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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-14 15:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, saw the new RWBY episode and thought it was probably the best one yet. Lots of interesting details and stuff to talk about but I'll refrain until you get a chance.

    Also saw a picture of this huge banner for RWBY in Japan over a building. So I think that could be a good sign of how they're taking it which is heartening.

    Oh, and while I don't have much time I've been trying to get back to the Witcher which fell at the wayside some time back. Just trying to figure out the right sort of build to go with since I want to try something different then the purely Sign one I'd been doing till now. Just not sure what's viable after all the patches.

    Edit: Well, maybe not. Got snagged on a choice again, though it's more between two good outcomes which if anything is harder than juggling others.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:50
    Dann of Thursday
    I doubt we’ll be seeing that one anytime soon if at all. I haven’t given it much thought at the moment though it will probably depend on how well each version runs.

    Yeah, I’m not really ever going to go for that either especially with one that’s as far along as that one is now. I saw the trailer and am not sure what to think. The CG seems off in places and largely seems like generic fantasy, but we’ll just have to see as there’s still plenty of time left. I’ll at least give it a watch unless it ends up being completely terrible or something. Interestingly, I’ve heard Blizzard may be interested in bringing more of its franchises to media. These are just older ones before then and a few feature Thrawn, Pelleon, and the Chiss so they’re pretty fun to read. That isn’t due till next year though right?

    They’re working with higher visibility now, but also higher expectations because of that so hopefully it works out. They’ve certainly had a long enough time to work out all the details.

    Depends on how long it will be or if they’re really going to go the whole series with over 100 episodes.

    Yeah, I can understand that.

    Nice thing is that there’s always new stuff each year to take in. Yeah, those are the ones I meant.

    It’s also nice to see the team behind it improve it so much. That’d make sense though we’re probably quite some time away from seeing the end result.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, and I saw the video for the new one which seemed to add just a few more though hard to say if they’ll be that important either. I’m just waiting on the final decision now, though I wouldn’t be starting till February if I did get it they told me. Sort of hope I hear something soon just to get the nervousness of it all out of the way. Thank you.

    He can work as something of a surprise I think unless they’re perhaps having him sneak in to perhaps get Annie then turn Titan to bust out with her. You’re probably right on that count. Curious to see how they’ll fair fighting him since he seems like a fairly seasoned veteran which I’d think would make him the most dangerous.

    I do wish we’d gotten more flashbacks in Try though then I suppose I would have just rather seen all the old characters if they’d done that. Yeah, that makes sense.

    It’s just really sad that that is the best they’ve got to help bring in viewers. But it’s still there when it doesn’t need to be really. If they’re going for a straight romance, then what is the point of the little sister who is in love with her brother? All it does is waste time that could be better spent elsewhere. One Punch Man I think is structured something like a comic book in some respects, but as it goes along it does start getting into longer arcs. It’s probably the most fun show for me at least this season.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:46
    Dann of Thursday
    I have trouble why anyone would really think this is a good idea and would imagine most students would find it more stifling then something they’d like. That at least would be a good change and it’s largely the biggest problem with the old system. I suppose we’ll get some sort of hint where this is going unless they hide the twist a bit.
    That’s certainly possible though it could also have just been words of comfort potentially. If she does know something then it would be a good time to bring it up pretty soon.

    Yes, there’s a variety of ways this could go and I do enjoy that all of Eizan’s attempts to break Soma are continuing to fail and he just seems to get more focused from the looks of things. I still can’t recall but did we establish what stakes were if Soma won aside from the dorm surviving? Or was Eizan so arrogant it never came up? I’d imagine it might be a case of that as well where he’s decent, but doesn’t stack up to the other members much at all.

    It’s possible I suppose. I did hear an interesting idea that with these Jump adaptations they might be starting to see that approaching it on a season by season basis with breaks in between is better than some long running series with tons of filler like Haikyuu!! for example. My Hero Academia got announced for an anime from BONES recently and there isn’t a whole lot of material yet unless they either do enough to take a break or go their original ending route which tends to feel a bit mixed. Then you’ve got One Punch Man, which is only 12-13 episodes but with the next major arc not finished being redone by Murata, but it’s popular enough that it could get a break before another season as well.

