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  1. Narona
    2008-11-19 17:51
    And no, I haven't seen the picture yet. Can you link it to me?

    Credits: That link was given to me by Eliarine.

    Even the C.C. thread's suffering now? Dammit. Why can't anyone accept the fact that the show's over, Lelouch is dead, and that arguing about the three pairings now is pointless because one of the two components for them (or both, in one case) is now gone? The fighting's gonna go nowhere.

    Because some people are obsessed by their favorite pairing and want to be right by any means, and annihilate the other pairings by any means?

    Anyways... summaries for the next three episodes of MSG00 is out now, and because of them, I get the feeling that we'll get a cliffhanger ending in the next episode.

    Which episodes? IIRC we got summaries for ep7 to 10. And apparently people have posted other summaries for the same episodes.
  2. Narona
    2008-11-19 08:30
    Finally got neg-repped for telling those two off. "Lame, and you got owned."

    We can't fight idiots. I +repped you.

    You know, maybe I'd find the situation about Tieria funny if it really is Tieria, but honestly, I'm just sick of it because I've seen too much genderbending for his character prior to this and I was never a fan of genderbending in the first place.

    I am not a fan of genderbending, yaoi, yuri etc. So I don't look forward to that types of things. However, given the plot, it can still be funny once you see it in the show. we will see. BTW, did you see the hilarious photo of Jun Fukuyama wearing a dress XD?

    Its a shame there's not more people like Koshimizu around on this site. It definitely needs it. I'm just so sick of of the crap going on in that thread. They do nothing but fight in it now.

    From what i've heard (didn't read it myself, I don't want to get angry again), it becomes even crappy in the C.C. thread. Guess that for some people, polluting the romance thread and kallen thread is not enough.
  3. Narona
    2008-11-18 20:47
    Same here, but I will laugh a lot if this person is Tieria XD

    She isn't banned, but I miss her a lot. This forum was different when she was here. She was the best translators of the CG section and she shot down some assumptions from other translators in the past. And despite her being a kallen fan, she reported everything from two 2ch, and not only the kalulu fan side of it. I would like to have her opinion about that line from the Newtype Booklet. And she had a very nice opinion about some things like the important scene for each pairing. She never jumped the gun and avoided to post weird things from the magazine if it has no source. Because, no one knows if that recent comment comes from the CG staff, the kalulu fans assume it is because it pleases them (there is nothing wrong with that). But when us, cluclu fans, assume that Okouchi was talking about lelouch about the sentence "the girl you like", they yell that we can't assume that. one word: bleh.
  4. Narona
    2008-11-17 22:20
    Corrected some typos, and I remembered that Sol is a he XD
  5. Narona
    2008-11-17 22:18
    Way to go!

    Yup, for the sake of those who like to discuss on the profiles :O

    I don't know, but the hairstyle suggests that its Tieria, and naturally everyone has to go on and on and on and on about it (I'm not kidding: there was fanart out about only minutes after the episode aired). Sure, people have suggested that it might be another one who looks like Tieria and Regene, but of course, that can't possibly be right! God, I hate fans.

    For some weird reasons that I don't understand, some people get all excited by that kind of things (crossdressing) XD. It makes me laugh, but I guess it would have gotten on my nerves if I was posting more in the gundam forum XD. My bet is on Regene BTW XD

    She is not banned. She just vanished. The last time I talked with her by PM, she was about to go to a Code Geass Doujinshis convention, she did go there, and never posted here again after that..... Sol is biased and I did say that to him some times ago, but at least, he didn't talk as if the other ships were ridiculous, while they are not.
  6. Narona
    2008-11-17 21:47
    Ah, character limit? Damn. That explains why there's three messages this time instead of one

    Now, it's 2000 \o/ thanks to NightWish:

    Since there's a limit now, I'll be brief on the subject of Newtypes:

    I read it, and to make it short, it was interesting. ^^

    Anyways, I heard about all that from the Gundam forums... most people, however, want to talk about Tieria crossdressing in the next episode. >___>

    Are you sure it's him? I guess it's Regene or another person who looks like Regene and Tieria.

    Also, the romance thread in CG's gotten terrible lately, hasn't it? And in the Kallen thread, there's a couple posts that really pissed me off:

    I got mad in it. It's nearly impossible to discuss. Whatever a cluclu fan can say, he/she has obviously wrong. And now Kalulu is canon because they said so. I gave up. I just miss the non biased (yeah I said it and they will make fun of that comment) kallen fans like Koshimizu.
  7. Narona
    2008-11-17 16:57
    - Lyle (I didn't write Neil this time!!!) made an hilarious comment near the end of this episode when he saw Marie and Halle.

    - Saji will help to repair the gundam 00. I guess he will help a lot and maybe will improve the gundams.

    - The last scene with sumeragi makes me think that she has an interest in halle <_<

    - Azadistan don't exist anymore.

    (that characters limit is ANNoYING TO NO END)
  8. Narona
    2008-11-17 16:55
    Oh, the latest MSG00 episode looks crazy interesting. Damn, I won't get to see it until Wednesday.

    I watched it this evening and it was a good episode. I am not so fond of halleXSoma. Not that I dislike that pairing, but I am not that interested in it.

    Anyway, some others things have happened:

    - Graham is AWESOME. When he saw that the Gundam 00 was an incomplete suit, he didn't destroy it and left. He wants a real duel with stesuna, without any tricks and such. Seriously, I like this guy a lot.

    - No one died in this episode. I liked what Sergei has done. Anyway, I still think that he will die before the end of the series. But he left Soma in care of Halle. I now wonder what soma will do since she is with the CB now. I still think that it is dangerous. Soma and Marie are like Halle and Alle. It's like having two persons living in the same body. I wonder what will happen if Marie becomes Soma again...

    (There is 1000 characters limit per message now, >_< )
  9. Narona
    2008-11-17 16:54
    Nobel Gundam (SM):
    Nether/Hurricane Gundam (windmill):
    Mermaid Gundam (fish):

    Those gundams are wonderfull and hilarious

    Thanks for the links and sorry for my late reply ^^. I put this show on my list.

    Gundam X is another Gundam show that was rather well-done, but canceled too soon. Gundam X is most notable for its romance story between non-Newtype Garrod (the protagonist), and Newtype girl Tifa. Its notable because one of them is NOT a Newtype, and in most mainstream Gundam shows that feature Newtypes, they magically have an understanding of each other and they fall in love and there's no development at all. Garrod, not being a Newtype, can't magically understand Tifa and thus there's development between the two.

    Wait.... what is a newtype?
  10. Narona
    2008-11-15 22:33
    "Sailor Moon gundam, windmill gundam, fish gundam"


    I will go read the wiki page, that gundam sounds fun XD. I don't know what is Gundam X either.... I am such a gundam noob XD. I only saw GS and GSD (but I skipped some part because some scene were boring), Gundam Wing (not all the episode) and Gundam 00 ^^"""

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