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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-12 23:26
    Dann of Thursday

    True, there isn't really the same kind of variation that DA has with the playstyles. One step at a time I guess.

    You certainly do see a lot of differing choices done in ways you don't normally see.

    The scoring has certainly seemed odd at times and that dish did look great. I really liked that as well for a twist compared to the last two. I did raise my eyebrow once I found out they knew each other.

    It's what I'm really liking about it as well and actually makes me want to re-read Shokugeki. I've never tried it myself, but the dishes certainly made it look appetizing. Liked that this guy's specialty was in stews.

    It was a good battle and I'm not really surprised it ended up being a tie since from the judges reactions and the quality of the dishes, it seemed like it would have been close. The scallions battle was certainly intense, which you could tell from some of the responses from the chefs.

    Perhaps he'll just start having the dominoes all start to fall then or at least make the last two books really long. Or do something like split the last one in two or something. Probably that desire to see some sort of happy ending or something, but I can't say I disagree with the notion. It's definitely getting to the point to have all these worlds start colliding and seeing how it affects the characters.

    I was definitely confused how we went from the ending to The Wolverine to what was going on in DoFP, which seemed to escalate quite quickly. It's definitely confusing, but I was willing to let it go since I imagined it erased things like Origins. Actually, the costume he's wearing here is adapted from a Frank Millar miniseries called Man Without Fear (and possibly that one Incredible Hulk TV-Movie), which was sort of an expanded take on DD's origin and that outfit was what he first wore when he was getting started. They've implied that we'll see the outfit evolve till I imagine we'll arrive at the classic red. Well, there's also the whole thing with the dragon and the mystical city if they tell the whole thing. Not till 2016, though we'll at least get another preview I imagine. I think everyone is in agreement that having that as the title would have been a better move, but given how gung-ho they are about pushing this Justice League movie I can't say I was surprised. It'd definitely be a funny shout-out. It'd already sort of been going downhill before with a lot of filler novels that didn't seem to matter much, but that last one was such a slap in the face I thought. I can't say I intended to watch it though one of my co-workers seemed really happy about it so no accounting for taste in some respects. I actually liked Speed Racer since it was essentially a live-action version of the cartoon that even improved some aspects. Except that kid and the monkey, who could have been cut out entirely and nothing of value would have been lost. And the races were a lot of fun visually too. I'll have to try and get out to see it soon, but haven't had a lot of time. Well, that's not so bad I guess.

    I think they sold all these rights way before there was any inkling they'd be doing this MCU thing or that'd be successful. Hindsight I guess, but I think they did during one of those periods where Marvel was near bankrupt. They'll definitely try to get it at a good price. And hey, Sony and Marvel worked something out for Spider-Man so that's something! It's sort of a weird deal from the looks of things, but hopefully it turns out well. I'd imagine we'll probably see something about this new movie soon like maybe casting at San Diego. I know there's a good chance J.K. Simmons will be returning as Jonah. Unfortunately, the relationship with Fox apparently isn't as friendly as the one with Sony and since the X-Men movies are successful they won't be giving those over. Too bad since it's clear Hugh Jackman would really like to be in an Avengers movie as Wolverine.

    I'm getting the impression so far this will largely be focused on them though we could always switch over. The situation with this restaurant definitely provides an interesting challenge as well as being a good place for Hisako to let her skills shine. I also get this weird feeling she'll become another lady to fall for the Yukihara charm.

    Well, at least we've gotten that out in the open. Hey, if it gets things moving, then I'm okay with it. Given that there seems to be some sort of science to it all, I'm not that surprised that abilities can be obtained like this for some reason.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-08 15:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Not sure if she'll really move around or not, though given the apparent size of the world it could be inconvenient if she just stays in the same place. It's definitely weird, but I'm starting to get a better idea of it. The idea that resting regularly gives you bonuses or sustains them seems a nice feature, though the fact that long crawls through a dungeon can take a toll could make things challenging. Still a bit confused on the leveling aspect of it all as well. Great that they were able to confirm it would be available right away, though I do feel bad that I'll probably be neglecting Type-0 until I'm done with demo.

