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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-23 00:29
    Dann of Thursday
    Hopefully, though I'd be surprised if they announced anything very soon. I wasn't expecting that bit either and I agree that it does end up working out nicely in any case. Indeed, though given her nature I wouldnít be surprised if her actions and such were more subtle. Well, I donít expect as many of those as I do scenes showing off old Hei taking down Contractors and such, though some would be needed since the big thing here I think would be how Yin leaves Hei. Personally, I wondered if Hei might be too attached to Yin in a sense with her being one of his sole anchors from breaking down with all that was going on, which I suppose would be true given how he turned to alcohol. Yeah, though she very much involved in the episodes she was featured in. Eh, I doubt weíll see the old one though I realized her hair now seems to be made of her observer spirit. Orielleís mainly as it just looks silly. Yinís looks alright I guess, though for some reason the heels seem odd to me. Well, I sort of get the feeling this thing is going to end with some big cliffhanger as that terrible thing is created and released from the Gate. I havenít heard anything either though Iím not exactly one who is good at checking these kinds of things. Iíd expect it would at least be until summer if we saw something new unless they were already making it.

    Something is up I guess and I at least expect that Suou will talk with Shion. Itís sort of weird that she is essentially a flawed clone of Shion though and that is true since I would guess that Shion created Suou due to a belief he might die. I canít recall seeing many kids and the only other one was that one kid obsessed with Amber, but I think Shion could be the only case currently where the person was one since birth. True, though it remains to be seen how things will go. Iíd sort of think in this case that not killing would be something of a start.

    Oh yes, and I rather like all those aspects myself particularly when antagonists show some respect for the protagonist as that generally leads to them being smarter and longer lasting. I suppose so though they seem to be more like areas where reality can be manipulated if the proper catalyst is used. I get the contrast, but I was just wondering whether what was inside the Gate had any bearing, though if it was in SA then it is possible that it covered some forest. True, I wouldnít be surprised if she has forgotten it or let it slip from her mind. Actually, since Shion left it with her, is it possible that it could possibly be part of some contingency plan on his part using Suou? Iím honestly quite worried about that now that Iíve read that whole prophecy as well as weirded out. Oh, not really, Iím just saying that anyone who actually does make it this season could always end up dying very quickly in the possible next season. Mao I could see dying, though it would be quite horrible if Yin was the one to do it. Given the prophecy, I think she may be doing that somehow in regards to using Shionís powers. Iíd be surprised if he actually lost honestly and Iím curious whether Suou will be able to talk to Yin at all. Itís always possible that he has been trying to prevent this, though that doesnít exactly seem something Iíd expect from him.

    That prophecy is quite confusing too:
    Izanagi gazes upon the false sea bottom waiting for Izanami (Obviously a reference to Shion in the Aquarium, or maybe Suou being there)
    Izanami will cross the sea bottom and eventually the two will meet (rather self explanatory)
    When they do, Heaven and Earth will split in two and the Gate of Hell will open (Iím not sure on this one honestly such as what Heaven and Earth are exactly though it could be something to do with upheavals on the ground and the sky getting messed up)
    From the Gate, will come one, a being unknown (Some crazy thing I suppose and possibly the source of the possible Season 3 plot, if it works)
    And strife will continue for an eternity (self-explanatory)
    The sign shall be a rising crescent moon that never sinks (obviously the moon we saw though I donít think it was quite full yet)
    When it becomes full, Izanami will reach her final month of pregnancy. (This is the bit that just confuses and weirds me out. Itís either a metaphorical pregnancy or in some weird way a real one, though latter is a bit too disturbing. )

    Is it possible that Yin encountered Shion and somehow this caused her to start going all crazy?

    I guess, though probably not so much for Hei, Suou, and Yin. I suppose it does though I wouldnít be surprised if she was wearing it just for fun honestly. Yeah, though it is still quite funny, especially when you recall he also seemed to attract female cats as well.
  2. Jeffry2009
    2009-12-22 03:39
    Hello KrimzonStriker.

    I never thought that you're good at typing about some thoughts & opinions on anime shows. What are you currently watching right now?

