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  1. Narona
    2008-09-19 19:20
    People were banned or got a red infraction after a discussion in the romance thread.

    I got a red infraction, like a lot of people

    About Var, ask the mods.
  2. Narona
    2008-09-19 17:01
    I watched again some code geass episodes this week and I still can't believe that all the story about shirley ended like this <_<.

    All her story and development with lelouch was wasted. And I don't even count the "love is power "line which Taniguchi already forgot in a can trash.

    Given that, I will not even be surprised if kallen development get screwed. I mean, Taniguchi did it with shirley. He did it with C.C. imo (the development in R1 seem to be wasted at this point), so ......... >_>

  3. Narona
    2008-09-19 16:54

    Have you seen the beautiful edit of an official art in the image thread?

    Someone took a CxL image from the recent magazine and changed it in Shirley X Lelouch pic.

    The pic is beautiful
  4. Narona
    2008-09-08 14:22

    I hope that you didn't recieve some bad reps again because of the Hat >_<

    And BTW:

    You know... just because Schneizel was making Odysseus marry Tianzi doesn't mean Odysseus would've tried to consummate any marriage. Just look at Odysseus--I seriously doubt he's as depraved as the rest of his living siblings.

    I agree and I can't beleive that some people made speculations about him being an evil badass character who will plot again charles and/or schneizel.

    In reality, he seems to be the less dangerous in all the Britannian family XD
  5. Sol Falling
    2008-09-08 06:14
    Sol Falling
    Hmm. Although I think knowledge of spoilers has affected the way I respond to various anime, I couldn't really say I've ever resented having that knowledge. Being spoiled for episode 13 made me uncertain and somewhat worried, but I think I would have regretted it if I had continued spouting certanties that were on the brink of being disproven.

    :P Actually, looking back, it seems like I never responded to you about all that. My apologies. Although I felt some grief at the time, I was mostly filled with anger that Sunrise had uselessly destroyed my favourite character, betraying the standard of respect for its characters which is a mark of good storytelling. As such, my focus went almost immediately to that one thread of hope for the future, which might have restored my faith in Sunrise (or broken it even further)--Shirley's talk of reincarnation.

    I generally think the same now, although the emotion has subsided. So although I would agree, that Lelouch's death would indicate a win for Shirley by default, I'd actually be far more satisfied with the real victory of them living together in another life.
  6. Narona
    2008-09-07 06:47
    Thanks for the friend request, Mister
  7. Sol Falling
    2008-09-07 05:50
    Sol Falling
    Ah, 'k. I'm still staying out of the Spoiler thread for the most part, and I probably won't go through Episode 22's thread until after the subs are out. I've still managed to be (pleasantly, I suppose) spoiled through the Romance thread however, so whatever.

    Hehe, I am surprised. Like you said, I feel vindicated. Although, it's pretty assholish of Sunrise to piss off everybody by making Lelouch's love interest the dead girl--that was actually one of the reasons I wouldn't believe predictions of Shirley's death way back when.
  8. Sol Falling
    2008-09-07 05:07
    Sol Falling
    Recent developments in the romance thread? I'm off to read!
  9. linkinstreet
    2008-08-29 08:51
    I know, I was too lazy to change it coz my first sig was too big and was deleted lol. I'd change it maybe in a couple of year's time
  10. incorrupts
    2008-08-19 15:53
    Your icon, which anime is it from?

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