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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-10 12:52
    Dann of Thursday
    Ribbons doesn't make much sense and would be rather annoying to just have him again though aliens would make sense since I do recall along with Ribbons comments that Tieria also spoke at the end about some sort of upcoming contact. I can't think why they would be antagonists though unless perhaps it was all part of some test. I also wonder what sort of new Gundams we might see for the movie. The whole thing has been featured a few times since CG first did it though I can't imagine why. Seriously? I was kind of hoping it was some sort of AU like 00 instead of just being part of that whole universe. The Gundam looks odd in either form though from the pictures, though not too bad.

    Yep, moving on.

    She seems to have based it on the science girl's creations though unless maybe she stole one and brought it along or something. I don't see what is so doubtful about it myself. Given the author's past looks into this subject as well as Chachamaru being a somewhat important character, I'm rather sure it get looked into at some point. It would also be funny to see her get all flustered about it.

    That whole bit honestly confused me quite a bit though I suppose it could just be some sort of nod to all the people with powers having some sort of specialty regarding their genetics. There is still that issue of any special uses probably putting a drain on their powers to the point where they become Lost for that 24 hour period. Yeah, it would make sense that it was That Guy. It would be quite fun to see. Yeah, I noticed what it said for Heike and it was quite funny and how quickly he got that armor was good too. I thought with his full power released we might see it, but not so. I got to the latest chapter and this guy is crazy powerful with those sword moves he has, which is made scarier by his mind reading abilities and the fact he hasn't even used his powers yet. His appearence is quite strange and I wonder if he is a twin though I don't really feel that is the case for some reason. Oogami's probably going to be a bit crazy now and I have a feeling we'll meet another Breaker now. I wouldn't think he was until after she got "killed" either and he may not have even awakened his powers until then. I wonder what is so special about that key and what it opens. I also wonder as to whether the Lost forms are in some way a reflection on some aspect of the Breakers' personalities like Yuuki's being a cat given his love for Nyanmaru (which I also think has to do with his past with Shigure as he also displayed a fondness for kittens). I also wonder about whether the whole side the President seems to have to himself could be the side all the Code: Breakers become a part of. That Guy's mind reading powers are also interesting since it doesn't seem to be like the powers displayed by everyone as Sakura would be able to nullify it otherwise I would think.

    They seemed to gain a bit more in terms of importance, but I see what you mean. Yes, I suppose he will and it will probably have something to do with the truth behind what happened to create the Contractors and the false sky (it had better not be aliens!!!). Yes and he and Yin do need to eat and such, though it might be too dangerous given how he is someone the Syndicate is after. Well, he seems like the kind of guy who would be kind of whimsical in personality so he could be fun, or not. I remember the explanation later on in the series being not that Contractors do not feel emotions as there were several points throughout where this was shown to not be the case (Amber comes to mind really with her love for Hei), but that emotions generally do not play as big a role with their thoughts as with normal people which makes them very rational and seemingly detached. They simply don't care really. Hei was different since he allowed emotions to influence a lot of his actions though in the end I guess this was because he was a human who somehow gained his sister's powers. Amber wanted contractors to be widely known (which they were in the end) and be recognized as a new ethnic group. I hope we get some sort of flashback on the event 10 (maybe 11 now) years ago. I didn't mean it to sound mean and I know she has her own role to play. It would certainly be a bizarre way to end things. And their envy is quite amusing.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 22:28
    Dann of Thursday
    I just sort of wish they would stop dragging and just get to Aizen going with his plan so we can actually move on with the plot. I'm just getting tired of all these fights as all and the Espada honestly aren't very intimidating any more given that a lot of them went down pretty fast save the last three. It does just a bit, but we'll probably get back to regular things soon I would hope. It does seem like things are just heating up so it will be nice to see where all this goes from here. Yeah, hopefully the ending won't tick everyone off too much.

    Yeah, it just wouldn't be right. Some-random-person of the Rebellion just isn't going to work, but maybe they plan to keep going with someone new to have us move on though that doesn't feel right at all personally. I honestly just don't see them having C.C. go and make some new contract.