    PS - Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010. I hope those stupid stuff like last time won't be tolerated next year to me lol...
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-17 19:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, that does sound much easier, thank you. If they did, that would make me think this was all something intended though that doesn’t make much sense. Though that would still leave the question of what is going on with Yin’s side of things and I’d think she would need to be involved to deal with that. Yin’s still doing all the previews though right? Is it at all possible that could have bearing on this? Meh, I expect she’ll be dead next episode in any case so it probably doesn’t matter anymore.

    And I’m sorry, but she just gives extremely evil vibes even if my paranoia might be part of it:

    Oh, well it could always have some bearing or be some small thing that doesn’t matter. True, though Amber kind of struck me as the kind of person who would want to struggle against that sort of thing, but she might have been too hesitant to do anything really. I suppose so, but we may not learn much until the OVAs since I really don’t expect Yin to do much in the last episode beyond killing Contractors and such.

    Well, it’s really a matter of money in my case than pride. Indeed, and I can never really seem to get those special attacks in Blaz Blue or any other fighting game with conditions similar like Guilty Gear. Indeed, the best learn to adapt to changes and overcome any limitations. That doesn’t surprise me much since he would probably be the most basic along with Jin in how they handle along with being the main characters often displayed.

    I suppose so, though it would be interesting (or perhaps worrying) to know how it might have affected her relationship with Lelouch is the main series, though it’s true she never seemed to talk about it much. I’d imagine she didn’t like to dwell on such things. Yes, I suppose so.

    Yes, hopefully he continues to deliver good stories and such though I still worry as always.

    Eh, it wasn’t bad to me all the time, but there were times when the characters just looked a little too weird to me. True, and good and evil have tended to be rather loose terms within this series barring a few characters here and there. I suppose I’m just the most curious over what he may have that links Lelouch to him beyond merely looking similar.

    That would be nice to do, but there just seems to be so much that needs doing right now.

    It certainly sound quite epic and interesting so I’ll try to watch some of the episodes during my break over the next few weeks.

    Yeah, she seems the most likely to go since I’d say she has the least to offer. I’m somewhat curious as to who may end up dying on the other side though. My bets would kind of be on the Prince, though they could always all make it out. Yeah, though I expect we’ll just get to see more of what he can do even if they can last longer. Is it a guy? It’ll be exciting in any case.

    Yeah, this could be worked out in a number of ways and I’d expect that Negi would probably want to get more info from the Governor if it does just lead to a straight-up fight.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-17 18:39
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, many seem quite keen on seeing them particularly due to the fact that we get to see old Hei doing his thing and a non-blue Yin. Yeah, the business of it all involves quite a lot, though if it does get enough of a response I could see maybe another season of 12-13 episodes. Indeed and from what I have read regarding the latest episode, he has even more ties to events here though I’m not quite sure whether they originally intended him to have such a role. True, her nature as a doll does make it more difficult though I think we may see something here in how she acts in regards to things like Hei. Given the way things are going, I rather expect the OVA episodes to feel rather tragic since we know what she turns into. Given her power I can’t say I’m surprised she left little things like those papers though. Yeah, I know, though I honestly don’t care for the look much and really miss her old one. I don’t get what is up with the suit either. Yes, though they seem to be drawing to a close with these season’s story. Heh, we should hope it doesn’t take too long them. It probably depends, along with what we previously discussed, what they have going for future projects as to how soon we could see them start to work on it.

    All indications give me the feeling that this one now is probably the real one and the recent episode seems to lend credence to that along with possibly not making him seem all bad. I’m a little confused with what you mean by pseudo-immortality though. Given the flashbacks involving Shion making it seem that he may have been a Contractor since very young, I feel inclined to think that pretty much anything, including that opening sequence with them as kids, is a false memory. No I suppose not. I wonder if age really affects the mindset of a contractor all that much since he would be the first case I’ve seen of a very young child being one. Indeed, though I think Hei would prefer that she doesn’t turn out quite like him.

