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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-20 16:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry on the late response, been a busy week.

    Will do.


    Ha, I hadn't realized it was pretty much everyone from Block A, and it is a bit of a shame about Hisako, but from what I read in summary of the latest Hayama's reasoning makes sense for why he'd triumph. Yes, I can see that and you're quite right that we haven't any idea exactly how his time in service to Erina's family worked. I still hope we get some actual info on her at some point. I could see Megumi and perhaps Zenji ending up there, in part because they aren't necessarily the first you'd think of to make it there. That is a good possibility, though I'm not sure if you can have a draw in a shokugeki. It would be a very interesting turn of events though since that feels like a once in a lifetime event.

    Well, it's technically ended already and just waiting on six more chapters to be finished. I'd also say the feels aren't quite as heavy as CC could often get, but yeah I'd recommend it down the line.

    Same, I played that first one they released over here to death, though I never got around to the gamecube ones. Yeah, that can be a bit of a problem for sure, though thankfully I haven't watched too many of those. Oh, I always do. I can't really think of many occasions where I've made a point to rush through a game. Knowing me, I'll get a bit obsessive about finding everything I can. They really do need to get way more consistent with updates at this point as it's simply ridiculous. Hell, if they were simply open about the production a bit more including problems then I think things would be better and fans might be more satisfied. They are always good about their world building and I do find the direction they've gone interesting. Far Cry no, but I'd say Witcher is actually making some fairly nice changes from its predecessor in it's much more open world and changed combat. Yes, that's a bit of a different area in terms of exploration compared to what I recall of past games. I'd be very surprised if they didn't do so if they are intending this as the finale as it sounds. Good point, though at the very least they've said they don't plan to have as many tutorials so hopefully we won't be pestered every five seconds like what happened in SS. Yes, I was quite surprised by the console choice given most of the demand was for some sort of release on the Vita, though I do hope it doesn't take as long as the FFX/X-2 remakes did. That seems like it would be Sega's call unless Sony steps up, which would be very nice. I definitely think it has a lot of potential and I love the setting and concept. I'm a little concerned about how much they seem to be pushing the cinematic aspect of it all, but we'll see how it goes.

    Yeah, I don't expect to hear much for a while. I think it was a three man squad with a drone coming in to help that was controlled by a fourth. That trailer was so damn depressing though at the beginning.

    I think I may give it a shot at least through the Beta. I've never been much of one either, but I'm curious enough to take more of a look at it.

    Yeah, and that the SVU captain was with them in the first season, though they did reference that I think later on. If it comes out next year you mean :P I think they've been given some sort of outline about things to come from Martin if I remember correctly. Let me know if you like it! Not familiar with it, but it does look interesting and I did always like the illustrations they did for those books. Well, it does seem to be moving forward with some decent people working on it unlike the latter, which I'd forgotten about till you mentioned it. I saw it over the weekend and though it was awesome as well as a great continuation of the story and characters. It would be amazing to see, though that would also need to include mutants now being a part of the Marvel Universe, which could actually be interesting if they explored it properly. Eh, I'm not too broken up about Bale though Affleck was a surprise choice for me. My main concern is that they're stuffing all these heroes in the movie as well as the fact that Zac Snyder is still directing.

    It would be really cool if they started adapting some of other works like that or perhaps Crossbone. Yeah, at least they tend to get conclusions. Yeah, I did and it was really good, though it kind of sucks that it ended the way it did. Well yeah, but she won't give it to me. I managed to check out the first two episodes though and it is pretty good. Thought the beginning legend had a bit of Greek Myth to it with Luna having the sucky job like Hades, though she got out of it. My sister also mentioned that Monty apparently was new to the program used for the series, though I don't know if that's true. They are very good, though I do find it a bit hilarious that nearly every weapon also has a gun setting. I've seen a bit of Dead Fantasy, but not familiar with Haloid. Sounds like a Halo/Metroid mash up? I'll look it up.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-15 16:20
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, there's a lot to go over. I've never really looked at it much, but what I have seen of the lore is pretty interesting.

    Isn't that the truth, though Akito doesn't really have the excuse Titan has with the manga getting more material.