    I'm definitely digging that aspect of it as well as the apparent abilities they're working in with it. Also interested in how much bigger the party will get. I like the animations on the menus funnily enough, but it's a nice little thing to add in. It'd be surprising if they did honestly, though I was already getting more of a feel for his personality than from the last two games in this trailer alone. Not sure how Persona are going to work since that bit at the end almost made it seem like you sort of embody the Persona rather than having it just sort of appear over you.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-08 15:03
    Dann of Thursday
    No, this has been more comments by fans and such. The staff haven't commented on Ren quite yet and I think we might not hear anything until the RWBY panel at RTX or another event. Do so when you feel you can, it's largely remembering funny moments and other things with a very touching tribute video at the end.

    True, it could be complicated, but I felt some of the selections in the other games made it a bit easier than it is to do here. It'd be a nice upgrade at the least moving forward.

    Yeah, I've only just started on the Natto battle and will probably get it done today if I can.

    Edit: Natto looks a bit odd and the dishes didn't seem quite as appetizing as the salmon ones from last time, though it seems natto is an acquired taste. Moving onto the yellowtail then to see how that turns out.

    Edit 2: I actually thought the Ohta Faction was going to win the yellowtail battle since during the tasting it seemed like there was a bit more criticism on Morimoto's side.

    Edit 3: The anglerfish battle was a real surprise. Based on the tasting, I thought Morimoto had that one. Especially since one of the judges in particular seemed a bit down on one of Masahara's dishes. The video I found for that one was a bit weird though since it seemed like I only saw the tasting of two of each chef's dishes. Surprised they managed to make such an unappetizing fish look delicious.

    I saw that and it was definitely very different and kind of weird. I'm curious whether he'll reveal whatever is going on there in the next book or the one after, which I think is the last one. Yes, the book has never been shy about that aspect. It would seem a bit much to have another child after what she's been through, but I thought it was an interesting (if weird) theory. That could make more sense ultimately for her to go that route.

    It seemed more they were using all the time travel shenanigans to write out all the problematic things and restore everyone to a more viable point for the future. Which is cheap, but better than just doing it without explanation I feel. That's the main thing since as far as I can tell, all the heroes they're adapting are street level ones that don't require much in the way of effects and benefit from a grittier kind of look like Daredevil. Except Iron Fist, which should be interesting to see. Having a trailer with some actual acting would help as well. The Mad Max one? Yeah, I was rather confused as well, but visually it looks great with the vibrant colors and such. I do sort of wish he had the voice, but maybe if we're lucky he'll jump in the air at the end and shout "I FEEL ALIVE". Been debating on that one as well, though everything I've heard is rather negative. Shame really since the book series its based on was pretty good, at least until an awful ending. I'm not even all that familiar with it, which is why it surprised me. Are Speed Buggy or Jabber Jaw next? I've heard Jupiter Ascending is at least hilarious in several ways with a lot going on. I'm curious how long they'll wait for the next one.

    Apparently they had to make something with them within 10 years of the start of production on the last. So if they had done nothing with them, the rights would have reverted in 2016. It's always possible that Disney could simply purchase the rights back so as to have complete control over all the properties. I'd be surprised if they didn't show him off more in whatever trailers comes next. It is what it is unfortunately.

    True, though they do well sometimes. It's definitely still early in production so we'll have to see exactly where they go with it.

    Makes sense for them to do this and a good chance for some character development on both ends since they have sort of the opposite problem. Hisako has a specialty, but no drive to be better than number two to Erina and Soma has the drive, but no real specialty.

    Spoilers for Shingeki out as well. Looks like she ended pulling through in the end. Guess I shouldn't have doubted her. Looks like we found a solution to that hardening ability as well.

    I may look into it as well since I've got a number of local ones. Just have to see what happens.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-05 09:22
    Dann of Thursday
    New trailer for the FFXV demo is out:

    Nice to hear the classic FF theme.

    Oh, and new trailer for Persona 5! Really looking forward to this one even if I know how much time it'll probably take to complete.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-04 22:06
    Dann of Thursday
    I imagine they'll do the best they can, though I wouldn't be surprised if season 3 gets delayed. Which is perfectly of course. I've seen people suggest they retire the character, though I'd hope they find a way to avoid it if possible. Ren always was the quiet type after all. They did a video podcast remembering Monty that was nice:

    I feel if you could perhaps set characters to use certain actions to different situations could help. Like if I use Wrath of Heaven, Cassandra's AI can be set to trigger Spell Purge to trigger that eldritch combo.

