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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-02 16:13
    Dann of Thursday
    All we can do in some cases.

    Yeah, the mecha shows are all pretty interesting this season, though I've only looked at two of them thus far. Yeah, same for me in a lot of cases. Such a shame about YJ, especially with how it ended. I swear, Greg Weisman has the worst luck with getting third seasons on shows he works on. I really do need to watch Prime at some point. I watched the pilot and really liked it, but never got around to the rest of the show.

    It's funny, I own the first season but haven't watched it yet either and everyone I know seems to have seen it and encourages me to get on with it. I really should.

    One anime I'd recommend that finished not too long ago is Zetsuen no Tempest. Really liked that one and probably one of the best adaptations of a manga I've seen.

    First chapter was interesting and I'm curious about the conflict that will likely end up happening. It's sort of weird since I can't think of too many manga that take place in this sort of era.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-02 15:21
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, no problem. Yeah, market currently sucks for me. I'm trying to get at least a better paying part time position so I can at least save up more if I have to move to find something. Just have to keep trying is all.

    No, this is the first I've heard of it actually. Sounds interesting so I'll check it out. The art looks familiar from what I saw of the main character though I can't place why. Are there any shows or anything on your end? I was surprised by how many caught my eye, though it still isn't too much.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2013-05-02 14:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, great to hear from you again!

    Sorry to hear about the issues. Hope everything works out all right. I haven't been able to find anything yet in my field unfortunately, but I got another part time job so just trying to make it work.

    Thank you! And don't worry about it at all. Just glad to hear from you again.

    Hope to hear from you again soon and best of luck.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2012-06-27 09:52
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey there, have you managed to check out the list of new shows for this coming season? I've given it a once over, but didn't come up with much at all. The only one that really caught my eye was Sword Art Online. The concept is interesting, though somewhat similar to .hack. Of course, I've read that it's quite different overall despite the similar base concept.

    Hope everything is going alright for you and all. Mainly just looking for jobs on my part.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2012-06-11 17:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Thought you might be interested in knowing that the director of Sword of the Stranger is directing an upcoming anime adaptation by BONES of a manga called Zetsuen no Tempest. Don't know anything about it, but that seems a good combination.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2012-06-06 21:37
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I'd completely forgotten E3 was this week. Curious if there was anything that seemed interesting to you? I saw a few things though nothing mindblowing. I find it funny they were displaying a next gen final fantasy when we're still waiting for something on Versus. I do hope we even get the game let alone that it is a good one.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2012-06-02 20:12
    Dann of Thursday
    I'd imagine the transit system to be the best of those due to regular scheduling and all that. Completely right about about cabs though. Well, best of luck in any case. The thing with higher education I find is that though you have the higher degree you can then be told you're over-qualified as I know some people such as my father were told, even when they said they'd take a paycut.

    Ah, well that's good to hear. I read somewhere that we shouldn't expect 6 till 2013 though, but I'm pretty much used to that by now. I wonder if there is any chance of some sort of collected set of all the films. But then I have no idea how releases are now that Bandai America is no more. I have to say I felt that the fourth episode was one of the first victims of the condensed format the OVA has given what I've read of the number of changes to events and characters in Loni's case, as she seemed way more sympathetic with how things were in there as opposed to the version in the film whose justifications felt a bit flimsy for all the innocent people she was massacring. At least that's how it seemed to me.

    Well, I think the host formatting was one of the major appeals of the block or at least it always felt that way to me. The intros and shorts they made compiled of the shows were always fantastic. I sort of wonder if it might have been a stipulation for being allowed to air those episodes since I'd be surprised if they still had the licenses for any of those. It'd be great to see G back on, even if I do own it. Same with Outlaw Star and some others. Baccano would be a fantastic choice since they already aired Durarara and it also has a fantastic dub. I'd especially love if they could get Peter Cullen back to do some announcing.

    Yeah, well I don't think he was quite as prolific as he is now, and his comments make it clear it means a lot to him. True, but at least he's seeing to it that he's not being paid that much for it I guess. I'm doing the same myself actually as well as waiting for some series to be released like Steins;Gate and Tiger & Bunny. I'd recommend Redline, which I watched recently. It isn't super deep or anything, but it has great animation, crazy visuals and is just rather fun. Looking at a few others like Paprika and possibly the Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Collection. Indeed, it was a great story and I very much enjoyed it. Thank you for the recommendation on that.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2012-05-31 09:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh god, I hate walking around in the summer with formal clothes on, but what can you do?Plus, there's that whole study that apparently people with long commutes have a higher health risks.