    He's become more of a mysery if anything I suppose with all this new info. I suppose they have been presented as being more and more similar though Fate still has that cold demeanor going for him right now. Eh, I just plan to go back to my previous method of just not worrying about the whole harem situation. The whole 5 minute thing was mainly for comedic effect as it probably wasn't worth really seeing Rakan beating them down when we have better things to do. I think they'll probably skip it personally or maybe show the end.

    Could be a combination of both though it is good to see them coming out a bit faster in any case. I wasn't sure at first if it was him Sasha was dressed as, but I am now. I got that whole bit though it is still just a bit that Sasha almost went that far, though he probably would have freaked out or something. Too bad he went through this since it makes him seem more like the other Adepts in a way. I'd be surprised to see her really betray without a very good reason, but we'll have to wait till next time. One thing I'm curious to see more of are these levels the Qwasers seem to have for their abilities in terms of mastery. Sasha will probably gain more and more control until he can pull off even more crazy things than we have already seen.

    It is a good role for him to get so let's hope for the success of the series in any case. I just hope they don't pull what they did with Rave and leave it unfinished, but these days I'd say that the chances are good that it won't happen with this unless the series doesn't do well. All around good cast and I also look forward to seeing the other characters get voiced as well. I really do like the whole guild aspect and it does really give that real family vibe I like to see.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 21:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I am mainly just curious as to who the antagonist is supposed to be and how this is supposed to deal with things in the show is all though I recall Jupiter being mentioned several times, particularly in some expedition out that way that was started by the CB's creator. Hopefully the story is good and manages to be worthy of being the 30th anniversary project. I checked out the novel designs and they are pretty good. And apparently, the Unicron Gundam does end up looking like a regular gundam even in the face.

    Eh, it probably won't matter and we may not see until we get some sort of flashback on Fate's origins if we get one. He does have the evil mastermind thing going for him pretty well and he has been shown to be a formidable opponent, but I'm not sure yet with him. His actions from here on out will give a clearer view to me on how big of an antagonist he'll be.

    It was chapter 253 where all this happened and it says it was a robot body though Haruna said she prepared it so maybe she used her Pactio ability or something. And with Chachamaru, I don't see it being so much as her being in need of more power so much as it being more development for her character, but she isn't exactly critical so it probably won't happen for a while if it does.

    The ability is very cool, but I worry that it might wear him out too fast or something. Each of the Breakers seems to have their own special move though like Toki and the Mercury, but I'm sure they'll start trying to think of new ways to use their abilities in order to deal with Re:Code and any other dangers. That Guy has a sword too so I suppose it would be fitting. I could see the others using their abilities along with their weapons like Toki perhaps using it with his guns, though that may be a waste. What did the omake message say though it did seem a bit menacing? I'm up to 47 now so almost up to date. The guy looks like some sort of Bizarro Oogami or something. His appearence and clothes all seem to be an inverse of Oogami's. Hmm, I suppose so though wasn't she higher than Toki in terms of numbers or was hers never revealed. I kind of expect 01 to be the last to be revealed though they could surprise us and reveal 01 and then 05 or maybe even both at the same time. Sakura will probably end up being critical in some way in the end or at least I'd think she would be though she could just end up being special.

