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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-29 20:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Some new info from the PAX FFXV event. Release date is aiming for 2016 and they'll be holding a special event in March 2016 to announce the official date. If all goes well then I'd expect September or later then, though I feel we shouldn't rule out a delay just in case. Some other stuff as well like progress on graphics which showed off some new enemies as well as Cor once again. Also some interesting footage of Noctis using a gun in a third person shooter viewpoint.

    I've only managed to see screenshots thus far though and nothing in motion.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 16:18
    Dann of Thursday
    I need to get something at least even for only a limited amount of time. That'd be great if you had the time to glance over them!
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 16:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Maybe? I’m not sure either as I can’t seem to find the original comment I made. It was mainly how in futuristic settings sometimes they’ll have advanced tech but not actually have anything like cell phones where it would solve a lot of situations if they did. Not sure that relates to LoGH in any manner, but that is probably part of it since they didn’t have things like that much back then.

    Yes, the focus will likely be on Origin and IBO.

    Both those channels are so odd with how they release their series to the point that it’s no wonder they don’t always do well since the audience never knows when the next episode is or remembers what was going on.

    That would be nicer, though we’ll have to see how this deal with RightStuf pans out. Though nearly $50 for only half of the original series on Blu-ray is still a bit much. It’s just that stupid difference in how prices for this stuff work in Japan compared to over here getting in the way. With Seed it’s more that it and some of the other series previously released are long out of print at this point and impossible to get officially without paying serious money unless you can get lucky on Ebay. They do that with some of them like the Origin release, though in that case that’s the only version you can get and the regular one is still overpriced by comparison.

    Yes, I suppose I should just take it as it is then. I’d already decided to go with that view anyway even without this.

    I am curious what they got for it and I think Warner Bros. is handling it. I am genuinely curious as to how the series will perform in Japan though.

    Hmm, good point there so they should be doing fine. Curious why they’d cut her off since I’d been under the impression she was doing well in school, but we’ll see I guess. The whole team seemed to indicate they’d join them for lunch.

    It does seem to be coming along nicely though and I like the set-up for how the arena works so it should provide interesting battles.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 15:48
    Dann of Thursday
    I think I’m just getting burned out on these huge open areas that often only have limited things to do or just make everything take longer. It seems every big game is going that direction. I could have sworn there was talk about something like that being possible with the planets probably being randomly generated or something. Pretty much. Yeah, Kaiden was just boring really. Not so much there really, but then I didn’t delve much into the “evil” decisions much at all. Witcher would be a great place to draw from though you also end up with things never really seeming to go in a good direction, which can be draining after a while and lead to serious second guessing.

    I can’t say I’m really looking forward to that one all that much since a sequel hardly seems necessary. Some of their new stuff like Moana looks promising though. But wait, is Pixar doing Frozen 2 now instead of Disney Studios like the first one? It’s certainly more heavily associated with that system than any other at this point. And if it doesn’t than I guess that will be that. I get the impression that they’re trying at the very least. I think they just need to get these long delayed projects out so we can just move on.

    Well, the books are still there to be enjoyed even if they’re not exactly canon anymore. Would be a bummer if they end up being better stories than the new stuff though. I’m partially worried Disney might oversaturate the market with Star Wars movies and burn everyone out though. I am curious if any of these new villains will be able to capture the same spark ones like Vader managed.

    It’ll definitely be curious to see since I feel the series is now much more popular after P4 so the reactions should be interesting. Though they can probably tone down on the spin-offs.

    I think mine could maybe run it, though probably not all that well.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 15:34
    Dann of Thursday
    It's always irritating when that happens especially since entries on those aren't always very comprehensive. I really need to try taking another crack at fighting games to play more like this or Street Fighter V.

    Yes, though I was astounded to learn it had only been three months of time that passed by. But it was really nice seeing everyone in a more hopeful sort of mood and actually looking towards a future though I wonder how some will deal with such a thing. Of course, all this chapter did was make me think the operation is actually going to go really badly or at the very least see some big fatalities or maybe even one of them popping the titan serum. It's actually somewhat concerning that they could come across the formula for making more. It's the best explanation for why he did it at the very least. We probably won't know for sure until after the dust has settled, though if something happens to Erwin she might need to step up real soon. Also hard to say if they'd even understand it given how far removed they are in terms of tech. I'd forgotten that they only have stories about things like oceans and deserts. Yeah, we haven't seen any sign of her so I'm curious where she's gone off to. It's going to be tense waiting for the chapters of this since it should hopefully be really exciting. That is true and seeing the whole world outside is something both we and the characters really need at this point. And it's possible that they don't know about Eren getting armor, which could be an advantage on the Corps' part. If things do get bad enough I really could see someone using the Serum and that could make things get real bad since they'd be going wild.

