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  1. Akiyoshi
    2012-08-23 12:31
    In theory, an "origin bullet" fired by it's owner (case in point: Kiritsugu) should be able to instantly kill a member of the Wolkenritter or any Nanohaverse familiar isn't?

    Kiritsugu's bullets destroy and rebound the magical circuit of any victim with a single shot, assuming the magical circuit is somehow related or akin to Nanohaverse's "Linker Core" that mean a being made of magic like the wolks or sustained by it like familiar will be specially vulnerable and probably unable to survive the process. Also the bullets are said to be more effect the greater the magical power is being used by the target so literally "the bigger they are, the harder they fall".

    Kiritsugu have the ultimate weapon against Nanohaverse mages ...unfortunately it have very limited use ...around 60 bullets if i remeber correctly. That's why the need for such dangerous and convoluted plans to attack mages in Fate/Zero xD
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-08-23 11:36
    By the way, the trace & projection magic isn't as easy as some people put it out.

    Before projecting a weapon Shirou must imagine and know the thing in it's complete form, he managed to trace Caliburn after getting a good grasp of the sword's composition from Saber's memories. He'll be unable to trace a fictional weapon unless it's depicted in extreme detail of it's composition, pieces and functionality.

    Shirou would be able to trace, say, Levatein without problem after seeing the sword in action a time or two and understanding the details of it's modes, cartridge system and stuff (wonder if he can copy & replicate the use of cartridges, tough). But, for example, Squall's Gunsword froma videogame it will be close to impossible without detailed information about how the sword works xDU
  3. Akiyoshi
    2012-08-23 11:30
    Yeah, i'm here for some minutes xD

    It's funny to see how Signum most frequently shows her best moves against mere mooks xDU

    Seems she can't defeat anyone actually important in a fic xDU

    Also, it's my imagination or she and Vita got nerfed in the Shirou fic o.o?

    Vita being pressed against the ground, Signum having troubels with the "weight" of a human body Shirou's size, etc... they seem to be pretty lower physical strenght compared with their canon counterparts.

    The OOC is algo glaringly obvious. I fail to see why Signum would be so flustered about stuff like sex after a millenia of a hellish life xDU (the Book implied several sorts of abuse from their former masters and formerly thinking of herself as a disposable tool i bet Signum and the rest of the Wolkenritter is more than used to pervy advances from adversaries), masters or even suppossed "allies".
  4. Nanya01
    2012-08-23 10:47
    But if he can trace Avalon, he can surely trace Excalibur...

    Time for some crack ideas!

    Shirou sees someone playing Final Fantasy games (later ones with better graphics) and starts tracing the HELL out of the swords he sees...

  5. Nanya01
    2012-08-23 10:17

    Taking a crack at FSN myself.
  6. Nanya01
    2012-08-23 10:13
    Actually, it's not that it's Divine (he traced rule breaker after all), it's too ALIEN for him to trace (Ea) and gives him migraines.

    Uh, when did Nanoha stuff come in anyway?

    Besides, Shirou just needs to get more mana... If he had something, like say one of Rin's gems, he could prolly absorb prana from it and use that to trace Excalibur without dying.

    I mean, he's got no problem with Avalon, which is even HIGHER ranked than Excalibur. (It blocked Ea after all)
  7. Nanya01
    2012-08-23 08:08
    Archer *DID* say that he could trace Excalibur... Even if it wouldn't be as perfect as Excalibur itself.

    Canonically, the only weapon that Shirou or Archer can't trace is Ea.
  8. Nanya01
    2012-08-23 06:04
    Ah, wouldn't surprise me that it was Caliburn instead of Excalibur... After all, Excalibur and Avalon are Fairy magic (I.E. TRUE magic beyond the five magics). Caliburn was prolly made by Merlin...

    But, then again... Can't Shirou and Archer trace Rule Breaker? You know, the thing made by the gods.

    Then again, Nasuverse rules are screwed up. Besides, Archer's tougher than Shirou is (being a counter guardian and all).
  9. Nanya01
    2012-08-22 21:32
    Say, bhl...

    Wasn't Shirou swinging around Excalibur against Gilgamesh in UBW?

    Archer confirmed he could trace the sword, but not perfectly.

    They just lack the mana to use Excaliblast.
  10. Nanya01
    2012-08-22 21:30
    And I bet Hayate's going...
    "I hope Einhart liked how we modified her device."
    *Einhart's wearing silky black panties*
    *Signum stares as Rein Zwei, Agito and Hayate all grin perversely*
    "Dear gods, they corrupted Agito. I'm doomed."

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