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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-10 23:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, I know that feeling. Do you mean how weird Eva got (not that it wasn't rather weird the whole time). Yeah, I think after a while you need to take a break from that sort of thing. Yeah, doesn't really matter I guess. Maybe you should. Yep.

    They still have comedy here and there and some of the one shot episodes are very well written I'd say. That might be The Master who managed to cheat the system a bit, but he is gone for good now. I think it can be anyway. There are some shows I just never got into or was just really confused when I did watch like Lost. Well, the series seems like it'll explore all parts of the war from the commanders and generals to the regular citizens and soldiers. Indeed, though that's something kind of impossible I guess. That is a good point and another interesting thing since the series shows us two types of successful leaders. Alright then, I'll get back to you on more when I finally get through more though I start back tomorrow. Have you finished the series actually?

    Yes, though I'd hope more for happier endings at times. Ah yes, those kinds of people are a problem all right and I've heard about instances like the one you describe before. I know there are people who aren't like that though, but too many are. Probably one of the reasons we get bad shows here and there because people try to cater to those people who care so much about that. Unfortunately, even with series that are pretty good, they don't do that often enough. I'm a little confused what we're talking about right here at the end. I was talking about how close in content Kimi no Todoke anime was to the manga though I might have misread where we were.

    Yeah, though I kind of thought the opening chapters did a well enough job themselves of introducing everything. I don't quite get why they felt the need to do that. A 24-26 episode series would have been much nicer to work with. It is aggravating when you see things either cut out or worse in things like this. Makes me kind of worry for future series I hope to see animated like Code:Breaker. I read summaries to see how far the changes go in episode 2, but I'll probably stop as well.

    Maybe not, but what they do may not equal what we want though I suppose it would be a little arrogant to really expect something to cater to all our wishes. Indeed, though if it isn't a sequel or something it could be done without him I guess. They could opt for some weird AU or prequel I suppose. Personally I could kind of get into a sequel with Lelouch alive where he could act more in a mentor role to someone with Geass with C.C. around as well of course. Yeah, though a complete remake of something like this is kind of a big deal I think and I'm not sure if they would do it. They made OVAs? Yeah, just have to wait till more info comes along. Might be better for a complete fresh start with none of the characters we know, not even C.C.

    No problem.

    Are they still? Well, that is nice though being the most popular doesn't need to equal being a couple, though I find all the chemistry and such does that on its own. I suppose and this would kind of be an instance where I'd like some catering to the fans, though done right of course. I just have this weird idea that if it was a sequel with C.C. in it they might try to hook her up with some new character. I suppose it could just mean nothing, but it still is fun. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that image with Lelouch, C.C., and the dog come true.

    Wow, that is some pretty good luck there. I didn't even know they shipped those outside of Japan.

    Is it? How much did they cut or was there not enough to really make a judgement on it? Good to know the art is alright though.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-10 17:48
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, being exposed to a character or show where that is shown can make it much easier to accept it being done somewhere else. I was kind of referring to both I suppose in that I didn't understand exactly how the other Earth worked in regards to the others as well as when exactly they started making hover cars. Is that so? I think they show the original series on the SyFy network though I no longer get that channel. Yes, that would sound a better term for it. And that should do it for now in any case.

    Ah, they actually mentioned that on the new series though I never saw any of those episodes. The whole reincarnation thing can be a little hard to understand yes, which is probably why I found the newer series easier to follow since you just started off on the Ninth, then the Tenth, and at the end of the lastest season to the new one this spring, the Eleventh. The show would have to end eventually though since Time Lords can only have 13 lives total. Understandable yes and probably wise. Indeed, though do they really manage to have the story continue and be engaging for whole of the war, though granted we've seen it done with other shows I guess. Yes, that is true, but you don't really have many people like Reinhard that are like that really. For every good leader who actually knows what they are doing you have a score of either average or bad leaders, like some of the other generals. I'll keep a sharp eye in that case. Yes, I understand that. Yes, that would make enough sense I suppose.

    That is true though rather sad to see at times. Yes, I understand your point and it is true though sadly that doesn't stop such things from being so commonplace. I wonder why shows like those manage to be so popular. Yes, it makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience with that sort of thing. Well, that'll be nice to see if they get to animating it. Out of curiosity, how close to the manga had the anime been?

    Yeah, I've seen a lot of rather mixed opinions of it but haven't seen it myself and only read the RC summary. From what I've read and such, people seem to think they are skipping several arcs to condense it all like a student council arc. The first episode was completely different and Akira was only in it for a moment without any real involvement in the episode.

    I guess, though it'll depend on if it is even worth watching. Eh, I'm honestly not too sure I'd place much trust in it. I'd see it as very doubtful honestly and if he was alive, then there is a risk of it turning into another Destiny. I mean, I wouldn't mind him and C.C. being more side characters, but I don't hope for much in that regard. Yeah, since it would be pretty weird to have some of the same things happen again, though I know Rolo at least would likely be gone among other things. I'd be rather worried about changes that might be made to C.C. though.

