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U Mad?

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  1. Kid Ying
    2009-06-17 04:35
    Kid Ying
    Hey, don't be sad, your amv is already the best kalulu amv that i ever watched, and i watched MORE than one. Mostly of them are horrible.

    Next time, try to do a kagino amv! A shame you're gonna have to put a cellphone ring instead of music cause those two only have like 15 seconds of interactions.
  2. incorrupts
    2009-06-17 02:54
    lol vlad do not get banned.
    and yeah, i am hated, GOD, such a surprise, lol
  3. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 16:44
    I can see that.

    Oh, lol. If this is you think how i torture boys, then lol Vlad. This is just the cherry on the whole ice-cream, imagine that. 8D
  4. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 16:23
    Really? Hum, maybe then.

    Always, since i was a kid. 8D

    Well yeah, torture. Like, tie the guy in the bed, and leave him there till you come back, watching porn on tv, hahahaha. 8D

    Oh ok, that is ok Vlad. I like being the girl, that you get out on her, things out of your system, haha.
  5. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 16:16
    incorrupts i seem like that? 8D

    Oh, it is a good laugh-jerker, i will give that couple that.

    Or non-sex, morning teasing, so night will be full mode from morning as well..if that made any sense.

    p.s really? well wait a few days, cause videos do not get automatically a lot of views, do not be down Vlad, we are Kalulu-Dai. 8D
  6. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 15:57
    Oh lol, was i on a threesome or something? cause this is the impression i got, LOL

    Oh haha, lol, that is so funny i cannot stop loling, ahahahaha. Goddammit, thanks. I needed that lol, always works, that line. lol

    Yep, it IS. You have NO idea. 8D
  7. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 15:42
    Lol, you mean you got a girlfriend?

    Idk, i think it cannot, hahaha.

    Kalulu and Lagann can make my day, honest. I mean, when i wake up in the morning and want to do something or pwn someone i say to myself "girl, pull out a Kalulu or a Lagann" Goddammit, always works, like ALWAYS. Fuck yeah, long live Kalulu and long live Lagann. <3
  8. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 15:15
    What? Sex is not dangerous if we take protection, LOL

    Yeah, there is FACEPALM, like a LOT.

    Lol, honestly, ok. Seriously? I might claim whatever i claim, but this is mostly to cover my insecurities, yeah, surprise even God has insecurities. 8D
    But, i think, having a reasonable confidence, is not bad.
    Now, when it comes to Kalulu, after ALL we had been though and after all we GOT after series, sorry, but i am not modest on this field. I am Simon + Kamina = GAR SEXY COMBO
  9. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 15:00
    Come to Greece too then, haha. 8D

    Oh i know, if you go to the posts on the geass comm, you will lol to high heavens, i was facepalming SO HARD.

    Oh i know, since i was a kid. It is in my destiny, a teacher told me. But i could never shine alone, if i did not have equally epic companions by my side now, would i? 8)
  10. incorrupts
    2009-06-16 14:19
    ask tony, (demongod04) i let him stay in my house for a week, and the last days i was roaming around the house with boxers. he said i was pretty hot, ahahaha. lol /GOD, myself and my modesty, lulz

    Of course. Didn't you see on LJ, people finding out that it was not Lelouch's tongue on the kiss, but rather an anime glitch, LOL
    God, it is amazing what people can come up with when they are butthurts, don't you agree Vlad? 8D

    Aha, i see. I am glad i have left an impact on the forum then, rather than "HFSKDJ, NICE PICCCC ^____^"

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