    I suppose they did though I wonder if they would ever have that go anywhere. I certainly could see them helping one another though I wonder how they could beat something like the Syndicate since it seemed pretty far reaching from what I understood. I wonder if Hei will have all those jobs again or if he'll just be on missions all the time. Those are hard shoes to fill, but I think they would try to give us someone just as interesting. I suppose so though the contractors working together might be what could actually make a difference. Kind of hard to see that really happening given how they don't generally seem to play nice together except with Amber's group. I suppose you're right there though I hope they keep a good pace and have some interesting surprises for us. I suppose she might just be dead weight then so they might just kill her off or something unless they have her develop more emotions. Yeah, the wild hair might be enough I guess. True, but it would be kind of amusing to just see them be right.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 13:14
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, a sequel with barely any of the previous remaining characters wouldn't be much of a sequel I suppose. I'm having some trouble seeing how they could integrate themselves though I suppose anything is possible. I doubt he'll be able to replace November 11 really, but establishing his own identity might not be hard for him. I wonder if he'll become very involved with Misaki and her group as well as whether November's old companions might make an appearence. It may vary though we'll probably see as more info becomes available. Yes, with the FSB probably taking a larger role it would make sense for him to be more than a one timer. I'm curious though as to what the format will be for the series since I liked all the little two episode arcs that pieced together into one big arc in the end, but they might change that. Well, I'd think she would look a bit older maybe and maybe with her hair down instead of up like she always had it. I don't expect him to have a lumberjack beard or anything, but something more to show how much trouble he has been going through. Yeah, more info on what exactly is going on would be something to expect I think. Bah, it would at least be fun to see someone imagine how he would look or something.

    I agree on Naruto, but Bleach just seems to be nothing but pointless fights with nothing really going on with the plot along with a bunch of random characters. The last bit to interest me was when Ichigo went all hollow crazy and wrecked Ulquiorra. Kubo is a good artist, but his storytelling abilities for me leave something to be desired. One Piece could keep going for a long long time, but with this whole Pirate War taking off we may be entering into the next grand phase since with that going on I can't think sailing around would ever be the same. We also need to get the crew back together. Fairy Tail seems like it could keep going for a long time as well. Yeah, though I expect that XXXholic will be ending soon or the two will come together in the end for resolution.

    Yeah, ghosts don't seem to really exist in the CG world since C.C. talking to Marianne wasn't really her talking to the dead. They could always go for just not having him there at all and see how that goes for them. It would be dreadful if they succeeded though. Eh, we'll see if it ever happens.

    Well, no worries now.

    Maybe something like simply removing magic itself from all the people or something, but it seems like he needn't bother with helping all these girls if he was just going to destroy them with everyone else so it is something to keep an eye on. I liked when he chimed in that Rakan was similar to them as well, though that sure is an odd hobby of his though. It's appropriate to make him more of a flip-side since he is Negi's nemesis. Now that it has been brought up, it certainly would be a good connection to make now as it could involve them for a bit longer. We'll we just have to see when they plan to actually answer this bit though maybe we might see something when we get back to Asuna. It would be funny though it will probably be a while for they actually give us an answer. I meant that fight and we'll probably see next chapter as to whether they show anything. They might not want to show all the tricks Fate has yet so we'll have to see.

    The Japanese version is indeed ahead though I think the translations are catching up now. The newest chapter was good though the first half was odd with the amnesia, Lizzy and Sasha dressed as Saber and Squalo, and then that girl and Lizzy seeming like they were about to sleep with Sasha. So Ootomi pulled this did he? I wonder if he realized something. What's with the one girl from Sasha's group seeming like she was on his side though? Is she being controlled or something?

    What I have heard of him with Jin was very good so he'll probably be able to pull it off. And she is a talented actress so probably no worries at all for her. I suppose so, but it may depend on what the story does for her with the development of all the characters and such. All the different forms of magic are nice though and it's always interesting to see them pull off new moves.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 11:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, with its popularity one would have to think it would. I only hope the movie actually turns out good. Well, it seems more like they were surprised that it was chosen rather than some new series being made, but I think an OVA might be what it ends up being as well. Seeing a full design of it as well as some scene with it in action will give a much better impression. Seeing old designs is rather surprising though a nice touch with the anniversary and all. The comment was encouraging at least. Tomino? Nah, he's gotten better since the old days. His last Gundam series Turn-A was kind of the opposite of his past series. He's also commented in the past that he looked at some of his old shows (Ideon in this instance) and said he can't believe he made something that depressing and also encourages people not to watch his incredibly depressing Victory Gundam. Hmm, looking at it from that angle I suppose he did win the overal objective of the thing. I know and I suppose that is what makes it compelling as well.