    I just thought of something though which is what if they get to the basement only to find Ape-man burned it down or something? Wouldn't that be fun to see?

    By the way, have you seen anything on the AoT movie? A podcast I listen to had one of its members see it and their descriptions of stuff they changed or put in made it sound hilarious.

    Finished it actually. Overall I vastly prefer the original series as this one was pretty weak to me in the end and didn't capture what the first series managed. Some good suit designs though. Yeah, need to get back to that as I watched a few more episodes but then stopped due to other things. They also announced a new series for the show. Hmm, is that the only reason? Because I could care less about the pairing stuff. I've heard good things about both the series and the movies since they approach certain aspects differently and seen some pretty cool fight sequences. Yeah, that one I'm not in a hurry on and I think they've been doing filler stuff recently or something. I managed to find one and get it downloaded. But thanks for that tip for signing up.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 14:56
    Dann of Thursday
    It was very cool, though it does seem he wasnít able to really pull it off in the manner he really wanted to. He still did quite well though which Kuga seems to acknowledge and the prospect of seeing the dishes of Tsukasa is very intriguing. And of course that ending with Erinaís dad was definitely a good cliffhanger. I almost thought we might get a flashback with Jouichirou, but maybe a bit of a wait until that. But wow, just his appearance and Erinaís reaction conveys a lot of how this guy probably is. It also gives an idea of why Erina is the way she is.

    Edit: Yeah, Erina's dad (Azami? I think) is definitely bad news. He's got this weird way his eyes are drawn where they're almost like black pits. Curious exactly what he did to get banished though his method and belief about cooking might have been it. Erina's utter terror really is telling, though it sounds like she's been under her grandfather for some time now. The ending is kind of funny if only because they frame Soma like he's a hero coming in to save the day when I'm unsure what he'll actually be able to do. I really hope her dad is aware of his parentage. It would add an interesting dynamic to things.

    Iíve fallen a bit behind on the anime so I havenít heard it yet, but itís good to hear he managed to do well. Hopefully theyíll be able to get through it alright to leave things off at a good note. Shame they cut the table tennis as that was actually a really funny bit.

    Well, with a bad adaptation you can wish something wasnít adapted at all, but this one was alright. Those shorts were actually useful at times as well as funny and Iíve seen them done with other LN adaptations as well recently. Thatís not a bad way to handle things. Yes, Iíve gotten the impression that much of it is simply due to there just being a whole lot more that needs to be adapted. I imagine it might not have corrected some of the other issues, but those are just something that probably canít be fixed. Yeah, some of them shined a bit more than others though a few I have a hard time imagining them as ever being useful or interesting. Yeah, I got that and had actually figured she had a boyfriend without making the connection to Erika till it finally got brought up. Yeah, but given how he is there is only so much he can really grow, right? Heís really just stuck like that. Well, with DTB I got the feeling you were never really supposed to have an explanation for what was going on and simply see how the characters worked in a world like that. Very few of them question it too much and those that do donít have more than theories to go off of. I suppose that could be it, but it was like that scene where they went to Chinatown to look for terrorists and all the hostility there. I do think thereís something utterly hilarious about that world map in this series with how these various nations are now and then youíve got this tiny little island chain that managed to stay just as it is and that they have some of the greatest people in magic all there.

    Really? I must not have noticed it though or forgot about it. Felt like I was in RWBY for a little while when I first noticed that

    Eh, I donít know they seem to have firmly planted things elsewhere, though at the same time it all just highlights how utterly screwed up the relationship between the Shiba siblings is.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 14:05
    Dann of Thursday
    Do you want to give it to me now? Would also depend on what series they publish or even still have access to, if any. It was TP in the end. Yeah, she finished the manga and was making pretty decent progress on the anime, though she’s been rather busy as of late and will likely be more so once school starts. Naruto was one I would check in on every once and a while and I completely fell off Fairy Tail ages ago. My sister read the spin-off manga they did for a bit and her summaries were always hilarious.

