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Rising Dragon Rising Dragon is online now

Goat Herder

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  1. Hitsugaya_Toshiro
    2009-04-28 14:25
    Hi how are you? ^^
  2. Tak
    2009-04-05 02:09
    Its so difficult to enjoy a series for the series' sake and discuss it casually on forums without shit hitting the fan.

    On a side note, nutype is actually a girl (according to her profile), although she'd be mistaken if she thinks she is the only person who can operate Japanese
  3. Narona
    2009-03-30 22:03

    Click on "scannez maintenant"
  4. Narona
    2009-03-30 21:27
    Erf é_è

    You might try an online antivirus
  5. Sonae
    2009-03-14 15:12
    Hm. That's weird. It's your computer. Cause mine views it fine.
  6. Sonae
    2009-03-14 14:58
    What's not centered? Take a screen shot so I can see.
  7. Sonae
    2009-03-14 14:42
  8. Levy
    2009-02-23 16:02
    Wow Rising you're so GAR when flaming common sense on the threads, never witnessed it before! :P

    I don't know if it's my english or something but I fail to get the meaning of that guy's post, but I can smell it's a bit annoying XD;
  9. Narona
    2009-02-14 20:21
    Sorry, I reply here then.

    The first theory is about the two scenes, where Tieria's smirking and Regene's without glasses and blushing as pissed-off Ribbons walked past him.
    People are thinking that somehow Tieria and Regene did a mind-swap through VEDA, so that Regene's actually piloting Seravee and Tieria's looking surprised in the Innovators' home.

    What? When and who did this theory appear? I thought Tieria had no access to veda. I don't see that happening, but since many rumors came true...

    When in all likelihood, Ribbons is just being pissed off because of what Regene told Wang, and Tieria's likely smirking because the battle's going in CB's favor.
    As for the other... well, people are thinking the "final boss" will be a returned Aeolia Schenberg.

    Aeolia is dead, I don't see him returning as Final Boss, plus it will make Ribbons useless. Abou that scene, I think Ribbons juste slapped Regene. And so regene lost his glasses.

    Even though an interview already confirmed that YES, Alejandro Corner really did kill Aeolia Schenberg with that gaudy, awful-looking gold-plated pistol.
    And finally, the fact I had to bring up... people were debating who the Innovator in the A-LAWS strike force was, because it just *couldn't* be Revive or Healing because they were off scouting for the Ptolemaios II!
    I had to point out to them that those Garazzo leg boosters their Gadessa units have equipped allow them to fly extremely freaking fast and thus its not unrealistic to think they just regrouped after finding the Ptolemaios' position.

    Not as fast as the 00 Raizer, so I am not worried. And IIRC, I don't see why It couldn't be Revive or Healing ?_? Or I didn't understand correctly...
  10. Levy
    2009-02-05 06:13
    Go to bed! =p

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