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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-29 21:52
    Dann of Thursday
    I've got Gundam, One Punch Man, and will save Utawarerumono for after I finish the first series. That new BONES show could be interesting too, but that one I'll wait to hear on. And some OVA stuff like Gundam Origin II as you mentioned.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-28 22:57
    Dann of Thursday
    Huh Orphans sort of snuck up on me. Didn't realize till today that it was this weekend. Anything else this season you have on the radar?
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-24 14:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Saw the Shokugeki spoilers and no wonder Erina was taken away from her father.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-22 20:56
    Dann of Thursday
    Quick note I heard during the RT Podcast is that Lindsay and Barbara will be at NYCC along with Gray, Carey and Miles. I know Lindsay was one of the ones missing from your poster, though I can't recall what the other was. Just wanted to you know.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:38
    Dann of Thursday
    I’d completely forgotten about the axes honestly.

    I’ve already seen pictures of a full set of gunplay for Orphans so they’re definitely not wasting any time there.

    The lack of information is certainly one of the most frustrating parts of it all.

    Some of them barely even have anything extra with them too like a number of the Aniplex releases. I can only guess that whatever they sell is enough to satisfy them that they keep it up still. I’m actually not sure if they still do that in Japan or not, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they do. Actually there is a large Gundam channel on Youtube that has a number of the series with subs, though I’m not at all sure if it’s official or not. The size of it all makes me wonder if it is. No clue on the reasoning, but it’d definitely be nice to have a reasonably priced collection of all the episodes or films in a series.

    They got some great talent too, which may also be a good sign.

    I’ve never seen any of the Rocky films, but it still sounds interesting. The whole thing with Hook apparently being a good guy at first is weird to me though I suppose one of the points is to show how he got where he is later. It’s odd to have gotten them so soon when it isn’t till next year although it is releasing in late March so maybe not.

    And I don’t feel like we’d done too much with her personal plot yet either. Lots of stuff with Blake and a bit with Yang and Ruby, but nothing really of note with Weiss. That’s what I’m still curious to learn about in what the actual plan is.

    It’s a neat concept for certain. I’m sure they’re trying to work out the best time to start informing everyone.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:37
    Dann of Thursday
    I think Mordor still had issues with the way it was structured, but that enemy system was definitely one of the best in how it brought the player into the revenge aspect more directly. Haha, that actually doesn’t seem all that crazy for that whole world given all the other stuff going on in the overall world.

    And also taking place afterwards instead of in that weird space just before like with Citadel. I saw, but think it could be pretty cool to keep following their story. It’ll be cool to run into them though if they do it like with Hawke. I’ve tried leaving off on some and feel free to drop points that feel exhausted.

    Surprised we haven’t had a teaser for that one yet honestly, but the art looks promising. Well it’s not that long before the next update in December.

    I have an ebook copy of the first book that came with a short story about Thrawn. It was the 20th anniversary edition I believe. I almost feel it isn’t possible they could turn out like that, but hopefully it’s alright in the end. Given we’ll have finished off the first major event with Infinity War I think that would mark a good time to cool it down a bit. I’m actually rather glad they haven’t spoiled the whole thing in the few trailers they’ve done as seems to happen with other films these days.

    Neither am I really. It’s weird to think we got 3 and 4 on PS2 and have now skipped all the way to PS4 for this next one. I heard it was weird because of that and how it seemed to breeze through things a bit given everyone sort of knew all that information. The fact there still isn’t too much known about it helps as well since it increases speculation.

    It’s also helpful catching up on some series for the new game coming out if you’ve forgotten or don’t have time to go through again.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:36
    Dann of Thursday
    They’ve been fairly reliable on bringing the games over. It’s just all the extra stuff we don’t seem to get but that is often the case with lots of stuff like how anime often have those audio dramas and such. I’ve had an interest in those before as well, but ultimately was never interested enough to really try them out. That’s about what I make at one of my jobs in two weeks so definitely not bad, though that’s without accounting for the difference in expenses based on location I suppose. Neither do I and unfortunately have quite a lot of debt from loans, largely due to me for some reason thinking you couldn’t start paying off your loans until you graduated (I have no idea why I thought this). Thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’ve found some jobs in that area recently that I’m going to apply to, though I never know how much me not being from the area hurts my chances. It’d be quite challenging for sure but would largely depend on if I could make the various schedules work out or not.

    Yeah, not all that much happened aside from setup. It’d probably be too big of a setback as you said if it did end up failing. Ah, good point and if they’ve done any sort of information gathering they most likely know. The way they ended it definitely gives that indication.

    And they’d probably be on the lookout for them anyway as well.

    It was weird that there didn’t seem to be any other opponents with the same two-person dynamic Reiji and Sei had going, but I just got used to it as it went on. He does get better as he goes along and gets over the sort of mental block he had going that prevented him from doing so. There was a movie for the recent series that took place in between some episodes in the later part of it. Oh, that sort of thing. Yeah, not too big on teen angst either. Weird since they probably could have found a place to leave off of in the manga. There was another show recently, Tokyo Ghoul, that did that with its anime adaptation but even stranger in that they went into original material and then reverted back to the source manga at the end thus making me question why they bothered in the first place. I’ve watched the first few episodes, but need to get back to it. Interesting thus far though.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:34
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose it’ll depend on how involved they are in upcoming events. Yes, it seems like this will either be the next major arc or at least an arc that hangs over all the other ones that happen going forward for the time being. Well, at least it’s all done then so I can just go through it without having to wait whenever I do. That’d make sense for him to do though I’m not sure we’ll be seeing him anytime soon.

