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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-14 07:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Hmm, could it be that he was found later and it was discovered that he had developed a split personality, which led to them deeming him a failure and "disposing" of him? Well, the point is that we simply know very little about his background beyond a few details. Setsuna and Lockon were the only ones who had their pasts looked into to a large enough degree, so maybe this time we will see a full explanation on Alle and Tieria's pasts.

    Not actually familiar with that villain as much. Yeah, I remember and I was rather surprised to hear them say that. Unless he was damaged due to exposure to the red particles.

    Perhaps he wants people to think he is dead? Even so, it doesn't really change his features enough that I would think people wouldn't be able to recognize him. Eh, it's just weird.

    Yeah, that is the one. My sister showed it to me when it first came out.

    Oh, and it seems that Lyle is acting as an agent of Kataron by accepting CB's offer since Klaus wants to gain their support since he believes they understand where the Federation is heading. So it doesn't sound too bad yet.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-14 06:36
    Dann of Thursday
    I went over that scene and yes, he seemed to recognize her by seeing her face though I am amazed he could actually tell it was someone he knew from all that. It's possible that he only thinks she is someone he knew, but I am also more inclined to believe they knew each other though she might be too young to remember depending on when they knew each other since she is two years younger than him.

    And why exactly does Graham have a mask, besides to keep up the tradition? Pretty much all the other masked characters wore one to protect their identities for some reason, but I don't see any need for that with Graham. Does he possibly have bad burns or something from what happened 4 years ago?

    And did you ever see the 00 S2 preview that was basically a complete parody?
  3. Narona
    2008-10-13 16:57
    No I don't know at all. same about Bladeofdarkness................................... ...

    So what do you think about the resemblance in Grahams mask?

    I think it doesn't look SO bad on him XD in episode 2. But I still wonder WHY he has to wear a mask.

    Edit: BTW Do you have an MSN? I took one a few days ago. I never used a messenger before
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-13 16:45
    Dann of Thursday
    It irritated me too, especially since I thought they would have the Geass be the final subplot to be wrapped up and I thought that would have been cooler. Well, there was the Druid System, which could sort of be a reference to him. The Knightmares seemed to be named after the Knights rather than someone like a wizard and his name seems like it would go better with some special system.

    There isn’t going to be a third season though, which I am actually thankful for. I also really don’t think that the plotholes they left behind really warrant a whole season to have them dealt with and explained.

    Same problem here. I used to be quite good at drawing, but I’ve become so rusty I can’t really accomplish what I used to. I’m not sure I would really be good with mecha though.

    Yes, she does seem the only one who didn’t age out of the whole group except for Tieria though he is an exception.

    Yes, I know we can’t which is why I am keeping both options out there. Hmm, that is certainly possible. I would have to wonder where Alle got in his head that her name was Maria though. Hopefully we’ll get more info on that though I wouldn’t count on getting all the details.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-13 10:40
    Dann of Thursday
    Hmm, that actually would be pretty cool though it might also look a bit odd for whatever reason. I can't really imagine what you are describing though it sounds pretty awesome. A name like that sounds like it would be appropriate though.

    Wow, I looked at images of them from each season and you are right. The S1 version look seems like it would be more appropriate with a time skip while the new one looks like it would be younger. Kind of bizarre actually.

    Hmm, I'm not sure. That image could work with the whole bond that siblings have, but it may depend on how we see them interact. If they knew each other, that is what I was going with. The childhood friend angle is the only other scenario I can imagine than the sibling one. I think the interaction next episode should give us a few clues without revealing the whole story.

    I'm also hopin that Lyle gets a few more clues as to what he is really up to.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-13 08:13
    Dann of Thursday

    I suppose that would have been pretty cool.

    Oh, sorry about that. Is her hair that much shorter? I hadn't really noticed and for the most part I thought she looked the same. I'll have to take another look, but you are probably right. I would agree, though I do kind of like how the characters do look older.

    A part of me would rather not have them be siblings because I get serious SEED vibes from that entire situation right there. Still, that seems the most likely thing to occur.

    Yeah, I remember. It could be like that I suppose.
  7. Deliberation
    2008-10-13 02:37
    Hey thanks for the friend add!
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-12 22:18
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, my apologies. I'm not really into any of those games myself. I don't seem to play much at all these days.

    The battles in R2 weren't as great since a lot of the mechs starting entering into Gundam territory of power whereas before they were actually a bit realistic, but I think we went into this before. And I love epic battles, but I want both sides to actually be doing all right to some degree that it looks like there really is some sort of challenge. I think CG tried to be too much and ended up failing of course. While I don't want to bring this up really, the romance plot featured all the possible female types you could imagine. Mysterious Girl, High School Girl with a crush on the main character, and Wartime Romance story. And it was all pretty bad in the end. Ah well. Let's get off CG since I just want to go with my nice little scenario of the ending and all that and just leave it at that.

    Yeah....I noticed. I didn't know if there was a point in bringing it up though, but I don't mind in any case. I'm not sure whether I should like that they all have uniforms now. Female characters that are really huge like that bother me sometimes since it seems ridiculous at times.

