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  1. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 18:21
    L Lawliet 2
    I mean the teacher who runs the anime club at my HS showed it this year, but I missed it. And my boyfriend went to go see it in theaters down in FL but he missed it too. And I don't know if it'll be shown in theaters here in the state that I live in. So I have to wait until it's on DVD.

    And yeah it was the live action Death Note movie. IT WAS GREAT!!!! There was a little twist at the end of the movie and everyone was like: Heh heh heh! L knows!
  2. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 18:14
    L Lawliet 2
    I was asking you if you'd seen it. Because I haven't seen it myself. I've seen the first Death Note Movie, and it was excellent! But not the Bleach Movie.
  3. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 18:10
    L Lawliet 2
    Yeah, I remember hearing about those fires last year. And the fires is one of the reasons that I'll never move to California. So tell me, have you seen the Bleach Movie? Memories of No One (Or something like that.)
  4. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 18:06
    L Lawliet 2
    Thought so. >_< I hate fires! I've never been a big pyro-fanatic.
  5. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 18:02
    L Lawliet 2
    Is Santa Barbara in California? And I hope that the fires go away soon.
  6. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 17:57
    L Lawliet 2
    That sucks! Where do you live? And does this happen often?
  7. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 16:30
    L Lawliet 2
    Trinity Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, InuYasha, Tsuabasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Bleach, Excel Saga, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Azumanga Diaoh, some of Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo, and need I go on?
  8. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 16:25
    L Lawliet 2
    There were 37 episodes. But I think that it was too short of a series!
  9. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 16:22
    L Lawliet 2
    He was yelling for Misa, and Takeda. And he died falling down the steps. But Ryuks little speech at the end was quite touching. Oh and Mikami, OMG!!!!! That face he had when he died!!!!
  10. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-06 16:17
    L Lawliet 2
    I haven't forgiven him for killing my beloved L! But I laughed when Light died.

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    I love anime and manga. I am currently learning japanese. I hope to go live in japan.
    Anime, manga, learning new languages, drawing manga, writing stories
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    35 g hard drive. yea! hiniku. + a 750g maxtor. thats were all the anime goes.
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    zoku natsume yuujinchou
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    paranoia agent
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    Bleach-yoruichi rocks
    Death Note
    They are my noble masters
    Rosario + Vampire
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    Black Lagoon
    Kanon 2006
    Gundam 00
    Cowboy bebop
    H2O footprints in the sand
    code geass
    Ghost in The Shell
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    Yoruichi, Shi Tsu, and nel. need i say more


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