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  1. Narona
    2009-03-01 10:12
    well, I still dislike that kind of persons XD, but people can change with time, so I will wait and see what will happen. Maybe she will start to change because of Haruto. (and she will fall in love with him, obviously).

    Rofl.A lot of boys are like Haruto. Uneasy when it comes to be around girls and talking to them. Many girls are not that different. Something that I never really knew because I tend to not feel uneasy, even if I am a bit timid (but towards everyone, and I don't show that side of me xD). Example. I did a bet a month and a half ago with a boy of my class. It was a bet related to the upcoming exams. I did win the bet, and he absolutely wanted me to ask for a forfeit. I said "then treat me for a lunch" (there wasn't anything implied, I just wanted him to pay for the lunch XD). He was surprised and all uneasy. We did go lunch and he wasn't even able to look at me in the eyes. My conclusion is, some people really can't hang out with a girl/boy without having weird things in mind. Weird world is weird.

    Well, sometimes they have a good reason to shut up. But some other times, they just are too timid, and yeah they should confess. Anyway, being in Love doesn't mean that the person that the boygirl loves feels the same. Look at Kallen. She is totally in love with lelouch, but it doesn't mean that Lelouch feels the same.
  2. Narona
    2009-03-01 09:11
    I see ^^

    Haruto seems to be a smart guy. His character is not perfect and sometimes he acts like a kid (but whatever some people say, I consider that at 16-17, a person is still a kid, so it's normal). About Rin, she has the experience of hurting her sister XD Yuzuki left Tokyo because of her after all. I guess living with Rin started to become a living hell.

    Rofl, you're mean. But yeah, that's that. About the promise, the uncle of the hero did the same with a girl when he was young, and when he finally got serialized, he went to see her but she was already married and had children. It was sad (because he killed himself after that ) but also creepily hilarious
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2009-03-01 07:31
    Dann of Thursday
    And once again, things get worse in 00. Three more people died (though their deaths were ones I was expecting), Louise has officially lost her mind (which sort of confuses me since it had seemed like she was doing better), Marina is going to save the world with her song, and Setsuna is becoming an Innovator.

    I did sort of like that Graham finally used his real name for once, but this is still really weird. And while Setsuna being an Innovator is kind of cool, I don't feel they have completely explained why.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-28 21:44
    Dann of Thursday
    I found the length rather odd though. Each episode was about half the length of a typical anime episode, which left me wondering as to why the did it in that fashion, though it did suit the story. I find that some of these things (not the fanservice) can actually be okay, though only when used in moderation which unfortunately is not the case for the majority of romance we see these days. I still like some first love stories, but you are right in that they have been getting kind of old. I suppose something I sometimes like to get the feel for is that whole idea of destiny, as silly or cliche as that sounds I suppose. Like with stories of immortals meeting someone after so much time or other things like that. I don't know why.

    Would you recommend Tsukihime? I know it's from the same people that created Fate/Stay Night and a bit of the plot, but is it series worth seeing?

    I suppose you can name things, but they do seem rather superficial and truly unimportant. I do remember that I came away with a much better impression of the series after I decided to watch the whole thing in one go. Sometimes, that week to week experience distorts your view of things.

    Hmm, I suppose that explains with Code Geass the various interpretations people have for the characters and how strongly many of us defend these views or support them. I suppose some of those who hate Lelouch may have bonded with Suzaku's character and thus see it through his eyes or perhaps someone else's. And I suppose I have always considered this show to be their story (though I generally included Suzaku as a part of it as well). Who would it have been for you then? And would you say that Taniguchi and co. succeeded to some degree?

    Good to know I am not alone then.

    Hmm, should we sue them for stealing out ideas? The video is pretty good in any case and I do like the design quite a lot. Too bad the show didn't go for something like this. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. Narona
    2009-02-28 21:06

    And what about you? Everything goes well at school?