    It certainly makes sense to have Subaru win since he's a new challenger in the top 8 as he wouldn't come across as much of a threat if he lost now. I know, there's so many opportunities with the set of characters in this right now. In regards to the Hisako/Hayama match, I'm pulling for Hisako if only because I'd really like to see her go against Soma and the reactions we could get from Erina. I was wondering if he perhaps mellowed out or something after meeting his wife possibly, though flashbacks do show him acting in that similar manner even back then so it does seem possible he simply never got his philosophy regarding failure across to her. Good point, and it would be fitting if most of Polar Star stayed in as a show of it regaining its former glory. Well, it is a shounen. If it weren't food they'd be doing this by beating each other up. Still, I'm not sure if it might come to him during a battle as that would seem more about proving himself and his food. If at some point afterwards he fixed something to cheer her up, then that could definitely get to him I think.

    On a side note, I've also been going through a nearly complete series called World Embryo. It's from the guy who did Chrono Crusade if you've ever read that and I quite like it for the most part.

    Understood. I've played the latter (very much liked it aside from some annoyances), but I need to get to BD myself. It really has become a nice and viable way to experience something without playing it yourself. Yeah, I've only watched a few myself like Amnesia, which would fit into that category of not being able to fight back. I'll probably make a point to go through it one of these days and it doesn't sound exceptionally long. Yeah, that's kind of how it is for me. There's a lot to do certainly, but I look at all these activities and don't see much I actually want to do. I definitely think 2016 for NA is a decent chance, though it depends on what we see going forward. I just really hope the next thing we see is a gameplay video or something where someone is actually controlling it in real time. Gotcha and it did look pretty nice from what was shown at E3. I hope it's as expansive as they seem to be making it out to be as well. Yeah, a lot of those have my interest as well, especially Witcher III as well as Bloodborne. I actually really liked Far Cry 3 so the next one has my attention. Curious where they go with Tomb Raider as well. I've only ever played Uncharted 2 myself, but that was a good game. Some of the Nintendo announcements also look nice such as that new Zelda or Bayonetta 2.

    Yeah, hopefully it works out. That'd be a lot of fun for sure. I'm curious how big a group can be at a time. Thus far I feel we've only seen three man teams with that drone thing coming into help too.

    I got a chance to play the Destiny Alpha this weekend and had a bit of fun, though of course there wasn't too much to do being an Alpha and all.

    It's really weird watching early Law and Order when they had completely different characters and thing like Jerry Orbach showing up as a Defense Attorney. Yeah, it sucks when focus keeps getting put on storylines that can't hold interest which can make an entire book drag. It's that one and then Dream of Spring for the last, right? Oh lord no, though at least that series is finished. I wouldn't mind something like the Belgariad myself. I definitely recommend the Mistborn series as well as his other books if you happen to like it. Apparently Pacific Rim 2 is in the works now so there's that along with a few others like Interstellar, Crimson Peak and that Warcraft movie. Hope you enjoy it when you get to it. I don't mind them holding onto X-Men for now as long as they keep making good movies. People have probably made lists of good candidates somewhere. Makes me think of all the announcements regarding various heroes being cast for that Batman V Superman film.

    Yeah, if they keep around that length then it could work out. It's sometimes weird seeing older shows from the past, though a lot of them do hold up. The dubs don't always though. I'll keep that in mind then. I'm sure someone will post all the good bits on youtube at some point. Not yet unfortunately, it's my sisters account and she's had the PS3 the last few days when I'm not at work. I have been watching RWBY though and it's quite good I think, though the animation and voices took a little getting used to.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-10 15:50
    Dann of Thursday
    Ha, speaking of Goren, he's been cast as the Kingpin in that Daredevil series they're making.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-09 18:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, those aren't too far. If they did go the route of 13 episode seasons than that could potentially work as they could provide a better potential buffer without going through too much of the material. Can't think of any show that's ever done that though.

    Oh, I meant I could see Takumi as Ryo's opponent in the second round, though it seems that isn't the case now. Indeed, especially since Souma came pretty close to beating Hayama in a dish that was the latter's specialty while being rather new to it (it does and this is the first time I've ever seen such a thing). This is the first I've ever heard of such a thing myself, but perhaps she'll cook the meat in it? True, and I also think it's based somewhat in how she's a fan of Jouchirou and his style, which I'm getting indications was different in some ways than it is now. True, though I'm wondering as to whether we might lose some of Polar Star Dorm for instance. Her I could see it having a huge effect on her, but for some reason I think Souma's journey in this regard won't have real strides till much later on.

