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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-27 16:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Just need to keep up with it and see how it starts looking. Hmm, he certainly does give off a similar vibe and even looks like he is dressing similarly. I wonder who the blonde girl is who seems to have the same eyes as him. I'm still rather curious as to whether he'll be an antagonist or not.

    That would make sense.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-26 23:40
    Dann of Thursday

    Weird with all the lookalikes though. I see Lelouch, Suzaku, and Gino at least. Some dude who looks like either Genbu Kururugi or Todoh.

    I'm somewhat confused with the weird necklaces that seem to be around at this time that appear to teleport people. That armor also looked rather odd on C.C. I rather like Renya though.

    That line when he made the contract about being removed from the flow of resurrection is a rather curious one. And what was with that image of the Lelouch look-alike I wonder? I wonder if there is some reason there with him perhaps blocking Renya from getting a Geass as that appeared to be what happened.

    I'm guessing for now that the Lelouch Look-alike is perhaps an old contractor of C.C.'s that somehow interfered. I suppose he'll likely be an antagonist or outright villain. I really am quite curious as to whether we'll see connections with this guy and Lelouch and how it might play into some aspects of the show.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-23 20:08
    Dann of Thursday
    Indeed, I probably am thinking about it a bit too much, but it often seems like a lot of people are going for some really deep meaning or something like that.

    Did he? I think I missed some of those chapters honestly since I fell behind in a few ways at some of the recent points.

    She constantly seems to imply that she isn’t trying nearly as much as she could so I certainly could believe that. I think she probably just underestimates people at times and they get the upper hand before she has a time to really go wild. And Eva arguably since she’s stuck in that young body as well, but yes let’s file that away. I’m thinking NegiXAsuna is the bigger possibility than anything else right now since we now know he isn’t related to her and there is probably some sort of meaning to having the descendents of two enemies wind up together. Yes, it was. Yeah, it seems like it’s some sort of recorded memory or something like that. She even said that Negi was never allowed to say what he said in the recent chapter to her real body while beating him up because she got embarrassed by his comments. I hope he actually does say something like that since it’s fun to see her get flustered and even funnier that he managed to get this copy to get the same way when she seemed so unflappable before. I think it was the one where he went to her for advice and she tried to seduce him in the bath with her adult form which of course backfired and then kissed him heavily after beating him up a bit. As I said, that was probably my favorite part of it all. Indeed, and the funny thing about it all is that he really isn’t trying that hard, though that might be why he is so good at it.

    On a complete side note, I went to go see Toy Story 3 with my family the other day and was very pleased. Pixar really is one of the few very good animation companies out there in the West anyway. There was even a very nice shout out to Studio Ghibli, which I suppose makes sense since Miazaki is friends with Lasseter of Pixar.

    No worries, I took a while getting the rest of this up myself.

    I’m pretty sure it releases everywhere, including the U.S., on July 27th (though I’ve seen the 20th as well) or at least the last time I checked that was the case. That’s quite good to hear I suppose and it’s nice to know they are planning in advance for that sort of thing. They seemed to have increased his speed quite a bit, which seems to have increased his usefulness, though I agree with you on him being a bit difficult to use. Yeah, though it is an interesting mechanic I suppose. What I saw at E3 impressed me and I think it could be a good bit of fun when it comes out. That and I just rather like the idea of having Marvel characters beating up Capcom ones.

    Yeah, I honestly am not reading much though I do check on things here and there. One thing that I was sad to see go was FMA which finished at 108 and will conclude with the anime with the last two episodes.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-23 20:07
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, and I’ve always been glad at the effort they go with to get good VAs for all the characters. I’ve sometimes found it annoying when they get good actors like Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson, only to give them a few lines and then kill them, though I suppose hiring people like that can cost a lot.

