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Goat Herder

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  1. Nanya01
    2011-09-14 13:04
    *Holds up new Transformer toy*
  2. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-09-14 07:22
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    God damn Full Metal Panic The Second Raid is nuts. I'm only mid way through season 2 and the violence is intense. The main bad guy ( I think) is named Gates. Shot a guy in the head just for starting (barely) a sentence.

    Reminds me of the Joker. Because during a slaughter he orchestrated, he began singing.
  3. Nanya01
    2011-09-13 21:55
    Ah, okay. Well, now that you got THAT out of your system...

    Can you do writing?
  4. Nanya01
    2011-09-13 21:17
    Oh? Do tell.
  5. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-09-13 17:20
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Forecast said it was gonna happen again tonight too. But the chance of rain was only 20 percent, whereas during the day (as I witnessed) it was 60%.

    Dude, a year of my life gone, from the worrying and panicking I did.
  6. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-09-13 17:13
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    About 5 minutes ago I woke up to the sound of what sounded like rocks hitting my room window. Turns out it was hail, FUCKING HAIL coming down by the bucket load, the high speed wind didn't help much either. Not to mention the rain coming down so hard it looked like fucking mist. It was doomsday I tell you, and this wasn't even a god damn hurricane. Then, and this is when I almost had a full on panic attack that almost caused me to hyperventilate. Water and dirt got through the door. I thought the outside was flooding, thankfully, the forecast (which I desperately looked up) said there would only be a quarter of an inch of rain, and the apartment complex I live at is built like a foot off the ground. It still doesn't help that the front and back of the place is pretty much a mini pool. It's ok now though. The storm has stopped, the clouds broken and the sun has returned.

    But I was fucking pale white with fear during those 5 minutes.
  7. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-09-13 16:57
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Fucking hell fucking hell fucking hell I just got the ever living shit scared out of me.
  8. Nanya01
    2011-09-11 17:59
    Well, other than the stuff that screwed yesterday up, I'm upset because it's the first football Sunday that I didn't have to wash dishes for a job and I ended up washing dishes at home ANYWAY!


    Plus no good artwork, very few fics updating... Annoyed with people online (some games) and other stuff... *Sigh*
  9. Nanya01
    2011-09-11 17:32
    Ugh... I am *SO* irritated right now.
  10. Nanya01
    2011-09-10 21:05
    It always sucks too. =/

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