    Well, if you're still on the fence in any way then check out some media and reviews on Xillia 2 to see for yourself after you finish the first. I tend to do it with ones I'm find interesting, but not enough to play myself or not to my style. Horror games are especially hilarious to watch with the commentary. I have it actually, but I don't know if I'll ever play it so I may just watch a playthrough. That's one of my problems. I buy several of these like this or GTAV, but just never play them for one reason or another. I could see it releasing in Japan . Eh, looks like it might have been nothing. They showed some early production work, but nothing substantial. Prequel could be interesting for sure or maybe some whole other part of the universe.

    Yeah, certainly looked that way as did the new footage released today. Really hoping to hear more on mechanics and such soon, though the game is quite a ways off.

    Yeah, they plan to go up through Silence and have been seeding some future stories like there being a murder being discussed that is one of the early Tooth Fairy ones. Unfortunately, the rights to Clarice Starling are owned by another company so they can't use her. It's weird. Yeah, it was real nice before they started laying it real hard on him. I also liked Jeff Goldblum for the short time he was on. It does seem they may beat him I think given the pace he writes so I'm curious if they'll go for their own original ending or not. I do think GoT shows that there are a lot of good book series, especially fantasy, that would work fantastically as television shows. I'd love to see some of the works of Brandon Sanderson for instance. Heh, there was actually some thoughts they had a cameo in the movie, but it ended up being something else. Saw it last night and I really liked it. It was actually rather funny to my surprise though a lot of it was dark humor. Definitely recommend it. Well, it'd be more Fox's face than Marvel's since I'm sure they'd love to have the rights back in order to put them into the whole universe. Yes, it would be fantastic to have a really well done Doom, but who could they get to play him though is what I'm wondering. Someone hammy for sure.

    Pretty much I suppose, unless it veers off the rails in some ways. Yes, hopefully they can accomplish that. Yeah, I was never huge on Sailor Moon myself, but it is a part of my childhood so I wish they were looking at something new than just remaking something else again. Apparently they recast some people as well. I didn't know about the PowerPuff Girls remake...and I don't need to because I'm certain it will weird. I heard they are doing their own version of it featuring some returning characters and keeping the focus on the Ranger teams that were shown in America. The Japanese version is that at the start of the season there was some big battle that had all the teams and they defeated it at the cost of their powers. The season literally opens on that gigantic battle. I think so? Yeah, I'll let you know.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-07 23:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I'll be sure to. Good luck on your end in any case.

    Maybe a few OVAs covering minor stuff could work?

    Yeah, it's nice that he can give it back when insulted. I'm thinking Takumi maybe? I could definitely see him as a final opponent particularly as we would likely see a more complete view of his backstory that way. Curious about the big mystery dude whose identity they haven't revealed. I'm thinking she's going to win her round and we could see a match with her and Soma. Agreed, her focus on the medicinal aspects of cooking is very fascinating. I get you, though my main issue with Erina is mainly her habit of looking down on everyone, particularly Soma. I suppose that's the point of character development though. Indeed, there's a variety of ways this could go, though I do have some worries that the overall cast might get too large with all these various rivals. Then again, I suppose we may start seeing people either being kicked out or graduating. Yes, hopefully it's all handled well, though more than Erina I think Soma could be a problem since he seems pretty dense about this kind of thing. Indeed, though he does seem fine being rather hands off aside from the push here and there. I've been meaning to start jogging and I already like to take walks, but about the same for me yeah. I'm not perfect by any means and slip up at times.
    I get what you mean, but I feel like several of the Tales games I've seen actually had good endings for the main couples. It's more of a direct sequel than a tie-in that has little to do with the events of the first. I've been doing that to cover some of the games that have my interest but not enough that I want to spend the money on it myself. Yeah, just a bit of it. Not sure why I didn't watch the whole thing. The guys who did TLoU are doing the next one, though I haven't gotten around to playing TLoU myself. You are going to be disappointed then as SE confirmed that there isn't going to be anything new on FFXV at E3 as this "isn't the optimal timing to release new information." So yeah. On another note, the director of Mass Effect 4 is going to be at E3 for the first time in eight years so perhaps we can expect a reveal on that.