    True. This next one would be the last one though, right? Or perhaps at least another after that? I'm not sure how much is left in the story or how much they may cut out.

    Cliffhangers are indeed incredibly annoying though they do have the quality of making you eager to see the next episode. Granted, long hiatuses can diminish that eagerness.

    Well, it seems Toonami is funnily enough back to where it originally started, running on little money with shows that the network either already had or ones that didn't cost much to obtain. I noticed in the bumpers for all the old shows on the April Fool's broadcast had TOM do a little ad for the DVD releases of those series. Any Gundam would be nice to see I think, except maybe SD. I have one, but I barely use it. It was I Am Alive, a PSN game.

    I think it was one of the first times for me as well. Apparently he is getting paid as the union won't allow him not to, but he's doing it at a very low rate so as to get costs down. I guess the ratings for the first day were okay, not too great or bad, but it's the first week and there's room to grow. Movie specials would indeed be great to see and I can think of a few that would be great. Yes, I did and it was fantastic! The fight scenes were some of the best I think I've seen.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2012-05-29 18:07
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I honestly wouldn't mind walking everywhere, but sometimes it just takes too damn long. If I end up working in the city (Likely) I'll probably continue trying to follow that strategy unless it's too far. I'd honestly like to avoid having to drive into the city if at all possible or unless I move there.

    If I see anything I'll let you know. And yeah, I don't even know if there is any sort of time table for that (last?) episode yet.

    Thank you for that and the advice. Well, I checked and the last new episode was Saturday, which probably puts them at halfway through the season so a short break might make sense there. From what I understand, the show seems to be doing well.

    Whenever you might have the chance. I checked and it's on that site you gave me.

    I'm rather just glad to see him looking TOMish again and having it back. I get the feeling this is something of an experiment that hopefully pays off. The lighter ones were good to have alongside the heavier stuff, though given the time it airs I wouldn't expect anything to much like that. Apparently you can tweet shows you'd like to see them put on as they seem to be looking to add two shows to the block, but due to a lack of funds it would likely have to be older shows rather than new acquisitions .

    Well, I did too. I didn't even find out about the comeback or the April Fools joke until Saturday night and even then I wasn't able to watch it for various reasons. They might actually bring back some of those as I highlighted above. I'd probably go fro Outlaw Star and Big O as they have good lengths along with being relatively popular. Those two would be great to see as well. Agreed and they did another new one on Saturday apparently.

    Well, he was sort of leading the charge and has even posted updates and webcam messages to everyone about supporting it. I must imagine the whole thing means a lot to him, which makes sense as he was a part of it for practically the entirety of the block's existence or at least since Tom 2 emerged. Yeah, hopefully if they do well and get a bigger budget we might see a return of her as well. Of course and hoped you liked them!
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2012-05-29 09:24
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not so used to city transit systems myself. Most I ever spent in a city was my internship, which had me in Chicago 3 to four days a week. Even then I generally just walked everywhere or took a cab occasionally.

    I keep checking daily, but thus far there is only a non-english sub, which makes me wish I was better at learning other languages. I do quite like the VAs, though I've never actually seen the dub for this.

    That's the only that has it makes any sense, though I can't imagine why anyone would bother unless they just didn't feel like waiting or something. Hmm, that does sound rather nice and would help given how often I end up missing things. Prime is on Netflix actually, which we have at the moment. I've only had time to get a few episodes in, but I do quite like it.

    Yes, sounds like a plan. The film doesn't really have anything to do with any particular series and is more of a standalone feature. I don't actually think there's any one canon for Lupin III, partially because he lends himself well to one shot stories. All you need to know are the basics of the main characters and you should be good. I'd definitely check it out if you have a chance though as its just a very fun adventure film.

    They reverted to Tom 3 with some slight changes. That would indeed be pretty cool, though the block seems to be pretty bare at the moment due to not having much of a budget. If the ratings get better and it does well, then hopefully it will continue and expand. Right now they've got FMA: Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and Bleach for shows that were already on Adult Swim and Deadman Wonderland and Casshern Sins for new shows.

    The April Fools Broadcast which kicked off events that led to its revival was pretty much just straight up old school Toonami with Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star, Big O, Yu Yu Hakusho, Blue Submarine #6, Trigun, Bleach and Astro Boy. They even had a game review from TOM of Mass Effect 3

    Steve Blum has been very enthusiastic about having it return and stay around. Apparently he may be doing TOM's voice for free, which is a pretty cool thing of him to do. Hopefully it does well enough that they can get more shows for it, new and old.

    Here's some of the videos from it: - April Fool's Broadcast - Intro for new stuff -

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