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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-28 15:30
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry on the delay. Had most of this written before things crashed.

    Just sort of waiting to hear how things will proceed at this point.

    Probably, though I've never actually read either before on an e-reader. For some reason, I'm still somewhat resistant on going digital with those despite everything else. Hopefully so. Ah, I understand, though even in AC there isn't all that much to it. I think it's one of those areas games are still trying to perfect. Maybe put them on time tables where they wander around or something, but giving more little stories to the various crew could flesh the whole thing out more I think. Also should be interesting to see what they add to it as well as how the gameplay may be improved from the first series.

    Sports drinks are out for me I think, but tea is fine. I pretty much drink only water, which seems to have gone alright. That's what I'm trying to do at the moment with things and thus far it seems to be fine. Well, since it's not that much material at least we can expect little in the way of cuts from the source. True. I feel like I haven't seen much of the manga online actually, though maybe I just haven't noticed. I think I've seen listings for the last few volumes online, though I think the dates weren't till either the end of the year or early next year. I thought I read she came up during that period they were in Texas, though I might be remembering things wrong. Well, given the focus I suppose that's to be expected. Surprisingly they added another episode to it to finish things up, which is a tad odd. Haven't really looked at it much either, though saw some stuff featuring the Lancelot that looked quite cool. I keep wondering when Funimation is going to start putting out releases for CG since they have the rights now.

    I tend to get curious at this point at whatever they seem to have in the works. It's something I'll get to eventually I imagine, but trying to catch up on other things first. Didn't that one have a second season in the works or something? They're also OVA series rather than the traditional tv one, but then it seems rather rare to see full blown 52 episode series nowadays. Curious if they'll do another game with that series since most of their recent work seems to have spawned new seasons or at least talk of doing more. Well, at least you can be surprised by it all. It may keep the book very surprising too. I've been hearing things like that about it which is rather interesting given how popular the series has been. Would you describe it as a case of seasonal rot that so often occurs with television or just the choices they've made? Thank you.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-22 23:04
    Dann of Thursday
    The movie? Well, the other ones aside from the original function like that as well since it's often just Max ending up in these situations. I thought the movie was fantastic though and probably the best thing I've seen this year. Fine by me, though I do hope we get more looks at gameplay and what they might have done to improve on the formula. Oh I plan to, but I'm keeping more of an eye on it than I was before. I at least know what to expect in terms of the flaws and such and I've already heard of some of what's present in the game from reading import impressions. It's on the list still. Yeah, MP isn't my thing really so none of that is of much interest. Well, they have to fill that press conference with something so a trailer would be expected.

    The Double Fine Documentary about the creation of Broken Age. The update is in June so perhaps they'll highlight those changes to the demo along with whatever trailer they have. I suppose so.

    They can't really afford to screw this up so with any luck it'll be fine. I think some were even more deadly than the Death Star too. I always found it funny that everything seemed more shiny and even more advanced in some cases compared to the original trilogy tech. They were never even important except in the EU, so I guess it's fresh ground for showing it all on film. I heard it was something like that. Though some authors were such huge fans they essentially turned them into a bunch of Mary Sues. It'd be a weird time I admit since you don't see huge December announcements that often. Depends on whatever the new one is in terms of genre.

    I just generally find the idea silly and irritating, though part of that might be the prevalence of it in so many anime that would be better off without it. I recall a conversation on the beach for Rise and I think I've seen some others, but it's been a while. I'd never want to play a character as that kind of jackass so no chance of that on my part.

    Haven't had much time to do much more than peruse it a bit. That's a bit of a weird one since I don't recall that ever coming up in the game.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-22 22:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Doesn't seem like they pay him much notice, but that also makes perfect sense given that some of them are going after the third years as well. Maybe some sort of deal with one of them where he accomplishes something and then they'll take the time for it? I feel like Eizan might be the first one we get to really see since he's among the three we've gotten the best look at. That route also seems a good possibility as well as a chance for Soma to see just how far he needs to go even with the improvements he's been making. The guy who sort of looks like he's been drawn by Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Bakuman)? Yeah, I can definitely see it.