    Also, I catched up on Kimi no iru machi and I started Bakuman ^^

    I dislike Rin so far. But something tells me she is just jaelous of Yuzuki.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-28 17:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey, I finished REC all in one go. You were right. A very sweet and realistic series. My only real complaint is that I wish there was more to it though it seems there is a manga that goes further down the road with their relationship. I also haven't seen art of that style in what seems to be a while and it was nice to see something like it again.

    You were right about it being more mature as well. I was rather surprised with episode 5 with the whole H-Game bit and I thought her reactions to doing it were both cute and realistic. I also supposed I never thought about how hard it is to become a successful voice actor before or how many people actually are out there trying.

    Something that is bothering me though is Aka's manager. Her design seems extremely familiar and I can't quite recall where I have seen the person I think she looks like.

    Of course, it was annoying watching it since the audio jack on my laptop decided to break. Thank you for recommending this series to me in any case.
  7. Narona
    2009-02-28 08:54
    Well, we will see.

    I don't what to say xD

    *Search what she could say*

    xD Well I will be back later tonight. Have a nice saturday Mister Theron
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-27 16:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Hmm, no I can't say I ever did. I wanted more of course, but I never felt as if the plot was being idiotic or not enjoyable. Even some episodes that I felt weren't relevent were pretty good. And you are right with us pretty much learning everything at the same rate as Hei and I know I felt as confused as he probably was at some points. I can't entirely say that it had an open ending, but then the ending felt a bit odd to me. Can't really explain it. But yes, it was open in a sense but I didn't feel like I had to put in some effort to imagine too much what would happen. Nothing like R2 where every viewer had to make some choice once they finished viewing in order to get past it a little.

    What were your favorite arcs or episodes of DtB?

    It was very well done, I will give you that. It had flaws of course, but it made up for all of them. That being said, I don't know if I can watch the whole thing again beyond some select moments. Part of it is that I know what is going to happen of course, but the other bit is that it got rather depressing. I've never really been able to watch the whole thing with Euphie after the first time.

    There was indeed a difference between the two seasons, though I can't honestly determine exactly what it was. It seemed less focused I suppose in what it wanted to do, while the first season knew exactly where it was going and everything went well with it. I suppose caring about the characters is what they wanted. It's interesting how my attitudes changed though. I honestly disliked Nina and Suzaku through later parts of season 1, but by the end of R2 I felt as if I was okay with them. I had a small dislike for several members of the Order after the whole betrayal thing and with Kallen I just felt that they wasted her character. About the only characters who my feelings stayed the same for were Lelouch and C.C..
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2009-02-26 21:04
    Dann of Thursday
    I have to say this is getting irritating. This is the third time I have had to rewrite all this.

    Yes, this is the biggest fault with 00. It has an excellent background, but that is for naught if you don't have compelling characters for it.

    Well, I went away from it wanting more. I felt like there was more to be told even though I couldn't exactly figure where the show could go from there. I do like that message though and it is an interesting route to take. Still, there are some things like the pacing and some of the arcs that I felt could have been improved in some way or elaborated on better like what exactly was up with that lens (unless there was one and my memory is just bad). Still, a good show that probably is underrated.

    It seems like something quite good from what I have read so far and I am off all of next week from school so I'll have all the time in the world to watch it all. And it will be nice to watch a well-developed and realistic relationship. I simply don't get why we have all these shipping wars and fanservice. It detracts from the series and from the development of characters. Take Code Geass (since that is pretty much the only shipping war I personally took part in): You had all these girls in love with Lelouch and it simply made no sense and honestly didn't go anywhere. It wasted development for Kallen in my opinion, caused Shirley to sort of go through a repeat, and well, I don't have any problems with C.C. but such is the way of being part of a shipping war. Geez, I need to stop bringing this up so much with you. I honestly don't get why I am so fascinated with this show.

    Well, neither do I really beyond being sure that the manga version is much more interesting. I thought they got pretty much all the major characters right, but I do agree that there are several aspects of the background of this series that could do with some improvement. Oh well.

    Oh, I see. I can understand that.
  10. Narona
    2009-02-26 18:45

    I think they troll us, and that they will do a second season. If I'm right, what they are doing is good since a LOT of people will talk about it. Free marketing...

    What do you think of it?

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