    Edit: Watched the Division Gameplay and yeah, that looks pretty sweet. Hopefully the final product looks like that and that doesn't end up some sort of nice looking tech demo.

    Gotcha, though they aren't exactly following the book canon. Yeah, it go real depressing to watch at times. Yeah, I'll probably get around to it soon enough as I've been managing to get through other stuff at a decent rate as of late. True, though I'm curious if they'd bother with some of the backstory like all the stuff with Mothra. I honestly really liked that interpretation for him as well as how rather than screaming constantly all anyone can do is just stare in awe. Yeah, I'm planning on going to an early show tomorrow so we'll see. Yeah, he'd definitely bring a different view to their more chaotic one. Actually, they have a reboot in the works set to be directed by Josh Trank and I've heard rumors of Annihilus as the villain, though that could be false.


    True, though Origin is still running, isn't it? There's been a number of remakes lately actually like a new Sailor Moon of all things. Oh, that whole scene. That one is truly awesome for the nostalgia alone, though the Japanese version is even more ridiculous as it features every team since the 1960s all in one big fight. Ah, got it. I'll take a look and let you know.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-04 22:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Man, I always seem to make these get super long. Sorry.

    Seemed odd they're doing it in a movie series as an actual television series given just how long that material is. Oh yeah, I forgot they were doing a remake of that. That'll be interesting to see provided it doesn't get messed up. Eh, Kamen Rider at least tends to be a lot darker than the admittedly much sillier Super Sentai. The newest series especially so aside from one or two episodes to give a chance of relief. I did see a scene involving some chaos deity that was both bizarre and quite funny now that I think about it and that series is on Netflix, right?
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-04 22:16
    Dann of Thursday
    Nah, it's good. I've done the same thing several times myself.

    The whole idea sort of came up as my dad is looking for a new job and had an interview for one that would have him in Texas for two years. It's still something of a plan b to me as I want to make sure I try every avenue here, but I'll definitely let you know if something does happen.

    Yeah, weekly tends to be a bit better as you don't have that agonizing wait between each chapter. Especially when you have a cliffhanger. I could see them waiting until they had enough for another 26, though I'm not sure how much farther the manga would have to be to get us that.

    Yes, and I do like the fact that he'll adopt something that could be considered a failure into a success as was noted during the preliminaries. His general laid back attitude also makes his interactions with people like Erina all the more amusing as they can't get the reaction they'd expect out of him. I think we may get more in his next match, but I could see it perhaps being Alice offering him a chance to expand perhaps. It is a very curious relationship though. I'm hopeful it will be as well and they have done a good job of making her more sympathetic from her initial introduction. The fact she can't actually participate in the Autumn Election makes me think she will get some expansion in whatever the next major arc is. Eh, I don't necessarily have a problem with that if the relationship is developed nicely enough, but I do see your point. It would be a great way to finish what I'd imagine would be meant to be the first third of the plot, though that leaves me completely unsure as to who the next major rivals would be. Probably members of the Elite Ten we don't know about yet. Oh, and I'm completely caught up. Oh completely and I have to think the author is fully aware of what a great moment it can be. Hmm, that's definitely an interesting idea full of good possibilities, though I wonder if he could stay in one place long enough since he seems to be in a wandering mood. I wonder about that honestly. I've been meaning to do that myself as I honestly don't mind exercising and the weight lifting class I had in high school was actually one I really enjoyed. I can understand that and have been trying to put as many limits on myself as I can, though I make room for allowances every now and then.

    Well, this isn't quite the same as those in the past and seems more of a case similar to the Destiny titles rather than something like Symphonia. This one actually features the return of the cast from the first game and deals with how they've progressed in the time since. Also, from what I've heard from those that have played it, the story features is one of the best in the series especially when combined with the first game. Haha, that's part of it with me as well, though I do like my loot. I'll have to look more at The Division as I only remember seeing a bit of that trailer, but third person has always been more preferable for me as well. I'm curious how many big reveals we may get honestly, but damn it if I don't want something like a new FFXV trailer with some sort of date.

