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  1. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 21:24
    lol yea kinda mean. Doesn't really matter to em either way since I can't watch it tommorow anyway but i'm sure there's some people who can still watch it now that are waiting for it.
  2. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 21:07
    lol so true

    looks like Menclavefinished QC and Distro but now they have a new thing under that "Dinner"........
  3. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 20:27
    Did you read the "Major WTF Errors" at the end.
  4. Narona
    2008-11-11 19:39
    I... have no idea what happened in EF this week. I don't even know what EF is. So you're gonna have to fill me in on what happened.

    It's a current anime series:

    In it, it was revealed that one of the female character was raped and beaten by a teacher who adopted her before that happens. I got mad at someone on msn, because he thinks it can be explained and forgiven because of the teacher's past (he lost her sister and adopted that girl to replace his sister, then he got mad because obviously, you can't replace a person, and he did horrible things to her <_<). Having an horrible past doesn't excuse that kind of things. And I told you IIRC, I despise that kind of things even in fictions è_é

    Yeah, that's what occurred to me when I was typing it down, so I scrapped my argument that it wouldn't be a good thing.

    The question is, who will be the final boss? Ribbons or Ali? Or maybe Graham... Personally, I would want to see Graham joining Setsuna in the end <_<

    Well... I don't think anyone likes Andrei. But I'm glad its a Saji/Louise/Andrei love triangle in the works instead of what some people a couple weeks ago were trying to push: A Saji/Louise/Nena love triangle. That couldn't possibly work.

    What? They really tried to push a saji/louise/Nena triangle? It's ridiculous . I just hope that Andrei will not do any bad things to Louise. And I think it's pretty safe to think that Saji will save her in the end.

    BTW Saji was an idiot again in this episode <_<.
  5. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 19:37
    So you read the whole thing?

    I was surprised the first time I saw that, it was rather shocking that a group could be that bad.
  6. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 19:31
    Too abd, did you miss the contreversy they had with Nyoro~n(another Gundam 00 subber) if you did read eveythign in this link its hilarious:
  7. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 19:06
    Only reason I keep doing it is because everone else keeps doing it.

    I miss making fun of Suiton for his constant whining asking Menclave to finish subbing Overdrive.

    Oh, yeah that was more recent. Did you miss the Power Ranger pics taking over the projects page or Shinsen taking over Menclave XD
  8. Narona
    2008-11-11 19:06
    Well, I didn't think that move was all that good, either, I meant that she had a good point about her reasoning on it. And I can't blame you for not trusting Nena... she's rather crazy, after all.

    As I said it seems that Wang Liu doesn't care about the people. She just wants to change the world. If she has to sacrifice millions of people, I think she will do it. At least, that's what i think about the current Wang Liu. Now it could change if something bad happens to her, like losing her brother...

    Nena, is a bad person. What she did in the first season is unforgivable. Not matter the circumstances or her past, whatever, nothing can excuse what she did to Louise family at least. It's like what happened in EF this week. Whatever the past of a person, what Amamayia sensei did is unforgivable. It's not because a person is sad and had a life full of sadness that it gives him/her the right to do something bad to an innocent people.

    As for betraying her to the Innovators... well, I had this big thing written down about how the Innovators going after Wang wouldn't be a good move, but as I was writing it down, it became clear why it would be a good move on their part. :V

    Ribbons is not aware that Wang Liu is helping the CB, nor that the Gundam 00 exists thanks to her. If he learns that from a person like Nena, he will try to destroy wang liu.

    And yeah, I can see him sacrificing himself, even if he doesn't agree with her methods on the war. Sibling love can do that to a person.

    That would be a cliché, but it's the most obvious possibility imo <_<

    Nena's got a pretty high chance of dying herself, too... I just wonder how that would happen... either Louise will kill her (somehow) or Ali would kill her. At the very least, I can see a Nena vs. Louise fight in the future.

    I think that Ali will kill her, while Setsuna will try to save her. And she will die after that after a little discussion with Setsuna. Saying that she is sorry etc. =p. That's how I see it at the moment

    About Louise, it seems that Andrei has an interest in her <_<. And I don't really like Andrei
  9. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 18:57
    lol its kind of funny how people keep doing inB4Suiton even though he's not always first anymore.

    Yea, they're kinda shameless. One of their old polls had "I wanz have Scr3wieus's Babies" as an option and the option won lol
  10. DeotoxSlayer
    2008-11-11 18:36
    Yep their site is pretty Hilarious Iw as inB4Suiton for the Episode 6 status post. though i've been failing to be inb4Suiton for several weeks before this time.

    An the subbers/mods seem to spend more time making jokes than actual modding like crossing out anything mentioning Gundam Seed and putting "HAHA! DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS" there instead.

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