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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:30
    Dann of Thursday
    Pretty much all games that are story based like that (Tell Tale, David Cage games) are sort of like that since there’s only so much you can really do with them. Still, one of my co-workers has the game and said they’d lend it to me so I’ll get to try it out at some point. Maybe try doing a let’s play of it or something since it shouldn’t be that long I’d think. That’s a good view to take on it, though the fact so many releases these days tend to embrace the whole open world thing with tons to do is a tad irritating. Makes trying to complete one before the next a chore at times. Heard of both of those, but don’t know much really. I feel like the prices seem to be dropping so it’s easier to get one unless you want the super highest end machine, which generally you don’t really need. I’ll need to get a higher end one eventually to handle the editing software and such better than the one I have now. I think I’m just stuck in the past where you could reach a point where it could become really hard to find a particular game after a period of time had passed. Need to shake that viewpoint off. That sounds about right for me in terms of what seems like a must-have at the moment. Though a couple of the announcements at TGS were rather eye-catching like Gravity Rush 2 (Loved the first game) and then you can add Persona 5 to the list since it’s confirmed to be delayed to summer next year.

    I saw that and found it a pleasant surprise to see them bringing that one on new consoles and the additions sound great as well. Loved the original game so I may check out this new version down the line. Also saw they announced a new game that seems to involve mechs.

    That’s always the hope anyway. Well, the stuff they’ve revealed about her makes her role sound more interesting and I’m starting to wonder if we might end up fighting her at some point. What are the things that need to be wrapped up anyway? I don’t remember anymore what they were honestly on what actually needs to be wrapped up. Is there even enough to justify having a whole game for it? Granted, the original game was self-contained so they could just come up with more stuff I guess.
    Nothing on the release I imagine so we’d probably only get some details regarding systems or story stuff. That seems to be what the TGS info will be revolving around anyway. Just curious how far it goes like if that whole weakness targeting system is still in. I hope they show off some display of it at some point relatively soon.

    I’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now and the fact they’re using UE4 with KHIII is hopefully a sign of that. Yeah, given how far off the game is even that much would be nice to have.

    I think everyone does really and I’d think it would do well given how anticipated it is. Whether it will live up to what people have built up in their minds is another matter. Honestly the only game I ever played in the series was Uncharted 2. I even have 3 through PS Plus, but never played it.

    No, they need to move on to something else silly. That was one of the really fun things about interacting with Legion. Wasn’t there something about them wanting your character to join them? Seems a waste not to allow for that for the differing plots you could do, unless it creates too much to account for or something.

    Not sure whether we’ll see any more of the game this month or not, though at least one more trailer would make sense. I know, but it can be irritating if it’s a game that can go in very different directions based on choices like a Bioware game for example. Yeah, they always do one for their big RPGs and given we only got one Fallout game from them last year (NV was from Obsidian after all) I don’t think there’s much to worry about seeing another one anytime soon.

    Yeah, this year was pretty solid but with some stretches of nothing much happening. Next year is pretty much packed with potential.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 21:05
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, that sounds right. Or at least some form of wireless communication.

    As long as it pushes model sales I’m sure they’ll do another one at some point.

    I think they have some weird algorithm or something that tells them when it would be best to air an episode for best possible rating, which apparently is worth the cost in momentum to them. It’s better when they’re open about that sort of thing for sure.

    I don’t know much either really. Yeah, you get a lot of stuff with it, but it’s not something you really need and there’s not an alternative. It’s what screwed Bandai over the first time in that they didn’t get how the market worked here in comparison to back home. At least you don’t see many instances where they put out releases with like four episodes on them anymore. That’s an alternative I guess. The movies and I was speaking more on how sometimes the highly priced collector’s edition is the only option you get to purchase. And then even if you have another option it’s still too much.

    That would be nice if that was the case and it captures even more of an audience.

    Nothing really of note except stuff like Pan or Creed. Or did you mean next year since that’s when Dawn of Justice comes out? Next year’s got a number of interesting releases.

    I remember wondering if that might end up biting her, but that was in part due to thinking Cinder might somehow take advantage of it back in the day. That’s a good possibility as well. I do wonder if we’ll see Cinder’s group pull something since they had an eye on Phyrra.