    That's actually one of the fun and scary things about the show in that he's just so damn charming. And they show him putting so much care and skill in preparing meals for his dinner parties that you actually get hungry....until you realize that he might be serving people. Oh, the crap that Goren has to deal with is hard to watch at times. I got the first season on a sale so I may at least watch that than look at the others at a later time. Definitely and I'm quite curious as to how they would go about designing and introducing some of the other monsters, though it could be a challenge to do it all in one film. I did love that whole angle as it does give Godzilla a definite reason for coming up, but I loved how he largely didn't give much notice to the humans and instead even seemed to go around them when possible. Yeah, I think I may catch it at an early show this weekend and it looks to be getting good word of mouth too. I love the concepts of a time loop though like in Groundhog Day. Nova's never really been a member of the team though he has had close associations with them. I do think this film could be a fantastic leap off point for a Nova movie, especially if they want to continue and expand the cosmic side of things. That would be awesome, but unfortunately I believe Annihilus is part of the Fantastic Four film rights owned by Fox.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-03 17:18
    Dann of Thursday
    It'd take a miracle at this point for something like that to happen I think. Or something suitably horrible. Hmm, I don't think any of them are in that area unfortunately, which is odd when I think about it as NYC is one of the big markets in my field. Honestly, I'm half considering moving to Texas since there's a lot in my field down there and the housing isn't too high priced.

    I tend to have enough distracting me these days that I don't dwell too hard on these things lest they drive me crazy. I totally understand that idea though and I've actually done that for several series in the past as its just nice to watch or read the whole thing in one go rather than wait however long for the next part.

    Yes, the fact that he isn't some newcomer to all this, but someone with already established talent who isn't too arrogant it is really quite refreshing. Given recent events, I'm very curious to see where they go from here in relation to the main cast. That's nice to hear as it was something bugging me a bit. I agree about the romance aspect, though they've been setting up a lot of that thus far with other characters too. I suppose it mainly depends on where they take her from here as she currently seems to have the role of being that big rival at the top at school for Soma to overcome. I suppose having a Shokugeki with her as the finale to the first year could be one direction to go for instance. I'm mainly just really looking forward to seeing her reaction to the fact that Soma is the son of the chef she admires. Speaking of him, I hope we get some more backstory about Jouichirou, especially in regards to his wife who I presume is deceased. You probably know more than me, but I've been trying to get on things a bit more and especially not eat fast food anymore.

    Yeah, it's led to me being more critical on what I buy for the most part. Off hand, the next titles coming up for me that I can think of are Tales of Xillia 2 and then Inquisiton, which should both keep me going for a while. Oh, and Destiny too of course, though I share your feelings regarding MMO type games. Still, I'm interested enough to try it out at least and hope the Beta is good. Of course, everything seems to be getting delayed to 2015 to the point that that year is looking like a potential nightmare with all that's coming out.

    Haha, I understand. That show is really messed up at times with nightmarish imagery, but it really is a well-made show with some great performances. Aww, I miss Criminal Intent as that was probably one of my favorites aside from the older episodes in the original series. Game of Thrones is one of those shows I keep meaning to watch but never get around to. I'm half tempted to wait until the shows near over before going in. Yeah, and I hope that Edwards gets to do Monster Island as he indicated he wanted to. I'd love to see the likes of King Ghidorah on that big screen. Edge of Tomorrow looks very interesting, though I've heard a bit about how the later parts of the book are rather different from the source material. When doesn't that happen though? I understand as it is their riskiest venture thus far and has the job of introducing the Cosmic universe, but I'm a fan of the comic series featuring these characters and remain hopeful it'll turn out alright. Yeah, I'm planning to sit down and watch it in the next few days so I'll let you know.