    Very well. Maybe, though I suppose it’s important to note that we’re just not going to see battles with quite the same style or speed that Monty had since that was rather unique to him. I just do hope they get going at a good pace soon enough. Definitely curious since the latest episode confirmed for sure that there is some sort of history going on there along with Qrow being a bit of a drunk possibly.

    Curious what the next topic will be though we should be getting a new one soon enough I’d imagine. I just think it’d be a bit much to go so far as have a twin sister or something out of nowhere. Seems just a bit too complicated when her just reappearing after disappearing works well enough as a mystery. I missed that look actually but saw it mentioned a lot. It actually did have a weird dream feeling to it back when it aired, but I suppose we’ll get something eventually. Yes, he seems to be doing just fine and I didn’t even notice the change too much either. Good news all around for the most part.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-10 21:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Those are always rather nice to have even if one isn’t using them to play the game or anything since the lore at least can be quite fascinating.

    Yeah, there are two different versions which are Conquest and Birthright in the US. What happens is that the first few chapters are the same for both and then at I think Chapter 6 you go onto whatever path your version is. You can purchase and download the other path as DLC, though I don’t know whether you need to beat the game first to do that. The third branch, which is rather separate from the other two, is DLC only for both versions and I believe given away for free in the Japan initial release anyway. Birthright is more like Awakening in terms of gameplay whereas Conquest is more like older Fire Emblem with not much options to grind your characters and also much harder. No clue on the third route. In Japan there was some version where I think both paths were on the cart and you got the DLC for the third route as well, which some were hoping we’d get here. The whole two version things turns me off the game a bit honestly. I guess it was partially influenced by how some didn’t care for what Awakening did with the series while others did like it so it is supposed to try appealing to both.

    Edit: And speak of the devil! Looks like they are bringing that special edition with all the routes on it to NA, though it's a bit pricey at $80. I suppose that covers the cost of buying it all separately along with getting a couple nice goodies.

    And hey, Cloud was announced for Smash! Doesn't really make any sense but that's still pretty cool.

    That is one of the bad things about manga creation as sometimes it feels like the series has gone on longer than it needed to. Oh, I agree.

    Yeah, I saw that. I had never heard of this particular spinoff myself so this was a bit of surprise. Possibly though there are at least some interesting stories that take place after that point that would be nice to see animated. There seemed to be quite a few Gundam frames, though I doubt we’ll see all of them. I am looking forward to when we do get to see another model for Mika to go up against.

    They’ve definitely been doing a decent job building the world and not resorting to having a big fight every episode to focus on the characters a bit. Next week looks like we’ll get a bit of action though. If their fortunes get better then I imagine that they’ll get access to more parts to use with him as well, though I wonder when we’ll reach a point where Mika gets trounced badly. Possibly, though Maruba’s sudden appearance could throw a wrench in there. It doesn’t seem they kept him around which is a relief honestly. I was glad to see that as well and it made sense since I wouldn’t think you’d necessarily need an accountant along.

    I can sort of see it too with him. He’s very good at asking blunt questions of Kudelia’s beliefs and desires for the Martian people and despite being illiterate is a rather quick learner from the looks of things. Hopefully not, since if they did try to put that in there it could very easily come across as shoehorned in. I liked how everyone is sort of finding roles on the ship like Kudelia as a teacher or her assistant in communications. We also got a highlight of Mika and Orga’s relationship and it sort of reminds me a little bit of Simon and Kamina from Gurren Lagann if perhaps a bit darker in how it sort of twists them to act in certain ways.

