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  1. Narona
    2008-09-09 23:09
    That sounds good and funny, but actually, I'm a bit angry about some members (i guess you didn't see what i have posted some hours ago in the romance thread), so I don't think that I want to play a part in this.

    However, I kinda like Kang, so, If Krimzon is Ok, then no problem with me.
  2. Narona
    2008-09-09 20:44
    Why do decisions like these have to be so hard to make?

    A Nintendo DS is not a PS2

    I've decided to become a narrator/historian for both the Kalulu and C.C. side, as well as making ads for new recruits when that time comes. I already made the first summary for the Kalulu Empire's history here.

    Traitor ;O

    I've thought of an idea for the United Federation of C.C. and when I'm done, I'll run that through you and Krimzon to get your opinions.

    Oky ^^

    Oh yeah, by the way, are you planning on getting Disgaea DS when it comes out?

    If they release it here in france, maybe :O
  3. Narona
    2008-09-09 16:13
  4. Narona
    2008-09-09 07:15
    I don't really know myself. You could the historian since you like to write a lot, or our Tactician =P
  5. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-08 23:29
    Kang Seung Jae
    Perfect. Post it in the Speculation Thread
  6. Narona
    2008-09-08 20:29
    Seems like you're quite popular, one day old threads are quickly buried under pages. :O

    That's not what I call "being popular"

    Anyways, I finished a while ago and couldn't go on AS. Watching Galahad fight was one of the most awesome moments of the show. I was kind of surprised to learn that Bismy didn't sew his eye shut but used those.... mechanical sticky thingies instead.

    I guess that would be a lot more gruesome than watching him rip his stitches right out, although it seemed to come off just at the force caused by his eyelids opening.

    I was shocked too, I expected him to rip his skin XD But the fight was awesome! Really, one of the best so far. It's so much better than the fight in dragon ball which take 50 episodes per battle

    Lelouch seemed a bit of a jerk this episode. >.> He's now made two lolis cry, first Tianzi and now Kaguya. It wouldn't surprise me if Nunnally is next, then he'll have a 75% success rate. Anya's a wild card in this, so she may or may not come into contact to cry because of Lulu.

    He did that on purpose. His goal is to become the most hated emperor of britannia, then to defeat schneizel, then to die by making the world fighting against him

    Lelouch's actions episode reminded me of this this VGCats strip, mostly because of his talk about democracy. He just Geassed everyone, not even bothering to earn their respect the normal way. ><

    The strip was hilarious I told you, He's acting like that on purpose.

    Now, I'll have to go wait for my English tutor. My parents think that taking extra classes aren't effective since I got 89% last year.

    They are not happy with 89% O_o ?
  7. Narona
    2008-09-08 03:30
    I was tired out yesterday, si i left the forum early in the evening. Yeah, people post a lot on my profile and by PMs too.

    Once you watched it, gives me your thoughts, ok?
  8. Narona
    2008-09-06 22:53
    Things have been pretty much the same for me, nothing much to complain about or celebrate. Although I did add a C.C.XLelouch fan to my MSN contact list.

    Me, some people keep asking my msn. but I don't have an msn XD Each time, that makes me laugh since I never used any messenger. I don't even know how it works :x

    It mostly came about from me reviewing her fanfic, her replying, me offering to help double betaread, and then I added her to my MSN. I know you don't usually read fanfics, but you may enjoy her writing.

    She posts her fanfics on AS or

    Dann seems to be at as well, either that, or someone using his name.

    That's him, I think. Some times ago, he said something about IIRC

    First week of school generally has no homework. ^__^ I do have some math homework, although my math teacher sees homework as optional review and quizzes and tests are the things that mark how well you do. Alright, then, I'll finish up the summaries at your profile. >=D

    no problem if it doesn't harm your results a school. But keep studying properly, that's important!

    It wasn't my fault! One of my posts were deleted for off-topicness, so I was a bit paranoid, and a few days later, I receive a PM titled "You have been warned at Animesuki". My heart almost jumped and then I saw that the sender wasn't a mod, but a new member that I saw in the Kallen thread.

    I read it and find out that Dummy Account, said user, decided to forward his ban message to me for some reason. Turns out, he was l33t sulting a mod or admin, don't know who exactly, in his/her profile and Manju Bun banned him.

    I recieved the same PMs from that guy . I thought, "WTF is that"
  9. Narona
    2008-09-06 22:33
    Hey, narona, how have things been lately? We haven't really talked much in a while =X.

    I'm not so fine but better than the last 3 days. I spent them in my bed and so, I didn't do anything :/

    and you?

    Anyways, school's started again for me so I haven't been on AS as much. Now, I'm just on Animesuki to procrastinate since I need to finish my latest chapter for my fanfic and finish up a one-shot about Marianne's death that I started on.

    Me school will officialy start again in october. So I have some free days. But from now on I will start to revise. And I will have to go with my sisters in our apartment in Paris. When we have to go to school, we live in paris. And during holidays, we go back at the family house, near paris XD. My little sister enters university this year. I will have to cook everyday for 3 persons now

    I feel kind of guilty that I couldn't finish the Disgaea summary before school started. Still about six more episodes left. I may be able to continue where I left off, but Freya/Josh seems to have lost interest and I don't really know where to post it anymore. Posting in my profile would seem awkward and writing it as a fanfic would seem even awkwarder.

    You can post them on my profile I'm will gladly read them. But don't forget that school is more important than that, ok?

    Posting it in a proper thread would most likely end up with a mod deletion or a banhammer. I almost thought that I was banned from Animesuki at one point.

    Don't make the mods angry They're only doing their jobs XD
  10. Freya
    2008-09-03 00:30
    I'm not featured in her clip. I'm sad.

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