    Given the age makes it all the more impressive I think though I don't know how often dubbing of live action stuff is done these days. I definitely get that impression based just on what I've seen with this first one. Wow, that's a pretty good run and a lot of cooking matches.

    There are definitely a few who don't seem likely to meet their end quite yet. I half wonder if we'll see him start killing off some to whittle it down a bit. Based on evidence it certainly seems the best one to go off of and provides some of the best possibilities down the line. I'd seen speculations too about him ending up with Daenerys, though given his potential family history that could end up being very bad. Not sure where they'll go with her either.

    If they approach it in certain ways they could perhaps make it work or build him into a proper Doom. Well, they'd probably do well with casting and such, but there's a certain formula Marvel movies tend to follow that I feel can be constraining. After looking at those Netflix series and the recent Daredevil trailer, I wonder if a series like that would work better for him though budget could be a problem. That doesn't bug me as much really. It is good to see and hopefully some of them can get some good roles. I've heard good things about it since it's already out in some places and the new Mad Max is apparently done by the original director. I did as well which might have been why I liked what I've seen, though it seems a bit darker than Short Circuit ever got (well, 2 got a bit dark). It's more some of the choices for remakes like Point Break or Poltergeist. And then I find out they're adapting old 80s cartoons like Jem and Holograms into movies. I've only seen one trailer for it and nothing else. Looks pretty, but I don't know what expectations I have about the plot. It's definitely the strongest aspect of the film and driving force, but some deeper looks at the others would be nice to see if they make a sequel.

    Perhaps, I don't know for certain. I know they have to make films within a certain period or the rights revert to Marvel. I wouldn't mind if it was good, but I don't have much in the way in confidence. The trailer they did was a good teaser for everything while getting the point across well, but hopefully they don't reveal too much. It might just be to cash in or serious confidence in the movie and the appeal of comic book movies to audiences.

    It's just weird to me that it's apparently an American made film. I mean, the Japan setting was sort of an important aspect of the series I thought. Of course, it could be one of those instances where I'm just too familiar with the Anime series to really look objectively at this.

    I'm not sure what I'd do if I went back for something else myself. I've looked at Library Science before since it feels like something I can do, but not sure how well that could work out. Ah, hope that works out for you. Biggest problem I see is just getting jobs, though that's hardly uncommon for anyone in our generation unfortunately.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-03 00:05
    Dann of Thursday
    Apparently RT did their usual podcast, though I missed it. Seems they'll be continuing on with RWBY since the writers are still around and I read something about Monty having trained some of his animators, who did a few sequences last season. Apparently Monty had planned out up to a season 8. I'm not sure what they'll do about Ren though. Sorry, I'm still having trouble processing this myself.

    Alright. It was pretty heavy here, but manageable.

    Shouldn't be any problems I think. Perhaps, though it'd be nice if they can deepen it with whatever comes next since I know it's been a much talked about negative point.

    I was surprised by how well it actually worked in that department even if it was odd since I haven't seen dubbed live-action in a long time. Ah, alright. It definitely caught my attention the most and made me think of Shokugeki too. That surprised me for certain even if I got what he was doing. Alright, I'll check out that one next. What year are these from anyway?

    True, but in this kind of environment I actually get a bit fearful about getting attached to anyone although there are a few characters I feel are somewhat safe until the last book. Didn't Martin say he wasn't going to introduce anymore new viewpoints given how many there were at that point? What's your theory on Jon Snow? I kind of go with what I think is probably the most common one, but was curious on your take.

    It's sad since I actually thought there were aspects that were well done, but a new start might be what is needed. That said, another reboot this soon would be pretty weird. I'm sure they'd love to have complete control over him again, though the idea of him being integrated into the MCU actually feels weird. I saw that, along with a young Cyclops and Storm. For 2015? I think Kingsman looks pretty good as does Mad Max and of course Avengers. That Chappie movie looks interesting too even if it does remind me of Short Circuit a bit. There's a lot of stuff that looks interesting and weirdly a lot of remakes (seems to be a trend these days). I could probably make a whole list of movies this year I'm at least curious about. Yeah, I did. I liked it, especially the bits between Hiro and Baymax. I thought it was a bit by-the-numbers with the other characters though, but it was still fun.