    I could definitely see that since a creator looking back and wanting to fix things isn’t unheard of and he likely discussed it with the author. That’s a good point and maybe they had an old production bible for the whole series too to reference things from as well. Yeah, I guess it makes the most sense if it’s only referenced in a manner such as that since you don’t need to really go too deep into specifics. It is too bad they never did them, though I know the ones for Zeta get a mixed reaction.

    Hopefully it all turns out well and it feels like Sunrise may be betting on it being successful, though I’d tend to think that would be the case with any of the series. Yeah, I forgot about her, but she does seem to be filling in that role. I hope the other isn’t going to be a Relena or anything, but she doesn’t have that sort of look to her from what we briefly see. It’s not just that, but also just the way he looks in terms of the art style as well. I can’t put my finger on what it is. It also explains why they haven’t been using it since it acts as a power source and I also like that they need to fix it up since it isn’t immediately all that ready for extensive combat from the sound of things. It is a bit puzzling, but they’re doing it now so we’ll see where it leads. True, for the really good upgrades they’re going to need better suits to steal from. We’re so close too which is really weird to think about. That’s definitely a better way to handle all this since too long and the interest will have diminished or expectations get too high. Yeah, I often think the pacing can be better in those cases since you don’t have that exact cutoff before the wait for the second half. They have clear transitions generally but not in a cliffhanger sense.

    Eh, I’m not sure I even want him on that necessarily, though he has done some good sequences before. The Transformers movies were generally not very good in that department I felt though. I don’t think you’d ever go to him for story advice given what he’s done in the past unless it’s maybe the military aspect to things given how prevalent that is in his films?
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 13:38
    Dann of Thursday
    Particularly in this day and age when it’s generally so much safer to just keep doing the same thing in an established IP. Good on Sony for letting them go forward with it as well rather than just keeping them on Killzone forever. I don’t think there was anything of note about the game, but I think we can expect to maybe see something more perhaps at Playstation Experience.

    How was that? I never played it, but always heard a mixture of things on it that ranged from positive to negative. I kind of hope we are getting away from motion controls though. I’ve heard some mixed things on the weird motion controls, though I think those might be optional but it’s nice to see another entry in the series. I’m not sure what more they could do in terms of hardware if this doesn’t succeed. If it doesn’t then I wonder if they might simply start putting their games on other systems since they still have that lineup of IPS, but that would still be really sad to see happen.

    And it’s not like Ubisoft doesn’t also have a lot of other games to look at for lessons on what not to do with something like this. I got what they were trying to do, but it sounds so fake at the same time I’d almost wish they didn’t do it in this sort of fashion. As soon as they said who was involved with it I didn’t have any hope for the movie. The concept is sound enough, but that we’re still getting films like this today is kind of sad really. Ant-Man was pretty good I thought.

    Hopefully well enough and they talked a bit about some stuff like a new armor system that’s more developed. Oh I hope they manage to deal with that issue that seems to happen with all their characters and maybe the game not being on the older systems like DA: I was will aid with that a bit. They did confirm the game has new systems as such as we’d expect, but will still feel familiar. As am I since I tend to like side things like that, especially if they provide things like upgrades or tangible benefits.

    That’s definitely all good to keep in (maybe change it so Materia doesn’t quite break the game like it could do in the original), but I hope they have the party members not being used go up. Maybe have them get slightly reduced experience so they might be a couple levels below your most used members, but not have a situation where some are Level 5 while others are Level 20. Just depends overall on how they’re approaching everything and if Square as a whole has learned anything from the past, which will remain to be seen until XV comes out and what the quality of that is.

    Yes, I’ve been trying to work through some of the other handheld games I’ve let pile up since you can go at those at a better pace then the console ones I find. That’s what I’m going to try and do, though I do wish there were more gaps like we’ve had lately since it gives more time to catch up before the next big wave, especially given how long all the games I’m trying to get through are.

    I think most people had one of those two reactions to all these developments and the constant waiting. Other than a comment by Tabata that seemed to confirm a 2016 release that was about it. There is another of the streams this coming week, but no clue what that will reveal.