    I think we're off to a decent start with it thus far and it does look like this could take us through the rest of the season. That's true, though I do get sort of bummed when we get an adaptation for some of the material, but then it just stops with nothing further. Baccano, Spice and Wolf, Hataraku no Maou-Sama are some that come immediately to my mind, though LN adaptations can tend to be a mixed bag given how much tends to be cut. That'd be impressive if that's the case since that's a rather easy personality type to screw up doing. Well, that's an interesting twist though a rather risky one. I thought this was based on the second manga adaptation done by FMA's writer/artist?

    I hadn't heard any specific number myself, though that sounds like it'd be about right.

    Maybe they did skip the bosses or something, but I don't know for sure. I feel like the essentially do ignore it already so they might as well. Better than $40 at the very least. They're giving the same price point for the port of USFIV as well, which isn't too bad either I think. I sort of hope they'll do one of Dragon's Dogma since that's a game that could really benefit from a remaster to sort out some of the performance problems it had.

    Soon hopefully. I confess I don't really take any developer's word or promise at face value anymore and they always have room to improve on the way they do things. There's only a few ways this could probably go really and I'm not sure what would even be original anymore. As long as there's enough to do I think that could be pretty fun. I'm just doing one at a time and Mass Effect isn't high on the list at the moment so we'll see if I manage to get to this year depending on how everything goes. We'll see how it feels going through again I imagine. I thought it was actually getting to the point that she was actually adjusting to it more so she didn't get deathly ill each time, but it's been awhile. I did think that was actually very cute. Probably depends on the way you play it, but that does make sense. Just a shame Miranda really only has the one game for focus. They definitely need to be more even with the relationships in the future and hopefully write them better. I don't really ever do them, but was mildly curious. Probably won't though.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-22 18:24
    Dann of Thursday
    Apologies on the delay. Family medical stuff and whatnot.

    Odd that that's not the case, especially since you can get things like manga and comics on e-readers nowadays. I guess they said it wouldn't necessarily be too much like Inquisition, but that'll have to wait until they show more off. I'd say an official reveal this year at E3 is a lock, though not sure how much they'll show. I think part of that is actually making you want to interact with them, which I'm not sure AC has ever done for me personally. Yeah, that's definitely one of those things that I'd hope could change with they're games. Even just a bit of variance to it would be a welcome addition to making the worlds feel more. It'd be nice to see that on the ship too, though that can be excused since everyone was always at their stations working.

    I've been on a diet the last few weeks, which I think might have helped in some areas. I'm thinking I need to maybe schedule these things more and not stretch myself to thin, though I sometimes get distracted by other things which push the others to the side unfortunately. Well, I certainly imagine I'll have more than enough time to do so and this largely covers just the volume concerning their past, correct? Yes, though of course we know how that's going to end up on Garma's end. They at least seem worth the high price for each volume given the quality, though whenever I do get to it it'll probably just be one every few months and if I can get a coupon or something. Or maybe something with Christmas if I get gift cards. At the very least there seem to be a few volumes to go before they finish everything up. It'd be good to get clarification, though it'd be interesting if we just sort of got glimpses of them all without much onscreen time with them. Sort of see how terrifying the Gundam is to Zeon without giving us a look at the pilot. That's good and I noticed they apparently stepped up the schedule on the Akito OVA since we're apparently getting another episode this year in addition to the one that recently came out.

    It'd work if they did that I agree. It's definitely a preferred method as opposed to radically different styles that's surreal like you said. Some kind of do it sometimes sort of but it's sort of like when you look at the animation style of the first FMA series compared to the second as an example that sticks out to me. Agreed, I'm all for new stuff and experimentation, but perhaps dial things back a bit. They've had some good stuff like Tiger and Bunny or Build Fighters, but it feels like there hasn't been as much noteworthy stuff lately. Hmm, well given when they started working on it and how it's targeting people who watch the show that does make sense. Ah, are they throwing tons at you all at once? About all that can be done at this point. One would imagine they've got some sort of plan to get to the end as well. Whenever I get to it I'll be sure to discuss impressions and such. I tend to enjoy doing that with people who are already in the know.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-13 21:10
    Dann of Thursday
    I heard that documentary about it has been really great as well, though I haven't seen anything of it yet. No there really isn't and it would definitely stave off any disappointment over there not being more of a presence. Hopefully so. Well, these things seem to go in cycles so maybe a little break would be good before we get going again.