    Yeah, that had me more worried than anything else. Oh, that would be such a bad thing to happen and it would suck if he ended up becoming an antagonist. I haven't been that disappointed so far, but we'll see what he has up his sleeve. The scene is weird for sure and it is just really confusing. It could be anyone, though some part of me wants it to be Feldt even if I know that makes little to no sense. Shirin makes sense to some degree though.

    Well, if he understands that the Thrones were not with CB really to everyone there, then that would be a start I think.

    Hmm, possible. I can't think of a reason she would suddenly change her name from Maria. Maybe she really isn't a Design Baby and was brainwashed into believing that instead? Of course, for some reason I keep either thinking they'll have some possible romantic tension there or it will be that they are siblings. I am looking forward to this as well in any case since I think it may be replacing the whole duel personality subplot for Alle from last season.

    Hmm, maybe in the revealing of his true goal, which will be surprising? Hmm, that is certainly possible that he found out the other faction's plans since it seemed that there was some sort of split within CB or something.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-12 20:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah, I see. Hope that was fun. Is that for WoW and such?

    Yes, I would have to agree that Gundam can produce some great actions sequences though recently with shows like SEED they have had mechs like Freedom which are simply too powerful. I like when there is actually some challenge. And with CG, what about the last battle between the Guren and Lancelot? I thought that was pretty awesome and I liked how they ran out of power and just went with good old fast paced hand-to-hand combat, though I wasn't exactly happy that Suzaku actually lost.

    I thought it was pretty awesome myself, though I hope we see more weapons as well as seeing the A-Laws make improvements since I don't want the Gundams to be too overpowered. I didn't really get that myself either, but whatever.

    Well, his initial reaction made enough sense. I expect he may go to the A-Laws or try to get to the bottom of all this somehow. We'll see soon enough, but I expect him and Graham to meet up.

    I wasn't that surprised at all. Actually, I got the impression from the scene with her in the first episode that she had fallen completely into alcoholism. I expect she will have a rough time at first, but hopefully she may be able to come out of it and at best find a way to get rid of her drinking problem.

    Well, it's either something plotwise to worry about or the writers wanted to speed up easing him into the whole thing. But yeah, he seemed just a bit too into it. Hopefully we'll go into it more later on like how we didn't see the darker side to Neil's personality till those terrorist attacks came up. Hopefully he'll ease into it.

    That is simply hilarious, but it sort of makes light of how bad the situation could be for all the other characters. Tieria is one thing and we see him reminding himself that they are not the same person (though his weird attachment to Lockon was odd if understandable given that he likely hasn't meant many who showed real concern to him), Feldt dealing with Lyle which worries me a lot for both of them honestly, and the other characters in general. Lyle is the outsider here while everyone else knows each other and is getting along pretty well.

    Eh, what do you expect? He looked up the info on the Thrones and seems to have found out from that Haro that CB considered them enemies, so this may lead to him wanting revenge on Nena. It's not much of a step up, but it could lead to development of some kind for him in a positive way. Lasse and Tieria seem to just think he is ignorant and want him to look at the facts without knocking him around. He either needs to change or he'll end up dying.

    I know, but it's sort of funny seeing him get angry and surprised. Is he supposed to be the main antagonist or something? Aeolia really was prepared though. I'm sort of curious as to why Eifman seemed so freaked out before he got killed. He was making it sound like the true goal was a bad thing, but the Director made a statement that Aeolia's true goal was not a bad thing and that this was important to know.

    It might be a while. You could just look it up at Youtube or go to Random Curiosity and look at the images. It's interesting though I am a bit worried about what is shown in some cases.

    Something I found interesting in the preview is that it seems that Alle and Soma have interacted and that she may also remember him as well.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-12 13:03
    Dann of Thursday
    Episode 2 was pretty good and I like the 00. What did you think of the ending though? There were a lot of images there that I found to be very interesting and could also perhaps hint to something such as Tiera seeming to confront someone, Lockon seeming to be with someone, a rather interesting image of Soma and Alle, who I think may be Saji and perhaps Louise, a rather odd pic of who I think is Setsuna or Tieria with those Innovator people, and Marina protecting a bunch of children.

    Billy's reaction to Sumeragi is expected. Setsuna really could have handled that differently, but he always has been rather free with information that would be better left unknown to certain people.

    Not really sure what to make of Lyle yet. He seems alright, but I really need to see more about him before I can really make any judgements about him.

    It seems Saji was able to learn more about the attack on Louise and her family and that it was the Thrones who committed the act. And from a summary I read, it seems the red Haro confused Saji by calling the Thrones enemies. The computer he was looking at also mentioned that the red particles can have adverse effects on the human body, so it could be possible that besides her hand the particles could have messed with her in some other way.

    I was rather surprised by Ribbon's initial reaction to the 00. He actually seemed surprised and I also think I detected some anger towards Aeolia in the end. And it seems he is feeding info the the A-Laws as well.

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