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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-30 21:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Gotcha and will do. I'll be able to start on them tomorrow night and hopefully have them up by the weekend.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-30 13:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Yo quick thing. As always seems to happen, stuff got leaked from the FFXV presentation tonight. Namely the nature and release of the new demo as well as the confirmed tease date.

    I dont know if you wanted it spoiled or not, but otherwise it all sounds good.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-24 18:07
    Dann of Thursday
    Some new info about XV since we're less than a week out till the event. Apparently the story is estimated to take 50 hours to complete, though that's always a sketchy metric when developers reveal that sort of thing. Also that they've figured out how they're implementing airships.

    Some rumors as well I've seen but no clue if they're true or not. They are that the game is coming to PC (quite plausible), there will be a CG movie called The Kingsglaive (possible, no clue on whether it's a prequel or what), a mobile game (also possible) and that the new demo is called FFXV: Platinum (we already know a new demo is coming).

    Almost there man. Really looking forward to finally knowing when we'll be seeing this. And hopefully getting some new footage.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-20 18:51
    Dann of Thursday
    Sounds neat and especially interesting with the movie coming up.

    Well they could always just make up their own or something along those lines if they wanted to, though what kind of story to go with could be a challenge I agree.

    Oh right, they did do a new dub of that, didn’t they? I only have the old VHS with the original dub. I’m sure I’ll get to them at some point though I’m curious if these ones even have an option other than the dub since I think there was a time when DVDs even didn’t have the option of multiple languages. That’s a fair thing to ask for since there are a lot of instances where it can be easy to track down some parts but not the whole thing. I’ve seen instances where it’s impossible to find complete collections of a series but you can track down single DVDs. Oh, that must have been what I was thinking of.

    As I said, I haven’t explored the city much yet and thus haven’t been to too many restaurants yet. There are a ton of different choices and styles from what I’ve seen though quite a number of BBQ places as well. Yeah, though it was actually pretty chill today, which was strange though still nothing a light jacket couldn’t handle. I’ll have to check that out then, thanks. Never read that one actually, but heard of it at least. That’s a pretty interesting premise actually so I’ll have to read it soon.

    Will do and thanks.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-20 18:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Fair point since the seasons aren’t that long and perhaps it would be better to perhaps end at a point where they are all ready to join back together. I’m sure we will eventually though unless he follows them I’m not sure under what circumstances he’d show up. I’m sure she’ll probably be fine. Maybe her mom will help her out. Unless she knows she’s still not strong enough or is just biding her time until she can pull a double cross. Maybe a goal is tracking them down next season? Given the power they have we’re probably due to spend some more time with them.

    I figure that could be a running question for a while as to where he is. Maybe he’s seen a way he can turn this to his cause or something, I don’t know. I’m sure we’ll go more into at some point in the future. She might be remembering better times and abuse victims don’t always outright admit what is happening. Maybe she wasn’t expecting him to have gone this crazy since leaving. All I’m saying is that I’d find “he’s brainwashed or mind controlled” to be a lazy direction to take this in. But it’s a common trope so it could very well be the case. I imagine we’ll see eventually in future confrontations.

    I just think it would have been nice if, in the show itself, they’d given us some small hint about this beyond an offhand comment in the first episode. Like some mention of legends of powers aside from the maidens, unless I’m forgetting something like when Phyrra and Ozpin were discussing fairy tales. Yeah, I’m not really sure where you would have gone with her after that point of not getting the powers. Her dying is also a blow since she was probably one of the best fighters in their class. I’m about the same way honestly as I’m not huge on tragedies of any kind usually. They could always go with Weiss again, though I’d honestly they not since that possibility never interested me. I keep wondering if she’ll have any of her old personality though or if she’ll start off like a blank slate. Like those Rei clones in Eva. Her reactions to some of the events at the end there were definitely interesting with that idea in mind.

    What’s funny is that at RTX I actually got a couple of those statues and got one as a prize for asking a question. I have all of team JNPR except Phyrra, which is actually darkly funny to me.