    Yeah, someone gave me a link to it.

    I'd think so yes, since I'm decently sure that those two were the most popular couple. I wouldn't hope for much on that end though since from what I understand we were never supposed to see those two in such a light, though they didn't do a great job of putting that forward. Hmm, that might make sense I suppose.

    You actually have arcades near you? I haven't actually seen one in ages. Well, that is nice to hear in any case.

    The first episode of Seiken no Qwaser apparently aired as well.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-09 22:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, and with my classes this semester I'll probably be there for a long while.

    I don't quite remember that so much as the way he liked to mess with Picard or test him at times. I recall it used to be on Spike TV, but I don't know if that is the case anymore. That is true, though it was kind of the case with July and Suou. Others I suppose may have come from the data they gathered. Well, I think it could be possible for them to be in a physical state on one of the Earths though that's up in the air of course. Particularly in this world. Indeed, that should do for now.

    The old stuff? I've actually only see one and a half episodes of the old stuff and the half I saw of one episode was when I had no idea what it was. I saw the revival series in 2005 along with some episodes from the later seasons. It can get kind of complicated honestly, but the concepts and performances are quite good overall I'd say. I've never had any problems personally, but then I do regular checks of all sorts to make sure nothing gets into my computer to mess with it. Ah, well that is good and I have seen them do that to some degree already. Oh, well thanks, that would be a nice change honestly. Hmm, that does sound simple enough I suppose and makes sense. Yes, there always seem to be people like that in things like this who either try to turn a profit or cannot get out of their own world to see those of other people. You mean something that may seem insignificant at the time, but ends up being a big deal later? Hmm, yes that would seem like something that would make it hard to build ships to deal with it if the environment can be unpredictable. Yes, that does help with things. I haven't seen a mention, but are there those who go further out to explore or is something like that a bit of a risk along with the war preoccupying everyone?

    Do you mean in a sense where in the end it really doesn't seem like we got anywhere at all or something like that? Something like that can indeed be irritating as well as unfair, though with love triangles and such it can be kind of disappointing if you lose as well. Hence why I prefer when there is really only one LI since it really just benefits everyone else. Ah, they have an arc later then?

    Yeah, I read some of the chapters to the manga finally and it certainly is rather interesting. The anime's first episode was weird though and the fact this is a 12 episode series from what I understand seems to make it kind of a waste.

    I see. And the day after my birthday too. The image probably has little bearing on the show unless there is a Zero in it. The Zero looks no different to me honestly and Lelouch always was rather slender. I can't quite say I'm excited though. R2 was such a draining experience honestly, that I'm not sure I could do it again. And if it's a continuation of sorts than that'd probably mean no Lelouch with C.C. making a new contract and continuing Geass. I've heard some people wondering if it was a remake per Taniguchi's original ideas, but I don't quite relish the idea of that either nor does it seem entirely likely.

    Here's another new image:

    I rather like the way Lelouch and C.C. are and find it funny he is holding her and roses rather possesively. Strange since LelouchXC.C. was apparently never intended to happen and that they still do official images like this which seem to say the opposite.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-05 22:26
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose there is that as well as school since the wi-fi there is actually quite good, though I honestly don't know if there are any net cafes near me.

    Ah, I remember him though it's been some time since I saw any sort of Star Trek on TV (yeah, the Borg as a whole creeped me out though they sort of got annoying in that whenever I would see an episode of Voyager it involved them though I didn't see many episodes of that show). I suppose though I'm curious as to whether anyone that has a copy in the new world is no longer living in the old one. I'd rather wonder what they would do though beyond finding someplace away where they might not be bothered by potential enemies. Yes, they would certainly be a rather poor and incompentent service if they didn't. I'd hope so after the rather bad ends they had. Nah, I'm good overall and I suppose we can hold off till the OVAs give us something more to discuss.

    That is quite annoying I admit and some things I can simply never seem to find (often due to those copyrights like with Doctor Who and the damn BBC) to the point that I end up quite surprised when I do have some luck. Indeed, that is one of the advantages of them. Not really honestly as I tend to go with torrents, though I don't do that as often anymore. That sounds like a good enough explanation as well as good judgment I'd think. Ah, no I unfortunately haven't gotten to that part quite yet though I've been so distracted lately I may very well have missed it. Unfortunately I have only made it to 3 so far to my shame and have been trying to get 4 to load fully enough for me to watch it. Ah, well that at least clears that up as well as making sense so thanks. Still, what exactly is the point of the war really? I suppose I could understand the Alliance possibly harboring some ill will due to the genocide and whatnot, but wouldn't it be simpler to just leave one another alone or establish some sort of treaty? I suppose that sort of thing might be explored through the series though. I look forward to hearing those reasons then. Yes, I haven't seen much admittedly but Reinhard strikes me as the kind of person who would become like that given his environment whereas Yang is the opposite in several ways. That seems the most likely explanation though they seem like they could use some warp drives quite well. I look forward to that then.

