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  1. deathcurse
    2011-08-02 23:52
    Oh yes ^^;;. I hate writing essays I plan out too well in advance, they just don't start @_@.
  2. Nobodyman9
    2011-08-02 23:42
    Eh, the show's over, not much reason to stick around (and let's face it, the show was kinda goofy anyway).

    So how's everything going with you? Oh, and nice Shirlulu avatar by the way.
  3. Nobodyman9
    2011-08-02 23:11
    Yeah, pretty much.

    As far as Kalulus, that's not really much of an issue anymore since, as I said, there really isn't much going on at all on the forum. Honestly, I don't even really post there anymore, I just check the posts. So yeah, there's really no reason to visit or post there anymore.
  4. Nobodyman9
    2011-08-02 22:02
    Eh, it's been dead for the most part.

    The Shirley thread had a bit of a revival about a month ago. Other than that, just the usual Lelouch/Zero Requiem debates, Bonzo updates, and other odd posts. There's been some news on the new Code Geass series (it's been running behind schedule and won't be released till next year).

    Oh, but if you have time you should check out the posts by a new member called Tactics. He's a Kalulu shipper and my goodness are his posts incompetent. He compared this to Kalulu just on appearance (he said the hair and blush were similar to Lelouch) and because it was made by Sunrise.
  5. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:57
    Not on today's update.
  6. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:27
    Hey, I *tried* watching it. But it was RH itself that screwed the movie up. I mean, shee, if the powers were already pre-programmed in, WHY didn't Yuuno at least use the staff form? I'm not talking about the cannon mode, I mean, just him showing off RH's staff mode would have at least made SOME more sense in this instance!

    Season 1 did it right with Nanoha thinking up the stuff and RH just responding to Nanoha's wishes. Yes, Linith did build Bardiche and gave it the forms, but Fate prolly thought up that outfit. (What the hell was she reading when she thought that up tho?)

    And what about Hayate?! Her outfit was one she came up with on her own. I mean, she WAS standing there naked and asked Reinforce to get her an outfit and the two came up with their own design.

    Alas, no comments today on BTF on FF.Net.
  7. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:18
    Well, like I said, I couldn't even stomach the first 40 minutes of the movie.
  8. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:15
    Sorry man. Can't help you there.

    Alavon showed it to people and they asked "Are those two (nanoha and fate) gay?" and then she showed them Season 1 and they were like "Oh, okay."
  9. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:04
    Sorry man. I can only give you the latest one in my sig.

    But, come on, I post so often that you only need to go a page or two (usually) to find the next part. Besides, I often have a collected "click back" every five or so posts.

    What? It's true. That "movie" wasn't that good and felt more like a fanfic than anything else.
  10. Nanya01
    2011-08-02 21:00
    There was a movie?

    I thought it was an animated fanfic.

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