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  1. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 22:18
    *sobs uncontrollably*
  2. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 22:07
    lol, I thought everyone just thought I was an asshole, lol XD
  3. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:53
    I always try to be as helpful as I can when it comes to art, it does nobody any good to be mean. Constructive criticism is important to those who wants to improve. I use to teach art workshops in the summer for teens when I was in college. It was pretty fun.

    Oh. a good thing to learn is how different fibers draps over a person's body.
  4. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:42
    Actually yeah, its good, I like it. Although, the red you used for the blush is too much on the purple side. And one more, Ichigo's body is too "sucked in" on the left side, widen it a bit, and since its a sweat shirt, it should be heavy and less conforming to the body.

    Thats about it really, but overall I like it.
  5. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:27
    I see, hmm, lemme take a peek.
  6. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 21:09
    lol, you can just check what groups I'm in, and you can join from there.
  7. Aoie_Emesai
    2008-10-17 20:58


    Sure then. Go ahead and give me the link. But just you know you'll have join the group also the drawing has to be the theme of the current contest too.
  8. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-17 17:30
    Glad you like it. (b '_')b
  9. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-10 20:08
    I knew it!!! all you girls just think I'm a piece of meat! *sob*

    Anyways, feel free to watch the anime though, but its completely different from the manga. But the manga is 40 chapters in the first season. (its all translated already) and the second season is up to chapter 12.
  10. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-10 18:06
    Shirayuki is Mizore's last name. It basically means white snow.

    Mizore is a Yuki Ona, aka Snow Women. Anyway, Mizore is a billion times cooler (lol at the pun) than Rukia. Sorry, super cute, super moe, super cool ways of using Ice abilities, and super personality (most unique personality I've ever experienced), is super win! lol.. too many supers.

    Oh, don't watch the anime... only if you really want to that is... read the manga instead, its fran freakingtastic!!! Right now we're on a Mizore arc... it made me cry *sob*

    Oh, and I'm proud to be a perv! girls seem to like it for some reason... or maybe they just put up with it to get some of this? lol

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    ...sad to say but I'm about to finish HS and I'm as tall as Rukia: 4"11. I'm 17 btw.
    at the IchiRuki FC :3
    I like to swim, read, and listen to music
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    Bleach, Clannad, Claymore, Naruto

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    LelouC.C---> Yes, I still believe!
    Nagisa and Tomoya!
    L and ME!!
    Hitsugaya and ME!!
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    Quote: The main focus of the FtB movie is the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia and the change in their feelings.-- Kubo


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