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*Graphic Designer

Mr.Raw Mr.Raw is offline

So damn lazy...ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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  1. Suomi
    2012-06-21 15:10
    Sama T_T I've been through not one but four painstaking attempts to render this. Maybe I just fail. But I'm hoping you'll help *kitty eyes*
    Spoiler for image:
  2. Yuno
    2012-06-21 15:06
    Hahaha~ I take it you really dislike him XD
  3. Edijs
    2012-06-21 14:41
    Good Luck on your Exams. Ok i will wait your respond (Oh yea EGT is very delicious , so much more i learn there)

    Edit: BTW , saturday and sunday is our country tradicional festival Ligo and Janis . Saturday is Ligo and Sunday Janis. But we start to celebrate ar evening on saturday and all night till sunday afternoon. For short it's name day for Liga and Janis. Name day is improtant like birthday's i think only in my country have something like that. For more short, it's like drinking fest , we drink lot of beer, make barbeque and eat cheese. from wikipedia ''Staying up all night, making bonfires, singing, dancing, eating cheese, drinking beer'' Here you can read lot what it is ,and what we do in our culture
  4. Yuno
    2012-06-21 13:39
    Totally the same here. Yuki is a lot like a lot of the helpless male characters I have seen before. Yuno definitely kept it interesting~
  5. sarnagon
    2012-06-20 13:43
    Thanks for you post, it's a pleasure to meet u.

    Are you watching Anime, which one?

    Wat is your opinion about Anime on TV in Holland, are you want more Anime on TV in Holland or/and want you more different anime such as anime for more adult as Tokyo Mew Mew was stopped in Holland years ago also Sailor Moon because it's have to low viewers. If you watch my website you can find on the tab a category, dutch Anime openings (some are fanmade but it's great to view).

    have you ever go to a cosplay event or something with anime, I never have go to a Anime event and have you watch Anime TV ever on youtube.

    thanks in advance

    greetings Sarnagon

    P.S Ik spreek inderdaad nederlands
  6. Yuno
    2012-06-18 21:55
    It is indeed~ I wanted a nice new name change that better suits a more "carefree" nature. If you can put it that way. Thanks for noticing ^.^
  7. Black0raz0r
    2012-06-18 18:06
    The second Tshirt I orderd is the CABOOSE -1 Tshirt ;D
  8. Black0raz0r
    2012-06-18 16:53
    I hope the first Tshirt and the cap are coming tomorrow

    If so... I will tke a new photo^^
  9. Black0raz0r
    2012-06-18 16:48
    haha yeah

    I orderd me the Red vs Blue DVDs and a Red vs Blue/Rooster Teeth Cap and a Team Blue Tshirt with my Gamertag/Forum name on the back
  10. Po99okie
    2012-06-17 18:00
    hahaha pre-medicine! so biology and anatomy and stuff!

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    Student, Chemical Engineer
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