    Ah, they probably will since they seem to have had quite a bit of success with it. Yes, I’ll have to put it on the already large list of games I really need to get to at some point before they become impossible to find. Probably in some form, though being a doctor never entirely appealed to me. Looking at needles freaks me out and seeing real blood and injuries has never been something I’m good with. I’m the type who really needs to complete things so he wasn’t really like an optional guy for me. That super summon you got as a reward was pretty good though rather impractical to actually use. It seemed like he failed and got his ass kicked by the Wise One, who I think hoped he might learn his lesson. Maybe he will or maybe he won’t. There’s a guy who I think is adult Isaac helping out his son who looks pretty awesome though: . Well, some of their complaints are quite valid, but I think it depends on how much you let it interfere with the experience for you. Combat is pretty much all the same really though I think the major fun of it is building your ships to fight back and getting new ones. I suppose that is her, but I’m not sure. Really, well that is rather interesting. That’s rather surprising to hear, though I’ve honestly only seen the rather bad dubs of Yu-Gi-Oh done by 4Kids. That and I could never get my head around the idea that a card game could actually have what seemed like world influence along with how every damn match seemed to act like no one knew how to play the game.

    Indeed, though the character himself somewhat bugs me from what I’ve seen through video playthroughs. I should be okay for now, though that could come in handy in the future. Yeah, it is pretty good though I’m rather irritated by how I always seem to get killed by these damn cougars that leap out of nowhere and kill me and my horse. A perfectly understandable stance since it can be very hard to get these kind of settings right and despite it being quite good, I don’t think it entirely gets everything as well as the movies and such. Though approaching it with the idea of making it like a movie probably wouldn’t be the best way to go anyway.

    I suppose she really is just acting like a contractor then in those scenes, though the creepy evil grins don’t exactly help with the image. Hmm, that explanation could certainly work though I suppose we’ll have to see if they really answer any questions of that nature. Eh, I’d be surprised if they didn’t though part of it is that I want them to. A sequel would seem kind of weird now what with that other world and such. I also fear it will be more like the second series, which seemed to abandon some of the good aspects of the first. Possibly, but I agree with you on answers. Yes, I actually did like seeing more of the society Contractors seem to have built.

    Thankfully there doesn’t really seem to have been a loss of the quality of the site either.

    Maybe because she was not longer in the magic world it broke down or perhaps Nagi and the others had it removed as a way to give her a real life. It would certainly be a rather freaky thing to see, that’s for certain and I could always see the Lifemaker perhaps taking control of her. No idea how that would happen though.

    Hopefully, though I feel a Deus Ex Machina coming and I’m never really fond of those. Yes, that sort of thing really can be nice to see if it is done well and not out of blue. Yes, it certainly does seem to be progressing in an interesting way, though I have to wonder if we’ll get a sort of final, final boss after whatever happens with Negi and Fate comes to an end.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-23 19:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Best to hope for is course that they simply get better at going along and manage to have the characters progress in appearance in a more natural way when possible. Ah, it got removed too? Thank you for the link. I’ve fallen a bit behind with it lately.

    And then by the time you start to get the hang of it the summer is up and gone and you’re back to school once again. I think moral choice systems are a bit of a flawed system really or at least they are in most cases. They always seem like black and white choices with no middle ground or subtlety to it at all. You always seem to be either some great savior of the world or some cartoonishly evil jackass. Good and evil are rather abstract concepts after all. Couldn’t I play as some guy who outwardly seems to be good but is secretly working my way up to becoming overlord of all. Well, a lot of side quests in games to revolve around that really depending on the game, though that does seem rather limited for a FF game. Indeed, it is nice to see RPGs that don’t just stick to that old turn-based system (though I don’t hate that system really) and decide to try something different. Meh, not really at this point since I seem to be either working on getting all my books which takes up a rather sizable sum or paying bill of some sort. Yes, though it has gotten popular with some at least and found its audience for the most part. Eh, I try to vary up with how I go about deciding to get a game though I do base some of the decision on how it seems to do with everyone. I think it’s important not to base it all on the word of others really. Sadly, we got absolutely nothing on Versus at E3 this year though perhaps we’ll have better luck at TGS later on since I could see at least some new promo or something being released. I think a lot of people are sort of craving for innovations of old concepts or downright new ones to be used rather than just rehashing things that have been done already. It would certainly be nice to see the makers get another chance to keep going and improve with a second game. Yeah, it’s a hard thing to do really well and can either be ineffective at best or can really mess up the game. I never entirely got the idea of “bad” endings exactly, though I suppose they do represent to some degree the consequences of a bad choices. Of course, something like that should be represented throughout a game’s story rather than merely at the end. DLC at times irritates me since you have to wonder why they didn’t just pair it with the game in the first place, though it can be done right at times I suppose. Yeah, there never seem to be enough well done female characters in games so it is certainly a nice thing to see. Don’t know much about that other one though it seems odd if that were the case. I think that’s the one with the cards, isn’t it? Well, the enemy could always go for numbers to overpower, though that runs the danger of becoming somewhat monotonous. I suppose they’ll seek to avoid that though and we really don’t know the details of all the enemies we’ll be going up against. Boss fights will hopefully be spectacular and challenging though.