    Was that a thing in that series? Neat concept in any case. Anything is possible and I think there’s a good chance we could see the first few before the end of the year unless they want to stick to a particular season for release.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 20:05
    Dann of Thursday
    There have been attempts at the whole faction fighting thing, but it’s still pretty far from really being the ideal of that idea. Same on more detailed environments being preferred. I will and really need to get back to that one. Probably need to mess with my build again though I wish those potions to let you redistribute weren’t so expensive. It’s always a journey with how games develop over time and hard to tell when the next major shift will be.

    The new DLC for DAI appears to serve as an epilogue for the game and is I believe the last one for the game. Seems going into it locks you out of everything else or something. Seems to have good developments and conclusions for the various characters along with some interesting choices that make me wonder if we might actually see the Inquisitor be our lead for the next DA game. I certainly wouldn’t mind having them as a lead once again. Sorry these always end up so long 

    That’s one possibility I suppose since it wasn’t something they went into at all in the first. Idea and art behind it look nice so I hope we get a trailer or something soon. Ah, gotcha. They can’t afford to have projects be in varying states of limbo for around ten years, that’s for sure.

    I need to get a few more myself. Oh, hardly. We’d gotten such a clear picture with all the material we had I don’t really expect to get the same feeling of change with this new film series. True, they almost seem like the might be overdoing it with Marvel already. One thing that worries me about that angle even though I like it, is that the overall plot might skew too similar to that of the original. Like we have Kylo Ren turn back to the light side or something in a similar way as Vader did, though I guess that would depend on what his story is.

    I suppose it’ll depend on how it’s received, but perhaps they’ll jump on it faster to capture that audience. Yeah, P4 could be a bit weird in that department at times. Makes me wonder if this will even be able to live up P4 with how well liked that one is.

    It really is kind of amazing you can just use that as a resource rather than simply not being able to experience it.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 20:03
    Dann of Thursday
    It is better than nothing I suppose. It’s more of a backburner thing in any case when I could actually find the time to learn since you need to actually practice a bit to get any skill. I wish you all the best on that end. I need to focus on saving more myself so I can get these loans closer to being paid off. There’s a hotel opening nearby so I may look there for work while I look for something abroad. I’m not sure if I could manage three jobs, but it could be worth a shot if I can save up more.

    They’ll probably be on the move soon enough or perhaps lying in wait to set a trap. True and things are likely to go horribly somehow like we finally lose a bunch of major characters. I think they’ll succeed but at great personal cost that perhaps hurts morale just a bit or the stakes raise higher somehow. We still haven’t seen much in the way of tests since that first time that I can recall. I just wonder how long it’ll take for us to get to the stuff we really want to see and how much will just be sort of the build up to that moment finally happening. They’ll be super careful about Eren anyway I imagine as they’d probably not want to leave anything to chance.

    True, though they might then try to follow Eren to find out where it is as well. I think it’d be kind of funny.

    I did find the first season rather relaxing really, but didn’t get that feeling here aside from a couple episodes here and there for whatever reason. It seems to be a sequel to the remake series, which makes sense since I think the original had continuations from this point. Ah okay, too much focus on the soap opera aspects? Well, the movies would take much less time really. That sounds a tad confusing. Very well.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 20:02
    Dann of Thursday
    We seem to be quickly moving into new plots that honestly feel a bit more interesting for the moment as well then just heading into another shokugeki or at least I think so. Youíd expect nothing less of the top seat. Iím just curious if weíll really get a lot of time with him or if itíll just be small glimpses like here. I hope so as well since weíve had a few in a row now and with some really interesting stuff going on. Oh, the Mads version? I got the first season of that cheap some time ago, but have yet to watch it. Though Iím sure the latter didnít exactly mean for it to cause this sort of thing.

    All indications would lead me to think that heís from the family, but the different last name makes that weird. Unless he wanted to hide it for whatever reason perhaps? He definitely has a good look for an antagonist. Yes, something must have happened that led to him being banished. There was definitely an impression she hadnít seen him in quite some time, especially since he isnít her guardian. Simply not being all that intimidated by him could go a long way towards displaying that and getting Azamiís ire. Hadnít thought of that since I figured he just decided to leave on his own rather than be forced out. Given how he seems, he might not take having someone he deemed unworthy ahead of him.

