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  1. Sprite_Coke
    2008-09-27 00:47
    Wassup. Just trying to actually make friends with people who are on my friend list
    Did you ever make any more ads/parodies? I was hoping for more.
    What happened to Kang? It said he's banned.
  2. Narona
    2008-09-26 22:08
    Well, it's pretty fun to play with non-generics that don't have 100% aptitudes for every stat XD. Pleinair reminds me of the ninja class, except she hasn't dodged any heals or buffs yet. Those ninjas were crazy, they'd dodge a lifesaving heal from their allies and then get KOed when the enemy turn came.

    I don't understand what you are saying but it sounds fun

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness/Afternoon of Darkness/DS videos seem to be pretty hard to find for some reason. Most of them are either Disgaea 3 or 2 videos. If you're going to watch for the storyline, PS2 and PSP versions are probably better since the music is in its original glory and just about every scene's voiced. Up until now, I've yet to hear Lamington or Vulcanus's voice in the game. Even Mid-Boss's voice only appeared during one of Etna's previews.

    Ok, but the DS videos interest me because if I had to buy a disgaea game it would be the DS game

    Things are going pretty good for me, got Disgaea DS, managed some of my homework, got into watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and have plenty to do for the weekend. Although I do regret that I wasn't able to do any fanficcing and might not even be able to until Code Geass ends and probably a lot of fanficcers will stop viewing the Code Geass section.

    ^^ It reminds me that I stopped to watch yugioh so long ago
  3. Narona
    2008-09-26 18:02
    Good evening

    ^^ You seem to have fun with it XD. I will go see some vids on youtube.

    And how are you?
  4. Narona
    2008-09-24 21:10
    Good evening Micante Sorry for the late reply, i forgot to reply to your prvious post

    I'm not sure how Charles seeked tomorrow, but if I had to choose between today or tomorrow, I'd choose today. Sorry, but I'm siding with Schneizel. Tomorrow is just an escape because people are unsatisfied with today. People need to be able to live in the moment instead for waiting for the moment to come to them.

    What? Charles seeked yesterday, not tomorrow

    "People are unfocussed on the present and look too much at the future. I guess that's why I kind of don't support the Zero Requiem. People are way too concerned about the future, when they reach the "tomorrow" they sought, they'll look back and only see a wasted life."

    I think that what lelouch wants is that the people has the right to decide their future. To have the choice to do things etc.

    Is any of this making sense to you? I'm not even quite sure why I exactly typed this.

    Yep ^^ Lelouch wants the people to have free will. Even if they can do Evil things. He accepted that the humans are not perfect. Remember, Evil and Good side are just two face of the same card. Each human has a good and bad side, and lelouch thinks it's normal. He accepted the true nature of the humans, and even accepted the geass, which exists because the people always seek something. So sometimes, the geass can help the world to change to bring up a tomorrow.

    Disgaea DS was released, hopefully I'll be able to get it soon. ~.~

    This week has been pretty good for me lately. Disgaea was released, got to sleep in on Wednesday due to a changed schedule, will get early dismissal tomorrow and no school on Friday! Now, if only I can get my hands on Disgaea to fully take advantage of Friday...

    It's nice if you had a good week ^^. Well, since you don't have the game, you come posting here, it's not so a bad thing ;p
  5. Narona
    2008-09-21 21:09
    Oh yeah... I forgot about that. Kind of surprised Lelouch was able to pull the same trick he used on Mao to defeat Schneizel. I guess Schneizel is completely vulnerable without his mask on.

    I will rather say that Okouchi lacked of imagination near the end of his script >_>

    Charles seemed to be a better final villain than Schneizel... heck, V.V. would have probably been a final villain than both of them. He took on the whole party at once, which is what a final villain is supposed to do, not get owned by a video.
    >=( Well, I guess Code Geass does things differently. As for why Lelouch told Schnei to serve Zero... maybe he was having an identity crisis?

    The shota chaingun trap :P V.V. would have been a better boss for sure . What do you mean by identity crisis?

    Speaking of identity crisises, I wonder if we're going to learn C.C.'s name at all. The writers may have just said, "Screw it, she was a slave, let's just say she didn't have a name and leave it at that." Well if her name is going to be revealed, hopefully that means that she'll get some important scenes in the finale.

    I cross my fingers for the last episode. In R1 it is said that she has a true name >_<
  6. Narona
    2008-09-21 20:38
    It could also be that, good point

    Well, we just have to wait and see. At least the CxL ship is still alive

    Did you see? He said that to schneizel

    "serve zero", not "serve lelouch" or "serve emperor lelouch".

    Was it on purpose?
  7. Narona
    2008-09-21 19:35
    Not a lot, but a bit (sorry for the late reply >_<)

    Apart C.C. and lelouch, here why I am anxious, (posted on Kusaja profile)

    I'm happy for guilford (the character and also the member of AS ). For cornelia too. And she was so pretty while laying on her bed in her pink clothes XD. Even in a bed she is classy

    I'm upset about Ougi, I think he is the man from the keyword in 25. The one who will kill zero but die in the process.

    I'm upset about suzaku. Suzaku was awesome in this episode, really.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-21 17:05
    No, koshimizu said that it's common to have some images from old episode in the preview for the last episode.

    That only means that they don't want to spoil the last episode
  9. Narona
    2008-09-21 15:42
    You should watch it. My feelings are in "I don't know what to think" mode.

    But at least, cluclu had a scene.
  10. Narona
    2008-09-19 22:28
    I will think about it later, for now I prefer to buy some other things

    Wow, lot of things to do

    Me I will sleep now because I am really sleepy. 1 hour ago I've fallen asleep on my laptop and I hurt myself in the process, so it will be better to sleep >o<

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