    Well, I sort of meant there is some sort of shared memory but with each being its own individual with our Fate being much more different than his previous incarnations. The governor doesn't strike me as a final boss kind of guy so much as just another obstacle, but they could surprise us. Hmm, that is true, though with Rakan fighting you'd just have to think there would be huge damage all around though he might try to avoid doing so in order to not draw Negi into something he can't win right now.

    It's been so long that they could probably show up at any time, though I find it odd they haven't been brought up since then. I thought it was. I mean, it shoots lasers, missles, and things like that. Well, they brought it up in that chapter along with everyone else thinking about it and then again when the ball was coming up so I think it will happen eventually. Yes, I suppose so.

    Oh no, that was awesome especially that whole 'Flame Away' thing at the end. It's just that it seems like something that is only going to happen in severe instances given its great power though he might learn to harness it better as time goes on I suppose. Maybe he could even combine his sword skills with his abilities and coat it in flame or something. I read the omake chapter and it was hilarious. The message seemed more like one her father would send since her mom seems so innocent though that would make it very funny. He does seem to though it is happening very slowly which is good for someone like him. Yeah, there might be some terrible secret revealed or something. Hmm, looking at it like that now actually makes a lot of sense for him to be called that. I meant Toki's sister, but I am also curious about Sakura's as well as her mysterious past. I hadn't thought of anything like that, but that could be it so I wonder what more awakening of her ability could lead to. Yeah, looking back on it makes it seem obvious now.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 00:21
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it's hard to get that good balance. Some series like Bleach and Naruto to me seem to be going way too long while others like One Piece I could honestly see going for a while longer. All that seems to be left is defeating FWR and sorting out what happens to everyone else unless CLAMP screws with us again.

    Yeah, I thought it was that.

    There isn't anything wrong with our theory as there are plenty of little things to support it that I think we have a pretty good grasp on. And it would suck without him being there in some form unless it was his kid or something. Probably in some form though it better not be something lame like a ghost or something.

    I'm just glad it wasn't because something bad happened.

    That's what I thought it was though I wasn't sure. Yeah, on one hand he's trying to carry out his master's goal and destroy the world or something and on the other he's picking up war orphans (who all seem to be girls from what I gathered) and paying for their whole education. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if one of Yue's new friends was one of them. Yeah, it's just so weird since they kind of seem to be pushing the couple. I would be funny for the one time if they reveal he is her aunt though it's sort of weird since Negi should have known that. Too bad the author is taking next week off for "research." Well, I think I can hopefully handle it.

    Hmm, it could. We'll have to see I suppose. And I suppose that could work for Erza and yes, she does do a very good job in her various roles. Something that sometimes bothers me about Fairy Tail though is that it sometimes doesn't feel very original at all in much of what it does. Like when Natsu took down Gazille, while it looked awesome I just kept thinking I'd seen almost the exact same thing in One Piece when Luffy beat Lucci.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-09 00:07
    Dann of Thursday
    00 seems to be more popular right now so I would think that would take precedent though there was some teaser trailer some time ago for the Seed movie, but whatever. Hah, it was posted on my birthday!! I find it funny that there is some previous post where the same guy said he doubted that it would be an adaptation of a single story like Unicron so I wonder where this is going. And does this mean we'll get to see Optimus Prime fight a Gundam In all seriousness though, I kind of like the Gundam design myself though the shot of the main character in the first scan looks weird so I'm not sure about the animation. It seems like there has been some positive response to the manga it is based on so hopefully it will be good. I'm also curious as to whether Tomino might step up and direct this one. I thought Turn A was good though the ending pissed me off in one aspect. The Gundam kind of reminds me of the Turn-X which also didn't look very much like a Gundam. Yeah, though it kind of annoyed me that Kallen sort of won though I suppose you could say it was a draw. That was pretty good as well in a nice follow up sort of way though having Darlton just die like he did always kind of bothered me a bit since he didn't seem like that bad of a guy. I suppose that might be the point though.