    I hope that's the case and they're not trying to go in hard on making it as similar to the original trilogy as possible. We definitely don't need to see another Death Star and it'd be really cool if there was new tech in place in a variety of situations, though I'm not sure I'd expect too much of a jump in that time. I think they're interesting to a degree, but I think it's just that they'd have to go off of that backstory in Episode II that bugs the hell out of me. I think they had a young Boba in Clone Wars too, though apparently they didn't go long enough to have that actually go anywhere. I'd also be more interested in him as an adult taking some dangerous mission and confirmed alive, though I can't actually recall him doing much in the original trilogy. I'd hope so, though there's always the chance they'd time it around the movie release or something. I suppose that'd be an odd time to announce something though. I know and I have to think they realize people would actually like a new Star Wars single player RPG.

    Sorry. Yeah, that's something I'd certainly like to avoid. Makes you seem like a complete and utter jerk too, which I'm not sure why anyone would want to feel like. I'd think they would be online somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've seen a number from Golden with her on Youtube.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-13 21:02
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it's not as pronounced as it seemed to be last chapter. Given this week has color pages, I'm sort of expecting a color spread of the whole Elite Ten. I do like that Soma seems to be making his winning of the shokugeki to be them teaching him something that he can incorporate, though he has never struck me as the type to go for something petty like expulsion from the school. It does make me wonder what the stakes with facing against the Elite Ten will be. Expulsion would be the most likely, but seems a bit much really. I could see Soma losing to Eizan and being forced to be his lackey or something like that though.

    Yeah, it was an okay episode, but hopefully the next one is really good. I'd imagine it'll be the whole match, though they could possibly stretch out the result till the episode after. Well, to get an anime there has to be at least some popularity to it, right? I can think of a few of those as well. Heard a little about it, but not much. An OP character can work if done correctly, though you can very easily go into them having superficial flaws that they constantly point out to you. Sagara Sousuke from FMP is a good example of this to a degree since while he's exceptionally skilled, this comes at the cost of him having literally no social skills to speak of and coming across as unstable and destructive to normal people.

    Hopefully it picks up more. Curious how much longer this'll be going for, though there's still quite a bit to cover.

    Well, they said Vergil was both campaigns so I'm guessing it's all of it including the repeat bosses. Given everyone pretty much universally hated it, I think they'll probably think a bit more on it. Something like that or maybe treat it as some alternate timeline or make fun of it. That said, the $24.99 price point seems a pretty good deal and I like some of the new costumes too.

    They'll certainly look pretty I imagine, but probably just be like you suggest. I feel like it was a bit randomized almost like a dungeon crawler, but that's from hazy memories reading on it. Given the gameplay differences between the two I'm not sure looking to that would work either. That's definitely preferable in my eyes, but there's this whole push for huge open worlds these days with varying degrees of success. I think it's more that it's the same general idea being used again regardless of how long it really mattered in the original series. Oh, I don't doubt that the name is something the locals came up with. I can't think of any species which would give itself a name with connotations like that. I hope so, but wandering around Skyhold lost it's charm to a degree even with the fast travel points. There are ways to correct it like you suggested though. Thanks, though I have no idea when I'm ever going to get around to it with some of the other things I want to get done. I think it's partially that they seemed to push her far more than any of the other options as well as just sort of liking her as a friend. I never really had a problem with Tali honestly, and her narrow-mindedness regarding the Geth is more understandable than Ashley. The biology problem didn't seem like a big deal either, especially since it's on its way to being corrected with the resolution of ME3 and the fact Shepard is dead by the end anyway. It's sort of those traits that made me like her more as a close confidant. I don't know honestly. Miranda's great and all, but her lack of presence in ME3 is rather disappointing. Honestly, I'd probably do several with different ones to see how it plays out, but with everything else I just don't have that kind of time. I was even toying with doing a FemShep playthrough.