    I was rather happy with E3 this year as a whole despite some omissions such as Versus. Seeing more of the new Golden Sun was a plus, though I’m not sure how I feel about the graphics since I really liked the look of the other games. I was also liking the look of Portal 2 despite not actually playing the first one. I rather hope they could have the first one with the sequel if possible since I’ve seen walkthroughs of it and finding the concept very interesting and original, though I worry that expanding into a full game could be a negative since the first one seemed to work so well because it was a short, but tight experience. Other interesting ones to me were Epic Mickey, the Pirates of the Caribbean game, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Dead Space 2 (hopefully they can fix the flaws from the first). The new Deus Ex game from Square Enix looks cool, though I never did see any actual gameplay. The original sounds like a tough thing to follow, though the people working on it do seem to be trying hard to capture the right spirit. Fable III looks very interesting, though I’ll never actually play it since it’s a 360 exclusive. The one that really excited me was Infamous 2 since the first was the first PS3 game I played and they really seem to be trying to improve on things from the first and making the experience very fun overall. I also recently started hearing more on that game that Studio Ghibli is working on in partnership with Level 5, The Another World and am hoping that it turns out all right. Some of the smaller, downloadable titles are exciting me as well like Scott Pilgrim, Shank, and Journey.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-23 11:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Granted, I suppose characters are suppose to grow and change in reaction to what they experience, but I think weíll agree that the ways some of them changed didnít make much sense. Indeed, complex characters are always far more likable than ones that are more one-dimensional. True, since those are the things that allow you to understand why they take the path they do. Though one really couldnít help but question some of the actions done by characters at time even if you did analyze their motivations and it was sometimes a little odd to not see any real indication that they saw what they were doing as wrong. Yes, that sounds about right. I suppose I have beaten this old horse enough, havenít I? Is than an actual expression? I think it is.

    And by that point, they really have themselves to blame in a sense for when things do go bad. Iíve only skimmed them really and they are a bit on the scary and depressing side anyway, though I suppose that may have been part of the point. Maybe it might be best that way. Her feelings could have been a part of her development of course if they had done it more naturally I suppose, but it did bug me that we never saw or heard anything on her mother except for that throwaway scene in the epilogue. I suppose since we at least have arguments to back up any criticisms we have rather than simply making wild accusations. I know, and apologize, but I seem to lapse every once and while when I think on the subject, which is probably a sign to just stop. I canít help but think that there had to be a little more to it than simply fan service though, but then I suppose romance was never really something handled with the best grace needed in CG. Indeed, one really shouldnít compromise in that aspect of things. Though it admittedly might not be a bad idea if the story was terrible or severely flawed to the point that gripes from viewers were actually indicative of true flaws. I suppose thinking that is a bit hypocritical on my part though. Yes, that is the term I believe and the proper one for this instance. Well, I was demanding goodies in regards to C.C.ís story as well wanting a romantic relationship to blossom between her and Lelouch, which I based on interpretations of their interactions. That isnít entirely different from some of the others, though I do quite see the point you make. Indeed, I do love Jeremiah as I said before, but several aspects of his role in R2 confused me. I was irritated that they seemed to drop his whole connection with the Code-R project and that weird little ability he had where he was able to completely dodge attacks. It makes sense that he could start becoming a little more sane, but the whole Anti-Geass thing really was quite strange. No denying he was awesome though. Sayako is another example with them making her into this crazy ninja fighter, though Iíve always wondered if the way we often see Ninja portrayed in anime and manga is rather inaccurate. There is that, though it probably would have been better for them if it had happened earlier. Quite true and Iím honestly rather disgusted by how fascinated a large aspect of culture seems to revolve entirely around people who are billed as ďcelebrities.Ē

