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noch einmal?

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  1. hakisak
    2009-02-20 12:49
    btw, I will appreciate Ulq's hotness after he loses, I am a little mad at right now for what he's doing to that guy I obsess over
  2. hakisak
    2009-02-20 12:47
    That look was something. Some people thought it was sad but I didn't..he can't say "I am glad you are okay" because he knows she's not. He wants to but that would not only lay his emotions bare, right now it would be out of place because of her "Tunnel Vision" and the "Strawberry" at the end of the tunnel

    I don't think it's sad at all. He can't tell her, but they connected. He also lifted her spirits when no one else could. (not even Ulq ) It's something they share...just like SS.

    I think it was beautiful even if I really wish her to get with Ulq...You know I always said "PLEASE NOTICE ISHIDA!"

    btw, that Loli moves in with him..Right now he thinks he's her guardian and she acts like they are couple and is possessive and he can't figure out why---
    They actually have a lot of relationship development
  3. hakisak
    2009-02-20 10:01
    Heehee...I know you jumped up and down in this chapter! Hah thank me for enticing you to read Bleach again...

    While I cried UlquiHime tears and got beat up in th forums at the same time (I couldn't hold it in and let it out to fast)

    Lets get shippy! Holla at me when you come on....
  4. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-02-19 05:39
    You're welcome . That's because you're awesome

    Haha someone as intelligent as you a fool? I doubt it
    It's Noctis Lucis Caelum from FFXIII Versus. I must say, the trailer made me fanboy for 10 mins!

    Here it is :
    Dude is so badass!! Esp at 1:35
  5. cloak_and_dagger
    2009-02-18 18:44
    T_T one day late

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
  6. hakisak
    2009-02-18 18:02
    Yes they get a lot of relationship development How many chapters have you read? Do you want to be spoiled?
  7. hakisak
    2009-02-18 17:46
    Btw, if you keep on flirting with Kakashi...there's going to be a problem.

    Word...I know the person he belongs to and I will tell!
  8. Amirali
    2009-02-18 13:02
    Happy Birthday, blue skies. One more great year of your life completed; I hope you had plenty of wonderful memories and experiences to cherish from those twelve months. And may the coming days bring you much joy and personal growth. How goes your media career, and when am I going to see your name in the New York Times ? I mean as a reporter, not a unsavory celebrity scandal of course.
  9. Ilija
    2009-02-18 05:12
    Btw, if you keep on flirting with Kakashi... there's going to be a problem. Oh yh, your avatar is so not a boy. The author probably just drew a girl, and then said it was a boy to mess with your head. They do that a lot...
  10. hakisak
    2009-02-18 00:43
    Omg! Happy birthday! *huggles*

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