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  1. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 18:36
    Yep their site is pretty Hilarious Iw as inB4Suiton for the Episode 6 status post. though i've been failing to be inb4Suiton for several weeks before this time.

    An the subbers/mods seem to spend more time making jokes than actual modding like crossing out anything mentioning Gundam Seed and putting "HAHA! DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS" there instead.
  2. Narona
    2008-11-11 18:27
    I didn't say it was not a "good" move. It gave good results... but I don't trust Nena at all. Nena, IMO, wants a revenge for her brothers' death. I can see her betraying Wang Liu for the Innovator. So she will be able to meet Ali again and will try to kill him in battle since now she apparently can use quantum waves. If she does that, Wang Liu will not be in a good position. And I can see Hong Long sacrificing himself to save her.
  3. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 18:25
    You wait for Menclave subs too?

    I checked yesterday and they ahd the Q in the QC crossed out, I checked again today and now the C is crossed out and the Q isn't those guys really like to make jokes. Though i'd rather wait and get their versiont han rush and get a lesser subbed version of the show.

    Why do you wait for them?
  4. Narona
    2008-11-11 18:19
    Yeah, its been speculated that Nena's doing the same thing to Wang that Ribbons did to Corner. Wang used to be a pretty likable character, huh? And now, her popularity's gone down the drain, even with Hong Long. And yes, I already know that the two are siblings.

    I don't dislike her. I think she always acted after due consideration (even if her heart seems as cold as an iceberg, and so, it seems that she doesn't care about sacrificing people)

    Yeah, Hong Long is her brother. But the problem is that she began to trust Nena more than Hong Long. He wanted to help her, but she refused and replied that Nena is more suited for the job. It's the perfect moment for a betrayal.

    I don't mind being spoiled (unless its like final episode), because even if I know what's gonna happen, it doesn't compare to actually seeing it.

  5. Narona
    2008-11-11 18:04
    Does it? That'll be interesting to see. And no problem, I'm glad I could help.

    Yeah it does, and do you remember those hands we have seen in the preview from the previous episode? It was not Cathy and Patrick <_<

    Next, I want to know why the Arche Gundam and Nena's shuttle have identical cockpits. The only thing the two have in common is the color scheme and cockpit design, so... what gives?

    Interesting comment. Well, I don't want to spoil you but I really think that Nena will betray Wang Liu. Wang Liu is doing a stupid move in my opinion. If you wonder why, it has something to do with Hong Long. Plus, There was a rumor about Nena's betrayal, no?
  6. Narona
    2008-11-11 17:40
    Good evening

    Did you watch this week episode, or is menclave late as usual? XD

    She doesn't name Sumeragi during the scene (its in episode 4, btw), but she seems to recognize the style of the tactics, but can't think of the name. Patrick... Yeah, I like him too. He's absolutely hilarious if you ask me

    This week episode confirms your theory. Also, we got some interesting tidbits about Sumeragi and Cathy's past.

    And thanks to have replied to the question.
  7. Masterkeyes2
    2008-11-08 21:12
    Anyways, Saachez was talking to Laguna Harvey on the phone in that scene--he contacted him after requesting the usage of a GN-X, because he thought that killing Kinue and telling him about how he eliminated someone snooping around would sway Harvey's decision into giving him a GN-X.

    He didn't, so Saachez killed him and then went after Team Trinity to get one of their Gundam Thrones.

    Thank you Rising! I was the one who asked Narona in the first place. Good to see you again.
  8. Narona
    2008-11-08 19:00
    I want to know if Kathy's been around Sumeragi in the past, she seem to recognize Sumeragi's tactics. Where the hell is Patrick? Shouldn't he have joined A-Laws by now, following after Kathy?

    I missed that, gonna rewatch that scene. About Patrick, it reminds me when the people of the code geass forum were wondering where the hell was Orange-kun XD. I want to know what happened to Patrick ^^. Some people hate him apparently, me I like this character because he is funny :O

    For Graham... I think it was a bit of both, really. Considering his values, a massacre wouldn't appeal to him... and he knows 00's pilot, since he was the one who really caught his attention (seeing how he actually met Exia's pilot, its only natural for him to not be interested in the other three Gundams anymore).

    I think the same thing . Some people think it's only because setsuna was not here, but me think that Graham has ethics about war and such. So he can't agree with that.

    BTW, someone asked me that:

    "Ehhhh, I think I will save myself on spoilers. But I was curious would you or Rising happen to know who Ali was talking to back in season 1 right after he killed Kinue? I can't place that voice he was talking to in his car."

    So do you know who was that voice?
  9. Narona
    2008-11-07 16:29
    I am an idiot >o<

    I didn't know that, I thought that Klaus was the leader of all the Kataron groups. You mean the summaries from the new magazine (just realized that it is the 7 of the month)? It's to soon to see a final battle between Setsuna and Ali though, so I assume that Ali will kinda win this time, maybe? And do you have any news about the role that Saji will play? Same question for Louise ^^

    Actually, Sergei and Cathy, at least, seem to not be Evil at all. I wonder what they will do in a near future since they seem to not be Ok with what the A-Laws are doing. I guess that Sergei will die before the series ends. Hope that Cathy will end up wil patrick :3

    Now about Graham, I wonder. Did he refuse to fight because Setsuna was not prsent, or because he was against the use of the Automatons?
  10. Narona
    2008-11-07 16:06
    Raaah, I did the same mistake again XD

    It's Lyle, not Neil XD

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