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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-01 15:15
    Dann of Thursday
    Okay, just making sure. I prefer that idea as well since he wouldn't be doing the whole thing alone and how it sort of allows C.C. to make up for all those years of lonliness by actually enjoying life with someone. I won't bring up him taking her Code again then, though at times I wonder about the idea of him getting Charles, but we don't know the full details of it so I guess we can make up our minds unless Taniguchi decides to say something.

    Oh, I don't know. I think everyone is capable of being shy and she might be able to do it in her own way. I'd agree that the right situation could provoke her though. She might not have confessed I think, but seeing what Lelouch was going to do would have been interesting. Yes, I suppose that line does say a lot along with how she refers to him as a man rather than a boy. And that is true, though she has come a long way from the emotionally reserved person we first met in S1. She is quite interesting though.

    No, not at all I suppose. If she were to say anything in that vein, I would think it would have to be under specific circumstances and it might only be the one time she says it.

  2. Narona
    2008-10-01 15:14
    Good evening!

    I'm listening to Continued Story again, this song is so wonderful. But the title is rather weird . I mean that doesn't fit if Lelouch's story ends ;p

    He's absolutely alive. If he's not then the whole point of S1 will be lost.

    he said too much things that imply he is alive. Even if that's what he planned or not (like what I said about the gods), the show did spread too much hints that his destiny is linked with c.c.. I don't say he loves her romantically, but he said many times that he will never leave her alone.
    We could do a long list, here some:

    - If You are a witch, I will become a warlock (stage 25)
    - I will not you have take away anymore from me (other translation: I will never let you take away from me again) (Turn 15)
    - The promise in 24

    etc etc.

    Now that I thought about that ending a bit more, I really like that they made it so open. If they were to trade the main point of S1 - "If you are determined, you can do anything; if your goal requires to use any measures than only achieving result justifies those measures; once you stepped on this path you can not stop" - for some cheep morals like that of "evil always gets punished and good always prevails" witch isn't true I would've hated the whole R2.

    People like Sol tend to forget that the geass and the gods played a big part in this story, and it's not far fetched to say that they played a part, in the background, during the ending. I don't believe in the "lelouch is a martyr" theory. It makes no sense, since he had still many things to do. And Taniguchi didn't forget anything, he just didn't show some things, don't forget:

    - Love is power
    - He made a lot of promise, it would be stupid to just say "and he didn't keep them". What would be the meaning of the entire show? That you can't keep promises? Seriously that would suck.

    This ending can be interpreted in many ways, so I'm at least thankful for that.

    And Lelouch is definitely alive. I had a few ideas about what could be done in terms of a follow-up movie or even new series, if you're interested check out my conversation with Dann.

    I will.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-01 14:44
    Dann of Thursday
    So you are of the opinion that Lelouch did in fact die now? What's wrong with taking her Code? I prefer to think he didn't though and that they are both immortal now, but that's me.

    Well, it would indeed be like her to not say anything. Is it bad that she is not as passionate? I suppose one could also say that she might actually be shy about that sort of thing, though she might eventually become more open if one wants to imagine it.

    Yes, I think I would agree.

    They are a bit arrogant and I still think it is open, but they make some interesting parallels.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-30 23:17
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I suppose so though the idea seems a little odd to me. That only really works if both of them are immortal though. What if C.C. is now mortal since Lelouch took her Code?

    Hmm, I suppose I get that, but here he is in love with two women at the same time. Of course, if you go with the one ending then he would be with C.C. for the most part. If she isn't immortal that is. I'm honestly still feeling a little depressed since they made it so clear that Kallen loved Lelouch, but we got nothing on C.C.'s end.

    Did you see the one article that was posted in the social group?
  5. Narona
    2008-09-30 22:03
    Yeah XD

    Well, I still believe that lelouch is alive. What do you think now that we had the time to think about it?
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-30 15:09
    Dann of Thursday
    Hopefully there might be something in the next set of magazines that doesn’t confirm his death. What I am worried about is what Taniguchi wanted the ending to be.

    Um, isn’t that a bad thing? If the only reason we got an ending like that was because of their greed. I want an open ending to be because that was what Taniguchi wanted it to be rather than because it is what Sunrise wanted. And I really don’t want an OVA or anything at all.

    Hmm, it might be worth doing. Unless perhaps the staff releases info about what we don’t know, but that would probably be a bad thing for those of us who want him to live.

    Like that it might work, but I would really prefer we end the story here despite the fact that some things were not entirely explained. And I would think you would need to include C.C. and perhaps Lelouch as well if he did live. It’s possible, but again I would prefer this be the last word on things. A prequel of some sort is not something I would object to.

    Considering he was changed using data on C.C. (which one should note was also never really explained), it isn’t out of the question.

    That’s what people have been saying to me. I guess the idea just seems odd to me in some way. Does that mean one could really imagine an ending where Lelouch and C.C. are alive and together in what could possibly be viewed as a romantic sense if they wanted to see it in such a fashion? He would still love everyone else of course since he does seem to be doing that.

    His story was indeed said to have been finished. Does that mean he is dead though or just that what happens afterwards is up to us? I think that Lelouch, Suzaku and C.C. along with Viletta were probably the characters that changed the most over the whole series.

    Yes, you are right I suppose. I guess I just feel very nervous about it being confirmed he died.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-30 07:26
    Dann of Thursday
    *sigh* I guess Sol may have proved Lelouch really is dead after all since Lelouch had those bags under his eyes which imply real death unlike what was seen with the immortal characters.

    I suppose we can still imagine though and interpret as we will. I just truly hope that Taniguchi doesn't come out and say Lelouch is dead and that is that.

    I truly hope as well that there isn't a movie or anything. For one, I can't really take something like that now and I just know that in the romance aspect it would confirm things with Kallen and I don't need to see that all be proven true.

    I'm really hoping that Taniguchi really does want it to be open, but I just have this incredibly bad feeling that he or Okouchi or someone on the staff will come out and confirm that he is just dead.

    That new song from Kallen seems to reinforce both LXK as the canon couple and Lelouch's death though.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-30 00:45
    Dann of Thursday
    I wouldn't to be honest since doing something like that could lead to something bad happening that we can't change. I'd rather we have some lingering info be delivered to us in magazines soon enough.

    And I suppose if you wanted to think of it a certain way, Lelouch could now be called R.R. as I see you are aware of from your gallery. The uncertainty annoys me somewhat, but I have an active imagination. Unfortunately, it often tends to lead to bad endings. I suppose that is where fanfiction in light of an open ending can be helpful.

    By the way, do you go with the Highlander immortal theory that you have to die before it activates?

    Um, if you had to just do a quick image of what Lelouch would be doing now (you do still think the ending is open for us to believe he is alive, right or did something bad happen?)? I suppose with me, he would just be living far away, probably farming given the setting and living with C.C.. Or is that not possible to envision?

    And while we never conclusively had any confirmation on Lelouch's feelings for anyone, do you think it is possible that with the ending open we could imagine that something could happen between the Lelouch and C.C..
  9. Narona
    2008-09-29 22:08

    I'm so happy XD That's so so so so cute!

    They are perfect, together forever
  10. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-29 21:32
    I didn't like the end very much.

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