    If he was at the school as you’d assume he was then I’d think he would have had to be on the Elite Ten. Given the way the latest chapter ended I think we could potentially get that backstory sooner unless it just ends up being some encouraging speech to Soma. True, you can use that as a means of telling the time frame. It’s sort of weird how he’s acting so far though that analysis that he’s like this because he’s simply so confident things will go his way is probably spot-on and both sides are completely genuine. I wonder if the changes might be slow or not evident at first. I never read much into those comments, but you’re probably right on that. Yeah, they don’t seem like they’d have gotten on at all.

    Even so it seemed surprising to give that kind of power to a bunch of kids, though Senzamon himself seemed to affirm their ability to do so before the reveal I suppose. He’s the least surprising of the bunch to see join. I could see Azami’s philosophy being appealing to a degree to many of the students. Though I do find it interesting that Azami does share Soma’s opinion about high quality ingredients not being completely necessary for high quality dishes.

    Will do.

    Seems a good policy though I’ve been reading some people suggesting that Madhouse being behind Mahouka means we’ll never see another season since apparently doing one only of adaptations of LNs are what usually happens with series done by them, though that could always change. I wonder if they even had some explanation planned out at all. I actually thought it was the VA for the Major for 2nd Gig until realizing they meant the Arise series. Very well though.

    Still kind of shame sometimes since hand drawn can look quite amazing still.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:33
    Dann of Thursday
    It is quite the rate occurrence. I meant Fairy Tail. Ah, I’d thought that was a recent development. At least it seems to be visible to a degree then. She got into the original anime the same time I did when it aired on AS and got into the manga from there.

    I can’t blame them for wanting to either given how much material in that universe they’d already done and how that history could be constraining at times. Oh, I think I’ve heard of that actually but didn’t realize exactly what it entailed. I always sort of ignored the whole thing with Turn A because it simply doesn’t make any sense to put it all in the same universe. The UC I can buy well enough, but trying to put it all was a bit much. I think Origin is doing well so that’s most likely the case and they could probably keep up having this stuff be in OVA form alongside the regular series that’s airing. That’s true enough.

    That’s certainly quite true especially the last one that aired. If they can gradually ramp up what it can do along with what can actually challenge it then it should be just fine so long as the end result isn’t too insane. I know, but it was at least an attempt before they just resorted to beam spam. I’m not sure if it had an effect on length or not since that was such a weird show.

    That aspect was generally fine I agree. That was a Bay show? I remember seeing ads for it in theaters in the past and didn’t realize it was already that far.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-09-18 16:32
    Dann of Thursday
    The better new IPs end up doing the more we’ll get or at least you’d think so. I know, but the first game at least holds a fond place in my heart. I really liked the Temple of Pandora overall in terms of the feeling of progress and scale to it and mythology has always been a big fascination for me.

    I never got around to that one due to the motion controls just not feeling right for me, though I heard the Gamecube version actually didn’t have that issue. Yeah, it seemed like the most interesting bits of the plot didn’t come until that point. I’d heard Fi is one of the more irritating companions of the series. Ah, alright. Yeah, I only had a chance to play an N64 a couple of times at a friends. First console we had was a SNES back when they were sort of on clearance since all the newer systems were out. Had a lot of fun with that though and happily it still works. I’ve actually never played any of the Sega systems though. Well, they announced the new President and a mobile Pokemon game, but that’s about it and it’s hard to say what that might yield right now. It’s bizarre, but I’m not sure I ever played any of the 3D Mario games. I think I played the one on the Gamecube (Sunshine?) but not 64 or Galaxy or any of those. Square developed a game called Super Mario RPG that was published by Nintendo on the SNES. Never played it, but always heard good things.

    I think the beta for it is supposed to be soon which should be the first real look we get at the game with lots of people trying it out. Not sure when that is supposed to start though. We did get Wreck-It Ralph though which was kind of like that to a degree and that was pretty good at least.

    It makes me glad to see that finally seeming to reach its end so that it no longer holds some titles back anymore. Something like that would definitely be a good way to go about it to get rid of the busy work just a bit.

    I know the idea they might lock out character switching is a big worry and one I agree with. It also wouldn’t exactly make sense since there are portions of the game where Cloud isn’t with the party due to the story and would thus throw you into using a completely different character if they go about it like that.

    I know some places are putting Vita games on clearance now for good prices like Target, though that doesn’t seem to extend to the system. Hopefully they pull another price drop soon, though I’m not sure that will extend towards those ridiculously expensive memory cards. I feel like the 3DS probably won’t see a drop for a while longer since Nintendo has been stubborn about that. Oh, I pretty much decided to not bother with AK at this point. Right now I’m trying to finish up Bravely Default on the 3DS then I’ll probably try to play some more Witcher until Tales comes out. And that should be it for the year.
    Yeah, and the animation style is different and colorful enough that running around could be pretty fun. Agreed.

    It is ultimately and I’ve pretty much got things down for this year and next year I’ve been slimming down quite well. Of course, any changes in work will affect this all the more so always best to be prepared and not commit too much to anything. It is though the whole collecting aspect to it makes me get a bit obsessed with making sure I don’t miss anything. That’s probably a good solution since the way I’m doing things now isn’t helping get things done at a good enough pace for me.

    It’s certainly a project that you’d want to see the results of. That’d make sense I suppose. Some sort of world where there’s a constant war between these different factions perhaps?

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