    Yes, or when they get turned down hard after how far that charm gets them. You mean full of conspiracy, betrayal, everyone having a dark secret, and lots of confusion? Are the Gates really Deus Ex Machina? I never really got that impression and we don’t really know anything about Heaven’s though I have been curious why each one was given that name (was Heaven’s full of life as opposed to the desolate landscape often found in Hell’s?). It just bothers me to some degree if they just seemed to suddenly recall they had the piece and then use it and everything. Yes, it does make sense that way though I still wonder whether they might toss things up with Suou being in the mix here. Yes, and those who make it through this season are possible players to watch for in the next one, or at least those that don’t die in the first episode of the possible next season. I’ve been wondering too since it honestly just seems that Yin is only a severe danger to other Contractors though with a force of death and life coming together could cause some sort of reaction or negation or something. Unless this is really creepy and somehow involves offspring, though that is a little too weird. Well, it seems that we’re getting that fight in the next episode so I am sort of dreading that to some degree. True, it would make sense for him to test his abilities to see his limits and such for whatever he may have been planning and it now occurs to me that we still have no idea what his whole plan was.

    She seems like she’s working with Oreille now along with Mao and July so it could be all better I guess. I’m really weirded out by Oreille’s plug/power ranger suit as well as her portable anti-contractor gun. The fact that she was once Mao’s lover is even weirder here, though it’s kind of funny to think he might have been such a ladies man.

    That’s sort of different though since Bai was his sister and there didn’t really seem to be that much for potential conflict between them I’d think, whereas with these two I’d imagine they might both want Hei with Suou being the more forward (her latest set of actions seem to display this too). Of course, Yin could always be the Bai fill-in I suppose and that may have been what she always was since she seems somewhat similar in age and role to Bai. I suppose, though she may have changed more since that time. I do have trouble imagining her enjoying killing other people. Unless there is some sort of twisted logic here where she might think that if she kills all the contractors, Hei won’t need to keep running and killing. Meh, I kind of see a scenario where she sort of imitates Amber by telling Suou to take care of Hei before dying though we’ll see. Maybe this time my rather paranoid, depressing comment s will be accurate though I’d rather they weren’t.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-13 23:27
    Dann of Thursday
    True, though it irritates me that I canít figure out myself how to fix the thing. Yeah, though even those can confuse me. I never seem to be able to move my hands fast enough to pull the moves off. Indeed, though I always heard complaints regarding Jin being used so much.

    I suppose and he sounds like heíll be more of an antagonist. I still donít get how we didnít get a comment from C.C. regarding Lelouch and this guy given how similar they look. True, though I always thought it was Lelouch who probably adapted the sigil.

    It would be a way for them to somehow insert parts of that plotline if they can.

    Meh, I honestly canít say Iím too excited for this (the art isnít really helping either). I really hope the character of the Lelouch-lookalike is more than he sounds to be. The old I-want-immortality-to-rule-the-world shtick is something Iíve see way to many times in other series like Dragonball. Iíd hope for more of an anti-hero with him rather than the full-blown antagonist. The suspicious power bit hints to me that he may have Geass from some other Code-Bearer (the former holder of V.V.ís Code).

    Indeed, though I still find myself worrying.

    I see. I honestly havenít had time. Iíve been busy and still am busy with final projects and studying for finals to have much time. I generally just take a bit of time to do some things here and there like this since I can type pretty fast.

    It just seems really weird for this to be happening at all and I canít really see Oogami and co. winning. Someone may even die here. It would be kind of lame if the Re-Codes just won and got the room so easily though. But hey, perfect jumping point for Code: 01 to jump in and save the day.

    I suppose that is true, though that would seem to indicate that if Negi finds a different route to take that Chao is rather from an alternate future timeline.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-13 23:21
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose so and they seem to have been creating enough material for the world to keep on continuing as we discussed. It would probably depend on how the DVD sales go for this series and that could take a long time though Iím not entirely clear on what all the factors needed for a new series to get the green light (I assume money is the main issue though). I think he fits well enough in that role in any case and I guess you are right with Yin to some degree, though I really would have liked her to get more development beyond the somewhat meager amount she got in season 1 though the role you described applies to Amber as well. Maybe though itís hard to say for sure (Iím honestly still quite confused on how this is Yin in the first place). Yes, it all just seems like material they are bringing up so that a way for a third season is there. It took them quite a while to announce this so it could be some time before we hear much about this.

