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  1. Nikki the Kitty
    2008-06-16 13:29
    Nikki the Kitty
    :3 Well, wanwan is... the same as ever XD posrting norty vids for us all to see XD and Naolin-mama hasn't been aorund for almost a week now but Tele is going great :3
  2. illidan182
    2008-06-09 14:46
    haha... it'll... never be over
  3. markesellus
    2008-05-31 02:55
    Coolio. I actually have exams next week as well. Today was the lat day of classes!!! YES!
  4. wanwan1203
    2008-05-30 18:23
    Y-you're a first time fanfic writer?? wow Oh I have an idea (cracky as always) You mentioned a fluffy crack route in your choices right? So why not just do an omake or an alternate version along with the original fanfic? At least there you can still let out the creative juices and not worry about the story. YOu can also relieve your inner crazy self of the tension and I'm sure the majority of the thread and readers won't mind an extra dose of Fignum and "illegal substance". *cheers* Ah sorry, it must be the empty stomach talking. I have yet to take breakfast because I logged on as soon as I woke up. @_@
  5. wanwan1203
    2008-05-30 18:06
    The bath part was ok. Like you said they did just have a fight and are both dirty XD hehe Hmm.. maybe it's how the scene progressed? I think it's how the bath scene unfolded and how the 2 characters interacted. The sweet moments were sweet and adds to the development of their relationship. Maybe it's Fate's slight OoCness with the ecchi comments and her boldness that made the fluff almost go over "pointless fluff/fanservice territory" (which I'm not saying your story is ^^ )?.. (sorry if you can't understand me LOL). And hey you're the author you can take it in any direction you want. I personally don't mind as long as it's well written, although the others are expecting Fignum. I say, write what you feel is appropriate for the story. From what I've read from you, I can say you're a good writer so I'm not worried.
  6. Naolin
    2008-05-30 17:24
    Right, the rules. XD;; When all else fails... I really am tired. *headdesk* Thanks.

    ...That is the best fic ever, at least for today. Haven't laughed that much all day. X3 And, hah...actually, something like that does happen...sort of...

    You're not invading at all! *grins* S-Sempai? I can't be that much older...I think... ^^'' Well anyway, I'm blaming the next chapter on you. XP
  7. Naolin
    2008-05-30 17:03
    Ah, advice! *latches onto advice desperately* That's...a good idea. *scribbles notes* Though I think the 'how it happened' would still be vague... ^^' I tend to lean towards vague.
    How high does the forum go? Because if it's 15+ish it would probably work...but maybe I shouldn't take any chances... Gaaah, I don't blame you for not dipping. In my defence, I still haven't slept. But for right now, I'm working on the third installment of (somehow) Operation: Love Love Infiltration, which needs a new title but probably isn't going to get one. XD;;
  8. Naolin
    2008-05-30 15:21
    No worries. I'm a fan, after all. XD *stared down* A-Ah, that, um- that's-...soon? *such a pushover* Though it's a bit difficult... ^^'' I could use a few more pep talks. XP
  9. markesellus
    2008-05-30 13:52
    Nice. I especially like the one with just Signum and the one with Nanoha biting Fate's ear.
  10. wanwan1203
    2008-05-30 04:39
    Ah really? And yeah, marimite is a superb anime! Some people don't like it because it's "too slow" or "full of subtext". It's character driven not plot driven and some people can't appreciate that. *sigh* Ooh me likes El Cazador too! *adds to list* :3

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