    Yeah, based on what I know there’s still a fair bit left to cover. Sad in a number of ways as Sayla loses much of her support, though that little moment with Amuro was cute. I could see that happening as well. They already pulled it with the Code Geass OVA series and didn’t they also do so with Unicorn?
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-11-05 11:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, it might be a while before I can get back to you. Third job is keeping me really busy so I only have time to sleep when I'm not working. I should be able to get responses sometime next week provided in don't get called in for a bunch of shifts again.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-26 21:20
    Dann of Thursday
    Just found the funniest little story by Zahn. It was written as an April Fools Joke after they had finished the last novel in Fate of the Jedi series (never read it) and it's pretty hilarious honestly.

    I'd read the entire insane series mentioned if Zahn wrote it.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-25 20:24
    Dann of Thursday
    I feel like it’d probably be whatever the latest release was in Japan, but that’s just speculation. Well, there are some jarring bits of CGI that looks rather bad when seen today and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the movies all that well.

    I think they’re doing a good job with Vader from what I’ve seen in portraying him as this dreaded, unstoppable opponent.

    That all sounds really cool! Shame about the panels, but hopefully next time can be better. I wonder if it might have been the same Warcraft display I remember seeing photos of from some other convention of the suits of armor which looked quite good.

    Sounding good on Deus Ex. The first game from what I played was rough in some respects so it’s great to know how they’re refining it more and more from that first go around. Dark Ages is an interesting take compared to last game as well. That’s pretty cool to hear and I tend to find you can find people into that sort of thing anywhere especially as it gets more into our generation getting into things.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-25 20:22
    Dann of Thursday
    Not sure there is much in the way of handheld stuff coming out currently, though I’ve got some older stuff I need to get through so that’s not really an issue.

    I can probably watch playthroughs of the campaign to get the general details and get the rest from the wikis or these short stories. Yeah, which makes me curious how they’ll go if the movie proves successful. Adapting the other two Warcraft games make sense but after that I’m not sure if they’d then go for things like Wrath of the Lich King? Though that’s looking far ahead I guess. I’m definitely curious to see the film and hope it turns out well. I hope it certainly turns out well since it’s a bit of a different playground for him and I’ve never read any of his writing beyond his Star Wars stuff. I actually am reading more of his Star Wars stuff in these two books before Empire involving a rouge group of Stormtroopers along with Mara Jade and the others. Yeah, I’m rather glad as well that I’m not as close to it as others are.

    I feel like Persona didn’t become the sort of big thing it is now until Persona 3 came out, which was around six years after the second part of Persona 2 released. They’d sort of retooled it by then into what we know now.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-10-25 20:21
    Dann of Thursday
    Well they could always just make up some more though even that can only go so far. It’s funny thinking how relatively small the roster was originally compared to now. Anything is possible and I agree that that is the sort of thing they tend to look for. I actually am in the final stages of an interview process for a position in Austin with a Software company working in a support capacity. Not in my field of course, but it’s full time salaried with benefits so it’s a start and I figure I could see about getting part time work at stations and studios in the area in addition. So hopefully that goes well as I’m rather nervous about the interview tomorrow.

    I saw some pointing out that there seemed to be some new stuff, but I imagine it could also be equipment they pulled after taking over. I hadn’t thought about it, but you’re right in that we’ve yet to have a fight with him really. Oh was that what was going on? I was confused how they all showed up all of a sudden unless it was a bunch of people transformed.

    Well, they’re about the only one with that sort of dynamic going, which I always thought was strange. Yeah, it would have been nice to see more and I really wish we’d maybe seen a fight he was doing later on in his later days since he was said to have become a top contender. The Utawaremono games have never been localized right?

    I’m considering it something of a guilty pleasure really and I’m not really expecting much since it’s an LN adaptation and you can only expect so much with those. I think the annoying thing is that the show to me doesn’t need any of this fanservice and incest nonsense and I tend consider it almost like the author doesn’t have enough faith that the work can get by without having something like that there. Admittedly, the overall world is pretty weak and the plot is nothing new, but it’s entertaining enough with the kind of story that’s easy to get behind with decent characters thus far. And definitely points for completely avoiding the harem nonsense and going for just a straight romance, though it felt just a little quick watching it all play out. The fights have been pretty good thus far too and the abilities are neat in most cases.

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