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Goat Herder

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  1. Kudryavka
    2013-02-25 13:26
    Yeah, I thought I did the right thing. But I guess I did not. Or maybe someone just doesn't like how I do things.

    And "someone" is a mod, so I don't think it was a hater member. It could have been a hater who painted the situation so I look like a bad guy though.
  2. Kudryavka
    2013-02-25 13:18
    No, I didn't get hacked. I got banned because someone interpreted my trying to clean up my own mess as me trying to make a fool of the mods. And then accused me of lying. That add up to ban.
  3. Nanya01
    2013-02-25 05:45
    Freaky nightmare was freaky.

    So, I was helping someone clean their house in my dream, found a cobweb, started to clean it, but then I somehow hit a super web, pulled on it, and I had trouble pulling it free, then the swiffer (not kidding) was YANKED from my hand, pulled into a spider web, and there were FOUR HUGE black and red spiders... And they could MOVE!

    Woke up as one jumped at me. *Shudder*
  4. Kaijo
    2013-02-24 22:27
    Heh, glad I could help. Given that the knights are linked with her, it does make sense that they'd borrow her language set.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2013-02-21 15:08
    Haven't really been interested in season 2 of Haganai. Sorta felt that there was way too much Sena fanservice. The first part was witty, but they started to rely more and more on boobs and such.

    The shipping war in Haganai is pretty brutal and pointless. It's kinda amusing, but then again which shipping war isn't brutal and pointless?

    Still, I think I'm on the Sena side, since Yozora got discredited. Though I'm surprised you didn't mention Rika, the mecha fan.

    Anyhow, tell me about Maoyuu as well.
  6. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 20:39
    Could be interesting if Yuuno dies sometime shortly after NANOHA got RH and then... Yeah... That snapped her, because magic isn't like what she thought it was going to be.
  7. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 20:08
    What if, instead of being able to have her family, AU-nanoha lost her family and has been living on her own, having to deal with the darker side of reality for awhile (that's what happened in Another Crisis) and something happened that caused her to snap after she got her magic?
  8. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 19:59
    Heh, well, can't wait. ^_^
  9. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 19:57
    Between A's and StrikerS actually.

    So, she's, at most, like 15 years old.
  10. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 19:49
    Non-H doujin.

    Short synopsis, everything that could go wrong DOES go wrong for Nanoha and she eventually ends up broken and goes to the canon-verse to see if she can find peace as she tries to kill herself to make up for all the sins (killing Fate, Arf, Yuuno, Hayate, taking control of the BoD in the process) that she suffered in her life.

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