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TRUE! Lelouch is dead! XD

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  1. Witacume
    2008-09-01 14:33
    Well orga i am definitely on the CC is a bitch bandwagon now.
    If CCXlelouch happens i will facepalm.
    Ambigious ending is still in the lead.
    We shall see.
    I say give Lelouch and suzaku team at least one week before we go and hang them.
    that's just my opinion.
  2. Witacume
    2008-08-31 14:49
    are you serious about Suzaku?
    they had month together to figure that shit out.
    as for Kallen this is the culmination of her development next episode.
    Will she see the real Lelouch?
    I am actually pretty optimistic of Kallen siding with lelouch.
    As for CC. She basically admitted she was a bitch and Suzaku called her out.
    CC role is still not know she is Lelouch accomplish but does not seem to pleased.
    Schneizel mask comes off in 22 i am sure that he will show some evil gar moments.
    I am not worried about that.

    Especially with the line do you realize what Schneizel has done part.
  3. Witacume
    2008-08-31 14:37
    orga what do you think?
    It felt very rush this episode.
    I can't wait till next episode.
  4. Witacume
    2008-08-28 15:01
    i wonder my friend i don't think i been this passionate about something.
    Man i wish i didn't read those quotes.
  5. Witacume
    2008-08-28 11:59
    got it! haha the list is growing
  6. Witacume
    2008-08-27 17:43
    I kinda want to see Lelouch with a freaking eyepatch that would be awesome if he took out his own eye to end geass.
  7. Witacume
    2008-08-26 14:41
    damn it orga wtf we need to disagree on something.
    Gino has a gay mancrush and suzaku and they will have gay sex scene in the coming episodes.
    Just kidding.
  8. Witacume
    2008-08-26 14:31
    well i am hoping she sealed herself because she is going to redeem herself in episode 21 and die protecting lelouch.
    Realizing both Charles and Marianya's methods are bad.
    only really way of redeeming herself after all the shit she put lelouch through.
  9. Witacume
    2008-08-26 14:08
    her being locked up was kinda stupid imo only makes her look more like a bitch.
    this is one reason i don't like the CCXlelouch pairing.
    it would be pissing on the grave of Euphemia and Shirley.
    Euphemia helped suzaku and gave him a reason to live and try to help with his problems.
    She would worry about him and would stop him.
    Shirley on the other hand realized rather quickly that Lelouch was alone and someone needed to be there for him.
    That's what love does.
    you want to help the other person.
    Anyways those are my thoughts what do you think.
  10. Witacume
    2008-08-26 13:45
    your definitely optimistic my friend XD.
    We shall see but for now i i will say that CC/marianya are the hiders of truth.
    Which is never good.

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