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noch einmal?

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  1. Fweakin
    2009-02-24 04:44
    Spam away my friend.

    Simoun is godly. Its main problem was who it wanted to market to. The premise in and of itself sounds all kinds of crap, and the only way I actually saw it was by reading the ridiculously long thread here and seeing everyone rave about it.

    I have indeed read the manga and it is really not worth reading. The characters are too inconsistent and there is barely any story.

    And you should definitely watch Fate/stay. Sure, it has its problems, and its not the deepest of shows, but what it is is epic and entertaining.
  2. The Chaos
    2009-02-24 03:38
    The Chaos
    from seen one ep Sebastian is Lovely
    and LOL everyone thought Tieria was girl until hearing his voice but Gundam00 is AWESOME so keep watching it

    for anime I been watching many animes I just finished yesterday "Peach girl"
    but or manga nothing these days

    what about do you watch good anime/manga ?
  3. jadarksage
    2009-02-23 16:21
    hello wanna be friends
  4. The Chaos
    2009-02-23 06:09
    The Chaos
    I Read the manga but Stopped at chapter 15/16 ..didn't see the whole anime only one ep >_>
    I been busy with other anime ..But I need to watch Kuroshitsuji

    and Thanks Avatar was Made by Malin-Chan ^__^
  5. Fweakin
    2009-02-23 04:45

    It certainly can be tough sometimes. The avatar is from Fate/Stay night -- with one of the more comedic characters.
  6. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-02-22 20:36
    lol, I'll try to get it done. I'll even make you one! (but I get 1st dibs XD)

    Falcon Punch FTW! I've done that so many times! Especially pausing it right when they're about to explode off-screen. That really ticks them off. I can't play with we're even lol. I'm a Street Fighter kinda guy, so i guess I go for similar control systems.

    LOL @ Charlie brown. we're all stupid for Charlie Brown lol.

    And I would say yes in a weird way. They're so much more tender than IchiOri. I think she'd be more confident in herself if she was with Ishida. I'm still IchiOri, but I'm moreso an Orihime fan( ) as opposed to a shipper.
  7. The Chaos
    2009-02-22 16:56
    The Chaos
    Oh...Thanks for the Sweet words but nothing Cuter than your Ciel Avatar
    and I hope you Enjoyed your Birthday day
  8. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-02-22 07:00
    Yeah, it sucks big time. It's coming out in Japan late this year, but for USA the dubbed and translated version will be in 2010. I went searching to see if anyone had a gif of 1:35, but it seems i'll have to make it..

    I play with Samus, Link, Shiek and CAPTAIN FALCONNN! *activate falcon burning-glare*

    *in Charlie Brown voice*
    AUUGHHHH!! it'a TRAP!
  9. hakisak
    2009-02-22 05:34
    You know what's funny...deep down inside I don't think I do either. I was watching the SS arc today, and I got caught up in the Ishhime moments..then I said...what are you doing?!

    It's weird because since I am become a UlquiHime shipper its hard to hate her with the same passion--then she said "Kurosaki-kun" and I almost banged my head on the desk.

    Ichigo's POV has been missing, and the entire time, except for a thank you and its my job to save my nakama. He has not worried about her enough or said "I am so glad you are okay"

    I was stuck on IchiRuki that I really didn't notice all the Ishihime things like I should have. I thought they looked good together, but while I was reviewing some chapters, I saw the one in which Urahara told Ishida she had been kidnapped. The look on Ishida's face speaks volumes and I found myself squeeing over it. I really wished he would have said "I am glad you are okay" out loud...maybe she would have realized that Ichigo had not said that.

    *sigh* One can only hope...

    She reminds me of a part of myself , that I hate....A person I was at 15. I think that is one of my true issue with her. I used to love her so much, and then KT ruined her.

    Its why I truly hate her, because deep down, I really love her
    I like Rukia a lot but I never liked her as much as I once loved Orihime

    (You tell anyone I said that and you are soooooo dead)
  10. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-02-20 13:00
    Man, I watched it 9 times lol. Guess when it comes out...20-freaking-10. Those bastards...

    Woot, you're a game geek too!! I never played TWEWY, but I can give you a run at Brawl. *Initiates lightning-static glare* lol

    He is the epitome of badassery(that a word? lol). He's like a more awesomely equipped Cloud.

    I like your avatar too, Where's it from?

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