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So damn lazy...ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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  1. Uchiha Soul
    2010-10-29 06:35
    Uchiha Soul
    of course i do .. im a student too
    Exactly .. and its unfair to compare the students results at the end cuz not every student like the other, they have to put in their empty stupid minds that we are not the same and each one of us has different capabilities and i'll not talk about the social, psychological and physical
    circumstances that affect each student differently.
  2. Tsuyoshi
    2010-10-29 06:30
    Lmao, you're a bit too thin to be playing Rugby, so you do need to work out a lot more to get there And yeah, I'm somewhat capable but it was many years ago and now it's better if I just start from scratch. D=
  3. Uchiha Soul
    2010-10-29 06:22
    Uchiha Soul
    yeah i agree with you, exams cause brain damages .. they expect us to memorize everything we studied im not against the learning but i dont like the way they test us, im sure there are better way of measurement than exams.
  4. Uchiha Soul
    2010-10-29 06:04
    Uchiha Soul
    pffffff .. not again -_-

  5. Tsuyoshi
    2010-10-29 06:01
    Lol I've always been talented with Judo Apparently, I have the right build for full contact sports. I swear, when I was in France, the coach would always come to me insisting that I join his Rugby team. Thinking back, that might've been a good idea I did Judo before tho, and I was pretty good at it from what sensei and some people I sparred with told me
  6. Po99okie
    2010-10-29 00:17
    yeah. like maybe slipping it into their cereal...thats what i did
  7. Uchiha Soul
    2010-10-28 17:52
    Uchiha Soul
    Kiddo .. anything yet?
  8. Tsuyoshi
    2010-10-28 17:36
    Well, it'll be much of the same thing, just different kinds of effects. I already did it with the Pain sig and it was very similar to the original but the effects were slightly different. I wouldn't neccessarily want to make it better. My Moka sig, the one you like so much, was also a remake using a different style. I wonder what I can do with the Casshern sig. I might just do that this weekend as a matter of fact.

    And don't get me wrong, starting next week, I prolly won't have a lot of time on my hands during the week because I plan to start Judo by then, so I'm not gonna be around here until late most days It's just the weekends where I have a lot of time to do things.
  9. Po99okie
    2010-10-28 08:41
    hmmm. Maybe thats why parents dont give it to their children?....
  10. Tsuyoshi
    2010-10-28 08:10
    I know, and I know that I would get tired of using that style all the time. That's why I rely on a lot of stock pics for my sigs. My Altair, Pain and Casshern sigs (and I have to mention that Casshern was definitely one of the best sigs I've ever done and I might even make a remake of it) used stock pics. I've decided to go active again because I realize I have a lot of time during the weekend so I might as well spend some of it making sigs. I'll also be taking part in the SOTM from now on if I like the theme. I just hope we'll eventually get more variety because we tend to do mostly anime themed sigs D=

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    Student, Chemical Engineer
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