    Yeah, it all depends on how it is used in the end. I despise endings where they don't end up choosing anyone (most of the time anyway) though I suppose I understand that they wouldn't want to disappoint fans or something like that. Yes, that is true and they at least managed to evoke the right emotions with me at least. Ah, well that does give them a lot to work with and if they did end it then I'd imagine a good stopping point would be the end of the school year since I recall reading it goes into their next year unless that doesn't work as a good stopping point. Ah, I wasn't aware about that part of it though I did hear something about a movie.

    I'm not sure though I do recall well enought that you spoke of the manga. I watched the trailer and it looked interesting though somewhat strange as well.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-05 00:09
    Dann of Thursday
    My apologies on this being so late. Aside from work and other things distracting me, I've had a hell of a time getting a decent enough connection to actually get this to post.

    I honestly never saw much of Star Trek beyond TNG, which my father quite liked as well as the recent movie (the episodes with Borg Picard gave me nightmares when I was younger). I got that much, but I was wondering where all the other ones came from exactly. The OVA could reveal more, but I'm not sure. I'm still curious as to what exactly the kid is and what purpose it may have if any. Yeah, he could really be anywhere I guess though I hope he and Yin are well in any case. That always seems to be the case. That would be the logical thing for them to do and I'd imagine they would have several contingency plans. Ah, right they wouldn't be there with her so I suppose they could be quite alright. I liked the touch of showing us the old landlady of Hei's as well as his neighbor as a reference to the first series.

    Well, they could always have the event happen there and then maybe we can have planet wars or some such nonsense. Indeed, and at least we can expect there to be some good animation present.

    Indeed, it can be quite nice to be able to watch something older when it isn't easily available to everyone, particularly something like this which was never even brought over. Ah, I remember hearing about Veoh quite a bit when all that started happening though I never used sites like these on a very regular basis besides looking up an old show or something like that at times. Indeed, I find that to be quite helpful and am glad they didn't simply abandon doing it after the first episode. Yeah, I expect I'll get the hang of it all soon enough. It made me somewhat curious though as I think the Empire year date was less than the Alliance so I would assume the Empire is more recent or that its founding members were perhaps part of the Alliance originally? I'll look forward to that then and I can't say I'm surprised to hear he doesn't really care for it much since Yang doesn't really strike me as much of a soldier despite his brilliant mind. Well, given Reinhard's position with things with proving himself seeming to be a much bigger issue than it would be for Yang, it doesn't surprise me that much. Ah, I see and in addition I like that they don't really seem to display any sort of intense hatred for each other (yet anyway) and rather have a respect for the other's abilities. Indeed, though I'd still wonder why they could somehow find a way around it though I suppose that would be very time consuming as opposed to going a straight line. I can't quite recall seeing something like it and would be curious to learn more regarding how it works.

    As it so often does, though I'm glad to see that some that employ such things have at least some form of control over it and use it sparingly or more inventively than is common. Some of the old scenarios irritate me at times though like the ever popular 'girl/guy falls on other girl/guy and thus creates an embarressing situation'. Indeed and generally in the end someone ends up losing out and then you have that person's fanbase being all pissed off/depressed and whatnot. I know, I know, but actions such as hers just bug me. Indeed it can though I am somewhat concerned with the pacing considering the manga is relatively new. On a side note in mentioning other series and such, have you ever heard of some show called Eden of the East? I heard good things of it and my sister was quite fond of it as well, but was curious if you knew anything.

    I also recently found out hey are making an anime of that manga you mentioned, Dance in the Vampire Bund though you may actually have mentioned that to me before.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-01 03:33
    Dann of Thursday
    Happy New Year to you. I had the whole reply typed, but then it up and got deleted (I hate when this happens). I'll have it up tomorrow for you.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2010-01-01 03:31
    Dann of Thursday
    The sheer mechanics of it all are quite confusing and somewhat hard to imagine in terms of scope for me honestly. Indeed, though I wonder who all those other souls belonged to or if they may have just been copies of people soon to be created. This makes me wonder what that new kid is doing when he/she is absorbing those souls in their short appearence in the epilogue. Maybe one still working with her old group then? That could always be some sort of connection back to the old Earth though or Hei somehow being connected to both (makes me question what state he is in really). That bit seems to be the only bit we really got resolved I'd say. He was already in place as we saw with Hei's involvement complicating the matter. Yeah, and I'd wonder if Suou's friends made it their as well though I didn't see any of them there so maybe not.

