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  1. Narona
    2008-10-10 22:34
    However, I signed up for volunteering in the weekends and I think I have a slight cold, so I'm not looking forward to spending four hours in the cold outdoors. >.>

    Don't go <_< You will end up even more sick
  2. Narona
    2008-10-10 22:23

    I can't use my laptop for some reason, so no

    I can't even do the avatar I promised to Dann _

    How are you ? :O
  3. Narona
    2008-10-10 00:13
    Well... this basically sums up his relationships with Flonne and Etna. He'll take anyone who's not big boobied, that's why he had such a hard time battling Rozalin. :O

    As Tink once said to Adell:

    "Those boobies belong to me, Monsieur Bonerhead."

    ROFL. Still, is his romantic life got a resolution?

    Anyways, did you have any progress setting up ePSXe or have you been too busy?

    No _, but I downloaded Chrono Cross iso XD, I'm curious to play this game too
  4. Narona
    2008-10-09 23:50
    Well, Laharl does not like to get involved in affairs involving well-endowed women,

    haha and so, he has no real romantic interest?

    Ah, alright. Tell me what the English and Japanese songs are like once you get everything to work. I have the Japanese vocals, but they were all re-recorded, so it may be different. I also noticed that DS just calls the Prince Ferdinand while he's Ferdinando in the PS, I believe.

    Ferdinand sounds french, Fernando sounds spanish. I will tell you don't worry
  5. Narona
    2008-10-09 20:29
    Hey, did you start Rhapsody yet?

    No, didn't have the time yet
  6. Narona
    2008-10-08 22:46
    Well, if you know how, you can always emulate it on a PS1 emulator. The battle systems are different and the PS1 version has dual audio, so it might be even better than playing it on the DS.

    If you're interested and don't know how, I can teach you.

    I only emulated NES and SNES so far . I might be interested but I don't know how to find ps1 rom ?_? Does that even exist?
  7. Narona
    2008-10-07 23:50
    I watched it and it was awesome XD. NYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


    What a weird analogy and thanks for the infos on your previous posts. Don't get me wrong, I find youre posts interesting but I don't know what to reply to it One day, if I find the time, I will read again your summaries +, and it's the most important, all the infos in the faqs of gamefaqs. Till that day, I will not be able to argue about it properly =(
  8. Narona
    2008-10-07 22:22
    The game also has a bunch of musical segments so if you feel like it, you can easily find some on youtube. The DS version only has Japanese vocals and it seems this is a rare exception where people actually want the dubbed version, but alas, NISA wasn't able to assemble the old VAs together or something.

    Musical segments?

    Sorry to not do a more interesting reply but sometimes I don't really understand everything since I never played a disgaea game >o< I will look at the youtube video right now
  9. Narona
    2008-10-05 17:37
    Yeah, I have a bad habit of leaping onto my bed. I did that again today despite the whole broken frame thing. >o<

    Baka >_>

    Not quite sure how Diablo works, never played it myself. The Item World is a dungeon within an item. You advance floors by either killing everyone or just going for the exit portal, which may be close or far away from you.

    Each floor you complete boosts the items stats a bit and the enemies get stronger. Every level that's a multiple of 10 has a boss and although you don't have to kill them, it's highly recommended that you do since they boost the stats of the items even more.

    Most people just skip the first nine floors and clear the boss ones. However, I really need to get legendary rank 39s before I can worry about that. >.<

    No, diablo is not like that. It's just that the interiors of the dungeons change each time that you leave and enter the game again.
  10. Narona
    2008-10-05 02:53
    Well, IMing is very convenient. You should get an instant messaging considering all the profile messages you get. :O

    I don't know. I don't feel like wanting to use one :/ I'm not really an internet addict to begin with, nor a person who likes to talk a lot. IMing are (i guess) like talking on the phone, but by writing instead.

    Really? What kind of stuff does she break? I just broke my bed yesterday by jumping on it. I have a wooden bed, I didn't break one of the planks, but an actual part of the frame. >.>

    Books were used to support it now, so it's all good.

    Micante, >_>. Well, at least be careful

    My sister broke one of my favorite stuff. It was a little porcelain box. This year, she broke some things, like our microwave oven >_>

    Ah, I see. The best items in Disgaea can only be gotten by randomly stealing a legendary version of the second best item in the IW (randomly generated dungeon). Then, you need to go into the IW of that and get to floor 100 and the boss will have the next tier item, which is what you're after. >.>

    You basically need to steal to succeed in Disgaea.

    Same as in the Diablo games?

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