    He does seem to have some sort of memory of what his previous incarnations did, though that is just an assumption with a few clues. Yeah, and seeing that she was kind of made to work for Eva it does make sense for it to be Eva's magic. Yeah, I suppose so though I'm just trying to imagine who we might go to if Fate doesn't end up as the final boss which I am kind of getting the feeling he isn't. It sort of varies on how Fate plans to deal with him. A really big battle would kind of attract a lot of attention I would think so Fate likely has some sort of trick or something interrupts the fight.

    They'll probably make some dramatic entrance when Negi or someone is in a jam. Yeah, she is using it for a body and I think she is still hanging out with Asakura. I think she could just get one simply to show a little growth for her character as well as giving her a new toy. Yeah, I do remember it pretty well. I think it might have been shortly after or before the end of the Festival arc, but I'm not sure.

    The ring coming off was really cool though I kind of hope to see some more new moves from him. I like him pretty well too though the others are a bit more entertaining, though him actually reacting to Sakura's bra and such being visible because she was wet was very funny though that text from her father may have had something to do with it. And...did Yuuki just turn into a cat and then get juggled? I suppose they are though perhaps they'll become very intwined as time goes on. I find it weird that everyone refers to him as "the one who is sought" though. I suppose Heike has at times and it does seem like they are grouping all the Code:Breakers together with Sakura sort of being the trigger for it all. I wonder what her power was though I'm sure it will get shown at some point. They could at least give him something imposing instead of what they call him. Maybe once it has a few more chapter it may get picked up, but I really doubt it won't get picked up at some point.

    I would have been a bit surprised if they just dropped Misaki and the others myself. I kind of expect that Detective and his assistant to show up for a few episodes as well. Yeah, it should be an interesting place to go to, though I wonder how they'll handle the jumping from place to place. I was thinking the same though I think they may keep it a bit basic like making himself disappear and maybe something involving a rabbit. Yeah, he seems like he could be entertaining though I could be wrong and he could be really serious. He might also just a be another 'Contractor of the week' and only appear once though with one of the settings being Russia he might stick around for longer. Yeah and some agencies look like they'll be getting more chances to shine like the Russians who only appeared in Yin's little arc before. I wonder if she'll look different too now and how they plan to develop her this season. And I expect we'll see how he looks without the mask. Maybe he has a beard too. I hope the story is a bit clearer this season with some real answers since it was kind of muddled the first season just a bit. I wonder if this will be the conclusion to this story or just another arc. Whatever it is, the ending of Darker than Black must be a scene where Hei is fat as various characters predicted.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-08 21:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, seeing it end would be good about now. It would be nice to see a series I am reading actually end since I sometimes get the feeling that some of these will go on forever.

    I wonder why since it has a lot of potential. Do you mean those live-action ones or was there an animated one? I think it would be nice to see one, but the game will probably have to do and it does well enough.

    Yeah, no point really arguing when it has been almost a year since then and everyone is pretty firm in their ideas and beliefs regarding that whole situation. I'm telling you though, if they do a sequel then it will probably go with Lelouch dead unless they pull a GSD or have some twist of putting him in it somehow like a clone or something silly like that.

    It's happened to me before, so don't worry about it. There are sometimes silly errors and stuff.

    The bit with Fate was interesting. So are those 57 other girls waiting to come out or was it just these 5 who decided to keep following him since I wasn't clear on that? His insistence after that that he was a villain was also rather interesting I thought since it kind of points to two different sides with him. Good development in any case. And why do they keep doing stuff like this with Negi and Asuna with the whole Prince and Princess thing? I know it technically isn't her, but still is yet I was kind of hoping they were going to toss her out of the running. Haven't seen Qwaser yet though I'll check it out.

