirm that. Liked Dii as the antagonist since he’s not exactly malevolent despite his actions (he didn’t even really want to kill Genjimaru from the sound of things), but just doing all this out of thinking it’s the best. There was also the mention by Genjimaru that it was too soon for him to wake that I found curious. I watched the first episode of the second series and like it based on that thus far. The animation seems great and Haku is good contrast to Hakuoro. I think he’s probably just a regular human from before that must have been in some sort of stasis. Have some theories on Kuon, but far too earlier to say if they’ll pan out.

    I feel like we’re heading into something like that, though I guess they could always pull some sort of victory out of this. I don’t think we’ll see anymore of her this season unless it’s a glimpse near the end of a new model or something. Perhaps and they may deem her too unstable, though keeping Amber there doesn’t seem safe. That or it was a flash forward until after what’s happening here and they wanted us to know ahead of time who the masked woman was.

    I’m not sure we will and I’m starting to wonder on that theory about Ozpin since I also saw that note about how his name does not follow the naming conventions everyone else does. I guess I’m just not sure what made them think she was even a threat unless Emerald saw Ruby noticing her.

    Hopefully so.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-01-28 01:01
    Dann of Thursday
    I think I might actually be like that as well in addition to the stat thing since I tend to try and scour everywhere for journals and little bits to the point it probably makes things take even longer due to that. Yeah, that was how it was for me in the GBA Fire Emblem game since it wasn’t quite as complicated as the newer ones. I don’t know, I might just go minimal on the Nohr and Birthright routes and then get all obsessive when I get around to Revelation since that’s essentially the last route. I do wish it didn’t take so long to build up supports since that’s how you’d really determine that sort of thing, but there are just so many with all the characters. Oddly, it seems to feature its own set of characters separate from those in the main game. I presume it’s the parents of the characters we’re playing as, but I’m not sure. Still, it isn’t going anywhere.

    Yeah, everything is a matter of interest in the end but at least something caught your eye. I’m probably forgetting things as well as I said before. Biggest problem with the first game is that the second half of the game is intensely repetitive if you want to get the most out of the story.

    There are definitely a lot of classics and hidden gems to pick from there. Are you planning on building one or picking up a good one that’s already got everything there?

    Well, it’s not like they couldn’t make it if they went purely on the software development side, though it’d be bizarre to see Mario and Zelda games on a Playstation or the like. I think my sisters picked that one up though I never played it myself despite finding it intriguing. LO was published by Microsoft though so I don’t know the chances of that happening. I know Mistwalker showed off concept art for a new game they said is being aimed to be on consoles. And technically, Nintendo does have an RPG studio in Monolith Soft now that I think about it, who made the various Xeno games which are all quite good.

    Well, we don’t know that they are going to talk it out since it just ended with him exploding and her just being shocked. It could just start with her beating him up or continuing to avoid it. I’m sure we will get to it eventually though since they can tie it into a lot of later events. Oh of course, but I think it’d be a fun idea. Especially VIII. I could have sworn there was some speculative talk about that happening or them wanting it to do it, but I can’t remember. Went through it all and you’re right in that it’s quite good and gradually gets better and better as it goes along. The next episode is supposed to be up in the next few days, though I heard a troubling rumor that copyright claims and such may have gotten to them or something as the episodes 4-5 got struck with a claim and taken down. Hopefully it’s nothing like that. You could probably do some trippy stuff given his mindset during that time. I’ve long heard rumors about XVI being at least in an early form of pre-production with a small team developing ideas, which I don’t really see a problem. VIIR also has a lot of help outside of Square so I’m not sure how much it would impact.

    No, I don’t generally do easy mode on things like this as with something like Persona I actually like the challenge of dealing with the enemies. Persona isn’t a series I really concern myself with min/maxing either as it’s just a bit too much given how involved the fusing system is. I’m fine just working towards stronger fusions. The only thing I tend to be a tad careful about is scheduling time in order to advance all the little stories as far as I can with an aim to finishing them all if possible both for the gameplay and story advantages that brings. I can’t say ultimately. It’s been a long time so my memory on a lot of IX is a bit sketchy to be honest. I just remember the final boss kind of coming out of nowhere and some other stuff.

    I think it’s only for a few days starting Saturday. Yeah, it’s certainly not just them but I tend to think of Ubisoft as the ones who have sort of set the pattern many seem to follow with these though there are still many different takes. Word is this is more like a reboot than anything else, but I’m sure more details will follow. It’s supposed to be in ancient Egypt, which is a pretty good setting. That’s certainly the truth.

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