    Oh it’s always terrible when that happens. The only time it can be funny is if you’re detached enough that you can see the humor. That’s a fair possibility. Nah, that wouldn’t feel right I think after what they’ve perpetrated. We’ll probably just end up with more questions I imagine, which is fair enough as it leaves more mystery to be discovered even as other things finally clear up.

    All looks good and I do like that I still feel like I don’t know too much about the overall plot. Turns out she had cancelled it too to save money so I never was able to. Kingpin? I love that guy and thought he was a good choice for the role.

    Those were pretty fun. And the movie could turn out well, but I’m not especially looking forward to it. I’m getting curious about Batman V Superman though since we’re a week out. I’m going to see it with my sister and dad Sunday next week when they visit me. Oh, I’m sure it’ll be different and we’ve still got till next year to see that one.

    I’ve heard for what it is it’s pretty fun so long as you don’t go in expecting the comic.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-20 18:29
    Dann of Thursday
    It’s been alright thus far. Haven’t really gone in deep on the job since we’re still in the training process which will go on for a while. Still a bit nervous about it all, but I think it’s something I can do. Now it’s just a matter of pushing myself so I don’t simply get stuck here and actually move up. Was supposed to get internet on Saturday but due to some mess up on their end I still don’t and won’t till Tuesday. Haven’t really taken the time to explore the city much, especially since this week is SXSW which makes things kind of chaotic. Did check out this movie theater chain called Alamo Drafthouse which is really nice.

    Saw that, but from what I understand it’s just the OVAs reedited for TV broadcast so I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything new. But yes, there’s a lot going on right now.

    Yeah, the hope generally is that the show attached will be good. Which I guess it sort of needs to be in order to sell the models. Most of the time anyway. That is something that’s been more prevalent in this series that is actually pretty nice to see. It does make me wonder if we might see some sort of innovation take place that ends up making things even harder for Tekkadan. It’ll probably get a whole lot worse before it gets better with more people dying due to how they’re progressing.

    I’ve only read a bit about what’s going on with Ein but apparently he’s basically a giant robot now and has gone off the deep end? He seems like he’s a counterpart to Mika now, but I’m not sure if he’ll ever become more than a heavy brute. So I’ve heard of him recently though I admit I’ll be sad if Gaelio bites it since I’ve yet to see him do anything too villainous aside from oppose the leads and they aren’t even that heroic as of late. I noticed they released the HG model for it too and it’s pretty cheap all things considered so I may pick up that one at some point. Yes a war could be very interesting to see here, though I’m not sure Mika and co. could handle them all. I feel like we probably won’t know till next season.

    Yeah and hopefully they’ll stick around in some capacity even if they lose. Yes he did pretty well overall.

    Haven’t checked the manga but I probably should since if it gets more of the details compared to the show. I think the anime condensed an entire volume into one episode or something. I read the first two LNs but honestly reading LNs is always weird for me. I rather like it too despite how clichť it is and how I dislike harem nonsense. That title is so bad though. I think the original title was Familia Myth and it was changed to attract readers. I started reading a manga based on a LN called Rise of the Shield Hero that has been pretty good thus far.

    Yes, it was fast but it wrapped things up tidily enough. Hopefully they do a better job with the next season which I’m sure will happen with the third game.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-20 18:28
    Dann of Thursday
    Good to hear! It had shown it had been delivered but I wanted to be sure.

    Oh, I did hear about that one as well as that it makes it kind of funny because the daughter actually is very similar to Cordelia. Yeah, I still havenít really gotten into the game quite yet due to work and still trying to complete another game. All Iíve done is the opening stuff up to the split. Yeah, if thereís a bonus to the multiple paths it encourages experimentation as opposed to just going with the same pairings every time. One of the fun things with the last route is the opportunity to do those sorts of pairings and also just see characters on both sides interact with one another. Iím tempted to take a look at those pairings as well when I come to it. I may hold off to do more research as well since Iíve only decided on a few. I havenít even thought about the children yet honestly.