    One more thing in regards to Code Geass that really does irritate me to no end though (and I swear this will be the last new topic of discussion I bring up for the moment) is just how determined they had seemed to be to completely shoot down the idea that Lelouch could be alive in the end. They kept going on about saying how he was dead and even went ahead and apparently released a new version of the final episode that completely altered the final scene to give no indication that he could possibly be alive. It just seems like a bit much to me honestly. I mean, whatís wrong with a little ambiguity? Iíll still believe what I want in this case though despite it, though I suppose that might simply make me stubborn. Another is of course that some of the post-series materials saying that Lelouch had feelings for Kallen and saw C.C. as just an equal. In addition, the whole implication that she was a mother figure to him along with the implication that she was just using him for her own emotional satisfaction, which as we discussed was true, but definely not as the series progressed. I don't know much about the extra materials admittedly, but do you?
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-18 21:41
    Dann of Thursday
    That seems to be all we can ever do. Itís either than translators and such are falling behind for whatever reason or that the author might be taking breaks here and there, though that didnít seem to be the case before. Eh, interesting turns can be rather tough to pull off well. I can think of a few manga that took interesting turns are seemed to downgrade in quality. Thatís nice to hear. I seriously wish there was some easier way to deal with viruses better at times though. Yes, I like when the anime will at times add small scenes here and there which can contribute, but skewering the plot really is such a bad thing to do. Of course, sometimes simply making the anime is setting yourself up for something like that, especially when itís an unfinished series, a young one, monthly, or all three at times. I wonder if there are any cases where they changed it and actually improved on it though. Thank you for that, I appreciate it. Seriously though, the whole thing is to some degree ridiculous.

    I split this next one up a bit because it's too damn long otherwise.

    Yes, and it also rather helped contribute to what I felt was a mystery aspect to it with all the little glimpses to the history of Geass, though at the end we still didnít really know much. I suppose so, though Iíve always wondered why Lelouch or others didnít take more of an interest in uncovering more about it, though I suppose Lelouch was just being practical in using it as a tool and not having so much time to spend pondering it. I got into it early on at about episode 3 or so and kept with it since then, but having the whole thing done sounds like it really was helpful since of course. I get the feeling they had a rather firm plan for what it was they wanted to do during season 1 and were thus able to stick to it. Pretty much, though adaptations on finished works are a bit of a different beast I feel, which is actually something that irritates me. I donít entirely mind if we donít really revisit the current time period with Geass and instead go into the past as seems to be the case with at least one of the new projects though. Well, some things I think one can infer were things that were planned to happen like several aspects of the last few episodes with Lelouch and Suzaku teaming up and all, though of course that is simply a guess on my part. Oh, well.

    I think that really would have been impossible given how season 1 had ended with her finding out Lelouch was Zero and I actually didnít mind her being in on it. I mean, it was an opportunity for her character to grow a bit, but it simply didnít happen in the way I was expecting. But then, itís possible she would have fallen for him even if she didnít know his identity. I suppose I always saw her developing feelings in a sense and then moving past them more since, as Iíve said before, I kind of thought a lot of her affection and admiration for Zero (and for Lelouch to an extent) had some roots in seeing aspects of her brother in him. Eh, itís an odd subject to discuss in any case for some reason though I realize I brought it up. I suppose I just have some trouble figuring out how romantic relationships make the most sense with these characters, though I do know which ones I did like. I did like aspects of her interactions with C.C. though such as all the time she spent with her during the time between the seasons. Well, she may have been wise to some degree from all that time, but she certainly was still capable of making mistakes. Indeed, and I always did like how they progressed over the whole series though I did of course wish for a bit more. Yes, I got it and I have managed to see more of it.

    Iím up to 21 in episodes in LOGH, which I know is a rather low number. Iím having trouble keeping on just one thing for an extended amount of time actually, which is annoying me to no end. I have shows I want to look at, some games I do intend to finish at least, and quite a few books to go through. I just canít seem to get a proper balance going unfortunately. I think that they were trying too much with a lot of it and it all just seemed inappropriate at times. One thing they went over the top with was probably what they did with Jeremiah, but I canít say I entirely minded with him if only because I love his character for some reason. Eh, someone is always going to whine no matter what. Iíve only seen a few series that most people are able to come to a general agreement on in terms of things like the ending. I know Iíve had plenty of shows that had endings that I didnít exactly care for, but that I couldnít outright say were bad.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-18 21:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Bah, don't worry. In any case, response is goooo!!!!

