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  1. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2012-09-01 21:00
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    I hope someone on youtube posts their playthrough of the game. So I can live it through them.
  2. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 20:30
    Mhm, indeed.

    Ah, awesome, have fun with it. :3
  3. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 19:53
    Ah.. I've heard of Sora no Otoshimono, but never really bothered with it. Comedy is hit or miss with me.

    Ah.. well, that's too bad. Maybe some kind soul will eventually scan them and send them to a scanlation group..
  4. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 19:28
    LOL. Mermaid mafia? That's fucking awesome. Mhm.

    Well, you'd need a program like Photoshop. Most scanlation groups are very happy to have people get the scans for them, as lot of groups usually buy their own mangas. Translating and cleaning manga are two of the most time taking jobs when it comes to scanlating manga.
  5. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 19:22
    Ah.. I guess I should give it a shot, then. Haha, that's an adorable law. :3

    Hm. I used to work as a cleaner for a scanlation group.. and generally.. high res scans don't really matter, as we tend to resize them anyway. Quality is much more of a problem, but there are tricks to make something crappy look really nice (white and black levels, cropping, rotating, all that stuff).
  6. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 19:11
    .. what. That's.. a lot.. Ahh yeah, that reminds me. I really have to get around to finishing Railgun.

    Mhm. Ah.. it's haremy then? I usually stay away from harems due to how they tend to cockblock romance. :[ Or does the MC choose a girl (I don't mind spoilers)? Ah, damn. They're all the over the place.. I'm guessing it's a manga series, then? Hm. And I'm assume that you don't have a scanner?
  7. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:54
    WHAT. 13 novels.. and 1 SS volume.. Holy.. Ah yeah, I heard about that movie. :3

    Haha.. My Bride is a Mermaid, huh.. The name.. sounds very enticing. How is it, romance and action wise? Ah.. you really have to wonder who goes through some peoples' heads sometimes.. The ones after the missing volume are translated, yeah?
  8. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:42
    Oh. Wow. So.. the anime covered how many volumes of material, exactly? 8? 9? Okay, I'll make sure to add it to my every growing backlog of novels and manga.
  9. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:24
    Ahh, Index. Whoa, it's that far? I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me. Is it worth reading?

    Aye. Episode 2 left out quite a bit of material, for example. Plus, the translator, Teh_Ping, did a great job translating it. So it's a pleasure to read.
  10. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:14
    TAMNI's novels? And yeah, you should. The anime is doing a great job of adapting the light novels, but they're still worth reading.

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