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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-12-08 18:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Didn't even realize that there was a new chapter out. I wonder, though it mainly depends on whether Reiss believes that story to be true himself. It seems sort of odd that they each would gain all this knowledge and then choose not to use it. Reiss seems against that part as well and I wonder what makes him think her doing this would change anything. Or it's also possible he isn't entirely aware of what's going on either or knows just enough to think giving it to Eren would change things. Or everything he's saying is partial truth with lies. Maybe he couldn't? I mean, why his daughter and not any of the other kids? Is it a choice offered or is there some other condition? That said, I could see it being that he simply didn't want to with the knowledge he would die later on. I also don't get what about the Reiss bloodline would make them special. He seemed fine I thought. Perhaps there's some side effect to all this knowledge and power? No surprise there, though it seems this little revelation has thrown a wrench in his plans. I thought it was interesting that not even Reiss knows what is up with the Titans. The implication seemed to be that whoever receives the knowledge knows, but then chooses not to. Maybe the truth makes staying within these walls preferable? The other shifters and their faction raise further question. In any case, I don't really expect Eren to get eaten, though Historia is seeming more okay with the whole situation so I don't know what she'll do if given the choice.

    There's also the possibility that Eren is related to the Reiss family, perhaps through his mom distantly. Would explain the resemblance.

    By the way, did you see what Square did at the Playstation Experience event? I have no idea what made them think that was a good idea.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-12-04 15:31
    Dann of Thursday
    That did see the big one and if the rest have a lecturing tone to them then I think it should be fine as you said.

    Yeah, happened again in the next one, though not quite the same way. I find it weird they never got around to fixing it. It makes the scene rather weird.

    Regarding the War Table, may have made the wrong decision on both, more so with the jerk king. From what I've looked into, you get a 100 influence for picking the right person for the job. Then again, there are probably enough different ways to increase that so it hopefully shouldn't matter.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-12-03 00:07
    Dann of Thursday
    I've looked at a lot of comments by people having similar issues and am trying to see if it's something that's been suggested. Want to see if it happens again though to know if it's an isolated incident or not.

    I'd figured Magic or Underworld first, followed by the others.

    I'll try to have the videos out tomorrow. Had a connection problem with one uploading and need to call it a night. Just to let you know, I'm not sure if I made the right call with the second Leliana conversation. I took the pragmatic route about the traitor, but felt the last response was a bit too critical perhaps. I get the impression the decisions influence what sort of Divine she'll be along with other aspects, though it might just be that initial one.

    Also had an odd glitch in the game with Cassandra's conversations. Picked an option and then it seemed to not let him say it before jumping to her response, but otherwise okay. There's an oddly angled shot during the first conversation, but I've seen it every time I've done the conversation so I don't think there's anything I can do about it.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-12-01 23:25
    Dann of Thursday
    Will do. Should have a few more videos up tomorrow if YouTube is cooperative. Still can't figure what went wrong with the audio on that one since the source is fine.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-26 23:10
    Dann of Thursday
    I realize now that I messed up on a few dialogue choices. Missed the note about when Cullen asks you what he thinks. Sorry about that. Trying to keep track of it all for the given situation at hand.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-26 00:07
    Dann of Thursday
    There's apparently a path where you can get Celene, Briala, and Gaspard to all work together and even help Celene and Briala reconcile. Perhaps that might help better? But yeah, I can have him killed if need be.

    I don't even see the section talking about picking the new Divine, but I may be missing it. Need to look through more. When does the choosing occur so I can narrow it down?

    And yeah, the Iron Bull decision is a tough call.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-24 21:30
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, quick thing. Second season of Titan in 2016 it seems. Bit of a wait of course, but at least we have a concrete date and it also perhaps shows us how far they'll go in terms of material.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-22 22:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah, yes I saw that. Three of the four perk lists (the ones devoted to each of your advisors) has the first perk be the one that opens up dialogue options on a specific subject as well as increasing the exp gained from codex entries found by 50%. No idea if that stacks of course, but we'll see.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-22 18:08
    Dann of Thursday

    Sorry this took so long. It's been hell trying to upload this and I'd forgotten how long rendering and then uploading something like this can take. Already working on more and will try to have those up by tomorrow. Tonight if I can. Still a little worried about the quality honestly, but I can adjust if need be.

    Oh, and I apologize for the bit of wandering. Old habit to find everything.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-11-20 20:05
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry, that's what I meant. I guess you can kill him too and avoid the whole thing, but I'll not do that of course.


    It's alright, there's a lot of dialogue and choices so it's expected. Alright, I'll go with those.

    I could always avoid it by having someone else in the party at the time if possible. Solas approves of the decision to ally with the mages for one. Oh, it seems it isn't based on simply your party going by that video. That certainly makes things a challenge. I'm curious what her reaction would be to that as well given her attitude. I think that may be due to the player being a Qunari, but I'll go with that other one. Agreed, of the options available it seems the best course.

    I'm uploading the first video now. Need to double check but I'll post the link as soon as it's ready. It'll probably be the only one today if all goes well since I have work till 1AM in a bit, but I should be able to have a few more up tomorrow. Provided my internet decides to be cooperative. And youtube as well.

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