    No question there, though SE may have had in mind to perhaps enhance sales opportunities, especially in the West where the 360 has more influence. That's probably the hardest part, particularly considering the absurd amount one needs to pay for school books for each semester and student loans among the many general payments. Yes, unfortunately enough as they either won't catch onto correcting things or other things. As seems to be the general consensus among pretty much everybody happily enough and I look forward to the third installment even if I may never actually play it. Indeed, though I find I often have trouble going back on 'Choice' games such as that since they are often so long and even when I do, I can never do a complete playthrough if on a game with an "Evil" side since I find I never really feel comfortable when I'm consciously using a character to do harm to others, which I suppose sounds quite silly. Things like different character types like in ME I could easily do I think. Yes, the best VAs are often the ones where you can’t quite tell that it is them from role to role (not to knock down ones you can recognize though). I can agree on both counts (both the being cool and the way that line is delivered) and personally found the scenes I saw in RE5 of him fighting Chris in that hangar of the ship being very impressive. That sort of thing is always enjoyable to see especially when done correctly. And often with very good music accompanying the moment. I think everyone tends to want it to come sooner, though at times it seems to come only in rather pressing times or after it would have been most useful to a person.

    Nothing much we could really do, though I suppose everyone can do their part by supporting works that are actually trying to innovate and such. I suppose one of the biggest problems would probably be that people actually give them ratings, though I still can’t see why. If shows like that started doing badly and more time was given to quality shows than some people might pick up on the message. Easier said than done though I suppose. I have to wonder if people actually do enjoy all those shows. Agreed on all counts there. Well, a sequel is inevitable so perhaps they will try a bit more there. I’m somewhat curious as to what they could do with for a sequel though.

    And as technology improves the limits can be pushed further and further though I rather if a point will be reached where they can’t go any further. Actually, it makes me wonder what the next generation of consoles will be like though I’d honestly prefer if we stayed with the current ones for quite a few years more. I’m rather curious how they might further use that sort of scenario in the future though I’ve noticed that some are experimenting with similar types of gameplay such as Alan Wake, which you mentioned. Out of curiosity, did you play that one? It looked rather interesting though admittedly I don’t know much about it other than the basic aspects of the plot. Well, that sort of things sounds like a plus as it seems like the kind of series that could encourage someone to actually go out and learn more. Yeah, it wouldn’t exactly have felt right if he had ended up winning in the end, though if he had I wouldn’t have been surprised if he found he didn’t care for it. Yeah, such a sad state of things it has become. Mr. Weisman really seems to have some bad luck, doesn’t he? At least he managed to get quite far with Gargoyles. What bothers me the most was that the show got stellar reviews from everyone and did very well in the ratings and still ended up cancelled. They’ve already got a new series lined too and announced it before there was even any official announcement of the cancellation. Oh, I can certainly understand that and it sort of reflects a weird thing with CN recently in that any newer animated shows they do have seem to really lean hard on the weirdness factor. Still, if I’m feeling down I can usually watch it for some quick entertainment if I’m not in the mood for more serious things.

    Well, that’s good. It’s always nice when you finally get through them all. True, they could certainly do with putting more efforts into promoting some of these things. Though that’s easier to do with bigger studios than with smaller and lesser known ones I suppose. One of the problems with the fact that the videogame business is indeed a business I suppose. Meh, I suppose that about covers this depressing topic. Possibly, but then a bunch of people would have protested because it was brought out like that, but it’s a fact you can’t please everyone. If I can ever get around to it, especially since I keep having all these damn bills. Ah yes, that is coming out soon isn’t it? I’ve heard quite a bit of buzz about it.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-09 22:51
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah, right. My apologies.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2010-06-08 17:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Found this by random and thought you might find it interesting:

    It's an interview with the creators of BlazBlue.

    I hope to have some responses to everything up soon.

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