    Sure, Iíd love to take a look at what youíve come up with. It may help me in deciding actually. There are a couple Iíve heard are very good as well like Xander/Charlotte for instance.

    Yeah, though Iíve noticed it can lead to them becoming a crutch and other characters not leveling up as they should in order to just survive. Actually sort of happened in those intro levels so itís something Iíll need to be careful of or perhaps use that EXP DLC since itís not quite as broken as it was to use it in Awakening and can actually be challenging. I think I may reserve that for S Supports since I think Iíll work towards getting them all to A myself.

    I confess I almost want to just put the difficulty down to normal and maybe even switch it from classic to casual just so I can get through things faster without worrying to much about everyone dying.

    Yeah, mine is getting on in years though itís still doing alright. Probably a few more years before I consider getting a new one. Well, unless it suddenly breaks but Iím decently confident that that wonít happen.

    Itís a weird thing to consider and Iím not sure theyíd really go the way of how companies like Sega have gone given that they have a hold on some massively popular franchises that havenít gone down in quality. Itíll be interesting to see what they come up with and how long it might take to actually reach something like what we see in fiction, if thatís even possible. PSVR ended up having the most reasonable price as expected, though thatís still a bit much for me at the moment. The offering of games from them does seem stronger compared to the other options though. Will do. Maybe, but both of those examples were things people have been clamoring about for years whereas Iíve never heard anyone talking about how much they want another LO game. I donít know of any so far that have been brought over actually and I canít think of too many examples that were similar to LO in terms of having discs like that. A number of the recent ones were cases of just needing an install disc before loading up the game disc, which is a bit different compared to LO. Potentially if they play their cards right, but of course itís hard to predict this sort of thing. They basically need to create a platform that attracts all publishers and also has experiences that can only be found there. They also need to work out their online play systems since theyíre still very behind the other companies. Although I wonder now if the apparent direction Xbox is going in regarding the system might change things, though I suppose thatís dependent on if such a thing actually ends up working out.

    Potentially yes if they really do expand Midgar out to a full city with expansions on the story there among other things. I donít know offhand where youíd end the first part if they didnít end it exiting there. A lot of stuff is super vague in VIII though and thatís actually one of the more clear things I thought since they marry, he leaves to help some people, and she either doesnít tell him before he leaves or didnít know until after. FFXV is aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release from what Iíve heard, which is a nice move I think.

    Iím especially curious what boss fights are going to be like such as summon fights or even those against human sized enemies. Hopefully so, but I do hope we get more details on that aspect come the reveal at the end of the month. It would probably depend on whether itís early or late summer for P5, but hopefully we find out about them soon as well since theyíll be the only one to wait on after the 30th. Heís always given me a rival character vibe and I kind of hope that stays.

    I have heard there isnít quite enough in terms of looks since due to the setting you canít really go too crazy with how weapons and outfits look. Yeah, itís not one I think Iíll ever really look into myself since Iím not too into Far Cry. Yes and it seems like a good variety of content as well to keep the game going.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-12 19:02
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey man, hope you're doing well. Did you get the package?

    Also, saw a rumor going around that apparently has a number of sources that FFXV will release Friday September 30th. Could turn out to be wrong, but I'd be fine with a date like that.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-05 18:36
    Dann of Thursday
    It’d be an interesting angle to differentiate as the original series was just about the heroes’ growth really, though Vader had some in the last two. I’m not sure you’d really need to think of it as a prequel as it would only really be related by being in the same universe. If it’s far back enough then it wouldn’t matter really unlike the prequel trilogy which was about telling how things became as they were at the start of the original trilogy.