    It is a lot of fun and a rather light series to watch, especially in comparison to other Gundam series. He is a little odd, but you get used to it quick enough. Same here actually and I only got into it by chance. I tend to stay away from Super Sentai myself and have mostly just taken a pick and choose method with Kamen Rider. I haven't watched that one myself, though I hear it's actually pretty good.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-02 19:03
    Preaching to the choir, preaching to the choir, here's hoping the politicians finally get their heads out of their butts, but I'm not holding my breath. Bah, enough about them, I'm sick of thinking about it <_< If anyone's operating in NYC feel free to send them my way, I could use the help

    This is why as fond as I've become of this series I'm really tempted to just wait until said answers finally come before I tear my head out wondering about all these new questions

    I know right, he's probably the most endearing male lead character I've seen in a shounen jump series thus far, he's knowledgeable , which is something new, while still being supremely confident, though also surprisingly humble and considerate as well. Agreed, and probably my favorites of the supporting cast are Alice and Kurokiba, they have such an intersting dynamic between the two of them and add all kinds of interesting scenarios with their presence. I've heard the creators plan to address this issue regarding Erina in another arc soon, which I'm very hopeful for as she's tied with my second favorite female character of the series alongside Alice and that I believe it's been very much hinted at she's Souma's primary love interest at some point which should be all kinds of interesting drama when it happens Same here, I know really basic skills, but I also know better then most it's going to become more and more necessary to learn in terms of keeping cost down and TRYING to maintain a healthy diet.

    Good policy to have, I generally content myself with most games through walkthroughs on youtube, except for the truly big ones that can give me my money's worth in terms of content like Inquisition and hopefully FFXV and the Division next year, though the latter I'll have to get used to since I don't really do large MMO type games like it and Destiny.

    Gah, can't touch Hannibal, too worried about my sanity, though I have gotten on a law and order binge recently, especially Criminal Intent cause I like Detective Goren so much. I have of course been keeping up with my Game of Thrones lately, thank you HBOGO Good to hear, especially since I'm pumped that Godzilla is going to be a trilogy, deserves it in my book for bringing back my childhood joy in style the way they did. How to Train your Dragon 2 is on my watch list as well, along with the Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow, cause I heard that was based on a popular Japanese Light Novel which is intriguing, though I'm really feeling reluctant on Guardians of the Galaxy at this point, I don't know. Oh cool, you really should get a day for yourself to binge watch though, it's super worth it, and you can let me know if there was any interesting extra content on those DVDS.

    I plan to do a marathon watch of Build once things settle down around here. It looks like the type of senseless fun I can get into, though the red-headed spiky-haired pilot guy taking the lead kind of weird me out from what little I've seen of him so far. I don't know Dann, after power rangers tapered off for me I kind of stayed away from that genre, especially given how huge they are and how much it would suck me in to take it on. Trust me, I'm already regretting how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bamboozled me into it, stupid singing, candy-colored equines <_<
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-06-01 18:01
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, my mom had to deal with debt some years ago and she was the one who suggested the idea of just using one for gas. It's ridiculous and then you have to deal with the high prices for books and such too. I swear the college system needs some kind of overall as it shouldn't be this hard for everyone. Yeah, I'm working through a list right now of things to do to help like going through my contacts to see if they know anything. I know, right? We've gotten a few answers here and there, but those only serve to raise more baffling questions. I'm thinking it may have been an adoptive situation myself, but I can't come to any conclusion on the Mikasa connection quite yet. Indeed, it's a very fun read thus far and I do enjoy how despite the Soma winning and beating the odds so often, he's not invincible and has had his share of defeats. The supporting cast is great too, though I'm unsure on how Erina seems constantly featured in images when she doesn't appear all that often. I have no real skill at cooking myself, but this is the sort of thing that would want me to take a shot at it.

    Same here for the most part, though I've been trying to scale back on all that I buy as I feel I end up with so many that never get touched. Been trying to do a Dragon Age Origins and II playthrough to get me back into the world before Inquisition is out and I'm looking forward to the Beta in July for Destiny.

    Yeah, there hasn't been much that's caught my eye though there are some live action shows like Hannibal that I think are quite good. Saw all of those and quite enjoyed them. Now just waiting for other releases like How To Train Your Dragon 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy. Ah, I bought the first season for one of my sisters for Christmas. Both of them enjoyed it, though I haven't gotten around to watching it quite yet.

    Right now I'm doing a rewatch of Gundam X. Did you watch Build Fighters by any chance? I thought it was a fun little series with a lot of great cameos and references to the franchise as a whole. I've also recently gotten into Toku shows, especially Kamen Rider. The current series running Gaim, is especially good and directed and written by Gen Urobuchi.

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