    And Simon from Gurren Lagann is Natsu? That's kind of awesome though kind of weird at the same time since I have a hard time picturing his voice with Natsu. Nice cast overall though with good picks. Never knew the same person who did Yuko also did Milly, but I suppose it fits. I wonder how she'll do with the more serious Erza.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-08 21:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, it's better when it isn't incredibly easy and when it actually takes real skill to get through a fight rather than just having an insanely powerful mech. It was 2010 yeah, though I can't remember if they put anything more than just the year. I wonder when they're going to get on that Gundam Seed movie I remember them announcing a while back. Not that I actually care, I just don't want it getting in the way of the 00 movie. Has there been any info on a new Gundam series beyond that there is a new Gundam series? Light novels, huh? Eh, not sure what to think on that though I would like to hope it would be good. True, they were mainly there to beat each other and that final battle where they ran out of power and were forced to fight in close combat the old fashioned way was one real nice thing. One of my favorite instances in Code Geass was where Cornelia managed to beat Lelouch down despite him having the superior mech in the Gawain. I suppose him going all berserk would be kind of lame to see and out of character for him, but something needs to happen that is severe. Sort of like "it's dark magic and you should know what you are getting into" kind of thing?

    I don't doubt the bit about there being multiple copies of Fate since the dialogue definitely suggests that. Yeah, the science girl built her overall with Chao infused with magic or maybe it was Eva though I am not sure. Yeah, I guess it would cheapen him a bit, but it was just a thought. His constant mentioning of his boss makes me think the guy will make a return at some point. I have some trouble myself actually seeing Rakan get defeated completely, though I suppose if Negi can come close than Fate could do it probably with a bit easier of a time. Fate never has been good with expressing himself at all. Built in I suppose.

    Yeah, it's likely it will never become important anyway so no use worrying about it. And yeah, it was just those two that I remember seeing. I suppose they may not have wanted to leave the school without anyone to defend it in case something happened. This was was after Kaede got her card. It was the same chapter the ghost girl got her own robot body and then went kind of crazy. It had Chachamaru wondering whether she had a soul despite being a robot and thus whether she could form a pactio. He was definitely in the library and I think they actually managed to deal with the dragon, but I can't be sure.

    Hmm, well I'll see when I get there. That whole supersonic move he pulled off with all the afterimages was awesome and I love his ability quite a lot. I suppose you're right about them already being portrayed in an antagonistic light, but I'm wondering when it will take centerstage or if it will just be laced here and there. I'm curious about 01 and 05 as well, but they've been introducing them at a pretty good pace so I'm not worried. I'm not sure about Heike since he seems pretty loyal to me, but that could change depending on circumstances. And Toki's sister is supposed to be older than him? I bet she'll reawaken at some point though I worry she might go rogue on her own or with That Guy (are we ever going to get a name on him). I bet this series is going to get an anime eventually and I think it deserves one. My sister is also looking forward to that exact thing. Yeah, from what I've been looking into Hei and Yin are returning with this one girl probably becoming another main protagonist with her contractor brother and father who apparently invented the memory wiping device that gets used in the series. Misaki and her group of police are also returning with her trying to deal with the Sydicate. Oh, right that one did disappear completely. It's apparently going to take place in both Japan and Russia. I already found some new info on characters like the girl and her family along with a new MI-6 member named August 7 whose codename is Magician as he can do real magic, a Russian FSB agent who has super speed and has to eat hamburgers for his contract along with some others. I wasn't sure since in her flashback when she was running away she seemed to have some idea of where she was going and seemed to see her mother getting hit. I would assume Hei is at least in his 20's. I know, and his mask had all these scratches on it. He and Yin are supposed to have been on the run. I hope he gets a haircut. Shame someone else is doing the music though the guy they got did the Hellsing series which had good music.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2009-08-08 19:12
    Dann of Thursday
    I have? Was our conversation from before over or not? I was sort of confused on that.

    Anyway, I'm almost up to date on Code: Breaker and it really has been getting good. I really like Yuuki and the new group led by who I am currently assuming is probably Oogami's brother (they haven't said he is, but I've been getting that impression) and I get the feeling that Eden is going to end up becoming an antagonist later on to some degree.

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