    Well, the engine did cause a lot of problems in development that may have fed into the various other issues the game ended up having.

    Not Drives but instead a Command System that allowed one to customize a deck of techniques and abilities. I still haven’t gotten around to playing it, but that’s what I remember about the system and it seems to be fondly remembered. Well, if they wanted to try something new out which they do seem to have with all the different weapons Sora can get access to. It would be a bit hard to buy having both XV and KH in the same year, though that could be quite the year. Probably 2017 then, though that could potentially bump up against FFVIIR.

    Yeah, just showing CG trailers for a while doesn’t really do much for trying to sell your game and could also raise concerns.

    I’ve been working to do that as much as I can. I get the whole drive to play something right when it releases, but there’s not much point if it’s going to just sit there for months on end. That one could take a bit given I’d have to explore every last thing to get all the stuff. I’m still trying, but haven’t made as much headway in organizing as I like.

    I’ll keep that in mind then if I want to look the series up. Oh, that’s good to hear and hopefully it’ll turn out well. Maybe it’ll work in a similar way to how the Division is doing things?
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-23 11:15
    Dann of Thursday
    There are only a couple things left in the year thankfully. Actually one when I really look at it, which is good and I have that paid off already. Wait, they confirmed Persona 5 for this year so that’ll be one too and probably last of the year. Next year could be pretty bad though if XV comes out that will be the focus. I suppose the only worry I tend to have about these things is somehow not being able to get the game at a later point, but that’s generally only ever been a concern with more niche titles and nothing I’m looking at next year fits that aside from one or two things.

    Well, you need to build up to Unicron I think. They could have gotten to him eventually with that Cybertron series, but it never came to pass really. I am still secretly hoping he shows up in the Platinum game as the final boss.

    Possibly, though the cynical side of me thinks they aren’t necessarily confident in the game’s quality. I don’t feel there’s a chance it won’t sell well, but if it does yet still ends up with a similar rep to XIII then that’s not exactly better. I’m just worried we’ll get the super mopey nonsense that was in things like Advent Children and such. Can they actually sell the rest of the compilation still at this point? Advent Children sure, but CC was on a system that’s largely been moved on from unless they suddenly decide to do an HD remake and it feels a bit late for that.

    Tabata reiterated that they want to aim for a global release so I think we can expect that we’ll either get that or something rather close. Turns out we got practically nothing on systems in the end which was a tad disappointing. Honestly, I don’t even need to hear anything about the story since I’ll just see it when I play the game. I’d just like to know if there’s more to the systems then the rather barebones one they gave us in Duscae, which felt really boring after some time with it.

    True, that will factor in a lot since we won’t be looking at small figures with pipe cleaner arms. I could as well potentially and if they’re using UE4 as the engine it should go relatively smooth I think since that seems to have been working out well for games like KHIII. Given they announced there will be a Playstation Experience this December I expect we will see the next bit of info for the game then and hopefully it’ll be somewhat substantial. I’m thinking we could at least get info on the battle system maybe.

    Though to a degree it’s doubtful it will live up to some people’s expectations though I never felt we really knew enough about the game to really have any clue what it would actually be like. Oh, yeah in that sense it’d be something more like that especially since MP is of no interest with something like that.
    Curious what they come up with at the very least. You mean you don’t want to have a jellyfish as a team mate? I wonder if we might get another robot now. I rather liked those partners in the games. Yes, I’m sure whenever they decide to reveal more it will be some big blowout of information.

    I think the ideal with any sequel is to surpass the original, though actually accomplishing that can be quite a challenge so hopefully they manage it here since they certainly have a good base to work off of. It should be possible to accomplish given the processing power of the newer consoles and actually give incentive to try both characters out unless both have very different mechanics to them. Options in gameplay are always fun to have and people really like doing ghost runs in things like these. True, though I need to work on time management as well.

    There was some new stuff about your home base, but I haven’t had a chance to really look at it quite yet.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-21 22:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, that's good to hear! Best of luck with that. I've found various positions to apply for but am trying to work on my resume and cover letters since I feel like I can't write anything worth a damn for those. I'll try to have at least most of it by Sunday since today ended up busier than I expected as well.

    It certainly had a great hook to end the chapter on and hopefully push us into the next arc.

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