    Edit: Yeah, that sort of came out of nowhere. I didn't factor in the council having quite that much power or that he'd really pull this off so soon after showing up for the first time given he had no previous foreshadowing. That so many would buy into his viewpoint is surprising as well, though that balance could be tipped with new members coming in.

    Sounds good. Hopefully I can go through it soon.

    Saw some of those and thought they were nice additions. Thereís enough loose ends left that youíd wonder where itís all supposed to be leading. Curious when we might see another season then if they announce one anytime soon. For some reason, I got the impression as time went on that we were never going to get a clear cut answer on what was up with the Gate and it was just going to be this bizarre thing that would always escape comprehension. But weíre not likely to be getting any more on that series and after the second season Iím not sure Iíd want them to. Itís been years since I saw that show so I couldnít say. Iíd really wonder if there was that much thought put into it.

    I suppose I always forget that itís cheaper to do CG rather than have it drawn.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 20:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Thanks. That’d be interesting to see happen since usually you never see that sort of thing. Is it anywhere close to approaching a finale of any kind yet? I know there was some big timeskip recently. She didn’t and thought they were stupid, but it gave her a good laugh.

    It’s honestly surprising it wasn’t done sooner really, though I suppose you could say those movies from a while back were the closest we got until Origin. Oh, that’s pretty interesting. Like a really expanded production bible that covers practically everything. Was this released officially in Japan or was this some sort thing they had internally? They don’t really go back all that often anymore aside from the Origin films right now so I’d be surprised to see anything soon. I could have sworn Tomino liked that new ending better or something, though I know it was a point of contention.

    It’s certainly more familiar territory from what we’ve seen thus far. We’ll see how she ends up being since they haven’t really shown much of her yet. Yeah, it was the first thought I had when I first saw him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t eventually reach that sort of status as it reaches its full potential. It has a lot of potential, though come to think of it they’ve sort of done the whole concept of different load outs like with the Strike from SEED. I’d think we’d get some indication on how long this will be at first relatively soon. I keep thinking it’s been a while since we had one until I remember that Age was a full series so it’s probably not out of the question. Well, I don’t know exactly what goes into determining all this stuff.

    Hopefully. Even then it still often seemed far too close up on everything, though part of that was they kept focusing on the humans. Curious if they’ll disclose exactly what he informed on.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 19:56
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I agree, but eventually it reaches a point where it’s time to move on. Like how they’re apparently making a new God of War game, but I really hope it’s with an all new character and not Kratos again. They all seem very happy to be working on it at least, so that’s something at least.

    Rather disappointing then from the sound of things. I did think the bit about it sort of featuring the origin of the feud and link between all the major players interesting. Well, they did say the tech simply wasn’t there or something for them to consider VR truly viable, which seems weird since I’ve been hearing quite good things about the various headsets. I’ve never actually played any of the series though I always liked the design of the Arwings. It’s another thing to look to next year, though I think we’re getting more about their mobile plans this year. I don’t plan on playing them, but I’m still curious about it. Well, they’ve sort of done them with the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario games, but it’s not quite the same I guess. Wasn’t that one developed by Square though?

    I am quite curious if this really is going to be successful at all or not. I suppose not since you’d probably get inane conversations otherwise. I’m not a tremendous fan of Sandler myself (I like Happy Gilmore and a few of his earlier films have a few funny scenes), but I never would have expected a film like this to break the trend. It would have been great, but I’m not surprised it didn’t happen.

    I’d hope they’d have done so by now. The bit about the old systems is speculation on my part but there are examples of newer games simply not running well on the older systems like Shadow of Mordor or how they decided to cancel MKX in the end on them. I wonder since collecting materials in Dragon Age was rather tedious, though perhaps not on the same level as ME2.

    Though finding ways to break the game can be rather fun, though the different gameplay could change that quite a lot. I imagine how that one turns out could have an effect on the mood surrounding Remake.

    Yeah, easier than being tied down to a single room and all that. The problem is I don’t really have any shorter games lined up. They’re all really long RPGs for the most part :P

    Will do. TGS next week is the last major event until maybe December so hopefully we’ll get something in there.

    So long as it is fun I think it’ll be fine. Yes, that one could be fun, though the ones based in a more “normal” world like this could be rather strange. Of course, there’s never been a city like this one in the series so there are some opportunities here. We’ve waited long enough that a bit longer can’t hurt and it’s not like we’ll be hurting for options.

