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  1. RadiantBeam
    2011-03-30 17:17
    But Tempy's fic was the best kind of brain killer. :V
  2. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 14:33
    Yeah, it's nice how it's not the assumption on FFT . I'm a personal fan, and obviously I prefer to read NanoFate, but I'm willing to read other pairings if they're well written--and on FFT, that's a lot to choose from . *nods* Yup, definitely. And what I'm looking forward to is seeing just what exactly their relationship is, because then Nanoha would have different feelings and reactions to Fate's affair...and of course, that could be a shifting thing, which makes it even more intriguing .

    LOL! XD Forgot the TSAB has dimensional teleport capabilities ! Why can't you get away with not writing it--Rule of Funny?
  3. RadiantBeam
    2011-03-30 12:49
    Are you sure you want me to restart that particular line of conversation? :V
  4. RadiantBeam
    2011-03-30 09:03
    Aw crud, I just commented on Tempy's short too, so I can't comment in FFT.

    But I did read it last night while I was signed off, and I like it. The last line is a real wham line, and for some reason I just have this hilarious image in my head of Nanoha fainting once Fate admits it.

    "I'm having an affair."


    ".... Nanoha?"
  5. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:48
    Well, with a fan-favourite like Fate, the mention of her having an affair would definitely cause lots of wide-eyed protests and speculation . LOL, as you know, in general I have a NanoFate filter up for myself , but I do love stories that play with the ambiguity a bit, especially regarding Vivio and how Fate fits into that. It's you using the word "affair" that will get all the NanoFate fans jumping if they have the same definition of the word that I do .

    LOL, you'll have to come up with something to rival the hilarity of hitting golf balls through stargates XDDDDD!
  6. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:41
    Yay! That's what I had suspected actually, since I didn't get a "this will focus primarily on romance" vibe when I read your teaser (which is why I found it kind of ironic that the thread conversation derailed into pairings/shipping , since my original commentary just talked about the "relationships" going on). And incidentally, I am currently writing the Fate family plot bunny, and I'm debating whether to do my homework, go to sleep for school tomorrow, or continue writing .....

    Well, unless you start talking about stargates, you'll definitely have to make some modifications anyway . But it doesn't have to be totally different, you've got a nice thing going on there ^^.
  7. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:25
    Ah, will this be a huge one-shot, or a multi-chapter? Window is hilarious , I did actually go check out the episode it was based off of, and I laughed . Yes, I can see how State would be tougher than Collared, especially if you say you're more of an action writer .

    Well, I definitely won't complain if you write more of State , but that's because I'm always fascinated by relationships (with romantic relationships actually being at the bottom of my totem pole ), and it looks like you have something interesting possibly developing in State .
  8. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:16
    Just curious, are you aiming to complete the story before you post, or will you be posting as you write? =O Well, you shouldn't let fan pressure goad you into writing more if you don't feel like it (*shoves inner curious dc back into her cage*). The current debate seemed to have been focusing on the SS, since you haven't defined Nanoha and Fate's relationship, and Fate's relationship to the Takamachi family, yet, so we're all interpreting it broadly. After more things are pinned down we really can't debate much around it, so it should calm down a bit, I'm hoping (optimistically)?
  9. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:09
    LOL! XD Oh man, it's going to be crazy . Or alternatively, everyone automatically ships NanoFate and so you won't actually get dissent?

    Hehe, no problem ^^: it's something that I've mentioned to a few people before, but I've never seen anyone actually do anything that references to it even slightly, so your fic was really interesting in that it brushed the topic lightly. I have a really nasty fic idea about Fate's familial units that came to me during the FFT discussion , so I'm debating how cruel I should be in writing so many tragic stories in a row ..... (LOL, how soon will you post??? That would determine how long I can keep my inner curious dc leashed up! )
  10. deathcurse
    2011-03-30 01:03
    Poor man . Er, I probably didn't help much @_@;;, but well, I think I was arguing over concepts related to your fic and not going off topic, so ah well..... I do openly admit that most of my speculations are just my own biased thoughts giving me interpretations of things that may not be true....I should keep my Inside Voice "inside" more often ^^;;.

    It's a great idea, and it's sure to get a lot of reactions from people when you do post it .

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