    He definitely created a copy for Hei or anyone else to deal with though whether the one with him is the real thing is something I am still not 100% on though it certainly seems possible. It could always end up being used in a third season, near the end here as a fix-all (this would be a little annoying though and probably piss a lot of people off), or never get used at all. I think the lens is something given what it seems it did in episode 2, though the fact it honestly hasnít mattered at all seems odd given how quite a few people wanted to get their hands on this thing. Possible of course, though an answers coming should be here soon. Yeah, Iíd offhand say he may be one of the original ones to appear out there and the prospect that he could have been like this since a small child seems a little frightening for some reason. The reality of oneís perceptions could possibly be seen as a theme for this series and applied to Hei as well since what he sometimes perceives as the truth is often much more complicated.

    Yes, they tend to irk me as well. Iíve honestly never played any of those games though I am familiar with the plots (even the craziness of Kojimaís MGS). Iíd imagine that it may indeed come up at some point in the plot since it seems Heavenís Gate might become relevant eventually (Iíve been rather confused regarding that whole idea of an area that cannot be accessed). Eh, for some reason the whole situation with Shion and that thing that seems to be Yin seems like it could turn out bad, though it could very well be that they had some sort of gamble going here. It indeed seems they have or had several factions which doesnít surprise me really as Iíd expect the kind of people they seem to be to work on stabbing one another in the back when it benefits them. Shion would fit better, though I canít come up with how he got there. Meh, I expect weíll see some character deaths soon enough. Prophecies are almost never good and it seems the very bad thing is Yin. Eh, I donít imagine that going well and I think Suou might go with it partly to get rid of what is to her a rival. Not sure, I read some explanation that kind of made sense and sort of cleared up that odd line I never got about how the coat was only bulletproof when he was wearing it. Possibly, though that leads me to believe that any animals in that place are possibly copies (seems like a waste of power though).

    Maybe, though Misaki always seems like more of an observer here even if she does do something once in a while.

    I canít really see a world where Suou and Yin are both alive. I suppose so, but they have spent this entire show developing here whereas Yin didnít have much aside from here episode arc and a few little moments here and there. Youkoís comment that Yin would keep killing contractors leads me to think that she probably no longer has control or perhaps has grown to like killing contractors. And even if she did live, what would she really have to offer to any future seasons? Iím disappointed as I tend to prefer characters who have suffered a lot (like Yin in my eyes) to get better endings.

    Iím still quite confused as to how this is Yin as I mentioned before, though the issue is compounded by the fact I can barely watch the episode since I seem have a lot of trouble playing those large .mkv files. Isnít she supposed to be in some tube or did I miss something where they dumped her behind the Gate? Could the person we see there be some sort of evolution of her observer spirit taking a physical body in lieu of being restrained in the tube? And whatís with the smiling?

    On another note, it seems we got confirmation the old star gazer lady was indeed an older version of Amber. Not surprising really as there were quite a few hints regarding it, but it is somewhat confusing. Doesnít this mean to some degree that Amber knew what was going to happen? Iíd have thought she might have warned Yin in that case though perhaps she didnít see that far.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-12 11:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I think it will end up with a pretty devoted fanbase nonetheless. Not really as the only computer I could play them on needs to have its screen light fixed, which I canít really spend the money on to fix right this minute (hopefully in a few months). Yes, though the playing guides for moves and such confuse me quite a bit. I suppose so though it would be kind of cheap to have some characters be all-powerful (even if they rightfully are).

    Ah, that makes sense I suppose. I wonder what it might be replacing.
    Indeed and I noticed something odd: The look-alikeís outfit bears what I believe is the symbol for the Black Knights so I wonder if Lelouch had seen it before or C.C. told him or something.

    Just random thoughts though the science in CG has been rather odd in a lot of ways. Or at least the robot arm is making things much more confusing.

    Yes, I suppose so. Hell, this story may end up having several connections to CG beyond the obvious ones. It would be rather strange if she as to what her relationship could be with the Lelouch look-alike since it could change how her relationship with Lelouch looked, though I suppose that could possibly only be considered true in the beginning.

