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Rising Dragon Rising Dragon is online now

Goat Herder

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  1. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:54
    WHAT. 13 novels.. and 1 SS volume.. Holy.. Ah yeah, I heard about that movie. :3

    Haha.. My Bride is a Mermaid, huh.. The name.. sounds very enticing. How is it, romance and action wise? Ah.. you really have to wonder who goes through some peoples' heads sometimes.. The ones after the missing volume are translated, yeah?
  2. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:42
    Oh. Wow. So.. the anime covered how many volumes of material, exactly? 8? 9? Okay, I'll make sure to add it to my every growing backlog of novels and manga.
  3. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:24
    Ahh, Index. Whoa, it's that far? I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me. Is it worth reading?

    Aye. Episode 2 left out quite a bit of material, for example. Plus, the translator, Teh_Ping, did a great job translating it. So it's a pleasure to read.
  4. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 18:14
    TAMNI's novels? And yeah, you should. The anime is doing a great job of adapting the light novels, but they're still worth reading.
  5. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 17:40
    Yeah, I remember reading something about that. Ah well. I won't have access to my PS3/TV while I'm college, so I guess it's alright. It'd be a darn shame if it gets, or was cancelled for the PS3, tough.

    Sometimes? Haha, yeah, I guess. Some of the mods I've seen are so fucking awesome.. Makes me wish my laptop was capable of running Skyrim.

    Ah, that's fair enough. Have you read the Light Novels?
  6. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 17:23
    Well, at least you PC people have mods. I prefer to play my games my on PS3 if I can.

    But damn, that's.. really stupid. Where's in the sense in that? *sigh*

    Don't like Commie subs? They just put out episode 9. UTW usually take a little bit longer than Commie, though.
  7. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 17:02
    Ahh, I see, I see. Aw, man. That really sucks. Well, I hope everything works this time for ya.
  8. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 16:58
    Ahaha, I imagine that it would.

    Oh, speaking of Skyrim, have you tried out that Dawnguard DLC/expansion thingy?
  9. Rayrah
    2012-09-01 16:55
    Yep, that's the SAO sub forum, alright.

    I'd honestly prefer for it to be like that instead of there being very few posts.
  10. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2012-09-01 07:46
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    I am so jealous of the people able to downloand/rip/emulate the Gundam AGE game.. I'm reading a lot of cool stuff.

    This especially got my attention:

    Also there's a wide variety of weapons from rifles to machinegun-types to heavy beam guns to missile launchers to twin pistols to pinwheel sticks to spears to lances to solid swords, serrated daggers, axes, grenade launchers...
    Sounds pretty kickass. I saw a picture of someone using the Spallow Wear with some type of DODS looking rifle I haven't seen before.

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