    I suppose, though I'm somewhat unclear as to how they could top creating a copy of Earth even with a new gate and some creepy kid sucking up people's souls. That would be my guess, but mayhap they have something in mind or some other new project that we haven't heard of yet.

    Bah, I hate it when that ends up happening though I don't see it as much with shows like this. Then again, I don't often see shows like this uploaded at places like this. I've got the main people down I think, which shouldn't be a problem though some of the secondary may become muddled. I'm also hoping that the fact they each seem to have their own calender doesn't hinder things though the year should be easy enough to manage I guess. Well, I'd have been surprised if there wasn't someone like that so that is good to hear and after things like this I would expect Yang to get a promotion soon. Well, what I'm getting in what little I've seen is that Reinhard seems to take more charge of this situation and sort of show them exactly why he is right whereas Yang just seems more relaxed with everything and just tries to get them to follow his recommendations. I'm rather curious about that inner area though and if I understood it correctly it messes with navigational instruments? That Iserlohn Fortress is also quite interesting and I can't really say I've seen something like that before, at least in terms of the liquid metal aspect.

    Well, I tend to differentiate between those kinds of series and this kind, mainly in regards to said fanservice. My sisters are both fans of that series (in both anime and manga form) and it did sound rather interesting. I also prefer to have some sort of romance in the series I am watching so long as it is actually written well and doesn't depend so much on triangles for drama and what not, though the latter condition isn't one always followed. Indeed, though there still manage to be things that irk me (like that blasted Kurumi) even though I don't really expect things to really go wrong. Overall though it is quite nice to have the change of pace.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-29 01:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Still, the whole thing seems a little too complicated. I mean, how many people are on this new earth? Are they all people who have died or are there copies of still living people (I guess Suou's mom would prove that this was the case unless I missed something with her). Is there an alternate Misaki here too? I'm also curious as to the chances of an event happening on this Earth as well, though considering we do not know the exact origin of the Gates it is hard to tell. I suppose it was one, though it wasn't really what anyone was expecting. Okay, I do recall one episode at least where they showed up, but for some reason I always thought they were some sort of joke or something. I know they have more advanced science, but hover cars seems a little too much. I wonder if the original Earth looks like the moon to the New Earth. Yeah, it just seemed a little too weird in the end despite some good moments and I kind of liked the original series in that it didn't get quite as out there as it did here. Well, that part was probably planned to some degree, though I have to wonder if it was adjusted after April's death. Indeed, it would be nice to think they are alive in this other place, thought that would make me wonder if Huang, Bai and others might be here as well.

    Eh, I'm not so sure myself. Their story seems like it could be closed off here and I'd honestly like them to have something of a break after everything that happened here. They did leave doors open, but I'm still not sure honestly what the chances are as to what the next big step would be from here. The prophecy did say it would open if I recall so maybe it disappeared and was replaced by a new area.

    I've honestly been quite busy and have so far only managed the first episode. They certainly don't waste any time getting you into things, though I am a little worried that I won't be able to keep track of all the characters in this. One question though: Are all the Commanders in the Alliance somewhat incompentent with their subordinates being the ones who are having the good ideas?

    Indeed, what I have seen so far is quite good and the whole cast seems like it is developing quite well. I honestly don't read or watch too many series in this genre really, but I quite like this series at least. It's also very relaxing to have something more down to earth with all the other crazy shows on.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-26 16:55
    Dann of Thursday
    I get how they made it, but the why seems a little flimsy and such. I also don't quite get how this really ties to the overall story but whatever. That's another thing I don't quite get as I'd wonder not only how that would work scientifically with gravity and whatnot, but whether or not the new Earth is aware of the other. Never saw much of Wolf's Rain though my sister did and said things got rather weird. Though it seemed like a chance meeting more than anything. I was curious who was holding his hand though as it looked a little like November 11's style of clothing for a moment.

    Not necessarily, but it would be nice to see them again in some form I guess. Not sure what they could do really, though some answers would always be nice. Indeed, that would be nice to see.

    I got it working now, no problem.

    It really is quite cute and I enjoy how literally Sawako tends to take things.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-26 11:40
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm still a little confused where this whole idea to create another Earth even came from. Then where have they been the whole? It just seems a little weird to have one suddenly show up. They did a good job of making us think Genma finished him off though. I did get that impression, but I still found the scene rather sweet in any case.

    Yeah, though I get the feeling that they may be absent from any sequel following. It was weird in any case. I guess so.

    It would seem so, but I'll look into it more and perhaps see if I do need to update the flash player. I'm using IE in any case. I've got work soon so I'll have to check it later, but I'll be sure to update if I have any luck.

    On a side note, I happened to download some episodes of that Kimi ni Todoke series you mentioned. I haven't gotten very far, but I quite like it so far.

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