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  1. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-30 09:12
    Something completely unexpected today. There's no anime convention. I was just casually going home from a mall today on a public jeep (we have those long jeeps here that are used as public transport vehicles). Halfway through the trip. A Kagome cosplayer flagged the jeep and she went aboard. I'm sure she's a cosplayer because the bow is in her bag.

    After consulting with my cosplayer friends. It's decided that the cosplayer I encountered is probably just going home from a photoshoot. Since there's no known convention today. I guess cosplaying is becoming a little more popular here.
  2. Chiisai Kuma
    2013-01-29 15:29
    Chiisai Kuma
    Your a true gentleman dear sir :')
  3. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-28 08:41
    When did they decide to go to the park? Before or after you were planning to go to the convention? I am a man of appointments and such, so whatever I planned first has top priority. If your friends knew you are going to the convention, then they could have changed the date right? I think it's just a matter of good communication.

    The park photoshoot was announced first. Once Ozine made their announcement, several people who are scheduled to go to the photoshoot cancelled, and decided to attend the convention at the mall instead. Anyway, I knew in advance that Ozine's large con will conflict with the photoshoot, because I was informed by Akire as early as December - she knows about Ozine's plans because she works for them. But I kept silent, because don't want to be blamed by photoshoot organizers as trying to draw people away from their event.

    Also, could you name all your friends who cosplay at conventions (and other places)? I would like to know them a bit better I would be able to make my comments a bit more specific about their cosplay.
    Ok, here are some cosplayers that I'm friends with. Easy to notice, because I will often place them at the front of reports. Anjeline (Akiko from Onichan Dakedo), Akire (cute maid), Alleah (often cosplays as Ciel), Bea (anything goes, she has plenty of costume), Cristel (Ellie from RAVE), Angelica or Anji-chan (Mio from K-On!), Aimee (can appear as Taiga or any anime schoolgirl). Sharmaine (tall girl who cosplays as Sen Tokugawa from Samurai Girls), Georj (often cosplays as Grand Archer Rena), Noeru and Karlonne (storekeepers at conventions, they cosplay as well).

    Only listed the people whom I'm familiar with already.
    I let them know if anyone in Animesuki makes a comment on their cosplay.

    So Otaku Expo has been rescheduled eh? That's too bad man! I really was looking forward for a good report from you Oh well...what can you do about it? Do you know when the convention will take place again?
    Honestly, the cancellation was a big shock for us. Everything planned, and things already prepared. Then I woke up in the morning with Anjeline's message on facebook "convention cancelled".

    We are currently waiting for an update on the schedule.
  4. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-28 04:51
    Sorry to say. Otaku Expo has been rescheduled.
    Me and some friends were all ready to go there, but there's nothing we can do about it.

    No anime convention report for now.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-26 05:23
    Hi. Alleah (Ciel cosplayer) already saw you post. She was happy about what you said. And she said thanks (to you).
  6. Suomi
    2013-01-25 18:21
    yay photoshopping! And on second thought, since darkhalo made me my nice sig, you can go ahead and make a nekomimi one
  7. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-25 09:46
    Btw, why did you ask about my friends? Is there someone in particular that you like to see?
  8. LeoXiao
    2013-01-23 19:21
    lol it's probably the two "a"s in "Staaten that makes it seem that way. But it's simply German for "United States".
  9. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-23 08:40
    Hmm, next convention is only a few days from now. Otaku Expo is a large one. However, there's a slight dilemma.. some of my friends are going to a photoshoot at a National Park. And the photoshoot at the park is same day as Otaku Expo. I got invited to go to the park as well, but declined because I prefer the convention at the mall.

    Sharmaine would be going to the park. Georj, and a few others decided to go to Otaku Expo. Anyway, I always identify people that I know in reports. They're the ones with names, so you will know how many of my friends are at the convention.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2013-01-23 08:31
    Congrats on finishing exams.
    Well, of course, studies are more important. Other things can wait.

    Yes, I do plan to get a better cam at some point. Your Nikon suggestion is appreciated. Though right now, I'm short on cash, so my poor old GE Camera would have to do - it can still take decent pics anyway.

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