    I guess, but I suppose the industry is kind of in a strange place nowadays. You see that kickstarter Funi is doing for a new dub for an HD version of Escaflowne? The local library by me now actually has a surprisingly robust anime collection to check out with a lot of stuff I haven’t seen in years or that I know to be out of print like Outlaw Star, Zoids New Century and only the first two DVDs for Chaotic Century among many others. Hopefully, though I could have sworn there was some issue around showing those that I can’t remember or that might have been Hellsing. Yes, that’s nice at least.

    I’ve only had it once I think and it was quite good. Weather down here is different given it’s usually at least 70 every day, which is weird. Yeah, it just goes along at a good pace from one scenario to the next. I’m not sure that’s necessary since each arc seems to have him generally stick with one or two and being tied to one particular would sort of take away from his main gimmick. What exactly is this? I’ve only been able to glance so far, but you weren’t kidding on the familiar angle.

    You should be getting it around Monday I think. Plenty of time so I think you’ll be good.

    Luckily found a pretty nice place in a town just outside Austin that’s not too long a drive from work or the city. Also has pretty much everything I’d need nearby as well. Sorry this has taken so long. I actually won’t have internet for another two weeks unfortunately so I have to use what places I can find.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-03-05 18:34
    Dann of Thursday
    It’s a good setup for something different and I wonder if it might take a path where everyone eventually converges in the same place. I thought it was a good performance and way to go about his character as well. True, the arm’s only part of it. She does look quite a bit like the Winter maiden from the story though which is curious. I suppose it might depend on where the other maidens are now that Fall is accounted for. I imagine we’ll get a closer look at the Schnee company as well now. I guess.

    She certainly seems to be carrying on a conversation with him so that’s one sign of that. We haven’t gotten that deep a look into his head so perhaps he’s become more willing to think along the lines of there being some casualties in war. It could have simply become that way over time between the two of them. Blake certainly doesn’t seem too surprised by his behavior. Unless they show a look of someone’s values and stance degrading and corrupting over time at some point. And for all we know he has a plan of his own going on in the background. I never saw him as a hero in the first place so I suppose that’s why I don’t see that much of a disconnect. I think he just fell further and further into darkness from whatever ideals he may have once held. That scene in episode 7 to me was to show that he at one point did still have some values in regards to his subordinates’ lives, but now that’s changed as evidenced by his actions here. Blake’s leaving may have been a factor in pushing him as well.

    I’m not disputing the need for something to even the playing field or it’s role, just that I didn’t think there was enough presented to hint at this where it didn’t feel like an Deus Ex Machina to suddenly save them all from getting killed then and there. Oh, I do as well. That moment was quite cathartic. Yes, that’s seems the likely path for her to take. I’d considered things might go bad for her, but her straight up getting killed like that wasn’t one I’d considered. If there’s something that could come from all this, then it would be that development for Jaune. I’m undecided on pairings in that direction for the moment, although that would seem the most likely for us to see. I keep wondering if we might see Phyrra come back somehow, like as some macabre shade used by Salem. It seems quite likely that we’ll see Emerald mess with them by showing illusions of Phyrra to them.

    That’s true. Her whereabouts are another mystery for the moment. I don’t know that I’d be mad so much as extremely amused. But then I’ve seen enough series go down in quality with turns like that that I don’t know if I’d be too upset. Ah, fair point there. I’d forgotten honestly. That at least we’ll likely see happen in some form. It’s one of those things tied specifically to how the Shifter village works that makes me think it’ll be a while before we get answers. Unless the basement holds them.

    Well, it’s Spider-Man so I think it’s quite possible to know what to expect. I’ve heard them talk about him a bit as well and it sounds like what you’d expect given they’re going younger with him. Still haven’t seen the first, but then I don’t have Netflix.

    They’re certainly among the best choices given they’ve been turning in some great work thus far. I think you could do something fun with another go with the idea of Ghostbusters, but that trailer for the new one coming out didn’t really appeal to me at all. Well, they did do Ragnarok in the comics and I’m pretty sure everyone lived.

    Those CW shows seem to do pretty well for themselves so it should be good. Yeah, a lot of that could be hard to adapt as it’s a very talky show.

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