    I’d be surprised if it changes at all really since it’s not like it’s backfiring on them at all. Yes, that approach would be better.

    I know, it’s just this weird feeling like I described earlier. Maybe it’s some OCD thing on my part or something. Probably, though with so much other stuff to catch up on I can generally get about an hour in a day if that with how things are right now. I’m still having trouble focusing long enough on anything to get the really important stuff done, which is driving me nuts. There are some jobs I want to apply to, but just trying to get it together to come up with something good is a challenge 

    By all accounts it was ahead of its time in some respects, which is always interesting to see. Ah, good point there wouldn’t be that much in the way of similarities. Oh, that could probably work.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-09 19:55
    Dann of Thursday
    There are a couple I’d like to try out like Until Dawn, but I can always wait for a Black Friday sale or something down the line. Or even further if need be since everything eventually gets super low in price given enough time. I think one of my main problems is this whole notion of missing out if I don’t jump on a game around the time it comes out as strange as that signs. That and the notion that a game might be hard to find down the line as sometimes happens. I’ve been trying to rid myself of that idea, but it’s hard to break old habits. Still, it’s hard to narrow it down sometimes, especially looking at next year. I’d probably be fine simply going with FFXV and leaving it at that.

    We’ll see in a month.

    I wonder really since it’s not like they’re going to be all that open about this sort of thing. I guess I just have trouble having faith after all this that the final product will turn out all that well. It comes and goes really. Yes, though then they go and do something like that ridiculous Deus Ex pre-order thing and I really do wonder how much they’ve actually learned. Personally, I don’t think we even need a sequel anymore and none of those lingering plot threads from things like Dirge seem all that worthwhile following up on to me. I’d be happy if this remake is the last word we have of FFVII and we can finally move on. Yeah, but those were all in compilations with other games and in the latter case being done in part to lead up to KHIII. Granted, Type-0 was a game on the PSP that got the HD treatment, but that was a game that was demanded and never had come over to the US previously. Tabata said a while ago there were no plans, but that they were curious if fans demanded it or something like that.

    Even if there is a delay I wouldn’t expect it to be a long one, but we’ll find out in March next year I guess what’s going to happen. Yeah, that aspect was nice, but I hope that at TGS they focus more on gameplay stuff instead. Yes, that was very surprising to see though we need more information still on how all this would work. No, they’ve been very clear you only control Noctis for quite a while now and I’d be extremely surprised if that changed now. It seems it’ll be a Gambit like system for giving everyone orders, which I’m okay with.

    Nothing more than rumors and speculation, though there was a comment by Tabata about Remake not using Luminous if I’m remembering correctly. I keep forgetting they’re doing a conference. No, I’m sort of expecting all we might get about Remake is another story trailer and maybe a word clarification on what exactly the gameplay will be whether it be sort of like Kingdom Hearts or something.

    Oh probably and I expect they’ll continue to polish it up until release. I could see myself waiting a few years on that one honestly.

    And probably difficult to animate really. I feel the AI team mates were popular as well so giving us a new spin on it seems like a pretty good bet. Hopefully so. That actually would be a really interesting thing to do given all those changes now and the Eternal Empire is an interesting concept as well. I’d think joining would be a possibility.

    Curious when we’ll get the next bit of info on that game and hopefully it includes actual gameplay. It’s important, though admittedly I don’t really have the time anymore to replay things really. Fallout’s another one I may just wait a few years on if I ever play it at all.

    2016 thus far really is a nice looking year with all this. Perhaps even more so than this year, which I’d say was pretty good.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-31 20:01
    Dann of Thursday
    It's all fine. Take as much time as you need. There's no rush. Hope everything goes well!
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-08-29 20:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Some new info from the PAX FFXV event. Release date is aiming for 2016 and they'll be holding a special event in March 2016 to announce the official date. If all goes well then I'd expect September or later then, though I feel we shouldn't rule out a delay just in case. Some other stuff as well like progress on graphics which showed off some new enemies as well as Cor once again. Also some interesting footage of Noctis using a gun in a third person shooter viewpoint.

    I've only managed to see screenshots thus far though and nothing in motion.

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