    There's stuff spread out through the year thankfully and not too concentrated all at the same time. Movie-wise I'm looking forward to Mad Max this weekend. Witcher and Persona 5 unless the latter gets pushed to 2016, which I'm not sure I'd even mind. Mildly curious about the Mad Max game as well as Tales of Zestiria. I don't even know going that far aside from some obvious ones like FFXV, Deus Ex I suppose, ME4, and probably a bunch of other things that haven't been announced yet or that I'm forgetting. Oh, Fallout 4 I suppose since I never played the others and was curious about them. Street Fighter V too. Yeah, anymore than that and I think you're liable to just forget about it. While I'm not interested, I didn't exactly mind how Battlefront's came early in the year with the release near the end. I'd kind of be interested in it, but ultimately with everything else I'm not sure I'd ever find the time. I still feel like it's too early so that anything they showed us couldn't be considered more on the concept side of things like the first teaser was.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-13 18:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, it's still not perfect and I wish I could simply zoom in like you would any picture using a touch screen. Although maybe the Fire or Nook tablets can do that. I'd agree on that certainly since looking at my total time for ME2 vs Inquisition there's quite a difference. No, probably not. Maybe, but I was even getting burnt out on Mordor at the end with that system and I'm not sure emulating DA's environments is necessarily the way to go either.

    I just have trouble concentrating on anything for some reason nowadays. Not sure why honestly. I will at some point I just don't know when exactly. I'd like to get to more of that too, though the whole building rivalry between the two of them was something I really enjoyed with those two. I flipped through the first recently and it was quite enjoyable. I'll need to start picking those up one by one eventually I guess. That's nice to hear at least. Do we an ETA on when to expect the next episode or is it unknown looking to next year?

    They could, but for some reason I feel they'd probably just reanimate it in the style they're doing now. It's actually really weird comparing older anime to newer in terms of style. I think I saw something that showed how shadowing was much more prominent in older shows to a degree. Whatever is a safe bet for them I expect they'll do. Does it take place around there? I thought it was around season one or something before, though I never really payed much attention to it. Well, if you can come up with a complete list of what dialogue choices to take and whatnot, I could do it at some point whenever they finish the whole thing. I am somewhat curious how the differences in approaching the ending could potentially change the feel of it, if that makes any sense. I swear I was listening to a podcast where someone mentioned a comment by him about him trying to decide on going through with some big twist or something, but I imagine that wouldn't necessarily affect the overall ending too much. It'd be a bit weird since he apparently told the showrunners and to just up and change it would be a bit much.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-04 18:51
    Dann of Thursday
    That is a bit disappointing really and the "Resistance" is a terrible name. Having them be the New Republic struggling to rebuild everything in the aftermath was always a more interesting angle. Almost feels like nothing much was really accomplished. That I don't question quite as much, though seeing some new ships on each side would be nice even if there are only a few of them perhaps reserved for the elite. The first spin-off could be interesting too, though from the title I'd hoped it was a Rogue Squadron movie. Sort of uncaring on the second one being a Boba Fett origin movie. Multiplayer only is sort of a turn off for me too. Yeah, we only know the barest of details, but I hope we learn more pretty soon. Not sure if it'll be this year though. Given that comment on TOR being KOTOR 3,4,5,6,7, etc. I don't know how likely it'd be we'd actually get that.

    I don't have the capability to do that with mine. Not sure I'd record a playthrough of P4G either given just how long that would end up running. Didn't even know doing a harem was a thing and don't know why you'd do that since it wouldn't end well. I'd probably do Rise anyway since she was my choice the first time around so long ago and what with the extra additions to see new interactions.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-04 18:31
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it just felt a tad sudden to me is all since you normally expect that sort of things after maybe a brief timeskip or something. Given that they're focusing on him at all he'll probably be around for a while longer. Probably testing new things out though eventually they need to put something important in front of him. Maybe have him lose a big match.