    Yeah, though that seems like it would be a lot of projects and Iím curious
    how much Sunrise and Taniguchi may go with it.

    Yeah, the only thing that sounds remotely familiar is a quote I read came from that regarding war being fought between good and another good. Thatís a lot of episodes though. Is it even over?

    I was rather confused at first since I hadnít read any chapters since the first demonstration of the Princeís powers. The robot was weird yet amusing and that room is quite interesting and it seems that Oogamiís crazy power stems from that room. And I think that Oogami may have combined his swordplay with his flames finally. This showdown seems rather sudden though and for some reason I feel we could possibly be close to the end, as little sense as that makes.

    Well, that certainly doesnít bode well on things at this rate.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-12 11:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry, been quite busy with school. Doesn't help that there's drama at home.

    I suppose, though with FMA a lot of people wanted to see an adaptation that stuck to the manga, but I do quite understand what you mean and agree. I suppose it has though I do think this series would have benefitted from being at least a full 25 episodes as sometimes thinks feel a bit forced here and there. Indeed, though I suppose Mao might be a part of that as well. Yin too maybe despite her limited appearences, though further appearences by her are seeming unlikely now with the way things are going. True and I suppose she might first need to have water nearby to at least get in contact. Definitely, though it seems the danger factor just went up tenfold with the latest episode. I'm actually a little worried that they might try to do too much.

    Well, it seems that her father was at least a little screwed up in what he did with his experiments, but it is still rather disturbing by what Shion does with his family and such. That thing doesn't seem to have had much of an impact, though I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being some sort of Deus Ex Machina to solve everything. Indeed, though I didn't get much of the impression that Shion was this sadistic before being a contractor though I suppose we did see little about that time. Latest episode appears to have had some flashbacks that may be events that happened during that time.

    Indeed, he never honestly seemed to care or notice even when they were showing attraction to him, though I'd say he could very well have been quite the playboy if he really wanted to be. And with the ending of the latest episode that hasn't been any more true. I suppose, though I haven't seen that many forms of media dealing with the spy game. Yes, it's one thing I'd be interested to learn more about. That certainly seems like a possibility, though recent events lead me to think that the Syndicate if they still exist are in as much danger as Hei with what's going on now. Indeed, though she seems like one of those background puppeters, though for some reason I don't think she may be completely negative in what she's been doing (unless she was the one who brutally killed the one girl). I've also been hearing a lot of weird theories about her being Amber which confuses me. I'm not sure, but I kind of get the feeling that the bad things may have already been realized unless the real bad thing is him creating a bunch of evil, killer Yins. Eh, it will probably come into play with the final battle with Yin and Shion. Indeed, he managed to get it all back though apparently the bulletproof aspect was due to his powers. That or someplace in the Gate may also work.

    Yes, I suppose so. I actually feel kind of bad for her though some of her actions like joining Section 3 probably made Hei overreact. Yes, keep it simple.

    And as depressing as it may be, I'm predicting Yin's death at this point in time. If that thing at the end is her (and honestly, who else could it be even if it does confuse things with that container), than she has to die. That creepy smile at the end doesn't help things either as she may have been warped and probably enjoys killing now with the giant moon star not helping matters. Disappointing in any case, but I suppose we'll have to contend with Suou as she is kind of Yin's replacement I suppose. Yin's been too much of a non-player to really be anything more unfortunately. Meh.

    Yes, one of the few mangas I actually bother to read nowadays.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-07 20:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed and it is nice to see that so many agree on that. Eh, it still is probably a long ways off due to several factors so I'll get to it when I can though I'd be somewhat amused if I ended up getting the system when the next generation of consoles comes out. Indeed and the time loop doesn't make it a breeze either though I'm thankful for places like Dustloop. Possibly though I'm curious to see what other new characters could emerge. There are certainly some potentials like some of the still living Heroes. Though I'm curious how they might adjust the characters each game so to keep things fresh.

    True, though has there been anything in regards to when it will air? I can't recall seeing anything about that. Will do then.