    Perhaps, we'll just have to see how it pans out I suppose. I've been hearing all sort of behind the scenes troubles about it, though who knows how much of it is accurate. I think Fox was so gung-ho on making this movie since they could lost the rights if they didn't do something with it soon. Hopefully so. I thought they teased the powers well, which makes me curious if they'll keep teasing to make the full unveiling in the film have more impact. They've apparently already greenlit a sequel for 2017.

    Speaking of, what's your take on that Ghost in the Shell live-action movie? I'm a bit leery myself.

    The classes I'm considering are for Medical Coding. Not sure if it's something I'd enjoy honestly, but it's a growing field and makes decent enough money. Good luck on your end with that. I'm not sure if mine have been that bad, though paying the interest on my loans seems to get you something.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2015-02-02 21:16
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm curious what exactly happened. All that's said is that it was an allergic reaction, though I know that sometimes you won't know you have an allergic reaction till it happens or something along those lines.

    I uploaded the video I did that mission appeared in. It's the last one I uploaded. Haven't had time or a chance really to play since then since we didn't have power due to the storm.

    I recall reading something about them being burned out and that DLC might be a little while, which is understandable I suppose. There's room for improvement though so hopefully they take it.

    Indeed, and it does still have access to the other trees to have certain combat abilities. I really do wish they hadn't dumbed down the AI compared to the other games and restore it in the future. Ah, alright. Still, you could probably combine it's abilities with the other trees for some good combos.

    Finally got around to finishing it and it was quite interesting, though the dubbing was weird. Especially since the host wasn't subtitled. I actually sort of wanted to try the challenger's a bit more (that rice and stew looked great) though Morimoto's dishes looked really good too. That salmon with salmon stuffed in looked delicious. Is the next part one of the ones on the side like the Natto or Ox Tail battle?

    Haven't been able to get as much done on that front as I'd have liked. But man, this series is just as depressing as I'd heard. It's on my list of books to pick up but I haven't gotten much lately. I'll probably pick it up relatively soon and the references would certainly help given how complicated this all seems to be.

    It's definitely a bit confusing and given Sony's situation, I half wonder if they'll sell the film division. It'd be funny if Disney/Marvel bought them to get control of Spider-Man back if such a thing happened. X-Men? I thought I saw something about them jumping back to present day after this one since it's largely taking place in the past, but we'll have to see. I thought films in 2015 were numerous, but 2016 looks even more filled.

    I didn't mean he himself was silly so much as that his whole origin is a bit out there even compared to some other origins and you'd need the right team to covey it properly. And I don't get them trying to make this FF movie "grounded" since the FF by their nature are the opposite of that. I'm curious if any of the upcoming trailers will show much more of him.

    Considering going to junior college to get a certificate in another field that has much more job opportunities given my lack of luck finding anything in my field. That's about it on my end. Still waiting on a W-2 in order to file my taxes.
  8. Dann of Thursday
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-31 01:09
    Dann of Thursday
    Pretty much. Hopefully some good news comes through soon.

    It's definitely a downer on things and not something I expected to see at all.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2015-01-31 01:07
    Dann of Thursday
    The circumstances seemed to be that the brother lied and was running off with their valuables. The husband caught him and the brother attacked him which led to the latter being killed in self-defense.

    Yeah, I'd expect something like that happening , but curious who we might see since the next would conceivably be the continuation of the story. And this would also be the first fourth game I think since that new ME sounds like it's not really a sequel.

    Yeah, that specialization seems kind of boring compared to the other two honestly, though a couple of the abilities are alright. You certainly can if you just use Spirit Blade. Haven't played with it much. Seems ok for the most part.

    Yes, I've definitely gotten that impression based on what I've watched thus far.

    I'm a little unclear on where Sony's ownership is at this point given all that has happened with them. And who knows what's going on anymore with what's coming in the comics. I didn't even bother with the second movie since I just didn't care for anything I'd seen of it, despite liking Garfield as well as Stone as Gwen. At least they seem to have gotten on a better track, though hopefully they can keep it up with the Apocalypse movie.

    I'm sure there's someone out there who could accomplish it, but I don't know who. I feel one of the problems is that they never go full out with his origin and embrace the silliness of it all.

    Been reading a bit on it so I'll definitely try to attend whatever results. Will probably do Wicked Hearts tomorrow or Sunday. Hopefully that's not too annoying. I just hate timed missions.

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