    Given things thus far I can't say I'm all that worried. Yes, the additions and in some cases switching scenes around has thus far made the pacing pretty smooth. It's a nice practice to see done these days as opposed to countless filler and such. They're pretty well set for time being at the least, though I don't know how the show is doing.

    True, it did end up serving a point than just extending the conflict out for a cool battle or something like that.

    Yeah, I could certainly see that being an issue that I don't know how to get around. Also hope they tuned some of the annoying parts like the dice game. Itsuno recently stated he believes the series can still be expanded, which could be taken to mean they have something in the works or at least ideas for something though it seems the sales of DMC4SE will also play a factor. I do sort of hope they just up and retcon DMC2 so we can stop having that be in the way to a degree. I think the slicked back hair is sort of his thing and they can change other aspects while still keeping that I think. I won't hold my breath that they'll really be all that impressive honestly. No, the multiplayer isn't something that really interests me. Don't have anyone to play it with really either. Yes, that would make sense I think though hopefully it's more quality planets then just a huge quantity of them. I'm thinking more in the sense that they were a big thing in the first game to a degree with the reapers not really coming up until a little later. It's also just a bit unimaginative as names go. If they have a mystery with them that is legitimately interesting that can span all this then I'd be for it though. Something like that would definitely make sense as set-up, though it also now makes me wonder just how big the ship you're on will be and what it might have aboard beyond similar things to the Normandy. I didn't really have any intention of recording this one at all since it was more just something to sit back and go through since I've never done a full run through all three and I'm honestly not sure if I ever beat ME3. Personally speaking, Liara doesn't really interest me as a romantic interest, though she's still an interesting character of course. Weird that it's only a little over a month until E3 and I do hope we see some good reveals from everyone. Granted, I think there's only about two titles for the rest of the year I really plan on getting, but most of the stuff there I'll expect to see next year or probably 2017 given how things tend to operate. I do wish they'd stop announcing things so far in advance. There's also the probable chance they'll port those over to PS4 and Xbox One as well. It'd actually be annoying if they had a trailer that ended up just being that.

    It's pretty conclusive and I'm not sure they could get away with stretching it out anymore after the wait for the second part. Given all they plan to have is a teaser at E3, just having some sort of date would be news enough to satisfy people. Except it wasn't confusing or anything with the original intention. I guess it ultimately doesn't matter though. If they choose to do that then that's what it will be. Well he's only producing the next one so you'll be fine to a degree I guess, though I imagine it still won't be much different from the others.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-05-04 17:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, the apps for e-readers tend to allow zoom in function now that I think on it, so I'd imagine it must apply for a tablet as well. Some of the busy work in Inquisition like constantly stopping to collect herbs, metals, and other somewhat pointless things. Areas that seemed a tad bloated without much to them in some respects which led to long periods of wandering to find something even with the camps available. Just a lot of the elements I tend to see in many open world games like Assassin's Creed that end up making things feel tedious after a certain point. If it's well designed and fun I can't say I'd mind that at all.

    So long as they continue to get better at it I certainly wouldn't be opposed to them doing that. It varies here and there these days honestly. I have some things I'm looking at though I don't know when I'll get around to really seeing them. I do still wish this was a more general adaptation as while this is interesting I would like to be getting the White Base crew's adventures and Amuro's progression. I'm not sure if they even showed any of that in the Origin manga so it'd definitely be something cool to see if they decided to expand and add it in. My memory is incredibly shady on the general events of the original series actually. I don't think I've seen it since the dub was airing. Given the focus I wouldn't expect anything else.

    Pulling from the games and manga would be the easiest for them to do since the framework is all there. I think even Tomino admitted he mistepped with Reconguista and given the Build seems to do well it wouldn't surprise me. I'll get to it eventually. I'm not quite in the mood currently to read incredibly depressing fantasy so I'm not sure when I'll get to it honestly. Never had any intention of playing that one myself, but then the only Telltale game I ever bothered with was Wolf Among Us, which was actually pretty good. I know they'd done a number of them, but hadn't gone completely off the rails quite yet. Given that they were told about Martin's plans to a degree if I recall correctly, they might still arrive at a similar conclusion. Of course, he might decide to change things up for the sake of variance perhaps.

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