    I'm honestly not sure if I want a sequel. While I believe Lelouch being alive is possible as well as my preference, I'm not quite sure whether the staff would share such a sentiment. I mean, having projects set in the past works since you don't need to work with old characters beyond C.C., but Lelouch was pretty much the most compelling character of the current cast in that era.

    I suppose so, but I just feel rather hesitant. Thanks in any case.

    Crazy Renya theory: Perhaps Renya is somehow a part of whatever Taniguchi had originally planned with Suzaku in terms of his relation to Geass. It was pointed out that we never saw or heard a thing about Suzaku's mother so perhaps he was created in an artificial womb using DNA somehow taken from Renya, perhaps through remains or something like that if it is even remotely possible that they survived. And perhaps that could explain some things regarding Suzaku. It's crazy, but hey it's fun to randomly speculate.

    I suppose knowing that she gets her happy ending in the future does make it better though for some reason I feel annoyed at the possibility that she might be involved with someone in this era or another. It's perfectly possible of course, but it seems odd since I'd expect her to be quite withdrawn at this point.

    Yes, I suppose so.

    The whole concept that they plan to do several projects involving different eras and such does have some potential I suppose. If they keep working backword anyway as we could then go perhaps to where C.C. was mortal, to the story of the nun, and then further and further back until perhaps we finally get the origin of the power of Geass. And why not then have some big movie that also happens to feature Lelouch.

    I'm not familiar with that series so I'm afraid I can't comment. Having some guy in the past who looks like Lelouch is kind of weird though.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2009-12-07 19:09
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, though BONES may also like to experiment with other new projects and such. It probably just depends on how this season does overall. Yeah, he seems to be a sort of central character that this world often seems to revolve around or at least include him as a factor. That awakening bit at least makes sense now a bit more since I think it may indicate they were aware of what her existence was to some degree. That works I suppose, but I'm curious as to whether there may be even greater ways to utilize her abilities or perhaps ones we haven't seen. Yes, though I can't quite remember whether we got answers to everything the first season so it wouldn't surprise me if there were still some unanswered ones. More for another season in any case.

    Hmm, that is quite true I suppose though I would be inclined to think he was the real one since the other from episode one was definitely a copy unless he died at some point and Shion just kept several copies around. The fact that she developed her own powers is rather interesting though it may be a combination of the meteor fragment and Shion perhaps putting more into her than his other copies. True and the turning of the city into a new zone was really just a survival response since they were on the verge of being wiped out. Indeed we will though I expect the main show will be done before we get all the OVAs.

    Heh, that reminds me of some magazine interview from the first season where it was said Hei would be like James Bond in that he would have a new girl with every storyline. True enough though hopefully we might see better signs to things improving for everyone. Yes I suppose so though I always kind of thought that he developed that personality both to deal with his sister being a Contractor as well as survive. That does sound about right. I would be rather curious to see a prequel perhaps that dealt with both Hei when he was younger as well as perhaps seeing the event where Contractors first appeared. It wouldn't surprise me honestly and what better cover than as a group designed to get rid of the Syndicate. And if they aren't by some chance then I expect they would be quite interested in getting their hands on Yin. Yeah, we don't know much at all about her which kind of makes me wonder if she could be someone we could potentially learn more of in a new season. Yeah, just have to wait and see like always. It would be maddening if they didn't do all of that of course, but I am curious to see whether he has any alliance other than his own as well as why it would be so bad if he and Yin were brought together. Yes and I'm rather curious to see whether she may use her abilities to their fullest if possible though such an act would probably be exhausting. Yes, it would be great to see the majority of the gear back though I'm not quite sure where he could get another bulletproof Black-Green coat unless he found a provider. Yes though I kind of expect that aquarium to be the site of the showdown. It provides a nice background I think as well as being a good place for Yin to potenially be active as well as Hei in the event he gets his powers back.

    Indeed it could, though I'm rather curious as to how much she may have seen or done to have an impact. Yes that does make enough sense. Kind of like how Setsuna in 00 uses that name as opposed to his real one (though given his past one might see a reason there).

    Yes and I'm curious to see how he may manage to counter Kurt as well as any other possible answers he may get out of him. This could also potentially be a moment where the backlash of dark magic to appear.

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